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Blue World City Foundation Laying Ceremony of Forces School & College System

Blue World City Foundation Laying Ceremony of Forces School & College System

A formal foundation stone laying ceremony of forces school and Cadet College system was held on Friday, May 01, 2020, at the site of Blue World City Islamabad. Blue world city Islamabad a grand residential venture situated on Chakri Road, Rawalpindi.

A large number of individuals from the administration of the society, members, and representatives from Pak armed forces were in attendance at the event. Famous TV personality and actor Nouman Ejaz- the brand ambassador of Blue World City was also present on this joyous occasion and also addressed the audience.

Among the attendees Maj Gen Arif Warraich, Maj Gen Sajjad Rasool, Nadeem Afzal Chan (PTI), Brigadier Sardar Aftab, Brigadier Hamid Dar, Brigadier Afrasayab, Brigadier Shahram, Saad Nazir (CEO BGC), Ch Nadeem Ejaz, Ch Naeem Ejaz, Sarfraz Gondal, Arshad Awan, Burair Nazir, Hyder Ch, Sabtain Javaid, Saqib Raja, Col Omer, Col Ahmed were some prominent personalities that glorified the event with their presence.

Following are the Highlights from Foundation laying ceremony of Blue World City Forces School and College System


The honorable guests shared their opinion on this remarkable development and extended their heartiest wishes for the success of Blue World City. The audience was also brought up to speed with the latest news and development of the project.

Over 112 Kanal of the land is solely dedicated to the premised of Forces School & College systems which will include the Campus buildings and the sports grounds for co-curricular activities. The architecture of Forces School & Cadet College is designed by Blue Bricks Architects & Consultant, another company operating under the banner of Blue Group of Companies.

This educational institute is destined to provide ample modern education to its students with state of art facilities and highly qualified staff.

After the speeches, the chief guests took turns and laid the bricks on the foundation of the school site, and prayed for the successful execution and completion of Forces School and College.

Following are some pictures of the Foundation bricks laying ceremony:


31 Reasons why you should invest in Blue World City Islamabad today

31 Reasons why you should invest in Blue World City Islamabad today


When investing, the first thing that worries us is the profitability of the operation but let us just tell you that Investing in luxury properties at Blue World City is one of the safest bets today.

Specifically, since the real estate market is experiencing sustained growth, both for sale and for rent so much so that buying a property in this residential project is the best option to make your money profitable. Let us tell you in detail why.

Reasons to invest in Blue world City

Blue World City

Here are a few reasons why you should think about investing in this housing venture as soon as possible:


1.Remarkable History of Blue Group of Companies

Blue World City is a glorious project of Blue Group of Companies. Blue Group of Companies was founded in 1989 at the historical city of Lahore offering modern architecture and development services.

With the extensive work and services over 18 years, the remarkable company has now become a benchmark name in the real estate market scenario in Pakistan.

With a trustworthy and highly organized professional environment, the developers have able to establish a stronghold in the development business.

Blue Group of companies has expanded its branches into diverse industries including real estate development, marketing, IT support and commercial printing apart from the initial architectural planning services

Furthermore Blue group of companies also owns a variety of retail businesses and a variety of convenience stores and has over 300 professionals working collectively to achieve its goals.


2.Trustworthy and Experienced Owner

As mentioned above this proud housing venture is launched by Blue Group of Companies, which is owned by Saad Nazir. He is the son of the ex-deputy commissioner of Lahore.

Before this auspicious housing scheme, he successfully has delivered leading housing and business ventures in Pakistan namely PIA co-operative Society, Center Park Lahore, Blue Sapphire, Blue mart & Blue technologies.

The trustworthiness and reputable name of the owner and his vast list of accomplishments in the real estate sector boast of his confidence and remarkable abilities. His newest project

Blue World City does not only looking promising in terms of investment but it will be a never before seen housing project of this magnitude in Pakistan, so investing in it guarantees fruitful results.


3.International Designers & Master Planners

Blue World City is designed & developed by the master planners Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company from China. Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company is one of the top international companies renowned for their exemplary developments all over the world.

