10 Best Colleges in Islamabad with Address & Programs

Are you worried about your kids’ education? Want to send them to a school where the standard of instruction is worth the money you invest? But you just can’t decide due to the plethora of institutions. These institutions have made it to the list based on factors such as the popularity, position, faculty, and facilities for the students’ extracurricular activities. 

Best Colleges in Islamabad

This article only mentions intermediate-level colleges; therefore, universities are outside this topic’s scope. Here is a list of the best colleges in Islamabad where education can be considered more than a process; it is a profitable investment.  

Punjab College, F-8/4

The reason why Punjab College is at the top of the list is due to its high standards of education in Islamabad. Its students have steadily held top positions in the FBISE exams every time. Many people wonder about the secret to this college’s persistence and success. It lies with the seasoned faculty, which is very dedicated and prepares the students for the ultimate prize. The school inculcates hard work, courage, and leadership values among its pupils. The alumni usually go on to join commerce, computer sciences, medical, and pre-engineering fields for specialization at the university level. 

Key Features of the College

  • Focus on Science subjects 
  • Promotes values of hard work and leadership 

You can contact the college at the given number and address below: 

Address: 92 Nazim-ud-din Rd, H-11/4

Phone: (051) 8432375

Pak-Turk Maarif International School and College 

The second name on this list is the Pak-Turk International School and College, which has an appeal for obvious reasons. It is a joint project of Pakistani and Turkish educational systems, offering matriculation and Cambridge curriculum. The school also offers modern and state-of-the-art facilities for students. However, its extracurricular activities are the highlight of studying here, as it regularly holds international competitions, conferences, and fairs where the students participate actively. The school understands that giving students an informal way of education helps them develop a confident personality. These factors make it one of the best colleges in Islamabad

Key Features of the College

  • A joint project by Turkey and Pakistan 
  • State-of-the-art facilities 
  • Promotes extracurricular activities 
  • Matric and Cambridge subjects 

The college can be contacted at the address below and phone number: Plot # 87 & 88, 1 Faiz Ahmed Faiz Rd, H 8/1

Phone: (051) 4442713

Bahria College, Zafar Campus

You may support any type of schooling system, government, private, or international, but the fact remains that military schools always end up on the top list. For a long time, the Bahria school system has retained its standards and has produced one of the finest students. Many other factors make it one of the best colleges in Islamabad, including its emphasis on discipline. Being a military school, it invokes the importance of discipline among its students. However, the college only caters to science and computer science subjects. 

Key Features of the College

  • Focus only on computer sciences and natural science 
  • Emphasis on discipline 

Get in touch with the college: 

Address: P2CM+F6Q, Bahria Rd, E-8/1

Phone: (051) 20063551

Islamabad College for Girls   

If we look at the statistics, girls are no longer lagging in education. Female education has increased in Pakistan since the advent of the 21st century. It is also considered very important for female education to be career-focused. Islamabad College for Girls has a long-standing tradition of educating female students and preparing them for practical life. The college offers intermediate and graduate-level degrees. Many girls from this college have become part of a successful alma mater. 

Key Features of the College

  • Career-focused studies 
  • Girls only 

Contact today at the given number below: 

Address: P3H8+M96، Street 25, F-6/2

Phone: (051) 9202222

Islamabad Model College for Girls – Post-Graduate 

Having another girls’ school on this list of top-rated colleges is a source of pride for our capital city, where women’s education is taken very seriously. The city has a significant demand for skilled men and women; therefore, it is one of the best colleges in Islamabad. The college offers social and natural sciences as study options at the post-graduate level. 

Key Features of the College

  • Social and natural science subjects 
  • Post Graduate level offered 
  • Girls only 

Contact the college at the address below: 

Address: P393+932, F-7/2 

OPF Boys College 

It is well-known that continuing study at one institute often leads to better learning outcomes. This gives an added advantage to the OPF Boys College, one of the best colleges in Islamabad. The students complete their matriculation and continue studying at the intermediate level in the same school. The continuous process makes for a better educational career for the students as they do not need to reorient themselves after completing 10 years at one school. The college provides education to overseas Pakistani expats living abroad. 

Key Features of the College

  • Boys only 
  • Matric and intermediate levels 

You can contact the college at the below address and phone: 

Address: M3JC+W5G, St 9, H-8/4

Phone: (051) 9334793

Scienta Vision College Islamabad 

The list not only includes the well-known older best colleges in Islamabad but also includes a new addition to the list as well. Scienta Vision College only dates back to 2013 but has a list of high achievers from its students. The outstanding performance of its students makes this Science college stand out amongst the list of best colleges in Islamabad.

Key Features of the College

  • Science subjects only 
  • New college 

Address: 2، Main Sawan Rd, Block 32-E G 10/2 

Phone: (051) 2354598

Fazaia Inter College, Islamabad

The reason military colleges always manage to secure the top positions is due to the budget allocated to the schools. This allows the development of faculty and students at the same time. These factors make Fazaia Inter College one of the best colleges in Islamabad. Offering both matriculation and Cambridge courses, the college has a seasoned faculty working tirelessly to train the students. 

Key Features of the College

  • Highly focused on students’ needs 
  • Matriculation and Cambridge studies 

Address: P27C+Q9F, College Rd, E-9/4

Phone: (051) 9507554

Islamabad Model College for Boys

Another Federal government institute that is one of the best colleges in Islamabad has its roots in the city and a history of delivering the best educational excellence. Having a track record of successful and top-scoring students in the FBISE, the college is still a symbol of pride and distinction amongst its contemporary peers. The college has one of the most learned faculty in natural and social sciences and has a large pool of pupils across the twin cities. 

Key Features of the College

  • Offers natural and social sciences 
  • Boys only 

Address: P3H5+3HW, Street 1, F-7/3 

Phone: (051) 9102463

Punjab College of Science 

A valid observation is that there are more science colleges than arts and commerce. However, this college is purely dedicated to commerce at the intermediate and graduate levels. This fact makes it a unique institution that is a favorite for many students and parents. The college offers high education standards and prepares the best students of high caliber in commerce. Punjab College of Science is one of the best colleges in Islamabad and is part of the famous Punjab Group of Colleges. 

Key Features of the College

Specializes in Commerce subjects only 

Address: Shan Plaza, Shaan Plaza, AKM Fazl-ul-Haq Rd, Block D G 6/2 Blue Area

Phone: (051) 4452616


Education is an important task that should be taken seriously. In today’s world of technology and globalization, its importance has increased manifold. Quality education is a necessity now provided by educational institutes across the capital city of Islamabad. These colleges play an instrumental role in developing the building blocks of students’ minds that can go on for higher education in the future. Intermediate and matriculation level education is the foundation of a student; therefore, opting for the best colleges in Islamabad should be the strategy for education.  

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