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Paragon City Lahore

Paragon City Lahore


Paragon City Lahore is a residential scheme which was established in the year 2003. Paragon housing society Lahore is one of the most modern and state of the art housing society launched by Paragon City Private Limited (Pvt) Ltd.

Paragon City Lahore

With the steep rise in the population of Lahore City, the need for a splendid housing society with the feature of affordability is highly rare in the city. With the emergence of Paragon City housing society, this scarcity of luxurious and affordable housing societies is no more a dream because the Paragon Company, Paragon City private Limited has made it a reality with the development of the Paragon Housing Scheme Lahore.

Paragon City Lahore Location is chosen with a view in the mind of the developers and owners that it provides quick and easy access to the society, offering a convenient entry to the residents without any hassle. With the completion of Ring Road Lahore, the Paragon Society will be enjoying the status of the most esteemed residential society in the city of Lahore.

Owners & Developers:

Paragon City (Pvt) Ltd. is a private company that is the developer of Paragon City Lahore. It is one of the kind housing projects that is built to offer two features at a time in one place, those are luxurious lifestyle and affordability combined with a noise-free and serene environment.

Paragon City

The developers have chosen a premium location for the society and have provided all the modern-day facilities and amenities at low-rates. The developers have achieved the mark of excellence with the matchless development of the area.

Paragon City Lahore Location:

The owners and the developers of Paragon City have chosen a perfect place for this luxurious society. It is located right next to Barki Road. It is also close to the Rashid Minhas Road. The society is also located on just a few minutes of road travel from Lahore Ring Road. The prime location also adds to the aesthetics and significance of society.

Paragon City Accessibility:

Paragon society Lahore is accessible in the following ways:

  • Easy access point from Barki Road.
  • Easy access point from Lahore Ring Road.
  • Easy access point from Jallo Road.
  • Easy access point from Shabbir Sharif Road.
  • Easy access point from Zarrar Shaheed Road.

    Paragon City Lahore Access Piont

Nearby housing societies:

Paragon housing society is located in the vicinity of several main landmarks & residential areas, mentioned as following:

  • Allama Iqbal International Air Port
  • Jallo Park Botanical park
  • Fortress Stadium
  • Lahore Cantt. Railway Station
  • Mughalpura Railway Station
  • Orange Train Islam Park Station
  • Cavalry Ground
  • Shalimar Bagh
  • University of Engineering & Technology Lahore
  • Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)
  • Defense Housing Authority Lahore
  • Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute (PKLI) And Research Centre
  • Lahore Knowledge Park

No Objection Certificate (NOC) of Paragon City Lahore:

Acquiring of NOC by any housing society is its highest priority. This is also one of the most significant questions being upstretched in the minds of many stakeholders. So, Sky Marketing has good news for you that Paragon Housing Scheme Lahore is not listed in the list of illegal private schemes of Lahore Development Authority (RDA).

However, this has been the tradition of Sky Marketing that we always advise our esteemed readers and customers that please before any purchase of property, you must first of all demand a duly approved No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the concerned development authority of that city.

 Paragon City Lahore Master plan:

The detailed masterplan of the residential society was prepared after a careful effort by the owners and developers. The owner himself was part of the whole process to ensure transparency in every step.

Paragon City Lahore Master Plan

Developed Blocks of the society:

  • Imperial Garden
  • Imperial Home
  • Executive
  • Wood
  • Grove

Completed Projects of the society:

  • Imperial-1
  • Imperial-2
  • Mounds
  • Orchards-1

Sizes of Residential Plots in Paragon City:

  • 5 Marla
  • 6 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 4 Kanal

Sizes of Commercial Plots in Paragon City:

  • 04 Marla
  • 08 Marla

Prices and Payment Plans of Plots in Paragon City Lahore:

Prices and payment plans for plots oscillate with time and it depends on different facets of the real estate market trend, such as inflation and overall rates in the real estate sector. Each zone is located in a specific location and so, each zone is offering different prices of plots.

Payment plans differ as per the categories of the plots. The following are the approximate residential plot prices to give you an idea of plot rates. For detailed zone wise prices, please contact Sky Marketing:

Payment Plan of Paragon City Lahore

For the updated payment plan of Blue Town Sapphire Lahore you can visit our website SkyMarketing.

Documentation Requirement for Booking in Paragon Lahore:

There is some requirement of the documents that will need while booking your dream property in Paragon City housing society Lahore. Following are the required documents:

  1. 2 passport size photos.
  2. 2 photocopies of NICOP (in case of overseas).
  3. 2 photocopies of NADRA issued CNIC
  4. 2 photocopies of your next of kin

Features of Paragon City Housing Society Lahore:

  • International standards infrastructure with modern features.
  • Planned and wide carpeted roads, the main boulevard, streets, and lanes
  • Paved Walkways for pedestrians
  • 24/7 availability of basic utilities such as water, gas, and electricity (underground)

Features of Paragon City Lahore

  • Gated housing community reinforced with Boundary walls
  • Hospitals and pharmacies with extremely experienced medical experts qualified nurses, and staff to provide the best treatment.
  • Healthcare units are also fitted with the most well-run hardware and software.
  • Affordable rates of plots
  • Education facilities like high standard schools and colleges
  • planned sewerage management & waste disposal system
  • Modern business areas, market spaces, and shopping centers/Malls.
  • Parks and play areas.
  • Splendid Jamia mosque.

Amenities & Facilities Provided by Paragon City:

Paragon City is one of the most luxurious housing society in Lahore and also in Pakistan. This was made possible by the developers of the Paragon Lahore. The society is developed with internationally applied standards.

Amenities of Paragon City Lahore

Paragon Lahore is the best residential society to live and invest in. This is because it is a smart, green, and sustainable housing society. Its management is also efficient beyond comprehension. The infrastructure of society is developed with internationally recognized technology.

The smart way that the society was developed is because of the manner this society was constructed and so, it requires less maintenance. It has proved its worth in the minds of the investors with the excellence of developments in the record time. The engineers and the staff have worked round the clock and day & night to meet the set standards by the developers. The challenge has been to make it an affordable and luxurious society.

Paragon society Lahore has the best plot prices and plot sizes and the developers have not made even a single compromise on the development quality. The quality and the honesty of Paragon Pvt Ltd. is the pinnacle of this society.

Jamia Mosque:

The scheme has taken care of the religious needs of the inhabitants and has designed a state of the art mosque with modern-day architecture with a blend of the rich culture of Lahore. This will give the best spiritual environment for the people coming to the mosque for offering prayers five times a day

Road and Lane Infrastructure:

All the zones of Paragon City are developed with a modern look and loaded with smart and efficient electricity. Developers have planned a through lane and road infrastructure to maintain a smooth traffic system no matter the load at rush hours. A proper road-lane mechanism has been also introduced. Paved walkways have also been constructed to provide ease of access to pedestrians in society.

Recreational spaces and parks:

Health is wealth. Health has always been a top priority of humans. Introducing a system to keep the residents’ health at the top level, Paragon City has designed beautiful and lush green parks and play areas for children.

Quality educational institutions:

Educational bodies are a crucial part of any modern society. We need the best quality education for the growth and development of our personal lives and the country at a quick pace to meet the high international competition. Paragon city ensures the best education at every level- colleges, schools, and universities.

Secure Society:

Security and secure surroundings are of crucial significance. Because no matter what the level of facilities and development of residential society offers, if its residents do not feel a sense of safety then all of these amenities useless, and investors will pull out their investment and residents will start leaving the society.

Underground Utility pipelines:

Paragon housing society is a well-planned housing society and its beauty is beyond imagination. To preserve its beautiful landscapes, the developers have designed this society in a way that all the Utility pipelines such as water pipelines, drainage pipelines, gas lines, and electricity lines are laid concealed underground. This is an excellent footstep towards making society more safe.

Planned Drainage system:

Cleanliness has great importance in our culture and religion. That is why proper drainage and waste disposal mechanism is required in this regard. A failed urban-drainage system miserably ruins the lives of the inhabitants living in that society.

These mechanisms have to be developed with the future in mind and installed at the start of society and then maintained respectively with time. Residents also have to be given a good level of awareness that not to litter around and also throw the garbage in the designated dustbins.

They also have to be made aware that not to throw everything into the gutters, it may choke the whole drainage mechanism and might cause a big failure and become a problem for the whole community.

The development of an efficient drainage system is necessary for the proper and sufficient functioning of a residential housing society. Paragon Lahore has planned and laid the most excellent sewerage system with wide sewerage pipelines for smooth drainage of storm-water or waste of the society.