The design of this mega housing project is planned in accordance with the international standards and using modern technology to provide upgraded living and business options to the citizens of Pakistan.

4.First Chinese Development in Pakistan

Blue world City is the first housing society in Pakistan that is being developed with the help of skilled engineers and professionals from China.

Chinese are well equipped and masters of developing state of art real estate projects in the world hence it can only be assumed that the development of this project will be top-notch and outstanding.

5.Prime Location of Blue World City

Blue World City Location

Blue word city is situated on Chakri Road near Lahore- Islamabad Motorway, at a short distance from the CPEC route and a few minutes away from the Islamabad International Airport.

Furthermore, its location is extremely ideal since it is located close to the upcoming Ring Road Rawalpindi. The location of the project is ideal because it is surrounded by all the major link roads that connect to the twin cities.

6.CPEC Route Proximity

CPEC Route is situated close to Blue World City Islamabad, which will play a vital role in improving socio-economic growth in the region as well as provide an abundance of business opportunities.

For those of you who are not aware China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a joint venture between Pakistan and China to enhance the trade between China and Pakistan.

7.All basic and Advanced Facilities

The housing society is planned with modern-day amenities including the very best road links and remarkable security and entertaining features that distinguish this project from the rest. A few of these salient features are discussed below:

  • Secure Gated Community
  • Wide-set of Carpeted Roads (120ft, 80ft &40ft.)
  • Continuous supply of Electricity, Water and Gas
  • Landline and Wi-Fi options
  • Fool-Proof Security System
  • Green landscape areas
  • Health & Medical Facilities
  • Jamia and sector Mosques
  • State of the Art Educational institutes
  • Commercial and Business zones
  • Shopping Malls with a variety of retail brands
  • Parks and gardens
  • Golf and football clubs
  • IMAX Cinema
  • E-tag System
  • Food courts and Restaurants
  • Public transport
  • State of the art sewerage disposal system
  • Water filtration plant
  • Lakes and Safari Zoo
  • Beauty & Hair Spas
  • Police stations

Blue World City Facilities


8.Fascinating Attractions

The master plan of the Blue World City including:

  • A Grand Mosque inspired by the big Blue Mosque at Istanbul, Turkey,
  • Asia’s largest water theme park,
  • World’s tallest horse mascot,
  • Burj-ul-Arab
  • Oxygen Park

Investing in society means you will be able to enjoy and take advantage of these landmarks along with many more fascinating attractions within this megacity.

9.First Commercial Hub of Pakistan

Blue World City is destined to become the first commercial hub of Pakistan, with the biggest wholesale Chinese market in its midst. With the help of Chinese counterparts and with the highest level of development and determination.

It will guarantee to become a place of your dreams. The safe environment, amenities and appealing location all contribute to the success of this project.

Commercial Hub of Pakistan

10.Properties that you desire

Blue World City aims to provide a variety of properties that one can dream of.There are various types of residential and business plots out there available for booking in Blue World City.

Both residential and industrial plots in Blue World City Islamabad are offered on an easy payment program that spans over 3 to 4 years depending on your convenience.

Following are the categories of plots available at Blue World:

1. Residential Plots
5 Marla
8 Marla
10 Marla
1 Kanal
2 Kanal
2. Farm Houses
4 Kanal
8 Kanal
3. Commercial Plots
5 Marla
8 Marla

Apart from the plots, the housing society is also introducing Villas, Residential apartments and Duplex apartments of various sizes as well.


11.Affordable Prices & Possession of Plots

The housing project is in its soft launch phase so the prices of the properties offered at Blue World City are much lower than that of its surrounding housing societies. This factor provides you with an ample advantage to invest in the venture and reap fruitful in the coming years.

Possession of properties is synonymous with future leverage in financial institutions, which have been characterized by securing sufficient loans the price of the mortgaged property according to the newest relief package the government of Pakistan has recently introduced. Hence investing in this project with these prices has never been more convenient.

Furthermore, the properties here are available on an easy 3-5 year payment plan after which instant possession of your plots will be granted and you will be able to construct your dream house in one of the most elite projects in the Capital city.

