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[BUMPER OFFER] by CAPITAL SMART CITY in the pandemic of Covid-19

[BUMPER OFFER] by CAPITAL SMART CITY in the pandemic of Covid-19


Capital Smart City has produced a few exciting discount deals in an attempt to ease its associates amid corona epidemic globally and its consequences for our market.

These supplies are related to new and all current members of their society. People that are still thinking to spend should look in the discount deal and avail it until the specified deadline since it’s a time-bound offer.

The reduction coverage is legitimate from 6th April until 30th April 2020. Since FDHL Office will stay closed until 14th April according to Government’s management, you may use online payment center to avail this deal.

FDH Development

After discount deals have been declared by Capital Smart City for present members:

  • The society is currently offering 10 percent reduction of installation amount on every due or outstanding installment. Maximum of 3 payments will likely be considered for the reduction offer, along with also the discounted amount will be corrected in the next installation. Whether you’ve got due obligations, or you’re paying forthcoming payments ahead of time, the discount offer will be implemented.
  • A total of 3 percent reduction of the unit cost will be awarded to people who cover 6 expected installments from the month of April. The reduction will be corrected evenly to the remaining payments.
  • A total of 6 percent reduction of the unit cost will be awarded to people who cover 6 forthcoming payments beforehand. The reduction will be corrected evenly to the remaining payments.
  • People who wish to reserve a plot or Smart Villa at Capital Smart City from the month of April may not just avail extra reduction, but also a distinctive right pertaining to choice of plot or villa place that frees them to select their preferred location on the map in the right time of automatic ballot.
  • All brand new reservations done at 50 percent upfront payment will qualify for 6 percent reduction (previously 5%) and reservations at 100 percent upfront payment will qualify for 12% reduction (previously 10%).
  • Individuals who reserve a plot or villa with 20 percent down payment (formerly 40%) will be qualified to select their location of this map in the right time of balloting.
  • Payment program of fresh reservations will be 3.5 decades rather than 3 decades.
  • When a members novels 3 components of plot or villa, he’ll cover just 1 membership fee.

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69 reasons to invest in Capital Smart City

69 reasons to invest in Capital Smart City

Capital Smart city housing society come in the list of the most popular and enthralling societies of Pakistan. It is situated in the magnificent location of Islamabad, which is the capital of the country. The society is easily available from all major points of twin cities.

Capital Smart City is recognized as first Smart City in Pakistan and known as 4th in Asia. CSC comprises of smart features and guaranteed Grade 8 growth which makes it the most contemporary housing schemes in the country. Sooner or later, CSC will be the most self-sustaining and Eco-friendly Smart city in the list of housing societies.

Capital smart city

Following are the some of the many reason due to which you should consider investing in this fascinating society:

1.Ideal and prime location

Capital Smart City is located near to new international Airport Islamabad near Thalian interchange. It is away from the hustle and bustle of the main city rush but is also on few minutes’ drive from every main boulevard of Capital city Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Location of Capital Smart City can be accessible from inside and outside of the twin cities. This will provide investors with a fantastic chance to multiply their own investment.

When the Rawalpindi Ring Road will be completed, this housing society in Islamabad would be strongly joined with all the sites in the cities.

2.Easy and reachable site

Capital Smart City is mainly reachable from Main Chakri road interchange on Lahore to Islamabad Motorway (M-2) and the other main route will be Rawalpindi Ring Road in the close future.

FWO (Frontier work organization) has accepted a committed interchange for the housing society, construction on the specified interchange is already started from the previous month of 2020.

capital smart city location


3.Clean and green environment

Capital smart city is an enchanting and captivating dream that comes true. It is the place where you are Able to envision your picture-perfect Family, a soothing and calming atmosphere.

You can dream about a Well-built and healthy environment for your kids along with the necessary and enthralling facilities for an ideal life. It is a perfect combination of attractiveness and majestic perfection.

4.Society is in the capital

Capital Smart City is located in the world’s most beautiful capital city of Islamabad. This is one the prime reason which makes the society perfect for living.

Lush green Margalla hills, clean air, availability to every modern necessity, Shopping Malls and lots of employment and business opportunity makes the city best town to earn and raise the family.