Pros & Cons:

Benefits Drawbacks
24/7 Water Perception of high prices
24/7 Electricity
24/7 Gas
Paragon Cinema
Planned Theme Parks/Recreational Areas
Grocery/shopping center/Markets/Malls
Peaceful/ healthy/secure environment
Gated community with security gates & guards
Very close to the main locations & other societies
Wide planned carpeted Roads, streets, lanes & walk-ways for pedestrians
Well-planned drainage & waste disposal systems
Green, smart and sustainable housing society in Multan

Guidelines to follow while purchasing/Sale of Plots in Paragon Lahore:

Document Verification:

Please ensure, to always verify all the documentation with complete satisfaction to avoid any miscommunication or misunderstanding. Before getting into any purchase or sale of the property make sure to inquire about the NOC and approval document by the developers duly approved by the Lahore Development Authority. In this way, your documentation will be valid by all means that may offer customer satisfaction.

Financial Security:

Before the conclusion of any transaction of any sale or purchase of the property, please make sure that your funds are in line with your purchase plan. In this way, your purchase or sale will be done without any issue.

Property Visits:

Before any purchase and after surety of the validity of documents, do visit the site on the ground to ensure that the written documents are under the plot specifications on the ground.


Paragon Lahore is developed by highly expert developers using excellent equipment and technology. Paragon company has fulfilled its promise of the best infrastructure development at the most suitable costs with splendid amenities.

Paragon enables you to buy a large size plot at low rates. People have this dream to own a real estate property and Paragon society is here to conclude that dream of people, even for the people from humble backgrounds. So, Sky Marketing is suggesting that this is the best time to invest in the paragon Lahore. If you want to know more about such a housing society then please visit Blue World City, Park View City, and Capital Smart City to learn about the luxuries being offered at affordable prices.


Omega Residencia Lahore

Omega Residencia Lahore

Omega Residencia

Omega Residencia (Omega Villas Project) is a stunning green housing society that is free of any pollution. As the Omega management focuses on rapid societal growth, the area will become the most beautiful land in Lahore with more trees particularly palm trees.

It is built on 1600 Kanal of land and has gated communities that can make life simpler and secure with complete living facilities. Omega Residencia focused primarily on two projects: Omega Villas and Omega Homes architecture.

All the four sectors in the society are sold out- Sectors A, B, C, and sector D. The management delivers a pleasant and excellent lifestyle that will enhance the wellbeing and soundness of the lives of the residents of the housing society.

Omega Residencia lahore

For the latest development update about Blue World City, check here.

Omega Residencia Vision

The management tried to build unique housing companies that address the current needs of all livelihoods, representing excellent labor conditions, reliability, good construction quality, and timely completion.

The new international city planning and engineering principles are introduced. It incorporates new technologies not only with state-of-the-art technology but promises a world-class experience.

There are many great features that are given to the people for example comprehensive network of walking paths, uninterrupted 24/7 power services, an international level education system, healthcare centers, lush green parks, Omega Residencia mall, and club for entertainment.

Omega Residencia Mission

The mission has always been to build housing projects that give residents special and exciting lifestyles. For this purpose, the portfolio of the most iconic projects is planned to improve people’s lifestyles.

The ongoing success of Omega Villas is due to the provision of complete property options to satisfy the needs of developers, businesses, tenants, and retailers.

The designs are specifically created, develop, and constructed to provide facilities to the residents.

Omega Residencia Owners and Developers

Omega Villas Private Limited is the developer of the Omega Residencia housing society in Lahore. The business initiated various residential and commercial ventures in Lahore in 2011.

It is recognized as a trustworthy group in Pakistan due to projects which they have completed in different domains for example industrial, residential, and rural homes. The management emphasizes on providing a better lifestyle at affordable prices to everybody who wants to live in a peaceful environment with their families.

Omega Villas Private Limited always completes its main missions which are

  • To complete projects within a given timeline
  • To provide good work to the customer.

So that they can achieve a decent reputation and can grab more and more investors.

Furthermore, Omega Villas Private Limited has a flawless history of developing luxurious and eco-friendly residential communities.

It is working on the following projects:

  • Omega Residencia Faislabad
  • Omega Residencia Homes
  • Omega Residencia Paradise (project to be initiated soon)
  • Omega Residencia Villas.

Omega Residencia Location

It is situated near the Faizpur Exchange at Main Sharaqpur Road, Lahore. Since it is just 15 to 20 minutes away from all Lahore governmental and commercial areas, the location offers an absolute blessing for the Lahori people. Simply, you can also enroll in any suitable educational institution within walking distance.

People are fortunate enough to get a property in the main commercial market. It is located on the Lahore-Karachi Motorway that is just a few minutes away or you can even get directly from Omega Homes to Thokhar Niaz Baig or Zilah Kachahri.

You can conveniently go in any direction in Lahore on the way from Ring Road. Additionally, Sighyan Road and Mall Road is just a few minutes away from Omega Home to G.T. road.

The best location in Lahore seems like a hard task. However, the site of the Omega Homes housing scheme has direct access from all major highways, so you can call it a blessing.

Omega Residencia lahore Location

Omega Residencia NOC and Permission:

The Omega Residencia has received all required NOC and planning permissions from the Lahore Development Authority. This can be proved by the fact that former President Mamnoon Hussain presented an award to the developers for this  project.

Omega Residencia lahore Owners

Omega Residencia Project Details

This housing society in Lahore is spread over on a land of 1600 Kanal. It is designed as a self-contained, well-equipped gated community with every amenity. It primarily consists of two sub-projects i.e. Omega Residence & Omega Home designs.

Size of plots

Omega Residencia Residential plots:

Following are the residential plots that are available under the Omega Residencia Housing Scheme:

  • 4 Marlas
  • 5 Marlas
  • 6 Marlas
  • 8 Marlas
  • 10 Marlas
  • and 1 Kanal

Omega Residencia Commercial Plots:

On the other hand, you may buy a plot in a commercial area if you want to run your business close to your house.

Commercial plots are available in the following sizes:

  • 2 Marlas
  • 4 Marlas

It is an attractive building with a great range of modern accommodations and services where you can do business as well as live in comfort.

Project details Omega Residencia lahore

Omega Homes Project Details

Different plot categories come under the project of Omega Homes, Lahore. This project of the developers offers fully built homes to their buyers to ease their troubles which come in the constructions of houses.

3 Marla Double Portion Home

The Omega Residencia Housing Scheme of Lahore now solves dilemma of potentional clients who are looking for constructed houses only, since it provides two-portion houses at minimum rates on the land of 3 Marla.

Developers have planned an affordable payment schedule to make purchases more flexible. Every installment has a price of PKR 34,167 which is pocket friendly to everybody and can be paid within long period of 5 years.

3 Marla Ground Floor

Ground floor homes have the same facilities as first floor and 2nd floor houses. Every house has proper ventilation. Arcitecture of the houses is designed in such a way that provides comfortability and a spacious look even in small land area. The housing scheme has the most important plus point which is wide road points. Every house, whether on the front or the back is on a wide street.

The management also created an easy installment plans for its clients. In 5 years, you must pay 60 installments. The monthly price of each installment is PKR 18,583.

3 Marla First Floor

It also has an architectural plan for the modern structure of the first floor. The engineers and architects of the housing scheme have thus constructed top-level shaded roofs, matte doors and windows to stay warm in winters.

Within 5 years, clients will pay 60 percent of the payment of  PKR 17,750 monthly after which they can occupy their homes and then can pay the rest of the amount later.

Omega Residencia lahore project Details

Omega Residencia Payment Plan

Many housing schemes are at a higher price point compared to Omega Homes but this society provides  the same wide range of amenities as the others. They handle their payment system with full customer relaxation.

They protect the consistency of the project and offer their residents all facilities at low rates.

Now let’s switch to a more structured payment plan discussion. The full detail is given below for each plot size:

Table 1 Residential Plan for Sector A

Here is the payment plan of Omega Residencia residential plan.

Omega Residencia Payment Plan Sector A

Table 2 Payment Plan for 3 Marla Villas

Here is the payment plan for 3 Marla Villas in Omega Residencia.

Omega Residencia Payment Plan for Villas

Table 3 Omega Residencia Commercial Payment Plan

Here is the payment plan for Omega Residencia Commercial Payment Plan.

Commercial Plots Payment Omega Residencia

Table 4 Payment Plan for Sector C

Here is the payment plan for Sector C in Omega Residencia.

Omega Residencia Payment Plan for Sector C

For the updated payment plan of Blue Town Sapphire Lahore you can visit our website SkyMarketing.