Prices & Possession of Plots of Blue World City

12.Enhanced Security Features

Security is of utmost importance in present times hence the management of BWC has made the security of their residents their number 1 priority. BWC is a gated community fully installed with an E-ticketing system, face recognition, CCTV Security cameras and guards instated at all major points of the project.


13.Modern Architecture and Infrastructure

The architecture and infrastructure designed in society are inspired by iconic building structures from around the world. The vision of the management of this society is to introduce modern infrastructure like Singapore to Pakistan.


14.Tranquil environment

At Blue world city, you will be able to have a closer to nature experience as it is surrounded by lush green views and peaceful vibes away from the busy city life. It is an eco-friendly place that promotes harmony, calm and natural environment.

Blue World City environment


15.Speedy Development

The development on site of the project is ongoing at a fast pace, with over 100 heavy pieces of machinery operating day and night to deliver the project on time.

The construction work on the main boulevard has completed and the development work on the main majestic entrance gate of the society is near completion.

The access road from Chakri Road is fully constructed along with the installation of street lights. The society is the first one in that region to have gotten electricity connection, which is a huge milestone for the project.

The earthwork is ongoing and the work on the infrastructure will commence soon.


16.Timely Delivery of the Project

The quality and the pace of development of this society are sufficient to ensure timely delivery of the project as announced by the management.

17.Diverse Community

Blue world city is the only Pak-China housing project in the region. The venture gives you an ample opportunity to be able to live in a diverse community. With a specially designated block for Chinese residents in society, it is only fair to assume that it will attract people from diverse cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds to come and live together.

Blue World City Community


18.Higher Profit Margins

The real estate sector has increased considerably in recent decades more than ever in Pakistan especially in Islamabad and areas surrounding it. From an expert opinion from Sky Marketing, it is safe to say that the investment in this housing society as a business involves obtaining significant profit margins. It is an investment that will always be profitable and will behave well even in times of economic crisis.

We advise investors who want to invest in the long term, to dedicate part of their assets to this housing project. This is because investing in Blue World City targets a specific luxury niche in the market.


19.Stability in times of crisis

This type of housing demand is wealthy and suffers less with economic changes. In this way, your investment remains active even in the most difficult moments e.g. in the ongoing corona epidemic the prices of the properties in the society have been stable throughout.

Stability in times of crisis and a wide profit margin are two important reasons to consider while investing in this housing project.


20.Practical Value

In addition, this acquisition provides practical value, since it constitutes a good that can be used and enjoyed at the same time as it works as an investment.

To invest in residential and commercial properties in this project also concentrate on the demand for rent or purchase. Large capitals and tourist destinations like the planned Blue water theme park, a replica of Burj-ul-Arab at Dubai and Blue Mosque from Turkey are a magnet for these investments.


21.Incentives offered by Government

The housing project has so far demonstrated great attraction, being the main objective for the booming real estate industry, to which a total of 100 million Rupees. have been allocated by Prime Minister Imran Khan recently according to these terms.

  • There will be no money trail for investment in the construction sector
  • All withholding tax on materials in the construction sector are waived off
  • A strategy is to be set in place to lower sales tax in coordination with the provinces
  • Relief in taxes for those working in the construction sector
  • Capital Gain Tax will not apply to those selling properties.
  • A subsidy of Rs30 billion will be provided for Naya Pakistan Housing

Incentive Offered by Government

In short, the possibilities offered by our country is another reason why investing in becomes a great option.


22.Safest business options to protect your income

In a constantly growing market, investing in an apartment, Villas, farmhouses, residential or commercial option has become one of the safest business options to protect your income. This is why we can certainly say that investing in Blue world city is the best option for your capital at this given time.


23.Market Momentum

As mentioned above investing in properties can be one of the best ways to keep your money safe, since you know how to take advantage of the market momentum, it is certainly possible to multiply income through the management of the properties.