5.Save and sound Neighborhood

Capital Smart City is enclosed with other housing societies due to which surroundings of the society are secure and it feels like family to everybody within the society. It is the area you won’t regret living.

6.Save and Secure Society

One other important factor which is non-negotiated whilst purchasing a home for your family is the security condition. It is always crucial to highlight that in the lack of appropriate security and security mechanics, an investment location is regarded as useless.

Capital Smart City has decided to equip the security infrastructure in the housing society with advanced security and surveillance. They have provided security with 24/7 hours surveillance cameras and have hired special society guards’ squad.

7.Community lifestyle

Capital Smart city is fenced by the secure barrier with fascinating entrance. Security Team has the data of everybody who enters or leaves the society as Gates of the society will have latest CCTV cameras which are capable of facial as well as object recognition.

This walled society design enhances the beauty as well as ensure 24/7 surveillance and regulation of the housing society.

8.Legitimate by authorities

No Objection Certificate commonly called NOC and planning permission of Capital Smart City Islamabad is already accepted by the RDA (Rawalpindi developmental authority).

Another NOC (No Objection Certificate) is also under review as more property of land and more blocks are introduced within the housing society.

This matter will be settled most probably in the year. Thus providing opportunity to the society to increase its borders and to accommodate more and more inhabitants.

9.Capital Smart City Islamabad Developers

Capital smart city Islamabad is the project of FDH (Future Development Holdings) in cooperation with HRL (Habib Rafiq Private Limited). HRL has already successfully completed many mega projects like Bahria town Islamabad, DHA Islamabad and many more.

These developers are well-known for offering the very best structure and development solutions in Pakistan. The complete projects of these companies are portraying the credibility, competency, capacity and worth of Investment opportunities offered in Capital Smart City.

This record of Habib Rafiq group gives us an insight about the potential owned by Capital Smart City Islamabad. Because of this, share in Capital Smart City Is being regarded as the best choice to make profits in the foreseeable future.

10.A Exclusive Master plan

The given master plan of Capital Smart City is uniquely created to develop a spontaneous view and boost the natural features of the society also. All the blocks are planned in a systematic way that they all lie in the front and connect to main road.

Capital smart city map

This master plan contains a number of alternatives for example

  • residential plots,
  • commercial plots,
  • business hubs,
  • farm houses,
  • luxury villas and many more options for potential buyers for investment and living purposes.

11.Within your means

With all the exclusive and advanced features and amenities, Capital Smart City housing society do not demand high prices. Anybody, folks from middle to high class can easily buy plots on installments or whole cash easily.

12.Varity of possibilities

Capital Smart City offers variety of possibilities to choose while buying plots in its housing society. You are not restricted to one size of plots, the society offers many sizes and types of plots from 5 marla to 2 kanals. Any interested buyer can select plots according to his own needs and demands.

13.Residential units

Capital Smart City is providing sensible chances for buying place for houses which are particularly laced with number of hi-tech & modern facilities. The society Includes number of choice for residential plot sizes depending on the public demand. These sizes are following

  • Plots from 7, 5, 10,12 Marlas & 1, 2 Kanals
  • Farm Homes from 5, 10 & 20 Kanals
  • Smart villas from 5. 8 marla

14.Commercial units

The other type of plots that appeals buyers to invest in capital smart city is commercial plots for business or industrial purposes. They are offering complete hi-tech services for investors. Currently sizes of commercial plots available are following only.

  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla

15.Hills Vista of capital smart city

Hills vista will be the residential block of the society with innovative amenities. It comprises of residential plots of different sizes and condos for interested families. People can enjoy neighborhood club houses and can explore different activities while staying in Hills Vista.

16.Crystal Lake of capital smart city

Crystal Lake is another block of the CSC society. It offers both commercial and residential plots. You can find cinemas, shopping malls, resorts and food tuck shops in the center of block.

A floating village is also present which enhance the attractiveness of this place. You will find magnificent fairy lights together with a royal dance fountain in this royal village. This village is present on the Gorgeous lake with beautiful huts.

This will provide soothing environment which remove all the tension and stress related to day work.

17.Eco-friendly Atmosphere

Capital Smart City locality shows an eco-friendly atmosphere and natural setting where an environment full of tranquility and harmony is warranted with green development.

