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Passport Offices Islamabad

Passport Offices Islamabad

If you live in Islamabad and want to travel abroad, here’s how you can acquire a passport. The travel can be due to business, education or any other purpose. The guide is a complete package to obtain your passport. The passport offices are in all the major cities of Pakistan.

Pakistan Passport

Let us discuss the ones in Islamabad!

Location of Passport Offices in Islamabad

The Passport Act 1974 requires every Pakistani to register at passport office if they are travelling abroad. The government of Pakistan understands the need and hence established passport offices in each district countrywide.

The headquarters of passport offices are situated in Islamabad.

Regional Passport Offices in Islamabad

The passport offices in Islamabad are located in the following areas:

Sr.No. Region Addresses for Islamabad’s Passport Offices Contact Number for Islamabad’s Passport Offices
1. DGIP Headquarter G-8/1 Mauve Area, Islamabad 051-111-344-777
2. Islamabad 13-C, Al-Hussain Plaza, G-10 Markaz, Islamabad 051-9239308
3. EPO Islamabad Regional Passport Office Plot 19-A, Ground Floor, Pak Plaza, Fazal-e-Haq Road, Blue Area, Islamabad. N/A

Above mentioned passport offices are authorized by Directorate General Immigration and Passport.

Executive Passport Office in Islamabad

If you want to process your application with ease and a smooth process, Executive passport office is the right place. The contact detail is the following:

Sr.No. Office Name Passport Office Address Contact No.
Executive Passport Office PAK Plaza, 22 Service Road, G 6/2 Blue Area, Islamabad. 051-9202340

Timings of Passport Offices in Islamabad

The passport offices are operational at the following timings:

Monday to Thursday: 0900 hrs to 1400 hrs

Friday: 0900 hrs to 1230 hrs

The offices remain close on Saturdays, Sundays and the official public holidays.

Passport Offices in Islamabad

Important to notice: The timings are subject to change while some of the offices operate 24 hours and on also on some specific days. For more details, contact your nearest passport office.

What Should You Know Before Applying for A Passport in Islamabad?

You must be aware of your region before visiting any passport office and if it is the first time you have applied for the passport, visit the nearest Regional Office of Islamabad as per your CNIC mentioned location.

If you want the renewal of your passport, visit the regional passport office in Islamabad. You must have your complete address attested by a gazette officer. The CNIC photocopy and contact details of the attester must also be presented.

According to the law, few individuals are given some exceptions. The individuals include army personnel, parliament, government and semi-government employees. They can apply for a passport regardless of the region. Their immediate and close members are also given the exceptions.

Documents and Procedure for Passport Application in Islamabad

There are three categories of passports in Pakistan as per the Passport Act 1947. It includes

  • Ordinary Passport
  • Diplomatic Passport
  • Official Passport

The passport procedure for all three categories is the same. Let’s talk about the documentation!!

Required Documents for Passport Application

The new applicant, either adult or minors, are required to submit a copy of their relevant documents at the passport office. The list of documents for passport application is as follow:

For Adults

If you are 18 years or above, visit your nearest passport office with the following mentioned documents:

  • Bring two photocopies of CNIC or NICOP
  • A Bank receipt of the prescribed fee deposit
  • Your Foreign passport and its photocopy [for dual nationality holder]
  • A No-Objection Certificate (NOC) [if you are a government employee]
  • Your original CNIC or NICOP

For Minors

The teenagers under 18 are required to visit the nearest passport office for the application process with the following documents:

  • Take two photocopies of birth certificate from NADRA
  • Take two photocopies of parents’ CNICs
  • A bank receipt of the prescribed fee deposit
  • The Computerized Registration Certificate (CRC) issued by NADRA
  • An original and photocopy of foreign passport [for dual citizens]

For Passport Renewal

The procedure requires following documents for the renewal of the existing passport:

  • The bank receipt of the renewal fee deposit
  • The original CNIC and CRC [for minors]
  • Your old passport and its photocopy

Procedure for Passport Application in Islamabad

The procedure is quite easy and straightforward. Just make a folder required documents and visit the passport office. The regional passport offices are divided into districts, and the individuals are required to visit the district office as per their CNIC.

Once you have reached the office, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Firstly, collect the challan form and submit the fee at National Bank Counter. Keep the receipt safe.

Step 2: Visit the Customer Service Counter and get the application form for Pakistani passport. Fill the form and move to the next step.

Step 3: The officer at the next step will capture your photograph and issue a token number.

Step 4: Keep your token with you and show up at the respective counter wherever your number shows up. At the counter, you will be asked to submit your digital profile, i.e. your fingerprints.

Step 5: At the next counter, you will be asked for your bio-data which includes your full name, date of birth, address, profession, etc.

If you are renewing your passport, the information will already be in place, and you will be a form to recheck. (double-check the spelling of your name and other data, cross-check the details as per your documents and CNIC, errors are expected)

Step 6: Now submit you will cross-check details with the existing records in the Exit Control List and Black List.

Step 7: After all the above steps are cleared, the regional office will call you for an interview. The Assistant Director will conduct the interview and direct the receipt with a tracking number. (A few general questions will be asked).

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Procedure for Collecting Your Passport

To collect your passport, the following are the steps:

  • Visit the same passport office along with the receipt issued during the registration process. Or
  • The passport can also be delivered at your location; you have the extra pay charges for the service.

Fee Structure for Passport Application in Islamabad

Fee Structure for Passport Application in Islamabad

Yes, the Passport fees depend upon the validity, pages, and category. The ordinary passport takes up to 15 days, whereas the urgent is issued within four days. The charges for the necessary process are relatively high.

Now, let’s take a look at passport charges as per their validity period.

Charges for Passport with 5 Years Validity

Sr.No. Category of Passport Pages in Passport Charges in PKR
Normal 36 3,000
Urgent 36 5,000
Normal 72 5,500
Urgent 72 9,000
Normal 100 6,000
Urgent 100 12,000

Charges for Passport with 10 Years Validity

Sr.No. Category of Passport Pages in Passport Charges in PKR
Normal 36 5,400
Urgent 36 9,000
Normal 72 9,000
Urgent 72 16,000
Normal 100 10,800
Urgent 100 21,600


Most of the individuals plan to own a passport but get confused about the procedure of passport registration. The confusion leads them to delay in processing the application. The procedure, as mentioned, is quite simple. The guide is the complete treat with locations and each minor detail.

Passport is a basic requirement to travel abroad; the value of your passport reflect your identity in the world. Make sure to follow the SOPs and procedure to make your country and its passport value rise.

Be a person for a better tomorrow!!

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All you need to know about Federal Budget 2020-2021 Impact on Real Estate Industry

All you need to know about Federal Budget 2020-2021 Impact on Real Estate Industry


A budget is a financial document with the estimation of revenue and expenses. It is a plan for a defined period, particularly one year. The expenditures are compiled and re-evaluated periodically. Budgets are often made to align the finances of a running business, a government, or a person makes its annual/monthly budget or just anything where the money is spent.