Terms and Conditions

  • 10% Extra Charges for Corner Plot
  • 5 % Extra Charges will be applied for Park Facing Villa and 10 % Extra Charges for Park Facing
  • 10 % Extra Charges for Main Boulevard Plots
  • 15 % Extra Charges Will Apply for Boulevard Corner Plots
  • 10 % Discount will be offered for Full Payment.
  • 5% Discounts will be offered for Half Payment
  • In Villas and Sector A development charges are included but in Sector C plots development charges are not included. You have to pay development charges later.

Illustration of the Floor Plans

This is an illustration of the Omega Residencia and Omega Homes floor plan.

Omega Residencia Floor Plan

Omega Residencia floor Plan for Homes

Amenities and Facilities Available

Amenities and facilities are the services that people are owed when they are planning to enjoy their family time within a housing society.

Availability of CCTV Cameras

In the new age, unauthorized individuals also have access to other people’s personal property. It is strongly mandatory to use CCTV cameras to observe or apprehend these individuals. In certain cases, we need some documentation for lawful operation and recording is the real evidence of fraud.

You will find your missing thing in an emergency by using your CCTV camera footage. The housing community offers us CCTV camera leverage to provide us with a secure residence.

24/7 Security Guards Available

All around us, we see several security guards. Why are we hiring security guards? The primary motive behind the guards is to rob and arrest thieves on the spot. Since safety cameras can only log, crime cannot be reported on location.

Lahore Omega Residencia Housing Scheme is pleased to see that security services are available 24 hours a day for your safety. Each person is checked by security guards when entering the main door or before exiting.

Gated Communities

As explained, all protection is being added to your safety. Omega Residencia Housing Scheme Lahore is a private group that effectively secures every house since each customer enters or exits the same road. Unlawful people cannot flee anywhere stopping any illegal activity.

Solar Power Plants

The architects of the housing scheme have consciously observed that electricity is the biggest challenge all over Pakistan. To ensure enough electricity in case of load shedding, Omega Residencia, Lahore provides the golden range of solar energy plants.

Underground Electricity

Lahore is built on a luxurious infrastructure that gives us underground resources. In the past, power wires were mostly seen on the road causing significant damage. Now, however, Omega Residencia Housing Scheme Lahore configures all the electrical installations based on which our living standards are improved considerably.

Imam Afroz Mosque

There is a suitable place for praying for Muslims. The mosque of ‘Iman Afroz’ is designed for this purpose.

Healthcare Hospitals

The health center, which is the hospital, is the most important thing. Streets with flashing lights provide a whole range of possibilities, but the hospital dominates. In case of an emergency, you can head to the hospital within a few steps of your home.

In the hospital, a squad of expert physicians will provide you with outstanding care That is the perfect way to attract customers outside the business who use these services as citizens of society.


  • Carpeted roads
  • Gym and Fitness Centers
  • Pure Filtration Plant
  • Streets with Bright Lights
  • Children’s Parks and Playgrounds

Latest Update

The Omega Residencia Housing Scheme has declared that they have completed A-Block and that the end-user can now create their dream home in the housing system and welcome the landowners to the block.

You must also visit this investment and dream home housing scheme. The reserved space is in the A-block and the rates will be eventually increased in the future. In the case of property holding, the costs are high in Omega Residencia as compared to the other housing businesses in the main city.

Development of Omega City Lahore

If you wish to buy a 5 Marla plot, you just need 5 lacs for your initial payment. The prices vary from one place to another. Keep in mind, the price would be different if you were to buy any customized plot.

We can help you buy and sell. For more information: please contact any Sky Marketing representative to ensure that you have been given sound advice.

Check out the latest update about Capital Smart City in Islamabad here.


Omega Residencia is providing a glorious environment-friendly housing society to its residents and that too at very pocket-friendly budgets. Comfort and lifestyle couldn’t get any better than this. Simply put, at Omega, no compromises are made on the security and lifestyle standards.


LDA City Lahore

LDA City Lahore

LDA City Lahore:

LDA City is one of the many new housing societies that is being developed and constructed in the magnificent city of Lahore. It is the latest project initiated by Lahore Development Authority.

LDA City Lahore

LDA has previously worked and constructed on many well-known housing areas of Lahore such as, Allama Iqbal Town, Faisal Town, Johar Town, Gulberg Town and Garden Town. All these projects are high end development projects and are well known in the city of Lahore.


Lahore is one of the oldest cities in Pakistan, that has a very rich history and culture. It is the capital of the Punjab province and is the 2nd largest city of Pakistan. It was considered as a prime city during the Mughal Empire and many of the historical buildings are still intact and are preserved as tourist attractions.

Lahore is the largest city and historic cultural center of the wider Punjab region, and is one of Pakistan’s most socially liberal, progressive, and cosmopolitan cities. Lahore is a major center for Pakistan’s publishing industry and remains the foremost center of Pakistan’s literary scene.

Housing Society Projects in Pakistan:

Pakistan is one of those countries that has seen a rise within the concept and construction of housing societies. These housing societies are located in some of the major metropolitan cities of Pakistan including Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Gujranwala etc. and many more cities.

In the past 2-3 decades the concept of housing societies has been on a rise within Pakistan. This is a great way of decreasing the population within the city zones. Furthermore, this has helped a lot in many of the major cities with spreading out the population to different corners of the city zones.

The concept of housing societies has been picked up from the American model of Suburban living. While the housing societies being developed and constructed in Pakistan, provide all of the basic facilities and amenities that would be in a city. These housing societies too provide these basic amenities to its investors and residents.

Moreover, these housing societies are being developed within a 25-30-kilometer distance away from the main city zones. While being built and developed from a distance from the city has its pros and cons. Staying away from the hustle and bustle of the city traffic life and residing in some place where there is peace and tranquility.

In the major metropolitan cities of Pakistan, the population has increased due to people moving from rural to urban areas for better life opportunities. This has caused the increase in city population, hence, the need and demand for out of city housing societies has been on the rise.

There are many housing society projects that have been developed in the past 2-3 decades in Pakistan. Sky Marketing is suggesting that this is the best time to invest in the LDA City Lahore . And there are still many more housing society projects that are are in the development phase such as Blue World City, Capital Smart City, Lahore Smart City and Park View City etc.

LDA City Lahore:

In comparison to these housing societies LDA City is an up-and-coming project with many state of the art features being provided to future investors and residents. It is designed and being developed in a high manner with number of amenities. Still it will be easily affordable for anyone even people with a humble background with dreams of living in an eloquent housing society.

This is going to be a very sophisticated housing society that is being constructed on the basis of modern architecture and design to fulfill the sustainability and demands of the residents. where they will have every world-class facility at their doorstep. It is designed to enhance the natural features of the society like an immaculately handcrafted sculpture.

And to fulfill these demands, LDA has hired the best of the best architects and designers to bring a modernization and to create a different kind of housing society, so that it may stand out from all the other housing societies in Lahore.

The society has not been officially launched  yet, but development and construction have already begun in the first phase of the society. And soon the mapping and allotting of plots will begin.

The housing society also has another important factor which is non-negotiated whilst purchasing a home for your family is the security condition. It is always crucial to highlight that in the lack of appropriate security and security mechanics, an investment location is regarded as useless.

Moreover, the developers have been able to hire architects and designers, who will create the housing society into an absolute beauty to invest and reside in. One of the main goals that the housing society has is to make sure to have a friendly free environment in which residents of all age may reside within.

Location of LDA City:

LDA City Lahore is located on the main Ferozpur Road. With Lahore Ring Road parting through the project. While entrances are planned on Ferozpur Road, across Hudiara Drain short of Kahna near Gateway 1.

Butcher Khanna Distributary Canal near Kahna is near Gateway 2. However, the boundary of LDA City meets Ferozpur Road on South and Defense road on its North.

It has the prime location that have the close proximity to all important points of the city such as Metro Bus Station, Ferozpur Road, and direct closest access from Ring Road Lahore. Thus, the housing society is being developed and constructed in a very prime location of Lahore City.

Map of LDA City Along Ferozepur Road:

Below is the map of the LDA City, giving a clearer view of where the housing society is located and where the nearest main roads and other prime locations. Additionally, it also gives a clear image of where Ferozepur Road connects with the housing society.

LDA City Lahore Map

From the map it is easily understandable on exactly where LDA City is located and how far or near it is from the city zone of Lahore.

Total Land Acquired in LDA City:

LDA City is going to be the largest housing project in the Punjab Province. LDA City is going to be built and constructed in a way where all the basic facilities and amenities are available. The total land acquired for the housing project is 58,000 kanals. Which will hold up to 40,000 families to reside in.

