Flats for sale in The Arch Apartments G-11/3 Islamabad

Red Sun Associates is proud to present The Arch, a new project that redefines luxury living in Islamabad. These ultra-modern apartments are located in the highly sought-after neighborhood of Sector G11/3 and offer the best amenities and features. The apartments come in one-, two-, and three-bedroom sizes and feature modern architecture with three separate entrances.

Furnished Apartments For Sale in The Arch, Islamabad 

CDA has developed sector G-11, and only a few apartments for sale remain for the buyers. This sector has high property rates due to its available facilities and proximity to critical areas and sectors. Buying and constructing a plot can be expensive, so The Arch offers ready-made apartments at reasonable rates. 

The Arch is a family haven with beautiful interior and exterior designs. It’s an earthquake-resistant building with modern firefighting systems. The spacious reception area, children’s play area, and gaming zone are perfect for family bonding. 

The Arch offers an easy installment plan for 03 years and stands out from other projects. It is an eye-catching and heart-winning project with all the latest facilities in the highly demanding area of G-11/3, Islamabad.

The Arch Prime Location 

The Arch is an attractive project for the public due to its remarkable location and surroundings. It is close to schools, colleges, universities, Islamabad’s most prominent government, private hospitals, banks, markets, and parks. Public transport is easily accessible throughout the day and night.

The Arch provides easy access to Islamabad’s areas, sectors, and housing societies, including 

  • F-9 Park
  • Blue Area
  • Jinnah Super
  • G-9 Markaz
  • Aabpara Market 
  • New Islamabad Airport 
  • G-11 Commercial Markaz
  • Benazir International Airport

The Arch Master Plan 

The Arch is a modern residential project comprising a high-end, designed building. The building has a basement, a ground floor, and six floors. The ground floor has a spacious reception area with a common area for residents to get together, a kids’ play area, and a gaming zone. The Arch offers different categories of apartments, including luxury, gold, silver, and one-bedroom apartments.

Luxury Apartments – 3 bedroom apartments

The Luxury Apartments have a total covered area of 2100 square feet and 3 bedrooms with attached baths. These apartments have a spacious living area with a modern, American-style open kitchen and a separate, vast drawing/dining room.

Gold Apartments – 2 bedroom apartments

The Gold Apartments, with a total covered area of 1650 square feet, are a testament to modern living. Featuring 2 bedrooms with attached baths, these apartments boast a spacious living area with a modern, American-style open kitchen. The sitting area for guests, open and located right next to the entrance, adds a touch of elegance to the space.

Silver Apartments – 2 bedroom apartments

The Silver Apartments cover a total area of 1500 square feet and comprise two bedrooms with attached bathrooms. These apartments feature a spacious living area with a modern, American-style open kitchen—additionally, an open sitting area for guests right next to the entrance.

One Bedroom Apartments

Theone-bedroom Apartments, a unique offering in our project, redefines modern living. These apartments, with a total covered area of 900 square feet, are designed with your comfort in mind. Featuring a bedroom with an attached bath and a spacious, airy living area with an open, American-style kitchen, these apartments are perfect for those seeking a cozy yet stylish living space.

The Arch Pricing Details

The booking for apartments has commenced, requiring a 20% down payment. Additionally, Red Sun Associates is offering an installment plan divided into 12 quarterly payments for the convenience of their clients. Clients who pay the whole amount in cash can also enjoy the special discount offered by the developers of The Arch.

