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Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a revolutionary technological transformation in the architecture, construction, and engineering sectors. Contractors or developers find it hard to complete Property projects on a given deadline and proposed budget.

The traditional construction and planning practices are not quite effective and result in delays or price hikes. The stakeholders also lack communication and collaboration, including contractors, developers, engineers, architects, planners. Due to this communication gap, construction issues arise and affect real estate projects.

BIM Evolution:

Professor Charles Eastman introduced the initial concept of BIM at the Georgia Tech School of Architect in late 1970. The usage of BIM was started in the mid-2000s. Now, large real estate companies rely on BIM to successfully plan and construct property projects with zero errors.

What is Building Information Modelling:

BIM is a process for the creation and management of information for a construction project throughout its construction phase. Through BIM, a managed digital description of every part of the building asset is developed to get to assess the project in detail. On an international level, ISO 19650 and 12006 are the series of standards that define BIM.

It is a state-of-the-art modeling system bringing civil and mechanical procedures on one platform. Full data of the structure could be provided in a single model using BIM. This model is also user-friendly that is easy to develop and use. It is used to develop building planning, sections, 3d models, building maps, scheduling, and much more.

Building Information Modelling has addressed all these planning and construction stages. It brings all stakeholders on one page and offers them a solid communication platform for planning and construction phases.

All the stakeholders could witness changes in designs or other areas in real-time. This capability allows involved members to plan and construct projects while remaining on one page. BIM is a new technology that offers a 3D model of the buildings in one model.

BIM is being adopted increasingly in Pakistan because of several benefits and ease of construction. Traditionally, already in practice methods are still in use by the developers. These old practices are preferred because they have been well-tested and in use for decades.

If the real estate projects are massive in nature, requiring hundreds of workers, engineers, and architectures to work simultaneously. Without BIM, the chances of information and collaborations losses increase manifold. Developers might initially hesitate to adopt BIM for construction, but once they realize its potential, they will never return to old methods.

How BIM Process Works?

Intelligent data is created through BIM used throughout the construction phase of the infrastructure.


The BIM offers special kinds of 2D and 3D modeling by utilizing real-world data to provide an understanding of the project.

How BIM Process Works


During the stage of designing, the experts develop conceptual designs, detailing, and documentation. This is a pre-construction phase that takes place using BIM to convey the information to the stakeholders.

How BIM Process Works


During this stage, the experts work on the fabrication using details delivered by BIM. Construction logistics are also conveyed with the contractors to keep the supply lines hindrance-free. Such a level of precise planning offers optimum utilization of time and resources.

How BIM Process WorksOperations:

The intelligent data from BIM provides convenience in the operations and maintenance of the post-construction phases. Its data could also be used for renovations and cost-effective deconstruction.

How BIM Process Works

How Property Projects Benefits from BIM in Pakistan:

BIM has a wide range of benefits for the real estate sector of Pakistan. Architects, engineers, and constructors benefit the most from BIM. Its concept in Pakistan is new, but its efficacy will be gradually realized.

The calculations and measurements by BIM are much more precise than humans while lowering the cost and deadline for the whole project. The planning and construction become much more efficient with the help of BIM. The benefits of 3D modeling could revolutionize the whole real estate industry of Pakistan.

The benefits are as follows:

  • It allows you to zoom in on even minute details of the project using the 3D modeling and assess if planning according to the specifications of need some enhancements.
  • Such flexibility and capability offer detailed planning, lowering costs, timely completion, and avoiding mishaps. BIM is being utilized hundreds of times more than in Pakistan because they have realized its potential.
  • BIM makes property projects predictable along with an added element of changes in the middle of construction. In other words, the developers and planners have much more control over planning and construction using BIM. Planning and construction could be managed in BIM.
  • BIM also reduces communication gaps among planners, architects, and contractors.
  • Least use of paperwork. The digital aspect allows it to be taken anywhere easily or be run on any computer.
  • It relieves the work pressure on engineers as it is much more efficient while saving time better than old methods.
  • It enhances productivity and brings efficiency in the whole project from planning to the post-construction stage.
  • It offers an endless frontier of automation, imagination, personalization, and integration.
  • It offers interoperability to the engineers, architects, and contractors to work in harmony with zero communication gaps.

Dimensions of BIM:

The are several applications and dimensions of BIM, including:

  • 3D modeling allows the planners to assess the project in the form of animations, rendering walkthroughs
  • It addresses safety and logistical issues in the planning phase
  • 4D modeling allows the owners and developers to assess the project through construction visualization and simulations
  • 5D modeling enables precise cost estimates
  • 6D modeling refers to the energy model, offering precise energy insights, life cycle analyzations

Dimensions of BIM

Users of BIM:

BIM is used by a wide range of users ranging from architects, builders, civil engineers, owners, and contractors. It is indeed a convenient tool used for the development of real estate projects.

Users of BIM

BIM Software:

Several BIM software is used, including:

  • Etabs
  • Revit
  • Civil 3D
  • AutoCAD
  • 3DS Max
  • Graphic Archicad
  • Bentley Micro station

What are the BIM Standards?

There are several standards that are acceptable worldwide, including:

  • ISO 16739-1:2018
  • ISO 12006-2:2015
  • ISO 23386:2020


Building information modeling is the future of construction in Pakistan. Currently, BIM is in its initial phases in Pakistan, but once the industry realizes its potential, there is no going back. This is the reason Sky Marketing has also been using intelligent technologies in planning and building its projects, including Sky Hills in Bahria Hills and Sky 18 in University Town Islamabad.

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