LDA City  is going to be the most attractive residential project of Lahore for many years to come. The society has also been provided with a direct link from Kahna Flyover. The developers  were trying to acquire more land to create the housing society even bigger and they were able to accomplish this mission. Moreover, the developers have been able to hire architects and designers, who will create the housing society into an absolute beauty to invest and live in.

Project Details of LDA City:

LDA CITY is going to provide an elegant and modern lifestyle to its residents, with providing all of the basic facilities and amenities that will be state of the art. The land acquired by developers is 58,000 kanals. The land is further divided into 5 sectors. These sectors are named as:

  • Sector 1
  • Sector 2
  • Sector 3
  • Sector 4
  • Sector 5

Residential Plot Sizes in LDA City:

The housing society is project is offering its investors with a number of residential plot sizes to invest within:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Amenities and Features:

Just like any other smart city, LDA city is full of luxuries and facilities. These facilities and amenities are of the best international standard. Following are some of the facilities and amenities that are being developed and provided in LDA City:

  • 300 Kanal Theme Parks
  • 24/7 Security System
  • 280 Kanal Sports Complex
  • 300 Feet Main Boulevard
  • 300 and 150 ft. Carpeted Roads
  • Underground Systems of Electricity
  • Healthcare Centers
  • Elite Educational Institutes
  • Grand Mosque
  • Lush Green Parks
  • Lavish Shopping Malls
  • Cricket Stadium
  • Grid Station
  • Mini-Zoo and 18-Hole Golf Course

With so many amenities who would want to say “no” to investing in LDA City. All of these facilities are being developed and designed to international standards. Along with the above-mentioned amenities many more are going to be developed and constructed for the feasibility of residents and investors. These offices and luxuries are of without a doubt the most elite norm and of the global norm.

LDA City Phase 1:

The LDA City Phase 1 has been named Jinnah Sector, where most of the development and construction has begun. Currently, the administration is focusing on development in this phase.

LDA City Lahore Phase 1

This sector has a total of 11,397 plots. These plots have spread up to 5871 kanals of land. Phase 1 has been divided into alphabetical lock names. These plots have been divided into the residential plot sizes.

5 Marla Plots:

There are 4783 plots in the 5 Marla size.

10 Marla Plots:

There are 4231 plots in the 10 Marla size.

1 Kanal Plots:

There are 2288 plots in the 1 Kanal size.

2 Kanal Plots:

There are 85 plots in the 2 Kanal size.

LDA City Payment Plan:

LDA City offers its investors two kinds of payment plans.

  1. 6 Monthly Installments
  2. 12 Monthly Installments

Both of these payment plans are for 5 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal plots to invest within.

6 Monthly Installment Plan:

The 6 monthly instalments below gives the variety of prices for several plot sizes:

LDA City Lahore 6 month Payment Plan

12 Monthly Installment Plan:

The 12 monthly instalments below gives the variety of prices for several plot sizes:

LDA City Lahore 12 months Payment Plan

One can invest in whichever installment payment plan they want to according to what their budget is.

For the updated payment plan of Blue Town Sapphire Lahore you can visit our website SkyMarketing.

Plot Files in LDA City:

There are currently 10 Plot Files available in LDA City. Following are the sizes along with their prices:

  • 4 plot files available for Rs. 394,500 for the plot sizes of 10 Marla.
  • 2 plot files available for Rs. 270,000 for the plot sizes of 5 Marla
  • Plot File available for Rs. 540,000 for the plot size of 10 Marla
  • Plot File available for Rs. 450,000 for the plot size of 10 Marla
  • Plot File available for Rs.430,000 for the plot size of 10 Marla
  • Plot File available for Rs.275,000 for the plot size of 5 Marla

According to what one’s budget is they should go for the plot file that they want. One’s budget is very important as it will help in knowing what kind of payment plan one is following on and where to invest their money in.


With the sudden rise in the population of many major metropolitan cities of Pakistan, housing societies have been on a very high demand. Many of the under-development regions of the cities have now been constructed into very high-end housing societies that many people have invested within.

In the past two decades or so the concept of out of city housing societies have been on the rise in Pakistan. And especially in the main metropolitan cities of the country like, Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Multan etc. etc.

These housing societies are a mere 25-30 kilometers distance away from the main city zones. The main focus of these housing societies is to transport its residents away from all the hustle and bustle of the city life

The real estate in Pakistan is a very authentic industry for a profitable investment, but it is very important to keep track of location of the land, developer’s history, take-off plan of the project and time while investing. The real estate industry in Pakistan is a very safe and reliable way to invest in financially. There is a lot of benefit in the long run for an individual who invests within real estate.

Finally, LDA City Lahore is a great, safe, and reliable housing society project. It is located in a very prime location in the territory region of Lahore. And is easily accessible from all of the main roads and locations of the city. It has great, smart features and amenities for its investors which makes it more worthwhile and a great housing society to definitely invest in.


Lahore Motorway City

Lahore Motorway City

Exclusive Report on Lahore Motorway City

The Lahore Motorway City (LMC) is a lovely housing community. LMC has been developed with an area of 20,000 Kanal of land, which is well developed for both residential and commercial plots. It provides over 2,500 plots, ranging from residential plots to commercial ones, along with dual portion architecture.

Likewise, five blocks, P, Q, R, S, T, and U, are designed fully. The blocks are further split into SB Homes and Block T-Prime and Trust Prime, all of which are Block T extensions.

It is an applauded housing company situated on the Lahore Motorway. Lahore Motorway City is an acclaimed housing company. The project was accepted by the Tehsil Municipal Administration and even in this era of a sluggish property market continued to maintain investor interest.

The project has been developed on 20,000 Kanals of land, and consists of five blocks: P, Q, R, S, T & U. The portion Block S Homes and the rest of the Block T extension can be considered in this category.

A significant portion of the housing infrastructure is completely developed, but some blocks and industrial zones are still waiting for completion.

Lahore motorway City

Lahore Motorway City Location

Lahore Motorway City is ideally situated in tranquil surroundings, with all the amenities offered. The project spans an area of around 5,000 Kanals. On the way to Lahore and Sheikhupura, it’s well situated along with the Kot Abdul Malik exchange.

The place is built to have a comfortable and safe atmosphere at the right distance from the city’s main center. The General Post Office and Thokar Niaz Baig can be reached in 10 minutes by an instant drive. The old campus at Punjab University, Mall Road, Lahore College, Gulberg, and Lahore Railway Station are also reachable in 12 kilometers.

lahore motorway City Location Map

Amenities and Facilities Available

There are various facilities available in the vicinity of Lahore Motorway City that makes the housing community an exceptional one. Due to its unique features, the housing community in Lahore beholds a unique position in the town.

Here is a quick overview of the amenities that are available in Lahore Motorway City;

Wide Road Networking Health and Fitness Centers Commercial Hub Zone Proper Wastewater Management System
Concentrated Horticulture Old People Home Sir Syed Case University Water Supply Works
Grand Mosque and Other Various Mosques Wide Green Carpeted Zones Grid Station Natural Water Features
Underground Cables Connectivity Hard Landscaping Educational Institutions Healthcare Centers
Water Treatment Plant Gated Society Water Tanks Disposal Stations
Community Center Mini-Golf Course Movie House

To check out the amenities and facilities available in Capital Smart City, you can check our recent blog.

Attractive View of Mini Golf Course

Lahore Motorway City Mini Golf Course

About Owners and Developers

Renaissance Group had a huge impression on the property company because of their trustworthy projects, which it passed legal registration to your clients after the reservation. At least once you have to visit the exact place as you can’t find such a classy residence all over Lahore.

Thus, before owning land, you cannot stop because Lahore Motorway City has built state-of-the-art facilities that both domestic and foreign customers enjoy seeing.

The ultimate mission of owners was to build societies in which all facets of life come together in peace and unity while taking into account the greatness of the past. However, there is already a long way to go and much more creativity and ideas to be sought.

You’ll be in Lahore Motorway City when you address the price viewpoint since any residential house has a bearable price available and adjustable installment plans are ready to give you more ease of payment. By offering new forms and ideas of life, this housing culture becomes a popular brand of the real estate industry.

Following the success of Renaissance Group, they consist of five primary companies, along with its chief offices in Khan Chamber, Saddar, Rawalpindi, namely;

  1. Renaissance International Construction Private Limited
  2. Renaissance Developers Private Limited
  3. Crescent Developers Private Limited
  4. Renaissance International Private Limited
  5. Prima Renaissance Private Limited

Renaissance Group of Companies have three major projects going on, such as;

  • Lahore Motorway City
  • River Gardens Housing Project
  • RCCI Industrial Estate – Extension

Lahore Motorway City Project Description

Lahore Motorway City is a housing estate along with the government-approved motorway. In the vicinity of the Lahore Motorway Area, a toll plaza is there and the price of the property is likely to rise after the presence of a nearby toll plaza.

