Complete List of Lahore Postal Codes, Zip Codes

Have you ever observed five five-digit codes at the end of your address on letters or packages delivered via Pakistan Post or a private courier service? This set of numbers represents the postal code for your town or district. To facilitate accurate and timely mail delivery, larger cities are assigned multiple postal codes. Take Lahore, for example, where postal codes differ across various areas, enabling the post office to efficiently sort and arrange parcels.

Lahore Postal Codes

If you’re curious about the purpose of Zip or Postal codes, they primarily serve to confirm the location of the area you belong to. Below, you’ll find a compilation of Lahore postal codes, organized by area, which can be easily accessed through the provided table. 

Whether you search by Area Name or Postal Code, you can quickly find the relevant information.

Area Name Postal Code GPO Name
Balloki 55210 Lahore GPO
Barki 53200 Lahore GPO
Chah Miran 54900 Lahore GPO
Chuhang 53800 Lahore GPO
Jallo 53500 Lahore GPO
Lahore Cantt. Gpo 54810 Lahore Cantt GPO
Lahore Gpo 54000 Lahore GPO
Lahore Aitcheson College 54030 Lahore GPO
Lahore Alflah 54020 Lahore GPO
Lahore Allama Iqbal Town 54570 Lahore GPO
Lahore Awan Coloney 54780 Lahore GPO
Lahore Baghbanpura 54920 Lahore GPO
Lahore Bahria Town 53720 Lahore GPO
Lahore Bata Pur 53400 Lahore Cantt GPO
Lahore C.M.A. Cantt. 54800 Lahore Cantt GPO
Lahore Defence Housing Soicety 54792 Lahore Cantt GPO
Lahore E.M.E Society P.O 53710 Lahore GPO
Lahore Engineering University 54890 Lahore GPO
Lahore Ferozepur Road 54600 Lahore Cantt GPO
Lahore Green Town 54786 Lahore Cantt. GPO
Lahore Gulberg Colony 54660 Lahore Cantt GPO
Lahore Harbans Pura 54850 Lahore Cantt GPO
Lahore Ismail Nagar 54760 Lahore Cantt GPO
Lahore Johar Town 54782 Lahore Cantt. GPO
Lahore Kahna Nau 53100 Lahore Cantt GPO
Lahore Kohinoor Energy 55160 Lahore GPO
Lahore Model Town 54700 Lahore Cantt GPO
Lahore Multan Road Post Office 54500 Lahore GPO
Lahore New University Campus 54590 Lahore GPO
Lahore Nishtar Town 54762 Lahore Cantt. GPO
Lahore Pmg Punjab Post Office 54560 Lahore GPO
Lahore Postmall 54820 Lahore Cantt. GPO
Lahore Pt & T Audit 54550 Lahore GPO
Lahore Punjab Governor House 54880 Lahore GPO
Lahore Secondary Board 54650 Lahore GPO
Lahore Shadman Women Model P.O 54610 Lahore GPO
Lahore Tajpura 54870 Lahore Cantt GPO
Lahore Township Sector A-1 54770 Lahore Cantt GPO
Manga Mandi 55270 Lahore GPO
Mansoora 54790 Lahore GPO
Moghalpura 54840 Lahore GPO
Naulakha 54010 Lahore GPO
Nawan Lahore 36280 T.T Singh GPO
Niaz Beg Thokar 53700 Lahore GPO
Raiwind 55150 Lahore GPO
Rewaz Garden 54510 Lahore GPO
River View, Lahore 54784 Lahore GPO
Sabzazar 54572 Lahore GPO
Shah Alam Market 54100 Lahore GPO
Shahdara Bagh 54950 Lahore GPO
Shahi Mohallah 54110 Lahore GPO
Wahga 53600 Lahore Cantt, GPO
Timber Market 54120 Lahore GPO


In addition to the provided information, it’s noteworthy that Lahore has a total of 50 postal codes. The primary postal code for Lahore’s main General Post Office (GPO) is 54000. Along with this, the area code for Lahore is 42, requiring the prefix 042 for local landline numbers and +9242 for international calls. It’s important to clarify that the area code is distinct from the zip code or postal code.


Here you go! We’re presenting you a comprehensive list of Lahore postal codes for your convenience. Explore and dig deeper into our wealth of resources on postal codes throughout Pakistan and the Pakistan Post Office for further information. Stay connected to the Sky Marketing Blog page, acknowledged as the top property blog in Pakistan, for the latest updates on the real estate industry.

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