This is why national and foreign investors who understand the importance of this aspect of the market, know that the capital gain derived from the property will always end up being juicier than the initial investment

Pakistan has a growing and stable economy when it comes to the real estate market so far. Its average growth has been immense in the last 10 years and according to the forecasts, its value will continue its increasing rate in percentages that will range between 6 and 7% annually and along with the affordable prices Blue world city has to offer it is a guaranteed success.


24.Privileged Geographical Position

Blue world city has a privileged geographical position, which has turned it into a regional landmark not just in Rawalpindi and Islamabad but in Asia due to its attractive features and amenities, thus attracting multiple foreign as well as local investments.

It is not only an ideal project to invest, but also to live and enjoy the perks of living and investing in a prime location.


25.Constant Capital Flow

The properties at Blue World City are anticipated to produce constant capital flows in rents and calculations of the capital gain in a short period. The villas, Awami residential complex, and farmhouses are major attractions for business gain.

Capital Flow


26.Growth of Real Estate Tourism

The growth of “real estate tourism” is a phenomenon that is defined by the rapid growth of interest in foreigners in living or investing in the territory; a factor that enhances and facilitates the generation of future income in rentals and sales of real estate properties.

This has been greatly observed in the newest real estate projects in Pakistan including Blue World City and Capital Smart City who have designed a special overseas block to accommodate foreign investment.

Blue world City offers extra security, advanced features and a supreme location that allows an ideal investment for those who reside or invest in the country.


27.Best Destination to Retire to

Islamabad, Pakistan has been considered as one of the best destinations in the world to retire for its scenic views, peaceful environment and low crime rate, which is why Blue world city attracts a lot of foreign and local buyers looking for properties for that purpose to live a comfortable and peaceful life in their golden days.

Best Destination


28.You are buying a Luxury Real Estate

Normally, the real estate sector is usually local, but that is not the case when it comes to luxury real estate investments like Blue world City. The luxury market is global; therefore, the group of buyers is a mix of local and international.

As a result, it appeals to a wider audience, so it can demand higher prices; in addition, they are generally unique properties, which tend to have a very strong intrinsic value. All of this can translate into high returns for investors and low volatility.

High-end real estate values like this project always increase over time and can also hold better when the traditional property market or stocks decline. Also, luxury real estate investments tend to recover better when markets soften.


29.Investment here is better than Shares

Another significant benefit of owning real estate at Blue World City is that purchased properties here will never cease to have value, even in the worst-case scenario of the markets. Meanwhile, the shares can fall to an unrecoverable level.

Blue World City Investment


30.Opportunity to open up to new markets

In general, real estate can be lucrative. But that does not mean that all markets are equally advantageous. There are some more attractive than others, both nationally and internationally.

Studying market trends is crucial when choosing where to invest in residential and commercial properties. Thus, at the national level Blue world city along with Bahria Town Islamabad, Park view City and DHA Peshawar have become some of the most powerful housing markets in Pakistan.


31.Ongoing Discount offered by Blue World City

Discount offered by Blue World City

At this crucial time of corona epidemic, the management of Blue World City has taken a generous step to give relief to the new Clients of the Overseas Block of Blue world city, the company is waiving off not just 1 but 2 installments from the payment plan which means if you book a plot at BWC overseas block you do not have to pay the first two installments.

So if you are planning on investing in this society, this might be the ideal time for you as this offer is only valid for a limited time.

Key steps to invest in properties at Blue World City Islamabad

Now that you know better what the benefits of investment in Blue world City are, we will now tell you some key steps to take into account before to invest:

a. Identify your investment objectives

Generally speaking, the goal of investing in real estate is to get a return on your investment. Beyond that, the first thing, when you choose a property to invest, is to think about what you want to get out of your investment at Blue World City.

For example, if you’re looking to make a profit in record time, you should invest in a 5 or 10 Marla residential or commercial plot in Overseas Block of society as they are standard sizes and are easily tradable Or If you build a house it will sell relatively quickly at the price you have priced it, you could reap significant benefits in a short period.

However, if you want something that generates more consistent income, you may want to consider investing in villas or farmhouses available at Blue world city that you can rent.

b. Plan how to finance the investment

When investing, one of the most important part to figure out is how you are going to finance the investment. If you have substantial capital, you may want to consider paying a lump sum amount for a significant discount.

