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Booking overseas link


Blue World City File Verification:

Sky Marketing has pledged to benefit the people of Pakistan while making complex information easily accessible. Keeping this commitment on top priority, we bring you the news of easy steps to verify the Blue World City file.

Pakistanis and Overseas Pakistanis can use these methods to ensure their file verification. Observe the following steps for file verification, including:

  • You may Contact us, and we will help you verify your BWC file registration 
  • You may also directly Contact the Blue World City management for file verification
  • To verify the Blue World City file online, you will have to open the Blue World City website (Home Page), as shown below:
Blue World City File VerificationNow click the tab of “Online Services” shown on the top of the home page of the Blue World City website, as shown below:

Blue World City File Verification

  • After clicking online services, you will have to click “Online Registration Verification”, shown below

Blue World City File Verification

  • Another window will open after clicking “Online Registration Verification,” as shown below

Blue World City File Verification

  • Here you will have to enter “Form No.” and “Security Code”, through which you will have your file verification as shown below:

Blue World City File Verification

  • After inserting “Form No.” and “Security Code”, another window will open highlighting online file verification search results, as shown below:
  • Blue World City File VerificationAnd if the information entered is wrong or the file verification information is fraud/scam, then the result will show “No Result”, as shown below:

Blue World City File Verification

Advantages of Blue World City File Verification:

Property investment is a big lifetime opportunity and decision of any person. So, it is of utmost importance that you go through all the file verification processes and be aware of their importance.

There are many advantages of Blue World City file registration methods mentioned as follows:

  •  Prevention from scams
  • Prevention from financial frauds
  • Saving your lifetime investments
  • Prevention of heavy financial losses
  • Ensuring purchase of legal properties
  • Prevention from falling into the hands of scammers


Verification of the Blue World City plot file has been brought to your knowledge. All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned above and easily verify your file. Sky Marketing recommends only buying files from us to avoid any financial scam.

Head Office

2nd Floor AA Plaza
Jinnah Avenue ,Blue Area, Islamabad

(051) 848-7777

Regional Office

Office No. 2, First Floor Block C,
JB Tower, University Road
Peshawar, Pakistan

(091) 7257777

Office No. 3, 2nd Floor Mega Tower 63b,
Main Boulevard Gulberg 2 Near McDonald’s Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

(042) 35777453

Skymarketing, Plaza 88,
Civic Centre, Phase 4,
Bahria Town, Rawalpindi

Plot 124, Model Town B
Block B Model Town,
Multan, Punjab

(061) 2032737


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