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Booking overseas link


Blue world City Overseas Block is a combination of sustainable urban development, urban and social redevelopment in the Capital region. The recent economic and financial situation has everywhere had a significant impact on the real estate sector, also jeopardizing the management systems of public real estate assets, the nature of interventions and the formulation of award criteria, as well as the promotion of new housing projects for the development and social housing options.

Recently with the new government, we have observed the experimentation of new forms of governance and an expansion of the people mobilized on the housing issue, providing for a progressive and general opening towards private operators including the top third-party developers HRL delivering Capital Smart City, Vision Group introduction Park View City Islamabad and Blue Group of Companies delivering Blue World City.

The privatization process involves expansion and provision of the futuristic and upgraded living options of the residents of these projects. To further add to the appeal of these housing options the specially designed Overseas blocks for accommodating the overseas Pakistanis are developed at the supreme locations in the projects to compete with the international standards of living.

Introduction of the Blue World City:

The blue world city overseas block is a part of the most sustainable of a bright future. It is specially designed by the developers of this to offer to provide an elite and relaxing life for its. The society is not only trust worthy but it cares also about people residing here.

There are lots of features and facilities planned for this project. The society is being constructed and developed in an advanced way by chines top expert developers. The owner MR. SAAD NAZIR has emerged an awesome opportunity to switch to a standard life.

Location of Blue world City Overseas Block:

Blue World City Overseas block is situated in Phase 1 of Blue World City, in proximity to the Blue World water theme park and Blue Mosque. The decision on the location of the sector is very significant as it is the elite block of this society.

The management of the Blue world city has made sure that the placement of the overseas block is the most feasible and convenient for the overseas Pakistan who wishes to reside here. The block will also be given direct access from Chakri Road along with the integration of advanced features.

Blocks and specialty of overseas block:

The blue world society consisted of one single block named general block but by the passage of time, society increased its land and blocks. The spreading process had been fast and brisk. The developers have been purchasing extra lands to spread the blue world city for more fantastic facilities. In these spread blocks there is an overseas block reserved just for the overseas people of Pakistan.

The overseas block has its own interest for the developers and owners because the block has a special reserved location in the society. The block has a prime location amongst all the blocks in the blue world city. The development process of the overseas block in blue world city is ongoing and initiated with advanced technology and heavy machinery for land digging and plotting. Separation of plots and tube wells for the need for water for construction has done in the first step of development.

The cities of the future are increasingly taking shape: more green, efficient and open to everyone’s needs. The overseas Block in Blue world city is the full expression of this change, it is a new concept of living: smart, social and inclusive.

It includes apartments that can satisfy every housing need, from the practical and comfortable studio to the larger sizes. It is the new collaborative and smart that revolutionizes the way of living in the city. It is a neighborhood designed to create meeting opportunities that increase relationships between inhabitants, for those who love to live in a healthy, green, technologically connected context.

This is why the overseas block is enriched with common spaces that expand the domestic environment: the neighborhood thus becomes an opportunity for exchange, sharing and mutual help.

Location of overseas block:

The block is situated in front of the main gate of the blue world city. The overseas block is a separated gated community with the latest security cameras. The ring road will also be the main access to the block in the next two years, it will connect the motorway M-2 and the main city Islamabad. this project is attractive and phenomenal for the investors because of its good location.

Facilities and features:

The society is designed with a high and royal life standard. The features are planned according to the modern and international level for the overseas investors of Pakistan. The block has features like;

  1. It is a gated community
  2. Verification gate entry system
  3. It is 5 minutes away from Thalian and Chakri interchange of the M2 motorway
  4. There are 24 hours CCTV cameras of the latest quality
  5. E-tag system
  6. Area for waiting of for guests
  7. Hospitals and ambulance services are 24 hours
  8. Mosques, schools, jogging tracks, and parks
  9. Green service area
  10. Blue mart Department store chain
  11. Playgrounds and mini-golf club

Why Choose Blue World City Overseas Block:

The demand for housing option is increasing everywhere in relation to the increase in the number of families and population. The structures of the housing options have grown more rapidly in recent years for families but as well as the single adults and couples without children and the variety of options in Blue world City Overseas block covers the need of everyone.

Young and old are the categories of homeowners most affected by economic instability and by forms of job insecurity and are often the main users of housing solutions with specific characteristics in terms of affordable and sustainable prices, spatial standards and services. Blue world City Overseas block recognizes the needs of all individuals and complies to all the needs on very affordable prices with a feasible long term easy payment plan that suits all the income pools.

The block is situated at the most prime location and enjoys the perks of being the center of attention in the project. Multiple sizes of residential and commercial plots offered also makes it easier for investors to choose the property that fits their needs.

The block is fully equipped with all the amenities, added facilities and upgraded security system that sets this area from rest of the housing society. The housing society is the only one in the region offering the lowest rates for the convenience of its investors.

The expert Chinese development and Chinese involvement in the project allow you to believe that the project will be a guaranteed success. The diversity of community and culture makes this residential venture a desirable opportunity since a special block is also planned along with the overseas block for the Chinese nationals who will move to the region due to CPEC development and the development of Blue World City housing project.

Another reason to consider this block is the entertainment opportunities and tourist attraction the place will hold. Asia’s biggest water theme park will be an attraction that no one will be able to resist, the replica of Burj-ul-Arab and Blue Mosque will also become desirable tourist destinations.

Talking about the investment point of view the block is highly recommended because of its increasing prices. Along with the development the rates of properties have seen a significant rise and observing the pattern the price index in the Blue world city overseas block will only be seen increasing, meaning you will get to enjoy maximum return on your investment.

The payment plan of overseas block:

The overseas block is currently offering these sizes of plots like 7 Marlas, 10 Marlas, 14 Marla, 1kanal, and 2kanals. The booking process starts from 20% down payment and the remaining amount is payable in 16 quarterly instalments or in 48 months. The booking of plots will be done based on first come and first served policy.
blue world city payment plan overseas block

How to book Plot in Overseas Block:

In order to book your plot in the overseas block of Blue World City, you can contact Sky Marketing, Official sales partner of Blue world City and the top real estate company in Islamabad.

Sky Marketing Islamabad brings you the top of the line projects including University Town, Park View City and Capital Smart City Islamabad. Not only have we given you the opportunity of booking plot from the comfort of your house from anywhere around the world online but you can also visit the office anytime to book your plot. You will need the following documents for the booking:

  1. Copy of Applicants NICOP Card
  2. Copy of ID card of Applicants next to kin
  3. Applicants Passport size picture
  4. Filled out form of Blue World City
  5. The booking amount in form of Cheque, cash or bank draft.

For more information about the project you can contact us and we will assist you efficiently.


Blue World City overseas block Investment is considered a reliable and secure opportunity available at the most affordable prices. It an auspicious opportunity for you to experience a luxurious life in Pakistan. The features, security and the location of this block will allow you to a life fit to the international standards so you are able to enjoy a luxurious life.

If you are interested in investing your money in Pakistan this is the right development and time to do it, this project is not only reliable but one of the top-selling projects in the region. The investors and developers are taking a keen interest in booking their plots from the initial stages of its development and planning due to the prices being the most convenient.


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