Federal Budget 2020-2021

It is a summary of expected expenditures with plans. It includes the planned revenues, resource quantities, costs, expenses, and sale volumes. It is used to express the strategic plan of the coming year in measurable terms. The cash flows, liabilities, and assets are also included in the plan.

The plan is a procedure for how to meet the set goals. A specific amount of money is allocated for a particular purpose. It may also include budget surplus, a deficit, money for a later time. A future saving and spending with outlined projected income and expenses.

Federal Budget 2020 – 2021

Important features of Federal Budget 2020 – 2021

  • The total outlay of budget 2020-21 is Rs 7,294.9 billion. This size is 11 percent lower than the size of budget estimates 2019-20.
  • The resource availability during 2020-21 has been estimated at Rs 6,314.9 billion against Rs 4,917.2 billion in the budget estimates of 2019-20.
  • The net revenue receipts for 2020-21 have been estimated at Rs 3,699.5 billion, indicating an increase of 6.7 percent over the budget estimates of 2019-20.
  • The provincial share in federal taxes is estimated at Rs 2,873.7 billion during 2020-21, which is 11.7 percent lower than the budget estimates for 2019-20.
  • The net capital receipts for 2020-21 have been estimated at Rs 1,463.2 billion against the budget estimates of Rs 831.7 billion in 2019-20, reflecting an increase of 75.93 percent.
  • The external receipts in 2020-21 are estimated at Rs 2,222.9 billion. This shows a decrease of 26.7 percent over the budget estimates for 2019-20.
  • The overall expenditure during 2020-21 has been estimated at Rs 7,294.9 billion, out of which the current expenditure is Rs 6,345 billion.
  • The development expenditure outside PSDP has been estimated at Rs 70 billion in the budget 2020-21.
  • The size of the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) for 2020-21 is Rs 1,324 billion. Out of this, Rs 676 billion has been allocated to provinces.
  • Federal PSDP has been estimated at Rs 650 billion, out of which Rs 418.7 billion for Federal Ministries/Divisions, Rs 100.4 billion for Corporations, Rs 3 billion for Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA), Rs 7 billion for COVID responsive and other natural calamities program.

Revenue Receipts

  • Total Federal Board of Revenue taxes for the year 2020-21 are estimated at Rs 4,963 billion.
  • Non-tax revenues for the upcoming year are estimated at Rs 1,108.9 billion.
  • Gross revenue receipts are estimated at Rs 6,573.22 billion, out of which provincial share is Rs 2,873 billion.
  • The net revenue receipts for the federal government in budget 2020-21 are estimated at Rs 3,699 billion, showing an increase of 6.8 percent over the budget estimates of 2019-20 and 19.24 percent over revised estimates of the outgoing fiscal year 2019-20.

External Resources

  • The government obtained loans and grants to bridge the gap between receipts and expenditure. The net external resources for 2020-21 after deduction of foreign loan repayment (Rs 1,228 billion) and repayment of short term credits (Rs 183 billion) have been projected at Rs 810.34 billion are lower by 73 percent and 64.34 percent respectively when compared with budget and revised estimates 2019-20.

Current Expenditures

  • Total current expenditures of the federal government for the year 2020-21 are estimated at Rs 6,344 billion, which are 16.7 percent and 12.99 percent lower when compared to the revised estimation and actual estimation of current expenditures during the outgoing year.
  • Mark-up payments for the year 2020-21 have been estimated at Rs 2,946 billion, out of which Rs 2,631 billion would be paid on domestic debt and Rs 315 billion on foreign debt.
  • Expenditures of Rs 470 billion have been estimated for pensions, which are 1.4 percent higher when compared to the revised estimates of Rs 463.4 billion for the outgoing year 2019-20.
  • For Defense Affairs and Services, an amount of Rs 1,289 billion has been estimated for the year 2020-21 compared to the revised estimation of Rs 1,227 billion for the outgoing fiscal year 2019-20.
  • For grants and transfers, Rs 904 billion have been estimated against the Revised estimation of Rs 1,177 billion for the year 2019-20.
  • Subsidies have been estimated at Rs 209 billion against the revised estimation of Rs 349.5 billion for 2019-20.
  • For the running of the Civil government, Rs 475.7 billion have been estimated for the fiscal year 2020-21 against revised expenditures of Rs 445.8 billion in 2019-20.

Federal Budget 2020-2021

Budget 2020 – 2021 and Real Estate

  • A special package is announced for the construction sector in Federal Budget 2020 – 2021. The special package includes the ‘amnesty scheme.’
  • A total of PKR 30 billion worth is allocated for Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. The scheme aims to build 10 million houses for the lower middle class in Pakistan.
  • The tax exemptions are applied for the project Naya Pakistan Housing Project.
  • The subsidy is also expected to benefit the industries associated with the construction sector.

A stimulating package has also been introduced to stimulate the COVID-19 hit economy of the country.

  • The package also allows PKR 100 billion worth tax refunds, and their interest will also be deferred.
  • The subsidies for real estate also include subsidy on the electricity and gas industry, which will directly affect the real estate sector as well.

Additionally, the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) has approved an Rs50.7 billion package to provide indirect cash flow support to the small and medium-sized enterprises

  • This package will benefit around 3.5 million small positions.


The government has exempted the custom duty on raw materials for the following industry:

  • Chemicals
  • Leathers
  • Textile
  • Rubble
  • Fertilizers

The exemption is around 20,000 items manufactured as raw material. In contrast, the customs duty is reduced to 20%, 16%, 11%, 3% to 0% for raw and intermediate goods items such as rubber, bleaching agents, and other products of domestic use.

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The government has also lowered the sales tax from 14% to 12%. The proposed low sales tax is for the registered point of sale systems. The retailers will be able to sell the products at reduced rates as compared to previous years.

Withholding tax relaxations

The following have no withholding taxes (WHT) as per the Federal Budget 2020 – 2021:

  • The collection of advance tax on education-related expenses remitted abroad
  • Tax on steel and composite units
  • No withholding of balance under the pension fund
  • No advance WHT on functions and gatherings
  • No advance WHT on dealers, commission agents, and architects
  • No advance WHT on tobacco

Federal Budget Real State Taxes

Last Year’s Budget and Real Estate Industry

The government’s main focus was to mainly increase the FBR’s revenue. The government has placed a partial focus on formalizing the economy and the real estate sector. The introduction of the ‘non-filer’ status was brought into existence. The term non-filer stands for the status of an individual who doesn’t pay the property tax. The individual will be charged with high penalties for tax.

As per the last year’s proposed budget, the FBR’s valuations of properties was raised to 85% as per the market value. Previously the individual just had to pay 3% of the additional tax rate on the monetary difference. The difference was calculated between their DC and their FBR rates. The government then announced the ‘amnesty scheme’ provision. The scheme allows the property holder for no further requirement to explain the source of funding. The funding difference is calculated between DC value and FBR value of the particular property. The procedure is followed after a 3% additional tax rate is deposited.