The society developers care for the community, the environment and the society that’s why these infrastructures are not sustainable for today but also for tomorrow and then for next generations.

18.Eco-friendly infrastructures

CSC has the vision to provide eco-friendly infrastructures and their designs are already approve by RDA. Infrastructures of the society are according to the present scenario demands.

They emphasize on developing low cost and eco-friendly alternatives of construction buildings to make sure that residents can enjoy economic benefits and also environmental beauty.

19.Posh area

Capital Smart city is considered in posh areas of the societies as from design to facilities it is no less than any expansive, over rated living area of the city. Underneath the boundary of the society, you will find particular activities which will provide new modes and avenues of spending a lifetime.

This society has set very substantial goals for men and women so as to supply them with a fantasy location. Here you’ll have the ability to accomplish a place of conveniences and amenities that will market the way you live.

20.Economic significance

Capital Smart City is the quite ideal society with every perspective. It is located on the CPEC Path due to which the housing society is very significant with respect to economic point of view in coming year.

21.Access to Basic Facilities

There are several areas in Pakistan where basic amenities such as Gas, Water and electricity are not presently available. The most basic priority of any family is to ensure if all of these basic niceties are available at their living houses.

Capital Smart City in Islamabad is determined to ensure the 24 hours provision of these facilities and amenities to every resident of the society.

smart city islamabad Facilities

22.Handiness of every facility

Having the perfect live is not only about having the basic necessities. It is about having your desires also. Capital Smart City can fulfill this dream of you. This society will provide you every service you think of for example basic needs, tasty food, entertainment, games and gyms, luxury items and services and much more.

23.Efficient Electricity Supply

Capital Smart City Islamabad just like Bahria Town Karachi will also delivers consistent connection and supply of electricity. This is the reason which makes CSC housing society Islamabad free of load shedding,

This feature of Capital Smart City Islamabad has made it the best housing scheme in the locality.

24.Nearby Hospitals and Schools

If you want to buy a perfect living house for your living, you must check if that location is near to quality schools and hospitals.

In order to guarantee the accessibility of hospitals and Schools, Capital Smart City promises to construct an appropriate educational city and also separate health district for the benefit of residents as well as visitors.

25.Education City in Capital Smart City

CSC housing society will have Pakistan’s first ever education city. It is universal truth that wisdom and knowledge are the important attributes which are the significant fragments in creating someone minds with smartness and intelligence.

In accord with this strategy, Capital Smart City Islamabad has declared to construct and build a whole new Education City where number of research and educational institutes will be develop.

26.National Defense University

In recent times, Capital Smart City Islamabad has signed MOU with the National Defense University (NDU). It is an agreement between two parties for the provision of land by CSC for the Smart NDU Campus. This university will be the next research hub of Islamabad.

27.A Special HealthCare City in Islamabad

Capital Smart City not limited its facility to education city, it also aims to build Health Care City for its residents. It is one of the massive projects being established in Capital Smart City Islamabad. This healthcare center is considered to be an upcoming medical hub with several hospitals, laborites and clinics.

These institutions will provide optimum medical services of international standards to the residents as well as the visitors of Capital Smart City Islamabad.

28.A Vintage China Village

Capital Smart City Islamabad authorities have planned another smart yet classical and unique venture called the China Village. This venture will be made as conventional and exclusive village at Capital Smart City with a vintage model look.

The venture will consist of lots of traditional shopping malls using thematic vintage structural design. The roads will be brightened with conventional but soothing decorations and lights in the nighttime with mild classic music for its audience.

A Vintage China Village

29.Asphalt work and carpeted roads

For the purpose of simple and convenient travelling inside the society, first step of development with in the society is construction streets and boulevards.

Currently, more than a 300 feet long Main road was already finished in addition to the asphalt job on the majority of the streets throughout the entire housing society.


To full fill the needs of clean drinking water, developers of society have made water reservoirs in the form of tube wells. Right now 4 fully tube wells in working condition are available. These water reservoirs provide warm and pure water.

31.Executive Block Mosque

It will be the most grand and biggest mosque in the society. The architectural design of the mosque will be embark of heritage art.

According to the head authorities, it will be the luxurious mosque with centralized air-conditioned and heating system and the mosque will have the capacity of over 1000 individual.

