Booking overseas link
Booking overseas link


Social status of a person is defined by the house he lives in, car he drives and clothes he wears. Investment in real estate is becoming a necessity rather than a need to achieve a certain standard of living. The dilemma begins when you find yourself in a situation where you want to invest your capital but are clueless of the process.

To ease your suffering these are the vital steps you must observe when you discover yourself in role to buy asset in Pakistan

Market Survey:

Do your research. While investing your financial savings in a investment first step is to constantly accumulate all the facts regarding that project.

Selecting Best Project:

Apprehend the market, its ups and down. Find the best ongoing projects that are listed in the marketplace and shortlist the ones that in shape for your standards.


Locate best project which suits your budget. You want to decide what your fee range is and a way to turn that investment into an asset.

Decision Making:

Finalize the entity you want to invest in and make a final decision based on all the research and analysis. The following element should also be taken into consideration.

  •              -Reliability of Project
  •              -Owner’s Reputation
  •             -Permissions and legal Aspects
  •             -Maturity of Project

Approaching company:

The next step is to approach the booking office of the society or the authorized company from the official society for the booking of your plot.

Finding the right Agent:

Locate the agent who’s expert, sincere and professional in his dealings. Someone who will guide you primarily based on his expertise, experience and skill.

Land Inspection :

Look at the land you are making an investment in and get an expert opinion. Area and location of the venture is of the most significance in real estate so by no means skip this step.

Come up with Down payment:

Come up with the amount of down payment after you are completely in sync with your decision. It is better to either submit a cross cheque of the amount or make a pay order in the name of the society. You could also transfer the payment online or pay in cash in hand.

Coordination with Paperwork :

Ensure all of your important documents are in order and all your documentation is compiled together and is ready for submission. It is also advisable to check the authenticity of the documents.

Closing the deal:

The final step of the process of purchasing the property is closing the deal which means signing the paper work and closing the deal with your broker.

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