Lower Withholding Tax

The last year’s federal budget 2019 – 2020 proposed following withholding tax (WHT):

  • The WHT on purchase of property tax was reduced from 2% to 1% of its value.
  • The WHT was imposed only on the property worth above PKR 4 Million PKR. But the budget 2019 – 2020 referred to impose on all properties. The new WHT is irrespective of the property value.
  • The property which is sold within five years will be taxed as 1% of the total value. Previously the time duration was three years after the purchase of the property.

Tax on Capital Gains 2019 – 2020


  • First-year of purchase – 100% of the gains will be taxed.
  • After one year of purchase – 75% of the gains will be taxed.
  • After ten years of purchase – the tax will be levied.

Constructed Property

  • First-year of purchase – 100% of the gains will be taxed.
  • After one year of purchase – 75% of the gains will be taxed.
  • After five years of ownership – the tax will be levied.


The federal budget 2020 – 2021 is considered to be a revenue-focused budget. The major problem of Pakistan is not having enough revenue to meet its need. The Government of Pakistan aims to increase revenue generation. The budget has provided relief to no doubt many of the industries. They mainly focused items are producers of raw materials.

The subsidy on the raw material is a plus point in budget 2020 – 2021 for the real estate industry. The raw material is often processed into further real estate development products.

The budget for the Naya Pakistan housing society is remarkable. The construction and other subsidies for Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme will surely give a chance to small and medium enterprises to come forward and showcase their work with the brand name.

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Blue World City Islamabad Plot Possession

Blue World City Islamabad Plot Possession

Blue World City Islamabad

Blue World City Plot Possession


Blue World City is a mega project of Pakistan and China collaboration. It is a project by the Blue Group of Companies. The project mainly emphasis on providing a high living standard for the people who live in Pakistan and also overseas.

The housing project is based on the model of sustainable cities and communities for all. It is a futuristic development project of twin cities. The prime location of the project is also near to New International Airport. The travel time is approx. 5-7 minutes.

About Blue Group of Companies

In 1989, Blue Group of Companies opened its office in Lahore. The company started operations as a construction company. The BGC provided the services of construction and architectural designs. The hard work and innovative inputs have helped them to build their brand name. It is among the top best real estate companies in Pakistan.

The real estate giant is now leading the largest workforce of Pakistan. The professionals of each field are busy day and night in their respective sectors to bring progressive and advance innovations in the real estate sector. The company supports up to 300 employee workforce.

The company now excels in commercial printing, real estate marketing, construction, 3D architectural designs, and IT support. It is a real estate guru with over ten years of experience.

Blue World City Location Plan

Prime Location

Blue World Society Islamabad location is at a distance of 5 minutes from New International Airport Islamabad. It is located next to Chakri Interchange on Islamabad – Lahore M2.

Mumtaz City, Top City, and Argo Farms surround the Blue World City Housing Society. The society is 10 minutes away from twin cities, i.e., Islamabad and Rawalpindi, as shown in the Blue World City map.

Blue World City Balloting

What is Balloting?

It is a real estate term know as assigning the plot numbers. The plot numbers are assigned to possible buyers of the particular real estate project. The balloting is a draw between the applicants of plots and plot files for a defined property scheme.

There are two types of balloting:

  • Booking Ballot: The applicants who are interested in booking the plots takes part in the process. The bookings are then granted to the individual via the balloting, which is known as ‘Booking Ballot.’ It allows them to secure their land.
  • Plot Ballot: The process is carried out between the buyers and the handing over authority. The buyers who have cleared all their dues can enter the balloting. The plots are handed over to the owners as per the results of the balloting.

The computerized balloting is the usual trend, followed by all the housing societies now. The software allows the numbers to each of the entries. It is also known as e-balloting. E-balloting is one of the most accurate ways to allot the individuals their plot numbers. The map with plot numbers is also issued afterward.

Plot Possession at Blue World City

Blue World City Possession
After a long wait, Blue World City has announced the balloting of plots. The plots of the general block ballot are due in Sep 2020. The recent news of ballots has brought relief for the people who were waiting for more than a year for the possession of the plots. Initially, the news was circulated that the ballot was planned in January 2020, which is not the case.

The ballot of general plots is confirmed in September 2020, and the possessions of the plots will be granted this year in December. The investors/buyers with 90% to all installments cleared till August 2020 will be eligible for the ballot.

The e-balloting system will be used for the balloting of plots. The e-balloting software makes it a transparent and organized process. The plot will not be handed over to the individuals who will not clear their pending dues. The ballot is only conducted for those who will clear all their payments and commercial dues.

The letters will be issued to all the plot holders soon after the balloting and possession.

The owners will have the final possessions of the plot in December 2020. The individual can enjoy the ownership of their property and plan to build their homes. The time they have waited for is here!!

If you have not booked yet, what to do?

Do not wait and reach out to the site of Sky Marketing and have research on their housing project. Sky Marketing is the official sales marketing partner of Blue World City.

Not only this, but Sky Marketing is also now offering 22% off on Blue World City General block plots. The offer is for a limited time. Book now and pay your 90% dues till August 2020 and enter the ballot of Sep 2020. The possessions will be granted till December 2020.

How can you book plot at Blue World City?

To book your plot in Blue World City, you can visit the Sky Marketing Office with the following documents:

  • Two passport size Pictures
  • Two copies of your national ID card
  • Two copies of ID card of your next of Kin

Installments are offered by numerous projects, but it depends on their investment plan that how it relates to your ease. BGC group always strive to make ease for their customers. Blue World City allows us to clear the investment on a 3- and 4-year installment timeline.

Project Details

The areas of the society are expanded up to 5000 Kanals. The area is divided into four phases and further into blocks and plots.

  • The residential plots consist of: 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal
  • The commercial plots consist of 5 Marla and 8 Marla

The society offers an easy 3 to 4-year installment plan. The booking starts with 10% as down payment, but if you are availing the offer in 2020, clear 90% of your payments and enter the plot balloting of September 2020.

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Blue World City Islamabad Payment Plan

Blue World City 4 Year Payment Plan

Blue World City and the Role of China

A Chinese organization is developing the Blue World City Housing Scheme. The aim is to meet the International standard of development. The society is providing world-class features and amenities. It is a self-sustaining and environment friendly housing scheme.

Since the basic facilities are a necessity to live, Blue World City has incorporated all the basic and advanced requirements in its project. These facilities include commercial areas, health sector, education facility, transport system, and many others. The collaboration has introduced new and wonderful aspects of futuristic development in existence.

The exotic architect and modern living style attract the overseas to acquire the land at Blue World City. The investors and developers are offering unique living space for your dreams. It is a world in itself.

China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) eastern route falls near the Blue World Housing Society. The prime location gives it the advantage of being a trade hub of the region. The CPEC project, Blue World City collaboration, and many other Chinese projects define the strong relations between Pakistan and China.