The housing facilities of the properties that are provided by Lahore Motorway City is on the reservation. The Mall Road is about 12 km away, Johar Town 18 km away, Model Town 12 km away, and DHA 12 km away from Gulberg and 16 km away. Furthermore, plots in 5 and 7 Marla and 1 and 2 Kanal area are also available.

The price shall be charged in simple installments over a span of 3 years. It’s a private housing society, and you don’t have to think about your family members’ wellbeing. Lahore Motorway City offers all the facilities needed for all elite families.

There are eminent features that you will observe in the LMC housing society;

  • For residential plots, which are also recognized as Garden Blocks, it has a total area that ranges between 3.5 Marla to 10 Marla. It has a price range between PKR 1,000,000 to PKR 2,700,000.
  • Whereas, the other residential blocks that are being sponsored to the ‘overseas’ can be ranges between 5 Marla to 40 Marla. It has a price range between PKR 1,550,000 to PKR 8,200,000.
  • Likewise, there are different blocks, namely P, Q, R, S, SB Homes, U, Trust Prime. Whereas Trust Prime comprises T-block, T-Prime, and T-extension.

Lahore Motorway City Project Details

Estimated Price and Categories as per Plots

LMC is divided into five blocks, P, Q, R, S, T, and U, and consisting of 2,500 residential and commercial properties and homes as well. So, these have been further split into S Blocks Home, T-Prime, and Trust Prime. Whereas, both T-Prime and Trust Prime extensions are the sub-category of T blocks.

In society, the prices for houses and plots provide a great deal of economic investment potential. Different investment opportunities including properties, houses, and new booked plots can be available. The housing society is selling residential plots for 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, 2 Kanal, 5 Marla, and 10-Marla (single or double portion) floor categories as well.

You can also book homes and plots with cash and in simple increments. The reservation continues only with the 20% installment package for 3 years. The project gives both comfort and convenience an excellent blend.

Here is the payment plan of LMC as per the recent development level.

Residential Blocks Payment Plan

Lahore Motorway City Graden Block Payment Plan

 Overseas Block Payment Plan

Lahore Motorway City Overseas Block Payment Plan

For the updated payment plan of Blue Town Sapphire Lahore you can visit our website SkyMarketing.

Update on Latest Development, Possession, and Balloting

The construction is complete and ownership is possible in major blocks of the housing scheme. There’s ownership of virtually all plots in the land, even if plot files are exchanged on certain blocks. However, Block S Homes have been completed and so you can book a plot there.

As for commercial hub, a large quantity of area has been much anticipated for commercial plots. There is already a balloting process going on these plots to be held and the last two years were enthusiastically awaited.

According to different representatives, the start of this process is not verified by the deadline yet. As per some unanimous reports, people can expect an acceleration regarding the developmental process in the next 6 to 8 months.

What are S homes in LMC?

S Homes Block is an immense success in Lahore Motorway City project. LMC management now has built 5 Marla houses at S Home Block. The home category consists of 5 Marla houses either comprises single or double portions. On cash payment, and simple installments, 5 Marla houses in S Block Homes can be reserved.

Furthermore, the location of S Homes Block is situated in the city of Lahore. LMC is situated on Kot Abdul Malik interchange on the Lahore-Sheikhupura Road next to the Motorway. It is an ideal spot to enter Lahore and Thokar Niaz Baig Lahore by 15 minutes on the road. In the immediate future, the location of the society is highly important, as it is nearly situated to China Pakistan Economic Corridor, CPEC.

On the contrary, one drawback in the LMC housing society is that it still lacks a few of the necessities, such as gas or water. However, the owners have assured that all the basic facilities will be available once the development process will start flourishing.

Legal Status of Lahore Motorway City

It is somewhat confusing as to the legal status of LMC. Instead of being sanctioned by LDA, the housing plan is approved by the Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA).

However, the valid reason for considering LMC approval is that the LDA did not fall under its control when the housing scheme was launched because it did of course not come under LDA, but under the TMA management.

After December 2013, LMC was subject to LDA jurisdiction. Thus, as 20,000 Kanals of land have already been accepted by TMA, the existing understanding between LDA and LMC does no longer require the approval of LDA.

However, if and when LMC expands its surrounding area, the LDA must have to recognize it at first.

TMA approved Master Plan of LMC

Lahore Motorway City Master Plan

Anticipated Market and Price Trends

Lahore Motorway Town’s market has been as sluggish as the rest of the real estate industry. The markets have been steady for a long time, and for now, the state is set to continue for a longer time because of its supplementary budget. The sector will then be predicted to recover in the future.

In a way close to the previous year, the plot values remain constant. According to one of the representatives of management, though it is never blossoming, the LMC market itself is very active. None of this is surprising, given the sluggish speed of the Lahore property market in Pakistan.

At least for now, the prices stand as follows;

Lahore Motorway City Payment Plan

As the real estate market has now become stable, the requirements for short-term investing are also not especially relevant. Besides, the prices would stay low in the short term provided the factor for upcoming balloting, but LMC can consider it a profitable investment opportunity in the long term if you want to make long-term investments.

Thus, LMC provides a strong housing system with all its components and requires just to draw resources on its own.

If you’re interested in or need more information on a longer-term investment in Lahore Motorway Area, please contact our real estate representative and continue visiting Sky Marketing group for more real estate updates.

An Opinion: Whether to Hold or Sell?

According to management, you already have two choices if you have invested in T-commercial plots. If it can be held for another six to eight months before a ballot has been released, you must want to continue in place. Though it is not yet confirmed, you can wait a lot longer.

The other alternative is that these properties can be sold and the returns on an investment placed into LMC ownership. It won’t be a bad deal, as rates are already very low for these plots. You should also assume a strong return margin in the medium term in this manner.

Do you want to purchase a plot in Lahore Motorway City? Are you any doubts or reservations concerning your decision? In the comments section below, you will discuss them with us. Alternatively, you can take part in a large discussion of the subject at the Sky Marketing Forum.

Prospects for Investors

Many eminent investors thought it is an outstanding choice for developers to choose commercial land. The rental value of the property here is fantastic, but after a major change of population and growth, it will take time before returns become possible.

However, some other investors indicate that, because of the slow market situation and uncertainties, any investments in LMC would entail medium to long-term investment, but would have high margins of returns in that timeframe. It’s a brilliant housing system and when the economy gets ready and technology progresses the returns will be good.

What is your view about LMC? You’ve got any questions? In the comments section, you can speak to us. For a thorough chat, you may also go to the Sky Marketing website.

You can check our recent blog on Blue World City, and get more updates about its developmental progress.

Concluding Remarks

Lahore Motorway City is a perfect investment opportunity. The business has been approved by the city government, making it a secure area in which to invest. Model houses are ready and will be taken over after a payment system of 80 percent.

It is worth spending on competitive and economical costs. You ought to enjoy the finest quality facilities in a comfortable and urban lifestyle. It is a very attractive business choice for residency and investment for both services and facilities.


Etihad Town Lahore

Etihad Town Lahore

A Topnotch Housing Scheme: Etihad Town, Lahore

Etihad Town of Lahore is a spectacular and LDA-approved housing society in Lahore by the Etihad Group housing initiative. It is situated ideally on the Main Raiwind Road near all popular locations. means that it has 100% of LDA’s land approved.

Some high-end facilities and locations make the project highly appealing to developers. They provide their residents with green ballet, wide paths, lovely parks, a splendid mall, and entertainment. So, it is an excellent place to live and save.

Today, the lavish lifestyle and unprecedented services are provided at Lahore’s highest level. Recently, the Etihad Town Phase 2 Map was publicly announced, displaying the whole plan structure.

Etihad Town Lahore

About Etihad Town

The neighborhood is well-planned with state-of-the-art facilities and new growth facilities. A total of 2,500 Kanals have been acquired by the initiative. However, Phase 1 spreads throughout 564 Kanals on an LDA approved housing land. In phase 2 the remaining 1,950 Kanals of land will be launched.

The best location for investment as well as to get a home is in Etihad Town Lahore. It is situated 3 to 5 kilometers from Thokar Niaz Baig and near Abu Dhabi Palace. There are 5 Marla and 10 Marla plots on the installment basis, and the lump-sum payment that gives a 10 percent discount.

Description of the Project

Etihad Town is Etihad Holdings’ new residential project in Lahore. Etihad Town provides for sale at one-year installments 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 12 Marla, and 18 Marla residential plots, whereas 4 Marla and 8 Marla for commercial plots.