32.Vacation and recreational spot

As a beautiful and smart housing society, Capital Smart City Islamabad offers its residents as well as visitors with a number of recreational destinations. Special blocks will be built in the form of vacation spots. They will be near farm houses of the society.

Lush green surroundings, long trees, lakes and ponds with unique and beautiful birds and animals will be present all together to provide peace and ease to its viewers away from the tensions and stress of normal life.


33.Entertainment Infrastructure

Another inspiring piece of the society is its vibrant entertainment infrastructure providing its inhabitants with a splendid leisure experience for example Theme Parks and 3D Cinemas.

34.Sports complex and gyms

Another impressive feature of capital smart city is its development towards public sports and fitness. To achieve this goal, the society develops many sports complex and gyms inside every block which have separate walking tracks and exclusive clubs for women and men.

These clubs will provide reasonable membership to its residents for swimming, spas, salon, table tennis, golf and many more activates.

35.Holiday Park in Capital Smart City Islamabad

Capital Smart City Islamabad has also the holiday park in its center. It is specially planned for escape purpose from hard work of the day. It comprises of

  • lots of theme parks,
  • play grounds,
  • bird parks,
  • resorts and hotels.

This holiday park is a frivolous haven for folks who want to escape out of their dull everyday routine by experiencing adventure and delight fun.

36.Freij International amusement park

An agreement has been approved between Freij Entertainment international and Capital Smart City on 23 October, 2019. This agreement is for the building of an amusement park in the locality of Capital Smart City Islamabad.

Freij Entertainment International has already organized many, funfairs , fun carnival rides, amusement parks and skilled games all around the world and is known as the world’s largest traveling entertainment company.

37.18-Hole Golf course by Harradine Golf

Master plan of the capital smart city Islamabad include 18-hole golf course. It will be first of its kinds in Pakistan. This golf club will have all the equipment related to the game also it will initiate its own Golf Academy boosting golf in Pakistan since golf isn’t a common game here.

Thus this is going to be an appealing feature in comparison to other societies for several of the Golf Lovers from the area. The job will be very likely to be finished by end of 2020.

golf club capital smart city

38.Movenpick- Hotel & Resorts

A contract has also been sign up between Mövenpick and Future Development Holdings for constructing a Mövenpick Hotel and Resort in Capital Smart City Islamabad. This hotel will have 250 Hotel rooms and above 150 completely serviced apartments.

What’s more, it is going to contain four dining halls, the most recent gym, conference rooms, and 2 swimming pools.

39.The Potohar Ranches

Cracknell has composed a plan to build Villas and townhouses known as the Potohar Ranches from the Capital Smart City. All these ranches will provide a whole residential zone with homes of different styles.

Cracknell is hired by Smart Properties with this job as they have proven to be very popular in international planning, urban designing and landscape layout internationally.

40.Street Food Truck Park

Along with the park, a Street Food Truck Park is also ready to construct and assembled for every foodie in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

This place is going to be a distinctive street food center in Capital Smart City Islamabad. It will offer desi cuisine, fast food and international cuisines to the inhabitants and visitors.

41.Water Sports Club

Capital Smart city will give you and your families’ gift of exclusive Water Sport Club with separate areas for men and women. It will be constructed near Chihan Lake.

It will be an Innovative and advanced club. Furthermore, Water Scooters, Yachats and boating option will be provided here.

Apart from this water club, important objectives related to water under completion below

  • Overhead Tank
  • Underground Tank
  • Overseas Block Fiber Optic Cable Layout

42.BRT Systems in Capital Smart City

Transport systems round the globe are regarded as an important part of modern society. Thus, Capital Smart City Islamabad has also proposed to put money into the newest BRT system that will appropriately incorporated this home society from inside.

A variety of Bus Transportation stations for public are planned along with appropriate and hi-tech operational centers. The bus lines of this system are designed to guarantee proficiency in transport and traveling within the society.

43.A Financial Square in Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City Islamabad is intending to build a Financial Square in the core of the housing scheme. Given Financial center further increases the smart sensation of the housing society, since this is going to be a financial hub for trade, industrious and business purposes.