The Features of Blue World City

  • Water, Gas, and Electricity: Society has its built-in gas and electricity generators. It also has its water filtration system to facilitate the residents and society.
  • Commercial Hub: The society is close to the eastern route of CPEC, which makes it the next biggest commercial land trade hub of the region.
  • Gated Community: The safety of the residents comes first, and a gated area is most secure. Thus, the high walls are built around the blocks and overall area of society to ensure the safety of life, property, and valuable goods.
  • 24/7 Security: Along with the idea of a gated community, the surveillance cameras are also installed to monitor every move of the society.
  • Transport: A network of roads and transport is part of the mega project.
  • Water Filtration Plan: It is ensured that all the members, residents, and people of society have access to safe and clean water.
  • Sports and Cultural Complex: The society also includes a sports and cultural complex for the people to come out of their homes and lead a healthy life. The cultural complex allows the business community and others to build a network.
  • Police Station: The service of Police Station is also available at your doorstep; in case if you meet an unusual incident.
  • Peaceful and Tranquil Environment: A peaceful and serene atmosphere can also be witnessed at the Blue World City housing society.
  • 3D I-Max Cinema: The entertainment aspect is not missed; Blue World City will have a 3D I-Max Cinema for you to watch your best movies with your family.


Blue Word City is a housing society of a modern era, and modification and innovation are two main pillars of this housing society. The global standards of living and modern practices followed in the housing society are the traits that have enabled this project to make its mark in the real estate world.

Blue World City is a megaproject in itself. The housing scheme has fought many rumors, but the trust of the investors and the potential of this mega housing venture makes it a worthy & secure housing project, stronger than before—we are hopeful that this latest news of the announcement of balloting and possession of the plots will put an end to these rumors.

For more detail about the balloting, please contact us.

Capital Smart City Launches ”The harmony park” Low Cost Plots & Apartments

Capital Smart City Launches ”The harmony park” Low Cost Plots & Apartments

Capital Smart City Islamabad is a joint housing scheme of Habib Rafiq (Pvt) and Future Holdings Developments organization. Administration of Capital Smart City has planned to enlarge the residential area of the society.

After the success of General block, Overseas Block, and Executive Block, CSC housing society has launched the harmony park on 22 April 2020.

Capital Smart City Islamabad has attained another customer friendly success. The housing society has launched the villas Apartments called “The Harmony Park”. These plots are low budget with plot size of 3.5 and 5 Marlas. The unique feature of this block is its very reasonable prices.

The villas Apartments is inexpensive and low priced but they have same smart facilities and development standards which will provide comfort lifestyle. Now any one can invest in this futuristic housing project due to the most affordable prices

This new block is introduced by Capital Smart City to provide the low budget prospective buyers an opportunity to have the ability to be part of Capital Smart City. As they were previously unable to invest in the housing society because of the greater price of properties offered.

Size of the Villas Apartments

Villas in the Capital Smart City the Harmony park are I bedroom apartments which will be design on following plot size

3.5 Marla (dimensions 20 X 40),

5 Marla

Location of The Harmony Park block

This new The harmony Park bock is strategically designed and is located just next the Executive Block of Capital Smart City Islamabad.

Location of the Harmony Park block can be seen in given image.

Location of The Harmony Park block


Floor plan of 3.5 marla apartments

These villas are perfect for 1 small family unit. The apartments are designed in such a way that they are freshly aired and light up with natural sunlight even they are built on small area. The villas apartment are planned to build on 3 floors

  • first floor
  • 2nd floor
  • Ground floor

Layout plan for first floor, and 2nd floor apartments are following

  • Bed rooms: 1
  • Bath room: 1
  • Kitchen: 1
  • Living room: 1

Total covered area = 660 sq ft

Floor plan of 3.5 marla apartments

Layout plan for ground floor apartments are following

  • Laundry area: 28.75 sq ft
  • Bed rooms: 1
  • Bath room: 1
  • Kitchen: 1
  • Living room: 1

Total covered area = 800 sq ft

Layout plan for ground floor apartments

Floor plan of 5 marla apartments

5 Marla villas are perfect for 1 family unit with children. These apartments are also designed in such a way so they can provide positive effect of natural resources and play area for children. The villas apartments are also comprises 3 floors

  • first floor
  • 2nd floor
  • Ground floor

Layout plan for first floor, and 2nd floor apartments are following

  • Children room: 1
  • Bed rooms: 2
  • Bath room: 1
  • Kitchen: 1
  • Living room: 1

Total covered area = 856 sq ft

Floor plan of 5 marla apartments

Layout plan for ground floor apartments are following

  • Bed rooms: 2
  • Bath room: 1
  • Kitchen: 1
  • Living room: 1
  • Children room: 1

Total covered area = 1125 sq ft

Floor plan of 5 marla apartments

Payment Plan of Residential Plots:

The payment and price plan of the plots and villas apartments in The Harmony Park Block is convenient and affordable.

Payment plan of Residential Plots is for 3.5 years while payment plant of Villa Apartments is for 4.0 long years.

Capital Smart City Harmony Park 3.5 Year Payment Plan

Each plan covers 10% extra of the total price. Important note

  • If you want Main Boulevard (100’ and above) or Prime Location Charges: Facing park/ Corner/ Main road (Between 41’ and 99’) then you need to pay 15% extra of total price.
  • 10% Rebate is available on lump-sum payment
  • 5% rebate is available on 50% payment.
  • Reservation and membership Fee is7,000 at the time of booking only

Payment Plan of Villa Apartments

Easy payment plan of 4 years is given below for Villa Apartments in Harmony Park Block:

Capital Smart City Harmony Park 4 year Payment Plan

Important note

  • If you want Prime location plot then 7.5% Extra charges for corner plot is applicable
  • If you want Prime Location plot like Facing park or Main road (Between 41’ and 99’) plot then you need to pay 5% extra of total price.
  • 2.5% extra chargers for more than one choices
  • 5% Rebate is available on lump-sum payment
  • 2.5% rebate is available on 50% payment.
  • You can book villa on a 25% down payment only.

How to book your plot in The villas Capital Smart City?

Right now booking is in progress. You can easily book plot of your choice only in a 10% down payment and 10% confirmation charges are applicable but after 30 days.

Booking are available on the platform of Sky Marketing Islamabad.

You need following documents only to reserve your plot

  • 2 Copy of your CNIC
  • 2 Copy of your Next to kin ( father/ mother/ brother/ wife/ sister)
  • 2 Passport size photograph
  • 2 Booking amount ( Cheque/ Pay order/ Cash)


The Villas of the harmony park block is of huge profit potential. And you can expect this profit in the little while as this is short term investment. So don’t miss this one time golden opportunity of investment the Pakistan first Smart city called Capital Smart city Islamabad.

If you need further details, queries or sell and purchase of residential and commercial plots, please feel free to call us or visit our office. Skymarketing Islamabad is a secure platform for your property assets and we deal in all kind of land property and different societies like Capital Smart city, Blue world City, University town, Park view city ICHS, PECHS in Islamabad and Bahria town Peshawar.