Residential Apartments for Sale in The Arch, Islamabad

Price List of Ground, 1, And 2nd Floor
Apartment No. Category


Total Covered Area Total Amount


Down Payment 12 Quarterly Installment
G-01, G-06, 101, 106, 201, 206 Luxury Corner


2100 sq. Ft




5,000,000 1,625,000


G-02, G-05, 102, 105, 202, 205  Luxury


2100 sq. Ft








G-03, G-04, G-09-B 103, 104,109-B 203, 204,209-B 216, 217 One Bed


900 sq. Ft


9,000,000 1,800,000 600,000
G-09-A109-A209-A One Bed Corner 900 sq. Ft


9,300,000 1,860,000 625,000
G-07, G-08, 107, 108, 207, 208 Silver


1500 sq. Ft


14,200,000 2,800,000 950,000
G-10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115, 210, 211, 212, 213, 214, 215 Gold


1650 sq. Ft


15,200,000 2,900,000 1,025,000
Price List of 3rd, 4th and 5th Floor 
Apartment No. Category


Total Covered Area  Total Amount Down Payment 12 Quarterly Installment 
301, 306, 401, 406, 501, 506


Luxury Corner


2100 sq. Ft






302, 305, 402, 405, 502, 505 Luxury


2100 sq. Ft


23,500,000 4,600,000


303, 304,309-8, 316, 317, 403, 404, 409-8,416, 417, 503, 504,509-8 516, 517 One Bed


900 sq. Ft






309-A, 409-A,509-A  One Bed Corner 900 sq. Ft


8,800,000 1,760,000 586,000
307, 308, 407, 408, 507, 508 Silver


1500 sq. Ft


13,700,000 2,750,000 912,500
310, 311, 312, 313, 314, 315, 410, 411, 412, 413, 414, 415, 510, 511, 512, 513, 514, 515,  Gold


1650 sq. Ft


14,700,000 2,940,000 980,000
Price List of 6th Floor
Apartment No.




Total Covered Area  Total Amount


Down Payment


12 Quarterly Installment
601, 604 Luxury Corner 2100 sq. Ft




4,600,000 1,575,000
602, 603 Luxury + Terrace 2100 sq. Ft


26,000,000 5,000,000 1,750,000
605, 606 Silver 1500 sq. Ft 13,200,000 2,400,000 900,000
608, 611, 612 Gold 1650 sq. Ft 14,200,000 2,800,000 950,000
609, 610 Gold + Terrace 1650 sq. Ft 17,500,00


3,400,000 1,175,000
607-8,613, 614 One Bed 900 sq. Ft 8,000,000 1,700,000 525,000
607-A One Bed Corner 900 sq. Ft 8,300,000






The Arch Features & Amenities

The Arch is a perfect place for those who seek a comfortable and peaceful lifestyle with unbeatable high living standards. The Arch offers the following features:

Various premium interior and exterior finishes

  • Reception
  • Beautiful lobby
  • High-class atrium
  • 100% backup power
  • Fire fighting system
  • Communal prayer area
  • Secured car parking
  • 24-hour CCTV monitoring

Community services provided include:

  • Mosques
  • Hospitals
  • Wide streets
  • Green belts
  • Banks and shops
  • Public transport
  • Commercial areas
  • Society graveyard
  • Educational institutes
  • Parks and playgrounds
  • Open and carpeted roads


The project has some special features, such as:


  • Cargo lifts
  • Guard rooms
  • Sleek finishing
  • Emergency exits
  • Top-quality tile flooring
  • Spacious reception area
  • High-speed passenger lifts
  • Common area for residents
  • State-of-the-art architecture
  • Standby power backup system
  • Spacious lobbies and corridors
  • Earthquake-resistant structure
  • Imported fittings and accessories
  • Separate gas and electric connections
  • Elegant exterior design and beautiful interiors
  • Three separate entrances for the residents


The Arch is a planned enterprise that boasts fine architecture, superior apartment designs, high-strength structures, and remarkable finishing. At Red Sun Associates, the developers focus on meeting our worthy clients’ expectations and strive to maintain an extremely professional approach throughout the construction process. 

Red Sun Associates has carefully selected the best quality construction materials and employed a highly qualified and skilled workforce at every stage of construction until the apartment keys are delivered. However, with all these contemporary amenities and luxurious lifestyles, Sky Marketing recommends conducting research and weighing down individual decisions. 

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