Financial Square will include a number of high-class financial square gates and company workplaces together with residential flats. Moreover, Capital Smart City authorities also have incorporated many exhibition mansions and 5 Star Hotels for its clients and visitors.

44.Fashion Boulevard

Business center of the society also have Fashion Boulevard. It is the hub for the shopping with many global and national brands related to clothing, shoes, cosmetic, household items, and every other gadget and object which you can think of.

As possession in capital smart city will be granted in December 2020 hence there is need of that company complex to lodge the specific needs of individuals.

45.Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

Capital Smart City have free Wi-Fi network inside its boundaries. The society has opted to offer the inhabitants with free access to net through free of charge Wi-Fi hotspots.

These online hotspots will be accessible on listed places for example shopping malls, sport complex and gyms, BRT terminals, Hotels & Resorts and any other public places with in the society where people can use Wi-Fi in case of any need.

46.Perfect to raise a family

Capital Smart city Islamabad is full of exceptional features for the ease of its occupants, which makes it perfect for investment and also an ideal place to raise a happy family.

47.Freedom of religion

Pakistan not only compensates Muslims but many families from other religion are also living in this country. Capital Smart city has many mosques and jamia masjid in every block for its Muslim residents.

But it is not enough for ideal community that’s why the housing society will construct holy places of other religion like church also. This will give residents of different religions to say their holy prayers with freedom.

This freedom of religion in the society also attracts foreign investors who want to live in Pakistan as CSC will be filling their basic need of religion.

48.Freedom of culture

Another liberty any human being needed is free will to adopt his own culture and live with his norms and values. In housing society of capital smart city you can live as you want you, you can eat your traditional food as all the supplies will be available, you can wear whatever you want to. Its solely on you how you want to live your life

49.How can it be the first Smart city?

Even before the inaugural ceremony of Capital Smart City Islamabad, it’s been known as the first smart city in Pakistan with number of smart facilities and attributes which the society introduced. Capital Smart city has uses smart technologies to upsurge efficiency and effectiveness.

There is the hype created that all most all the services and features in this mega project in Pakistan are regarded as smart and hi-tech in comparison to other home societies from the twin cities.

Capital Smart City Islamabad offers facilities which are considered to be the most recent ones endorsed with innovative technology and hi-tech infrastructures. You can find this facet in almost every basic service provide by the housing society.

capital smart city islamabad facilities

50.Smart Housing

Capital Smart city has dynamic choices of Smart Homes and apartments which comprises of the most hi tech and unconventional Housing aspects for its residents in Islamabad.

51.Smart Traffic Control

Capital Smart City Islamabad is being planned with automatic road traffic managing systems. Number of sensor cameras will be set up on the streets and boulevards. This is why we are calling this traffic management system as a smart traffic control.

This system is an immensely substantial facet of the housing society and is to be expected as the solution to eradicate all the traffic issues.

52.Smart Building

Being a smart city, each one the edifices and infrastructure qualified to be “Smart Building”. Efficient monitoring system is going to be installed in edifices. Besides that, it will also have HVAC Control method to maintain the warmth and ventilation of their buildings.

Moreover, Firefighting and alert system will permit the individuals to escape. Further, most effective exits intended in case of any emergency.

53.Smart provision of energy

The smart feature of Capital Smart City is also due to the generation of its own energy and power supply. The eco-friendly home society has known to adopt a significant manufacturing procedure for generating energy through sustainable ways.

This facet of Capital Smart City lets it transcend the rest of the home societies concerning eco-friendly infrastructures and sterile environments.

54.Smart Villas development

Smart villas in the housing society are planned according to the modern-day needs. They have all the smart features which will make life of the residents convenient.

55.Smart Environment

Capital Smart City Islamabad make certain to provide a smart environment in which innovation and technology are used to make sure that all the needs of occupants are provided with advance techniques and tools.

Site of Capital Smart City is already naturally beautiful which is earmarked for organic assets and with development by authorities it will be more natural Scenic Beauty and Topography for its visitors. Developers also take in consideration that no damage occurs to all-natural scenery.

56.Smart Economy

Further, after being operational, this project is going to wind up being one of the principal hubs of economic activities in the region. Presently, it’s believed to become first business center in the area. Modern commercial centers are called to create 90,000 job opportunities.