Due to the prime positioning of Etihad Town’s modern planning and the availability of every modern luxury, it is one of the best new housing schemes in Lahore. The town of Etihad is perfect for Lahori residents and real estate investment.

The LDA has also approved the Etihad Town project with the NOC number LDA/DMP-I/1683.

After Phase 1’s great performance, Etihad Holding’s reveals to its residents a very luxurious way of life. Along with upscale services. In short, with the new infrastructure and technological construction, the project will be built with exceptional features.

A total of 2500 Kanal of land were acquired by the initiative. Thus, Phase 1 stretches through 560 Kanals of land as approved by LDA. In phase 2 the remaining 1,950 Kanals of land will be launched soon. Therefore, Phase 1 is where you can create your dream home, and thus is completely built and ready to give the properties under possession.

Moreover, the types of residential and industrial plots are distinctive. However, in Phase 1, there is a strong demand for 5 Marla plots. Now they will develop another Phase, namely Phase 2 in Etihad Town. The latest Phase 2 reservation will soon be announced. Also, the Etihad Group has just announced its payment scheme for residential and industrial plots.

Etihad Town Lahore Project Approved

Developers and Owners of Etihad Town

Etihad Group Holdings is a renowned trademark for building the real estate industry. The housing group has already initiated various construction ventures that have been developed in the past. Here is the list of building projects;

  • LUMS Campus
  • UCP Lahore Campus
  • Sheikh Zayad Hospitals (All over Pakistan)
  • Sheikh Zayad Medical College
  • Sukh Chayn Gardens
  • Presently, Etihad Group has launched is the first housing project named Etihad Town Lahore

Etihad Town Location

Etihad Town is situated in a perfect place that is surrounded by all of Lahore’s modern amenities. The apartments are situated on Main Raiwind Road Lahore, which is 3.5 kilometers away from Thokar Niaz Baig. The housing project is therefore similar to the ring road of Lahore and the train station of Orange Line. In short, the perfect location of Etihad Town comprises;

  • Leading location and encircled by all contemporary accommodations.
  • Easy entree to Universities, hospitals, shopping center and all the most important areas of the main city.
  • A direct approach to Main Raiwand Road, Ring road, Multan road, Canal Road.
  • Nearby proximity societies such as Wapda Town, Johar Town, DHA Eme.

Etihad Town Lahore Location

Category of Plots Available in Etihad Town

There are various categories of projects that come under the Etihad Town, Lahore plan.

Residential Plots

Etihad Town has been planned to satisfy all existing living requirements. Etihad Town provides the best residential plots available for 5-10 Marla sizes and is conveniently accessible from the major residential and commercial hubs in Lahore.

Etihad Town brings an incredibly unique residential experience with modern facilities, a quiet climate, beautiful greenery, and a haven for you and your family.

Here is a payment plan for residential plots in Etihad Town, Lahore.

Etihad Town Lahore Residential Plots Payment Plan

For the updated payment plan of Blue Town Sapphire Lahore you can visit our website SkyMarketing.

Commercial Plots

Our large commercial plots are designed with state-of-the-art offices, new retail areas, and large squares for potential growth. Etihad Town offers commercial plots, such as 4, 5.33, 6, and 8 Marla. The plots are customized to suit your business’s ideal growth.

Every feature has been customized for a sense of comfort, convenience, and fun in the creation of Etihad Town.

  • Another feature in conjunction with upmarket areas in Lahore is underground wiring.
  • Because of its strong position, this proximity encourages commerce.
  • It is situated on crossroads of suburban, industry, and industrial areas. The surrounding Ring Road means all of Lahore is conveniently accessible and comfortable for traveling and travel.

Here is a payment plan for residential plots in Etihad Town, Lahore.

Etihad Town Lahore Commercial Plots Payment Plan

Union Luxury Apartments

The following sizes are included in our apartments: 1 bed, 2 beds, and 3 beds. You’re going to feel at home no matter where you land. Comfortable living space with all utilities and services, high-quality decor, all important elements, and service all around the clock are in close vicinity.

So, everything you need to do is to carry yourself.

All apartments are spacious, private, and furnished with in-room facilities, such as a fully equipped kitchen, wide windows, and a balcony overlooking the outdoors, enabling the room to fill with natural light. We have everything to remind you of your visit. Etihad Group offers the services of a team that exceeds your expectations.

For the latest update about Capital Smart City, you need to visit the Sky Marketing website.

Etihad Town Lahore Appartments

Salient Features of Etihad Town

  • Grand Main Entrance
  • Underground electricity
  • 24/7 High Security along with CCTV cameras
  • Gated community
  • Grand mosque
  • Recreational parks
  • Children play area
  • Commercial Market
  • Etihad Club House (BBQ, Swimming pool, Gymnasium, Spa, Badminton court, Tennis court, Snooker, and much more.)

Etihad Town Lahore Mosque

Why Etihad Town is better than other housing societies?

  • An extraordinary project by Etihad Group
  • In other words, 100% LDA Approved Housing project
  • Safeguarded and good investment opportunity.
  • It offers different sizes of plots at less price as compared to surrounding societies.
  • Perfect location and proximity society such as Wapda Town, Johar Town.
  • Fully Gated Community
  • Also offers a hygienic and elegant environment for its inhabitants.

Etihad Town Lahore Features

Latest Update

Recently, there is news that Phase 2 of Etihad Town is going to start soon. It is also a very big achievement that they have achieved in a very short period.

Launch of Phase 2

Etihad Town Lahore is one of Lahore’s leading and high-class housing firms. It lies in the green of Raiwind Road Lahore. It is therefore situated in a beautiful location. It is a clean and luxurious housing corporation with all new amenities.

Likewise, Phase 1 of Etihad Town is fully built and inhabited, while providing its tenants with the finest living room and world-class amenities. In short, Phase 1 is the safest residential and business zones.

Also, property demand is very high in Phase 1 because of the strong demand for the land, Etihad Town Phase 2 will soon be launched.

The opening of Etihad Town Phase 2 is going to be a well-planned and enticing residential project that would have the same amenities and features. It is though, an excellent option for both savings and a gateway to a richer life.

They deliver the best residential and business plots at the best rates in this new project. These plots are sold for simple installments at a reasonable price. In the next couple of weeks, these plots will begin booking. Get ready to invest in Etihad Town Phase 2 so you can benefit from the golden investment chance.

Location of Phase 2 Etihad Town

  • Leading location and encircled by all contemporary accommodations.
  • Easy entree to universities, hospitals, shopping center and all the most important areas of the main city.
  • A direct approach to Main Raiwand Road, Ring road, Multan road, Canal Road.
  • Nearby proximity societies such as Wapda Town, Johar Town, DHA Eme.

Properties of Phase 2 Etihad Town, Lahore

The best residential and business plots are voluntarily available. At the next launch, you will purchase the best 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal residential properties on a quick payment basis. Besides, in this launch, commercial plots are estimating 2 Marla to 8 Marla available for sale.

Expected Price Range in Phase 2

On a flexible payment package, there are 2.5 years, 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal plots are available. Besides, the property you want can be booked conveniently at 15 to 20 percent down on the overall charge.

Here is a recent payment plan for Phase 2 in Etihad Town, Lahore.

Etihad Town Lahore Phase 2 Payment Plan

However, an organized payment schedule will be added as soon as the project will launch officially. For updates, keep visiting the Sky Marketing website.

Exclusive Features of Phase 2 Etihad Town

  • Impressive Main Entrance
  • Contemporary living trends
  • State-of-the-art Town Planning
  • High-quality development
  • 24 Hour High Security
  • Underground electricity
  • Separate Commercial Area and Markets
  • Lavish Shopping Malls
  • Best Healthcare facilities
  • Beautiful Theme Park
  • Premium Institutes
  • Grand Mosque
  • Children Play Areas
  • Club House

Etihad Town Lahore Phase 2 Feature

Another Attraction for Potential Consumers

Palace Mall

For those who want to spend and stay in Lahore, and also for both true consumers and developers, Etihad Town is a profitable investment opportunity in Lahore. Due to its excellent location with high quality living facilities, it has the potential to expand.

For Etihad Town in Lahore, Q-Links developers planned the Palace Mall. Palace Mall provides ground and five floors of modern architecture stores and offices. And these shops and offices with clear installation plans are available at reasonable rates.

Thus, the reservation begins with a down payment of 10 to 30 percent, and the balance is split into 24 monthly installments.

Central Parks

In its architecture, Etihad Town has mixed up enough areas in which it can deliver residents and visitors well-designed parks, gardens, and open spaces. The charming 72 Kanal Park in the vicinity of the Etihad Homes is a spot to spend time in the outdoor activity of the people.