PECHS Islamabad

PECHS Islamabad


PECHS or Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society Islamabad is an authorized housing scheme effective since 1989. This society is perfect living place for low income or fixed budget families.

If you are looking for long term investment in the federal capital Islamabad then PECHS is you best investment opportunity. The Designers of the society are the Senior Government Officers who are also working in different areas of Islamabad.

PECHS is located in Islamabad which is renowned for its high standard living styles, security and lush green environment. It is surrounded by the attractive and striking Margalla hills. Weather of the city is always pleasant and soothing.

Islamabad has already fascinated a large number of investors. That’s why many new national and international housing societies are developed to provide living place to new families and citizens also.

Pakistan employees cooperative housing society Islamabad is nearest to the new international airport. This is the reason that PECHS is the most noticeable housing society in the region. Opportunities for residential and commercial activities are probably higher in this society than other neighboring housing schemes.

Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society Islamabad pools first class construction techniques and hi-tech services of international standards. The housing scheme compromises all kinds of niceties like water, electricity, roads, streets etc. Due to good level of underground water system, people can use boring to draw out fresh water at their homes.

Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society PECHS is designed to ease the middle class families with less or fix income, so that they can also enjoy the life style of Islamabad.

PECHS Location

PECHS is situated near to New Islamabad International Airport. Its main entry is from Fateh Jang Road next to the PAF Fazaia Housing Society Tarnol. The other entrance will be from Kashmir Highway.

This entrance will be the opening gate for k block of the society. This boulevard will be a link road which connects Kashmir Highway to the Jinnah Avenue of Pakistan employees cooperative housing society.

It is the most nearest society to the new Islamabad international airport. Estimated distance of Airport current gate from its K block is only 1 KM.

PECHS is located near many new housing societies like Capital Smart city, top city 1, Blue world city, university town and ICHS. So neighboring of the society is also pure residential area.


PECHS is located on the Fateh Jang Road. PECHS Islamabad lies at the distance of 25 Kilometer from the zero points and 30 minutes away from Kashmir Highway. This society is at 15 minute drive from Motorway Chowk of Islamabad.

Sector H 19 Islamabad is located in the east of PECHS Islamabad while the New Air Port of Islamabad is towards the South of PECHS Islamabad.

PECHS Map Location

PECHS owner and developer

PECHS was underdeveloped by senior government officers working in Islamabad under the authority and regulations of ICT Islamabad but their progress and working techniques were slow.

Block A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J were started by these officers. After that development of PECHS, capital cooperative housing society was given in the hand of newly Construction Company called Extol.

Extol is now the developer of Pakistan employees housing scheme Islamabad. It is a private developer firm working in cooperation with the society. PECHS is the first project of Extol Company. Mr. Gohar Rabbani Awan is the owner of the company.

Extol possesses the land on which it is working. All the allotment letters from most of inhabitants of PECHS Islamabad are signed in the name of Extol with the title of Mr. Gohar Rabbani Awan.

Also Extol is licensed to market plots on installation to public. As soon as you pay your due installments to Extol, you can get your allotment correspondence from PECHS Society in your title.

Extol has developed K block in record time and the evolution Of M block is in progress in rapid speed. Development criteria of EXTOL are considered as better compared to Society’s own developers in elderly developed blocks.

PECHS noc and permission

Pakistan employees cooperative housing society Islamabad is listed under Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). It is also registered under the Registrar Cooperative Housing Societies Department of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration.

Registration and NOCs can be checked at:

  • Rda

The site was registered due to the following factors:

  • Land is already level, requires minimum cutting / filling.
  • Next to the New International Airport.
  • Easy entree to the twin cities of Islamabad / Rawalpindi.
  • Clean and plenty amount of underground drinking water.
  • Link to Motorway & Shahrah-e-Kashmir

Privileges people enjoy while living in PECHS

Here are some of the most prominent privileges that you can enjoy as a resident of PECHS, Islamabad.

  • Prime location
  • Roads and Infrastructure
  • Peaceful Surroundings
  • Educational Facilities
  • Healthcare Centres
  • Public Transport
  • Commercial Markets
  • Profitable Properties
  • Outdoor areas

Prime Location

Situated in a location that’s is central to Islamabad and Rawalpindi, the locality of PECHS is reachable from any point of both cities, thanks to the many roads, boulevards, and expressways that lead to and from it.

The four most popular expressways passing across and through PECHS are Kashmir Highway, Lahore to Rawalpindi Motorway road and Grand trunk road Rawalpindi. Other important roads and areas lending added significance to the area include new international Airport, Fateh Jang, and Zero point.

PECHS Location

Roads and Infrastructure

The society has already started working on the infrastructure and also the very first of the step is to construct a broad network of carpeted streets in the society to join all areas of the society.

These streets are suggested to function as 40, 60, 80, 100 and 120 feet wide respectively. Society has put down fiber optic wires, which is unparalleled rather than supplied by another Society or Housing Authority.

Peaceful Surroundings

What makes living in PECHS Islamabad so calm? Well, the answer to this question can be found in the roads and alleys of the residential area which stay largely quiet through the day. The laughter of kids playing in the streets and residents honking their automobile are the only noises you’d typically experience while living in this serene locality.

What’s more, the existence of dozens of parks and green spaces in PECHS is unquestionably a cure for the eyes and thoughts. Together with giving a healthy escape out of the exhausting routine by allowing you breathing of fresh air, these spaces also contain walking and jogging trails that typically extend for hundreds of yards.

Educational Facilities

Among the vital features which individuals take under account when purchasing or renting a land in PECHS Islamabad is that the space of the closest academic institution out of their new residence.

Fortunately, the place is home to some of the earliest and finest educational institutions in Islamabad. Be it colleges, colleges, or schools; the options are many for student of all ages residing in and about that residential area.

The residents also have access to some eminent institutions schools within the proximity of 2 to 7 km of the housing scheme.

  • The Smart School in Fazaia Housing Society
  • Beacon house School System in University Town
  • Government Primary School on Fateh Jang Road, etc.

Some of colleges and institutions near to housing society are:

  • Punjab College of Commerce on Golra More
  • Rawalpindi Cantt College of Commerce – Peshawar Road
  • Federal Abdali College and School on Misrial Road in Niazi Town-Rawalpindi
  • International Islamic University and Iqra College of Technical Education in H-10.

Healthcare Centers

By health Care Units into 24/7 hospital, PECHS will blessed with the occurrence of several advanced healthcare centers. With experienced medical team and highly qualified physicians caring for patients, hospitals in PECHS will be specialize in several health disciplines and efficiently cater to the health care needs of countless inpatients and outpatients daily.

While residing in PECHS Islamabad, you’re never too far off from a respectable healthcare establishment, be it for a regular checkup or a medical crisis.

Some of the best hospitals is in the locality of the society.

  • Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital, near Golra Morr on Peshawar Road
  • H-13, Nusrat Hospital on Peshawar Road,
  • Ali Medical Clinic on Islamabad Motorways Link Road- G 15/4,
  • Bismillah Clinic in Friends Arcade in G-13,

Public Transport

The society will have an internal network of the public transport system in the society to make the traveling in society easier for the occupants as well as anyone who is visiting the society.

The Qutbal Railway Station at Rawalpindi is only 12 km away from the planned location of this society. Whereas, there’s Qutbal Adda bus channel on Fateh Jang Road, which is available to prospective residents in a distance of 8 kilometers.

Moreover, that the Daewoo Express Bus Terminal could be achieved within Half an Hour from PECHS Islamabad, which is located on Peshawar Road, Jhangi Syedian, and Rawalpindi.

The Daewoo buses cover all avenues of the nation and arrive and leave on time. It’s a proper waiting place, ATM machine, restrooms and a tuck shop from where you are able to purchase refreshments.

Commercial Markets

Commercial Markets and Markaz in PECHS Islamabad are the reverse of the quiet and tranquil residential counterparts. Bustling restaurants, standalone stores, superstores, meat stores, fruits and vegetable sellers, business centers, plazas, and shopping malls and lots of commercial institutions will be built inside the society. They will welcome tens of thousands of clients each day.

There are many other commercial markets outside the society which are easily available

  • HM Supermarket in HM Plaza
  • Markaz G-15
  • City Supermarket in Westbridge 1 Rawalpindi
  • Farooq Market in G-13
  • Salman Market in F-11

Profitable Properties

PECHS Islamabad is thought to be among the most profitable property markets in twin Cites since its property value has consistently improved over the past years. This is due to its discussed facilities and conveniences that the society offers, making it exceptionally popular with investors and buyers in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Outdoor areas

Sports complex and parks in PECHS Islamabad

PECHS Islamabad is going to have a sports complex that will feature facilities or space for different indoor and outdoor games. The residents that are fitness conscious are going to have the ability to enjoy these centers inside the society. Each block will have a park with slides for children, running track and sitting space.

A women’s only club is currently at the design of PECHS Islamabad. The club will probably have indoor sport facilities, fitness center, etc.. exclusively for women. A community center is going to be part of PECHS Islamabad, fully-equipped with the newest amenities, auditorium and halls for running cultural, social or any other occasion.

The community center will also house distinct indoor matches.For additional amusement of the kids, a zoo will also be developed in the society which will have different animal species.

  • TopCity-1 Lion Cage
  • ASG Zoo
  • Multi Gardens Zoo at B-17.

PECHS tower will be build in PECHS Islamabad which will include swimming pools, 5-star resorts, four 3-D cinemas, fitness center, banquets along with a large underground car parking.

Amenities and facilities

Pechs Islamabad Amenities and facilities

Districts and blocks

Pakistan employees cooperative housing society Master Plan has divided the society into blocks named alphabetically as A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and K & M. M Block & K Block is recently developed in PECHS Islamabad map. Furthermore, Block K has two extensions. They are named as K1 and K2. All of the blocks in PECHS are proposing both residential & commercial plots.

Development work

Development work in Blocks A, B, C, D and E has been completely done. But a little work is proceeding in some streets and parts of these blocks. Still families have already started to live in these areas as all of the basic facilities are provided.

But development work in F, G and H has been completed only by 25%, 40% and 50% respectively. Possession for the developed parts of the blocks has also been granted. Delay or slow pace of work in these blocks is due to some legal issues or change in the developers, as last developers were not very serious about the work.

K & M block is the latest development by the society but working progress in these blocks is way to fast than any other block. They were originally offered on installments but now it’s available on full cash also.

Overall this capital cooperative housing society aimed to satisfy living requirements of  35/40 thousand families.

Present status of the society

Society’s Registration No./Date
Present Number of Members
Houses under Construction
Total Land
326/09-05-19894459309000 Kanals

PECHS Islamabad payment plan

The newly established blocks in society M block & K block where Block K has two extensions as well (K1 and K2). The fresh booking of the plots in M block is now open for the interested visitors that are available on both cash payment and installment plan.
PECHS Islamabad Payment Plan

Plot Prices in Other PECHS Blocks

Maintained below are average price ranges with available plot sizes of residential plots in all blocks of PECHS society. These are the general prices which can be little above or low according to market.

A Block:

A block has 2 kanal residential plots only .

2 kanal plot price in A block ranges from 70 to 90 lac rupees.

B Block:

B block has 1 kanal residential plots only.

1 kanal plot price in B block ranges from 45 to 55 lac rupees.

C Block:

C Block has 14 marla, 1 kanal and 2 kanal residential plots.

14 marla plot price in C block ranges from 30 to 35 lac rupees.
1 kanal plot price in C block ranges from 40 to 55 lac rupees.
2 kanal plot price in C block ranges from 60 to 80 lac rupees.

C-Extension Block:

C-Extension block has 10 Marla residential plots only.

10 marla plot price in C-Extension block ranges from 18 to 25 lac rupees.

D Block:

D block has 1 kanal and 2 kanal residential plots.

1 kanal plot price in D block ranges from 28 to 35 lac rupees.
2 kanal plot price in D block ranges from 60 to 80 lac rupees.

E Block:

E block has 2 kanal residential plots.

2 kanal plot price in E block ranges from 55 lac to 70 lac rupees.

F Block:

F block has 5 marla, 10 marla and 1 kanal residential plots.

5 marla plot price in F block ranges from 12 to 14 lac rupees.
10 marla plot price in F block ranges from 22 to 25 lac rupees.
1 kanal plot price in F block ranges from 28 to 40 lac rupees.

G Block:

G block has 1 kanal residential plots only.

1 kanal plot price in G block ranges from 28 to 35 lac rupees.

H Block:

H block has 1 kanal and 2 kanal residential plots.

1 kanal plot price in H block ranges from 25 to 35 lac rupees.
2 kanal plot price in H block ranges from 45 to 60 lac rupees.

K Block:

K block has 9 marla, 1 kanal and 2 kanal residential plots.

9 marla plot price in K block ranges from 25 to 35lac rupees.
1 kanal plot price in K block ranges from 50 to 70 lac rupees.
2 kanal plot price in K block ranges from 70 lac to 1 crore rupees.


The possession at plots of Block A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and K are accomplished & is already handed over to their buyers.

Possession in Pakistan employees cooperative housing society is available to the members of the society who have clear all the bills and society.. In the meanwhile, work is underway on Block M Extension, for which the developer recently launched 5-marla plots on a two year payment plan.

Investment opportunity

In case you’ve already spent in PECHS Islamabad, then there’s very good news for you. The specialists think that costs can only rise in this society because it’s currently developed.

The newly developed M and k block of PECHS is couple of minutes away in your New Islamabad International Airport. This is the reason, rates are anticipated to rise here, after development but roght now, costs are Low due to the slow work progress.

Main crucial aspects that can significantly raise your investment here would be:

  • The connection road to Kashmir Highway via Mumtaz City.
  • The attractive housing marketplace in the surrounding.