The Master Plan of Capital Smart City created in a way that big industrial hubs have their specific districts. Meanwhile, miniature Industrial centers will also be found in residential companies.

57.An International Recognition

Capital Smart City is the first commercial type society due to which this housing society is an attraction to number of international business vendors and also for national business organizations. They all want to have a slice of Pakistan’s first Smart City.

58.Living place for overseas Pakistani

The Capital Smart City holds a high significance in the Islamabad housing society. It portrays gratitude and appreciation to Pakistani people who are residing overseas and are doing all the hard Work for our country.

Overseas has lived a life that’s completely different from the standard Pakistani way of life. Capital Smart City is currently providing a safe and satisfying Chance for abroad Pakistani inhabitants to own property in their own motherland.

Capital smart city urges to present regular lifestyles for them in order that they might feel as though they are dwelling

59.luxurious lifestyle

Capital Smart City ensures luxurious and comfortable living style to its resident families and folks of every age and gender along with the provision of best housing services in Islamabad.

No expensive area is supplying such a facilitated environment such as Capital Smart City does because it is offering all those amenities to its occupants that are important to direct a significant and comfy lifestyle.

60.State-of-the-art Infrastructure

Capital Smart city Islamabad will give full convenience to its residents with an innovative housing designs and infrastructure with fully automatic transport system for travelling.

61.Architectural miracles

Capital Smart city will have many extra ordinarily buildings with unique architectural design .they will depict art, culture, taste of uniqueness. And such fascinating architectural miracles will tell the unique story for its viewers.

Just for décor purposes, developers of the society aim to construct many kinds of structures of exquisiteness and beauty for example fountains, sculptures, statues of famous figures, model of famous places from all around the world.

62.A Beautiful Mélange of Cultures.

The Capital smart city housing society will soon turn out to be an iconic mixture of cultures and traditions of different communities for both international and national residents also for visitors.

This Beautiful Mélange of Cultures is due to construction of different landmarks depicting different cultures, having religious and cultural centers in the society and, construction of many trademarks of diverse heritage from all around the world.

63.Unique Resources Management

CSC housing society will manufacture every resource by itself. It aims to build its on solid waste disposal system also it will generate it’s on power and provide electricity with underground wiring. Every block has its own water reservoir and society will provide own suigas and heat energy.

capital smart city amenities

64.Development Pace

Capital Smart City Islamabad has been under hands of professional development group. There is sharp eye of national and international investor from all over the world on the development work of the society.

Every developmental task is done with strong concentration and always happens at each quick pace.

Machinery under work inside the society is about 500 items in number. They are functioning on quite impressive pace.

Let’s do not forget the labor force working inside the society. They also form very active and sharp team website at this time.

65.Employment opportunities

Capital Smart City not only offers residential plots but also commercial plots. Within the society there will be many commercial and business centers, financial squares, and cooperate offices.

This future of the society gives birth to many new employment opportunities due to the need of running these business centers smoothly.

Right now, need of employees is in CSC housing society because of its development and construction work. Also many jobs will be introduced for security purposes and community work in the society after the completion.

66.International Recognition

Capital Smart City housing society has reputation and known as the standard of living in high society in Pakistan. It is offering conveniences and amenities with International Recognition which are never seen before.

67.Investment opportunity

Capital Smart City Islamabad is among the latest housing schemes to acquire acceptance and consent from Rawalpindi development authorities. CSC has rapidly established into a promising property enterprise with huge potential for expansion.

Because of this, a Lot of individuals has reserved plots in Capital Smart City Islamabad which are available at inexpensive prices lately.

Being a residential Scheme accepted by RDA, this endeavor retains the opportunity of transforming into a significant business and residential heart of Rawalpindi.

68.Growing Company Rates

CSC housing society had quickly become known after the launch of the society at July 2017 even at intentional level. Especially their overseas block has gain extra ordinary fame and plots with 5 and 10 marla sizes are already sold out. Additionally, demand of the 4 Marla commercial plots in Capital Smart City is precisely very high in the market.

Because of these facts and hype of the society created in marketplace, FDHL (authority of the society) continue on increasing the prices of both type of plots from time to time.

69.Growing value of real estate and real property,

Due to complete smart system of Capital Smart City Islamabad housing society, market value of the real estate property in it is never likely to go down.