The parks are approachable with walking distance, and a central park is designed to take full advantage of the community’s general beauty and entertainment.

Contemporary Infrastructure

Etihad Community exclusively abides by the use of environmentally-friendly technologies and embraces the go green consciousness drive entirely. In our duty to minimize the detrimental impacts of global change, the management aims to use energy to the highest possible degree without jeopardizing the architectural aesthetics and state-of-the-art provisions.

Etihad Town Lahore Infrastructure

Best Educational Facilities

With the help of new schools and campuses, the management delivers the best educational opportunities. To nurture and improve the future of tomorrow, they develop various professional programs.

Above all, they want them to have a nice time and be interested in their class, school, and society, responsible, respectful people.

Attractive Community Center

Etihad Town enhances expectations of high-quality living, with its love for meticulous craftsmanship and royal finishes. To ensure our residents are happy and healthier lives, they offer state of- the art sports complex and recreational growth. The neighborhood club has unique features for members to enjoy, such as a pool, a fitness center, restaurant, and other recreational facilities.

About Fresh Bookings in Etihad Town, Lahore

You will be needing a few of your documents to bring on while getting registered for a property, such as;

  • Copy of CNIC
  • Two Passport Size Pictures
  • Two NICOP copies
  • Properly filled Application Form

Update About New Bookings

Now they can start an important project called Etihad Town Phase 2 after a massive success at Etihad Town Phase 1. Following new plots bookings are announced with a simple installation schedule of Etihad Town Lahore Phase 2. They deliver the best residential and industrial plots at the best rates in this latest booking.

These plots are available with a quick installation at an affordable price. Such properties are also accessible on a 2-year quick payment schedule. Get ready to invest in Etihad Town Phase 2 so you can benefit from the Golden Investment Chance. The following sizes are available for these plot categories;

  • 5 Marla (Residential)
  • 10 Marla (Residential)
  • 4 Marla (Commercial)
  • 5.33 Marla (Commercial)
  • 8 Marla (Commercial)

Etihad Town Lahore new booking Updates

For the latest price plans of Blue World City, please visit the Sky Marketing website.

Concluding remarks

With all of the above-mentioned information and the facilities that are being offered in this lavish housing society – you must put your interest to book a plot in Etihad Town, Lahore. You need to hurry before the prices will accelerate, as the developmental process is going at full pace.


Blue Town Sapphire Lahore

Blue Town Sapphire Lahore


Blue World City- The most renowned housing society nowadays is the latest project of Blue Group of companies. Due to the great publicity of their housing society, they started another society in Lahore for the better living of the people of the city. Blue Town Sapphire Lahore presents a complete lifestyle.

It is building not just a housing society, but a timeless monument. It is built to offer life at best. It offers splendid vistas with lush green ambiance. This fabulous residential project is brought to you by the Blue Group Company (BGC).

Blue Town Sapphire Lahore

Developers Of Blue Town Sapphire :

Blue Town Sapphire Lahore is being developed by the Blue Group Company in connection with other known contractors for the speedy construction and conclusion of the project.

BGC has boarded over a journey of great accomplishments with such real estate projects. Projects of BGC will have the capability to influence the long-lasting effects of trust over its customers and investors. It has aimed to offer a set of housing societies that are sustainable, green, and affordable with all the modern-day facilities.

Projects like these will have a long-lasting effect on the lives of inhabitants. Blue Town Sapphire Lahore has aimed to provide a sustainable and eco-friendly environment to the investors. It will offer the best living standards at affordable costs. People have high hopes from BGC because they have the skill to fulfill the dreams of their customers.

This relation of blind trust is a two-way process. Blue Town Lahore will be the second real estate project by Blue Group Company after the successful launch of Blue World City Islamabad. Blue World City Islamabad has already reached the height of popularity among its investors as it has proved to provide luxury with quality and affordability.

It is one of the most affordable housing societies in Islamabad and now BGC is going to achieve another milestone by offering a beautiful Blue Town Lahore in the heart of the second-most populous city and culturally rich city of Pakistan, Lahore.

Blue Town Sapphire Lahore Developers

About Blue Group of Companies (BGC):

Blue Group of Companies launched its set up in 1989 from the city of Lahore. Initially, they offered the services of design, architecture, and construction services. With their hard work and commitment, they soon acquired admiration from their clients and occupied a fair share in the market.

Now after 31 years of a successful career in the real estate industry, they have diversified their portfolio by operating and launching different sorts of businesses. This diversity has enabled the clients to avail one window solution for several services such as real estate sector-related design, architecture and construction, IT services, and printing services. The company has also stepped into the retail market industry by launching a woman’s clothing retail brand chain.

Structure of Blue Group of Companies:

The rich and expanded structure of the company reflects the high level of expertise that it caters to. Following are the different portfolios under the banner of BGC:

  • Blue Bricks
  • Blue Properties
  • Blue Palms
  • Blue Technologies
  • Blue Media
  • Artimmix

Blue Group Of Companies Project

Blue Town Sapphire Lahore Location Map:

Blue Town Sapphire Lahore Location map

Blue Town Lahore is located in one of the most prime locations in Lahore. Its location is situated right next to the newly titled zero-point of Lahore, N-5 national Highway, and Manga Raiwind Road Lahore. The location plays an important role in the development and success rate of any business or real estate project.

This is the reason such a key location was finalized for this type of premium housing scheme. The rate of quick investment return is also based on the premium actions of the residential projects. This service housing society is also located in the close vicinity of many other residential projects and other landmarks.

Blue Town Sapphire Lahore Accessibility:

Blue Town Sapphire Lahore is accessible in the following ways

  • Approx 01 min drive from N-5 National Highway
  • Approx 01 min drive from Manga-Raiwind Road, Lahore
  • Approx 10 min drive from Sunder Industrial Estate Rd, Sundar Sharif, Lahore
  • Approx 07 min drive from Mal Talib Sarai Rd, Lahore
  • Approx 10 min drive from Kot Radha Kishan Road, Rosa, Kasur, Lahore

Nearby housing societies of Blue Town Lahore:

Blue Town Sapphire Lahore is located close to numbers of main landmarks & residential areas, mentioned as follows:

  • Bahria Town Lahore
  • Bahria Orchard Lahore
  • Bahria Orchard Awami Villas Lahore
  • DHA Lahore
  • Beaconhouse National University
  • Raiwind
  • Valencia
  • WAPDA Town
  • Green Town
  • Johar Town
  • Manga Mandi
  • The Oasis Golf and Aqua Resort
  • Sarai Chanba
  • Phool Nagar
  • Balloki
  • Bhail
  • Annual Tableeghi Markaz/Ground

Blue Town Sapphire Lahore No Objection Certificate (NOC):

Acquiring of NOC by any residential society is its utmost priority. This also IS one of the most important questions being raised in the mind of any investor. So, we have news for you that so far we have not come across its approval from Lahore Development Authority or its duly issued No Objection Certificate (NOC).

We always advise our esteemed readers and customers that please before any purchase of property, you must first of all demand a duly approved No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the concerned development authority of that city.

Master Plan of Blue Town Sapphire Lahore:

Master Plan of Blue Town Sapphire Lahore

Management of Blue Town Sapphire Lahore has revealed a meticulously detailed master plan of this beautiful piece of art residential society. This is about 600 Kanal of land area and it is offering 3 Marla, 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal plots for purchase. It is also offering 3, 5, and 8 Marla commercial plots. It is divided into three sectors A, B, and C.

Residential Areas of Blue Town Sapphire Lahore:

Blue Town Sapphire Lahore is a housing society of cosmic level and on a prime location in Lahore. It is divided into the 3 sectors and offers a magnitude of plots at affordable rates.

Area of Blue Town Sapphire Lahore:

Blue Town Sapphire Lahore spans over 600 Kanal of land and is being developed on international standards of infrastructure development.

Sectors of Blue Town Sapphire Lahore:

This state-of-the-art desirable housing society is divided into three types of sectors as follows:

  • Blue Town Sapphire Lahore sector A
  • Blue Town Sapphire Lahore sector B
  • Blue Town Sapphire Lahore sector C

Residential Plot Sizes in Blue Town Sapphire Lahore:

Plots for sale and purchase are available in Blue Town Sapphire Lahore at affordable low rates as compared to the level of luxury being offered. Blue Town Sapphire Lahore has offered several types of plots as follows:

  • Blue Town Sapphire Lahore 3 Marla
  • Blue Town Sapphire Lahore 5 Marla
  • Blue Town Sapphire Lahore 8 Marla
  • Blue Town Sapphire Lahore 10 Marla
  • Blue Town Sapphire Lahore 1 Kanal

How to book a plot in Blue Town Sapphire Lahore:

Why waiting? Grab Sky Marketing’s recent installment plans to ensure that you and your family are going to have a decent future. Sky Marketing is Blue World City’s designated marketing partner for sales.