On the other hand, in some scenarios, it may be better to take advantage of the easy and much affordable payment plan offered by the society.

c. Get your Paperwork/Documents in order

To book your plot in Blue World City you can click on our online booking link and fill in your details carefully and submit it through our website and leave the rest to us. You will be required to attach the following documents with your form

  • Copy of the applicant’s ID card
  • Copy of the ID card of next to kin
  • Recent photograph
  • Payment proof

d. Find a real estate company authorized from Blue World City

Find a real estate company like Sky Marketing who has experience in the high-end local market. A good agent must be trained to offer all the information you need to know about the properties you want to see, as well as the quality of the location and the value they have.

Determining the price of exuberant properties can be difficult, but with the help of a specialized real estate firm in the area, you will have everything you need to make the best deal. An experienced agent will also be prepared to identify any problems that might appear, to avoid or fix it timely.



Blue World City is ideal for investors, developers and the general public who are seeking a residence in a housing scheme that has all contemporary facilities and is surrounded by natural greenery. It is also advisable for people who want to invest in smaller amounts, to make Blue World City their first and favorite choice.

At Blue world city betting on properties whether it be a residential or commercial property or as an investment, obtaining a great return is easy with Sky Marketing.

We have a team of professionals who are experts in real estate investment and an exclusive range of properties so what are you waiting for contact us now.


Blue Hills – Farm Houses in Blue World City

Blue Hills – Farm Houses in Blue World City

Farm houses have become the latest trend of rich and famous, from arranging get-to-gathers to your luxurious escape plan from busy life can all be accommodated by owning a farm house. Keeping all the prospects in focus Blue World City has launched exclusive farm houses in the society for the people who want to spend their getaways in peace, quiet and private.

These Farm houses are ideally located at the most tranquil area of the society with a water stream flowing nearby and beautiful sceneries all around. Situated near by the main Islamabad and Rawalpindi cities these farm houses are a great place to relax, experience a life filled with luxuries and enjoy a natural environment.

Booking a farmhouse plot in Blue World City means becoming a part of elite class in the society and enjoying perks such as privacy and total control over your property, which otherwise is not possible in the main city and not to forget those amazing views. These farm houses are very affordable and economical compared to other areas and offers in the region.

Payment Plan of Farm House in Blue World City:

Blue World City is currently offering 2 sizes of the plots on which you can build your own dream farm house, 4 Kanal and 8 Kanal respectively. The detailed payment plan is as follows:

Farm Houses Payment plan:

Plot Size Down Payment   40 Monthly installment     8 Half years installment Total Price
4Kanal 720,000 1,00,000 3,10,000 72,00,000
8Kanal 1251,000 1,75,000 4,91,875 1,21,50,000

Blue World City is one of the societies that has been selling out like hot cakes due to its convenient location, easy installment plan and very affordable rates. If you don’t want to miss out on investing in blue world city Islamabad, it is excellent time! For bookings and inquires contact Sky Marketing 051-8487777

Blue World City Overseas Block

Blue World City Overseas Block


Blue group of Companies have finally launched the overseas block in their Blue World City housing society. This block is gradually becoming the highlight of this mega housing project as it is intended solely for the overseas network of Pakistanis who have developed higher expectations, whilst their stay abroad. Limited quantity of private plots are being offered in the overseas block on first come first serve basis. The opportunity has presented itself at a convenient time so Pakistani citizens can invest their resources in this rewarding venture at a truly reasonable cost. The Blue World City is a mega housing project, situated on main Chakri Road with tremendous surroundings and far away from the hustle and bustle of the main city.

For DISCOUNT Booking And General Inquiries

    For DISCOUNT Booking
    & General Inquiries

    Location of Overseas Block in Blue World City:

    Blue World City Overseas Block is projected to have direct access from Chakri Road, and have its own designated gate directly through the currently under construction main Gate of the Blue World City. The housing project will also be accessed from Rawalpindi Ring Road, connect this area with Motorway M-2 and the main Islamabad city in the next 2 years or so. The project is gaining a lot of attraction due to it’s from the local and international investors for its feasible and eye-catching location.