It will be the biggest real estate sensation in Pakistan in the future, no matter that property is a plot, apartment, shops, houses, buildings or farm houses. It’s all going to flourish always just like Bahria town Karachi.


To conclude we can say that Capital Smart City Islamabad is just one of the few projects in Islamabad, which have the capacity of turning to Islamabad’s top home society. We make this claim based on a range of significant facts. Primarily, the place of Capital Smart City Islamabad supplies the home society having an effective advantage over the rest of the home societies from the twin cities.

It’s in proximity to New Islamabad International Airport in Addition to the new Ring Road Rawalpindi. Secondly, there are forecasts that Capital Smart City Islamabad will be connected with DHA. Though not verified, yet this Capital Smart City DHA job would definitely guarantee victory for this home society.

This is something which investors must think about before looking to purchase a housing scheme in Islamabad. And thirdly, the Habib Rafiq Company which is developer of Capital Smart City have set in enormous attempts to Gain acceptance from RDA. This means that the jobs are in safe and capable hands, those that possess a Massive expertise in the real estate industry of Pakistan

To prove as the trusted real agent, first step for any real estate company is to gain trust of their clients. SkyMarketing can help of with any further information and booking in current housing society and many others.

As we deal in Blue world city, ICHS, PECHS, University town, Park view city Islamabad and Bahria Town Peshawar. So do not hesitate and feel free to ask us any thing

Latest Development Capital Smart City

Latest Development Capital Smart City

Authorization of Allocation of Site Offices

Capital Smart City has become one of the most sought out housing societies in the twin cities recently. Even with the slow activity in the realty sector due to the new Budget measures, this project hasn’t slowed down at all, on the contrary with the fast pace progress of this housing society, the activity and interest of the investors have increased.

In the news of the latest development of the Capital Smart City, A meeting was called by the officials of Housing scheme with all the authorized dealers, in which the announcement of the allocation of site offices was authorized. Among these Sky Marketing was the most prominent name, Usman Alam CEO of Sky Marketing attended the meeting in person and discussed the latest development status of society with the Group COO of Capital Smart City Mr. Aslam Malik.

With the authorization of the site offices in the society, the activity and the authenticity of the housing project will definitely increase profusely and with that, the prices of the residential and commercial plots in Capital Smart City will also increase rapidly. The society has already revised its prices in June and this step will ensure that these prices will not come down anytime soon.

If you are searching for a safe opportunity to invest in this housing society is the most suitable option for you. Sky Marketing today and we will help you in securing your plot in the First ever Smart City Housing project in Pakistan at the lowest prices.

For further information and bookings Call 051 8487777 or email us at



Latest Update- DHA Smart City- Capital Smart City

Latest Update- DHA Smart City- Capital Smart City

If you have not heard about the circulating news in the real estate market about the upcoming partnership of DHA (Defense Housing Authority) with Capital Smart City you definitely are not living on this planet. It is the top trending topic these days & if this news turns out to be true, there is going to be a good prospect for the people who have already invested in the society.

Despite all the rumors the officials of both the societies have successfully kept the information regarding the merger under wraps. After the merger the name of the society will be changed from Capital Smart City to “DHA Smart City”.

The real reason behind the merger is the damaging campaign designed to defame and discourage the people to invest in the society. The management of smart city found a smart solution not only to revive their reputation but also strengthen ties with one of the most prestigious housing authority in Pakistan. This step will secure the project for an extensive period and also give a sense of security to the investors.

The booking prices of the capital smart city have been revised with effect from 24th June 2019.With the merger of Capital Smart City with DHA the price rise of the plots in Capital Smart City was inevitable and we are wondering if the increment in these prices has something to do with the official announcement of this much awaited merger.