So, you will be visiting Sky Marketing office with the following documentation to book your plot in Blue Town Sapphire Lahore in coming future;

There is some requirement of the documents that will be needed while booking your dream property in Blue Town Sapphire Lahore. Following are the required documents:

  1. Passport size photos
  2. Photocopies of NICOP (in case of overseas)
  3. Photocopies of NADRA issued CNIC
  4. Booking Form
  5. Booking Price

Prices and Payment Plans Blue Town Sapphire Lahore:

Prices and payment plan for plots fluctuate with time and it depends on different aspects of the real estate market, such as inflation and overall rates in the real estate district. Each sector is located in a specific location and with featured facilities so, and each sector is offering different prices of plots. Payment plans vary as per the categories of the plots.

At the moment 3 years payment plan is being offered by the Blue Town. The following are the approximate plot prices to provide you an idea of rates. For detailed prices, please contact us:

Prices and Payment Plans Residential Plots in Blue Town:

The payment plan of residential plots in the Blue Town for a 3-year plan is as follows:

 3-year Payment plan of residential plots in Blue Town Sapphire Lahore

The payment plan of residential plots in the Blue Town for a 2-year plan is as follows:

2-yearpayment plan of residential plots in Blue Town Sapphire Lahore

The payment plan of residential plots in the Blue Town for a 6-Monthly plan is as follows:

 3-year Payment plan of residential plots in Blue Town Sapphire Lahore

Attractive Features of Blue Town Sapphire Lahore:

  • Blue Town Sapphire Lahore has not left any stone unturned by developing a state-of-the-art residential society by following international standards for infrastructure development. A great deal of attention was put into the project.
  • A wide network of roads with the latest technology was installed in the society with all the latest accessories such as street-lights, cat-eyes, and signboards.
  • Paved sidewalks and joggings tracks have also been developed for the convenience of the pedestrians and it gives a beautiful and civilized look to the society.
  • The developers have paid a great deal of attention to the international level infrastructure development. Every minute angle in the process of construction is being completed with complete care. Local as well as foreign engineers were consulted in this regard to implement their expertise.
  • The wide network of roads is well-planned and carpeted. Main boulevards, lanes, and streets are are part of the society.
  • Pedestrian walkways and jogging tracks will also be developed for the residents. It also gives a beautiful look to the look of society.
  • Blue Town Sapphire Lahore has no match in Pakistan because it is offering international standards and efficient basic utilities such as electricity, gas, and water in a smart automated manner.
  • CCTV Cameras and security guards will be deputed and installed to ensure a solid safety plan.
  • Blue Town Sapphire is offering the topmost medical facilities. Hospitals, laboratories, drugstores, and treatment centers are being developed to treat the patients.
  • Extremely qualified doctors and non-medical staff will be operating up-to-date healthcare machinery.
  • The rates of residential and commercial plots are affordable in such an expensive-looking society. This opportunity should now be availed because with time the prices will shoot up.
  • Educational institutions being built are going to be the best in Pakistan to provide skilled knowledge and education to the residents. The courses available will be outstanding. To teach these courses highly trained academic and non-academic persons will be employed.
  • Well-planned sewerage management & waste disposal system is being installed with the best expertise.
  • Modern business centers, markets, and shopping centers are also going to enhance the utility of this modern society.
  • Parks and play areas will be the soul of this society.

Amenities & Facilities Provided by Blue Town Sapphire Lahore:

Blue Town Sapphire Lahore is planned to incorporate all modern housing society facilities and amenities. The level of up-to-date facilities in this society has no match in Pakistan. From its design phase to the development phase, no detail has been overlooked to fulfil a world-class housing society promise.

All the amenities and facilities are being made possible by the hard work of architects, planners, designers, engineers, and other staff members. All this effort is going to ensure the provision of a luxurious lifestyle in smart and eco-friendly ways. Blue Town Sapphire Lahore is expected to be a magnificent housing society with lavish amenities at low costs.

Jamia Mosque:

To fulfil the religious needs of the residents, the planners are going to develop a beautiful Jamia mosque with modern architecture and designs. Other small mosques will also be built. In this Jamia mosque, a large number of people will be able to perform their prayers at once without any overcrowding.

Road and Lane Infrastructure:

Blue Town Sapphire Lahore Infrastructure

Its roads and other connected set-up will provide an example for other builders and societies in Pakistan. This is going to be made possible because the Blue Town is introducing one-of-a-kind infrastructures by efficiently facilitating the residents.

Recreational spaces and parks:

Blue Town Sapphire Lahore Infrastructure

An extravagant lifestyle needs healthy living ways. For this, the developers of the Blue Town Sapphire Lahore have been developing greenery, gardens, lawns, parks, and other green areas which will be a signature part of the society that will also reflect the elegance of the society.

Quality Educational Institutions:

Educational bodies will be one of the most important parts of this esteemed society. These bodies will play a vital part in the mental growth of the unripe minds of children, so that they may become part of civilized society and lead a successful life. The society will include the following:

  1. Colleges
  2. Schools
  3. Daycare Centers

Safe & Secure Society:

A sense of safety is necessary for the healthy existence of any society. Blue Town Sapphire Lahore has made the foolproof mechanism of security a priority along with others. The society will install CCTV cameras and other surveillance equipment is going to be installed in the buildings, houses, and society to provide a comprehensive and quick safety to the people.

This will be a gated community where entry and exit points will be monitored with facial recognition systems to authorize the only safe entry and exit. This system will be up and running 24/7 by a trained and experienced security staff assisted by the security guards on the ground.

Blue Town Sapphire Lahore Security

Medical Facilities:

This will be like no other society like its medical facilities. Blue Town Sapphire Lahore is going to provide the best healthcare services to its residents. These facilities will be state of the art. The doctors and non-medical staff will be highly trained to offer top-notch treatment 24/7.

These hospitals, labs, and clinics are capable to treat several patients and do it efficiently with the help of trained staff and medical specialists. Workload and patient load will not be an issue in the hospital of Blue Town Sapphire Lahore.

Blue Town Sapphire Lahore Hospitals

24/7 Basic Utilities:

The developers have committed to providing the residents with a living experience with the best quality services to beautify the society along with all the utilities at the doorstep. Water pipelines, drainage pipelines, gas lines, and electricity lines are all constructed and concealed underground. This is an excellent step towards making the society more beautiful and safer as well.

Planned Drainage system:

A failed drainage system completely fails a housing society. A working and efficient drainage system has enough potential to define a society`s development level. The drainage system of the Blue Town Sapphire Lahore is designed with the capability to cope up with heavy storm rains and waste of the society.

Guidelines to follow while Purchasing/Sale of Plots in Blue Town Sapphire Lahore Lahore:

Document Verification:

Please ensure, to always verify all the documentation with complete satisfaction to avoid any miscommunication or misunderstanding. Before getting into any purchase or sale of the property make sure to inquire about the NOC and approval document by the developers duly approved by the Lahore Development Authority. In this way, your documentation will be valid by all means that may offer customer satisfaction.

Financial Security:

Before the conclusion of any transaction of any sale or purchase of the property, please make sure that your funds are in line with your purchase plan. In this way, your purchase or sale will be done without any issue.

Property Visits:

Before any purchase and after surety of the validity of documents, do visit the site on the ground to ensure that the written documents are under the plot specifications on the ground.


Blue Town Sapphire Lahore is a 600 Kanal premium housing society located in a prime location just a few minutes’ drive away from M2 Motorway. It is being developed to provide the privilege of a lavish lifestyle with the touch of affordability and this makes it a desirable housing society.

This breathtaking residential project is being developed to serve people of Pakistan in a way that no other society has done before.

With the success of Blue World City, the Blue Town Lahore has already gained the trust of the esteemed investors. This society is the kind of establishment that is a hotspot for the investors of the real estate industry.

The main objective of the developers is to elevate the living values of the people by giving them a completely new choice in Lahore. It is striving to provide eco-friendly surroundings, that will shape a strong connection between nature and the residents.

Blue Town Sapphire Lahore will prove to be a smart housing society. Blue Town Sapphire Lahore offers all that you may wish for in the 21st century. You can truly live your dream in this society. Blue Town Sapphire Lahore is BUILT FOR LUXURY & AFFORDABILITY.

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