    Location map of Blue World City:

    Blue World City Loctaion Map

    Feature of Overseas Block in Blue World City:

    Blue World City is a housing project whose development and facilities will match the international standards.  The Overseas block in the society is exclusively designed for overseas Pakistanis and will include all the modern day facilities including:

    • Gated Community
    • Identified Gate Entry System
    • 24 Hours CCTV Security Surveillance
    • 5 Minutes Drive from M2 Motorway from Thalian & Chakri Interchange
    • 20 Minutes’ Drive from New Islamabad Airport
    • E-Tag System
    • Guest Waiting Area
    • 24 Hours Hospital with Ambulance Service
    • Overseas Lagoon Club
    • Mosque, Park & Jogging Tracks
    • Play Area & Mini Golf Club
    • Blue Mart Department Store Chain
    • Green Service Area

    Payment Plan of Overseas Block in Blue World City:

    Blue world city is currently offering only a few sizes of residential plots in the overseas block, comprising of 7 marla, 10 marla, 14 marla, 1 kanal and 2 kanal plots. Booking starts from only 20% down payment, while remaining amount is payable in 48 monthly or 16 quarterly installments. Note: Category plots (boulevard, corner, park face) will cost additional 10% of the above mentioned prices Blue world city Islamabad is the most sought out project in Islamabad on easy installment plan, so don’t miss to invest in blue world city Islamabad. The development work is ongoing and presents an excellent opportunity for the overseas Pakistanis to invest safely in their homeland. For further information and to book your plot in overseas block of Blue World City contact Sky Marketing and avail exclusive discounts. Call 051-8487777

    For DISCOUNT Booking And General Inquiries

      For DISCOUNT Booking
      & General Inquiries

      Following is the payment plan of Blue World City Overseas Block: blue World city payment plan Overseas Block

      Why Blue World City is called Pak-China Friendly City

      Why Blue World City is called Pak-China Friendly City

      Blue World City is mega housing venture in the city of Islamabad, propelled by Blue Group of Companies in association with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering, China. The owners of the housing society have signed a MOU with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering, China for development and construction of the giant venture to make it a Pak-China Friendly City.

      Chinese Investment & Development:

      Blue world City will be developed utilizing Chinese and Pakistani development which will result in creating one of a kind housing project in Pakistan. The maintenance and development of will match up to the international standards of living as well as the comfort of its residents. Educational and health institutes along with Commercial hubs and recreational facilities will make this project a unique opportunity for Pakistani’s and Chinese people alike.

      Close proximity to CPEC Route:

      Blue world city is located very close to CPEC Route which is being developed by the Chinese to improve the trade between two countries. The increased activity in the area will result in increased commercial and residential opportunities in the society.

      Modern Chinese Architecture:

      Blue world city will be a marvel of Chinese architecture and will be developed by using modern Chinese technology. The master plan of the society and the infrastructure will be inspired by the development of Chinese cities.

      Large influx of Chinese Residents:

      A large influx of Chinese residents is expected to move to the society in the coming years. Approximately about 10,000 residents for Chinese workers have been planned to be constructed in Blue World City and plans have been made to set up a submitted zone or square for them. The parameters on whether they will be given the ownership rights or offered plots under a substitute game-plan is still under consideration by the management.

      Blue World City is one of very first new projects in Pakistan that is truly a Pak-China friendly City in economic nature. It will not only bring the people of the two countries together but generate jobs and promote harmony and peace in the region. It also opens doors for other foreign investments in the country.

      Head Office

      2nd Floor AA Plaza
      Jinnah Avenue ,Blue Area, Islamabad

      (051) 848-7777

      Regional Office

      Office No. 2, First Floor Block C,
      JB Tower, University Road
      Peshawar, Pakistan

      (091) 7257777

      Office No. 3, 2nd Floor Mega Tower 63b,
      Main Boulevard Gulberg 2 Near McDonald’s Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

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