Our source confirmed a while back that all the important paperwork between Capital Smart City and DHA has been finalized and the final announcement will be held by the end of June, 2019

It is advised by the experts that if you are looking to invest in DHA Smart City in order to reap fruitful outcome from current situation this is the best opportunity. As per our analysis the prices of the society will increase significantly in the near future. Although the booking of plots in Capital Smart City have been put on hold but Sky Marketing is still offering bookings on old rates for the investors who want to avail this golden opportunity and invest in the project before the new prices are put into effect. For further information and details contact Sky Marketing. 051-8487777

Capital Smart City- Increase in Prices and Revised Preliminary Planning Permission

Capital Smart City- Increase in Prices and Revised Preliminary Planning Permission

The prices of Capital Smart City have increased yet again, the innovative housing project is proving out to be a great success in the real estate market in Pakistan and overseas. The project has been doing successful business since its official launch that was held on 2nd May 2019 after which the activity in the project increased.

Revised Preliminary Planning Permission of Capital Smart City

In further development of Capital Smart City RDA has awarded the revised preliminary planning permission to the housing society. This permission is granted for the total area of 7505 Kanal. 2000 Kanal of land was approved earlier and permission of additional area of 5505 Kanal is granted currently. The notification of this permission was published on May 30, 2019. Capital Smart City can now request the No-Objection Certificate (NOC) from RDA within the 6 months for this extension.

RDA- Capital Smart City Planning Permission

Increase in Prices Capital Smart City

It was hinted at the launch ceremony by the officials of Capital Smart City that the society will soon increase its prices due to advance development and progress. It was only recently that the management of this prestigious housing society announced the revised prices of the residential and commercial plots in Capital smart City. The prices are increased by 15-20% with effect from 20th June 2019. The news has spread like wildfire and has attracted many new investors.  This significant increase in the prices has led to not only increase in the sales but also given old investors a sense of security and satisfaction of making the right call at the right time.

If you want to avail this once in a life time opportunity and gain maximum return on investment, last date to book your plot on old rate is 20 June after which price will increase up to 15% – 20% for both commercial and residential plots in Capital Smart City .For Booking contact Sky Marketing today.

Investment in Capital Smart City

Investment in Capital Smart City

Real Estate Industry is the safest and most beneficial investment choice of millions of Pakistanis. The main reason for this is increase in the population, urbanization, and demand for land. The real estate in Pakistan is the authentic industry for a profitable investment, but it is very important to keep track of location of the land, developer’s history, take-off plan of the project and time while investing.

Islamabad is the world’s second most beautiful Capital. Its location and take-off plan is strategically very well planned. That is why people from not just other cities from Pakistan but from around the world turn towards Islamabad. This tremendous city is spreading its wings towards its outskirt of city to accommodate the influx of population. Major development is being seen at

  • Bara Kahu Area
  • Area around the GT Road
  • Most fast paced development around Motorway.

The most prominent population shift is towards the areas around the Motorway because of the natural environment, up-to-date Infrastructure, convenient location and strategic planning. In close proximity to Lahore- Islamabad motorway is present Pakistan’s largest airport, also known as New International Islamabad Airport.

The Capital Smart City project is located at 5- 7 minute drive from the new airport. Although there are tons of housing societies surrounding the airport, but Capital Smart City is a master piece of unique concept, innovation, modern-style and state of art infrastructure. It is in fact superior to all the surrounding societies in all aspects.

The developer of this society is a reputable name in the real estate industry in Pakistan, FDHL in association with Habib Rafiq Group of Company and it is designed by the world renowned consulting firm, “Surbana Jurong” from Singapore. It has direct access from Lhr-Isb Motorway with its very own approved designated interchange. To make the city eco-friendly and smart, the developers have made sure to provide best standards of 21st century development and complete set of features that make a smart city. This innovative society is designed to fulfill all residential, recreational, commercial and business needs.

High rise buildings, architectural master pieces plazas, green environment all around, beautifully designed, 24/7 security, parks, world class international hotels, educational facilities and business centers are few among many amenities promised in this society, that will not only attract the residents of Rawalpindi and Islamabad , but will also turn locals from other cities and international tourists towards it.

Capital smart City is just placed at 20 to 25 minutes’ drive from Zero Point, which is considered the central point of main Islamabad city giving an edge to its residents to travel to and from the society to the main city of Islamabad as per their convenience.

Majority of the professionals and experts at this time are considering capital smart city a top priority for investment. You can also research the project yourself and the make the decision of investing in Capital Smart City based not just on our words but all the facts and figures and when you are ready to avail this golden opportunity don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be waiting for you. For more Information and details contact Sky Marketing today.

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