But, 1 thing is for certain, that investment in this society should be considered as long-term investment.

Market index

According to our experts, PECHS marketplace hasn’t been performing that nicely for a short time. But in the long run, the situation is expected to change for the better. Rates are predicted to rise in the long run once the link road on Kashmir Highway Extension is created.

When Extol Construction Company has taken upon the development progress of the society, The Society is in fast pace of progress and will flourish soon.

The link road would be to maneuver through Mumtaz City that is prove to be advantageous for the occupants of PECHS since it will provide increased connectivity. Moreover, this will cause growth in costs. However it isn’t sure when the connection road is going to be established.

The society mostly contains 1-kanal and 2-kanal plots, the market levels of that are unrealistically low compared to comparable societies in the area. Seeing the present buying tendencies in the area, the developer launched smaller plots in Blocks M, which also created the anticipated market reply.

Nevertheless, the simple fact remains that cost here has not been as high as cost in its immediate neighborhood.

What it offers?

More than 70% of the society has been given possession which includes A, B, C, D, E, F and K blocks while the M blocks have not given any possession yet.

Another important thing to note is that PECHS has acquired a great deal of land around Gurbal Road, so this isn’t the sole Block found here, more blocks are coming next later on at same location.

This prime location makes PECHS Islamabad a perfect home scheme to dwell in. Connected to Several principal avenues of the city, PECHS holds importance from the Capital City Islamabad.

PECHS Islamabad Booking Information:

Fresh booking is now available in M block only. Plots in other blocks are available on full cash payment. It’s a Golden Opportunity for secure Investment. You can easily book your plot through Sky Marketing by following these directions.

You should follow under given steps in order to book plot in PECHS Islamabad.

  • Download Booking form.
  • After downloading, get the hardcopy of Booking Form by printing the soft copy.
  • Duly fill the Booking form.
  • After that, scan the Booking Form and attach scanned Booking form along with Bank Deposit Slip (Bank Details are given below)
  • Send these documents to Skymarketing Islamabad or visit the office yourself.
  • You need to submit payment in the name of Extol Company who’s Bank Details is:
  • Bank: Silk Bank
  • Account Title: M/s Extol
  • Account No. 2003469077
  • Branch Code: 0037

Required Documents for booking

Before starting your booking progress, gather our document:

  • 2 passport size Pictures
  • 2 copies of your national ID card
  • 2 copies of ID card of your next of Kin

For overseas clients

  • 2 copies of Overseas National ID Card along with the above mentioned documents

Expert opinion

Pakistan employees cooperative housing society is extremely economical & well-known society. In Addition, the society is partially government owned & protected because it being a combined society.

This is an old society have delivered to their promises they left at the late 80s. This society has both enrolled NOC & legal registration in CDA & SECP of ICT enrollment also.

The majority of the old blocks are delivered and ownership is given to buyers. The society has water, gas & electricity connections out there. If you’re on a budget and is searching for a possession-able society then this is a fantastic society to construct your very first house in.

PECHS Islamabad is much more cheap then its actual potential. You will find several things which might need to be calibrated properly, costs are nearly double currently in its environment. However, price is going to really integrate when the development is done.

This fantastic society is located near proximity of Islamabad which give it’s an edge. This really is a society in which ideal living could be happen even if you’re on tight budget and need to move in near the Proximity of Islamabad. This is why, the society is in the name of common employees and is called Pakistan employees housing scheme

FAQs PECHS Islamabad

PECHS Islamabad is a project of Extol Construction Company, which is owned by Mr. Gohar Rabbani Awan. Previously it was under some senor government officers working in Islamabad

PECHS Islamabad lies in the region of Rawalpindi and Islamabad city which specially targets employees and workers living in these cities hence it is referred as Pakistan employees cooperative housing society.

Pakistan employees cooperative housing society Islamabad is listed under Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). It is also registered under the Registrar Cooperative Housing Societies Department of Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration.

The development work in the society has started, with the construction work on the main gate and Main Boulevard almost completed. The earthwork has also commenced in the society and the leveling of land has done. Some of the houses are already build and families are living in the society.

PECHS Islamabad has already provided its residents with all the basic and advance facilities including availability of water, electricity and gas 24/7.

Yes, there is a 2 year easy installment payment plan offered by the society for the feasibility of the investors but only in new block which is M block. All other blocks are already sold out and are available on reselling.

The possession of plots is already given to their owners. Initially the possession will be granted to the plots in oldest blocks of the society only but now possession is available on every block and land

Yes there are various sizes of commercial plots available in the society.

If you need further details, queries or sell/purchase of residential and commercial plots, please feel free to call us or visit our office.  Skymarketing Islamabad is a secure platform for your property assets and we deal in all kind of land property in Islamabad.

Capital Smart City Islamabad Overseas Block

Capital Smart City Islamabad Overseas Block

Capital Smart City Overseas Block:

Overseas Block   simply kept for the overseas. Capital Smart City is the first one to build the high-class block for foreigners. It has marvelous site and amenities to deliver. It’s the most favorite housing society for the residence and investment.

Overseas Block of capital Smart City is going to be a special and contemporary living experience for those men and women who would rather live a bright comfortable life. Taking full advantage of advance technologies, this block can provide you a feeling of luxury and belonging. If you wish to be the first of many to make the most of that futuristic idea of houses that will aspire one to live and gain from ultramodern technology along with the comfortable.

Overseas Block of capital Smart City Islamabad is officially launched in London on 20th February 2018.

Capital Smart City Map:

Capital Smart City Islamabad is located Near New Islamabad International airport on M2 motorway. It will be first ever Smart City of Pakistan made by Habib Rafique Pvt Ltd.  Surbana Jurong Singapore is official designer of Capital Smart City. It is located next to Thalian interchange and is easily accessible from Rawalpindi and Islamabad

Location of Overseas Block in Capital Smart City:

Capital Smart City Overseas Block located along side of Main Boulevard of the society.  Overseas Block District 1 & 2 is heart of Capital Smart City Islamabad, because its location & facilities, overseas block will be the future destination to invest in Capital Smart City Islamabad.

Overseas Block consists 5-Marla, 10-Marla, 1-Kanal & 2-Kanal plots that will cater housing needs of all Non Resident Pakistanis.

The overseas block consists of:

Residential plots, villas, and mansions

Management block

Grand Mosque

Park and Retail and shopping malls

Elegant and modern restaurants

First class healthcare amenities

educational hub

Services Provided To Overseas Houses And Families:

Cctv outdoor cameras

The Property is covered through front and back outside CCTV cameras. It’s possible to track outside your premises on screens installed within the dwelling rooms and on your smart phone anytime and anyplace on earth.

Cctv indoor cameras

All Living rooms, stair lobby and drawing room are all covered through indoor CCTV cameras. You are able to track your home in your smart phone, 24/7 anywhere in the world.

Remote access

Control your electric home appliances by your smartphone / tablet computer / pc.

Smart motion sensors

Your Home is covered by movement detectors. When triggered, it offers local alarm in addition to SMS and email alert to your own smart phone. Acts as warning system against any intruder.

Automated door lock

Via Your smart mobile program, liberally lock/unlock your home main door. Give access to guests.

Gas detector

All of kitchen areas are fitted with a petrol leakage detector to warn you of any unintentional openings of gasoline to protect against any possible loss of property and life. Your Smartphone will alert you and a local alarm clock.

Magic box

It is Time to eliminate all sorts of controls on your residence.

Smart switch

Control the appliances and lights throughout your smart phone.

Temperature & humidity sensor

Real-time Detection and watching on the telephone connection with air conditioner to adjust the temperature.

Smart door and windows

All Ground floor doors and windows are fitted with detectors. When triggered too As a local alert, you may get alerts via SMS and email in your smartphone. Acts as a warning system against some other intruder/break-in.

Optional features for overseas block

  • Centralized cooling system
  • Carbon mono-oxide sensor
  • Water leak sensor
  • Additional smoke sensors
  • Additional indoor cameras
  • Additional outdoor cameras
  • Additional door/windows sensors
  • Automated curtain rail system

Features & services of overseas block

  • Security and maintenance services for Boulevard community
  • 30% green area
  • Fully gated and secure community
  • Self-sustained community
  • Club House, Gym, Swimming Pool, Tennis Courts, Playing Grounds, Commercial Area, Clinic, School, Mosque, Water Treatment Plant, Hotel, Serviced Apartments, Wedding Hall and Grocery Stores
  • CCTV cameras throughout the community
  • Footpaths all along the roads
  • Solar controlled LED street lights
  • High-speed internet available with free wifi in all common areas
  • 40 Ft wide roads
  • All amenities supplied underground including electricity, water and gas
  • Street cleaning and garbage collection services
  • Load shedding free zone
  • Card/IR device controlled entry
  • Physical security and 24/7 surveillance
  • Horticulture department to look after and maintain the green/common areas

Services provided on demand

  • Key Holding
  • Car Hire
  • Driver Hire
  • Chef Hire
  • Maid hire
  • Airport pick and drop
  • Home appliances repair and maintenance
  • Gardening / Plantation in home
  • Swimming pool maintenance in home
  • Regular house cleaning services

Overseas block construction:

Builders of Capital Smart City also emphasis on its infrastructure. They aim to give the society 24/7 power supply and also offer the inhabitants state of art transportation with high proficiency to maintain the city progress and development. It also works to provide its people with a sustainable transportation system with well build roads having different passages for cars, bike, and cycle riders and also making the roads safer for pedestrians.

Overseas block Plot sizes

Overseas Block consists of 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, 12 Marla, 1 Kanal & 2 Kanal plots that will cater to the needs of Overseas Pakistanis

Capital Smart City Overseas Block Prices:

5 Marla All Sold Out
7 Marla 27, 40000/-
10 Marla 36,00000/-
12 Marla 3980,000/-
1 Kanal 5400,000/-
2 Kanal 10600,000/-

Booking through Authorized Overseas Dealer

Get print of empty downloaded Application Form to fill manually.


Become a Smart Member of smart city and proceed online to get print of computerized Application e-Form

Deposit Down Payment for selected size of property along with Processing Fee to FDH Account.

  1. a) Pay all Portal Payments Online Using Debit/Credit Card


  1. b) Interbank Transfer :


  1. c) PO/DD/Cheque in the name of “Future Developments Holdings (Private) Limited”

Following documents must be attached with Application Form :

  • 2 Passport size recent photographs
  • Copy of NICOP or Passport or Residence
  • Copy of Nominee’s CNIC/NICOP

Payment evidence to be attached along with Application Form:

  1. a) Original deposit slip (PO/DD/Cheque) duly stamped by bank


  1. b) In case of online transaction, get a print of screen shot/ transaction and attach it.

Submit the signed Application Form along with all attachments to the authorized Overseas Dealer on given address.

Direct Booking through Online e-Form

Get print of empty downloaded Application Form to fill manually.


Become a Smart Member of smart city and proceed online to get print of computerized Application e-Form

Deposit Down Payment for selected size of property along with Processing Fee to FDH Account.

  1. a) Pay all General Payments Online Using Visa/Master Card


  1. b) Interbank Transfer

NOTE:  Customers making payments from USA are required to consider IBAN Numbers as Account Code for online Funds Transfer Transactions.


  1. c) PO/DD/Cheque in the name of “Future Developments Holdings (Private) Limited”

Please be aware that any transaction/funds transfer via Hundi / Hawala will not be acceptable or traceable which must be avoided by the Customers.

Important Notes

The Amount Send/Transferred from outside the Country should be calculated according to Prevailing rate (Bank Selling rate) of used Currency equivalent to PKR. For USD, GBP and Euro payment, PKR conversation rate must be confirmed from our sale representative before transaction. Customer has to route his business transactions through Non- Individual / Commercial Payments Channels.

Once transaction was made, the customers are requested to please send us the payment proof through Emails, copy of deposit slips or screenshots and Bank Statement showing this transaction. After verification through bank, your payments will be updated in your ledger and scan copy of receipt will be send to you accordingly.

Otherwise, we are unable to update your transactions regarding your Payment in our record.

Following documents must be attached with Application Form:

  • Two Passport size recent photographs
  • Copy of CNIC
  • Copy of Nominee’s CNIC

Payment evidence to be attached along with Application Form :

  1. a) Original deposit slip (PO/DD/Cheque) duly stamped by bank


  1. b) In case of online transaction, get a print of screenshot/ transaction and attach it.

Submit the signed Application Form along with all attachments to the authorized Overseas Dealer on given address.

Alternate Option – through Relatives in Pakistan

Send complete Application Form with all documents through any of relatives in Pakistan as per procedure.

Why to invest in overseas block of Capital Smart City?

There are many reasons to invest in overseas plot now in Capital Smart City.

  • First Smart City in Pakistan
  • Grade 8 Development
  • Reliable Owner and Developer
  • RDA Approved Society
  • Supreme location
  • Ideal, safe and Profitable Investment
  • Added Value
  • Modern Amenities & Features
  • Preference in development
  • Easy 3 Year Installment Plan
  • Residential & Commercial Plots Offered
  • Safe & Peaceful environment
  • Close to New Islamabad Airport
  • Close to Main Islamabad & Rawalpindi Cities

FDHL take great step to invest money in Pakistan not only those living in Pakistan but also for abroad living people who wants to invest in Pakistan. Capital Smart City aiming to provide profitable opportunities to Pakistanis to invest in Pakistan.

Sky Marketing Islamabad is authorized deal of Capital Smart city and many other societies like blue world city, park view city and ichs. You just need to contact them or visit their office for booking and information.

Head Office

2nd Floor AA Plaza
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Regional Office

Office No. 2, First Floor Block C,
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Peshawar, Pakistan

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Office No. 3, 2nd Floor Mega Tower 63b,
Main Boulevard Gulberg 2 Near McDonald’s Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

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