DHA Bahawalpur


DHA is a famous housing society’s developer in all over Pakistan. They provide a modern and high level of lifestyle. The royal life in DHA is so relaxing and profitable at very reasonable prices. DHA has brought another project after lots of successful projects in Pakistan. DHA Bahawalpur is a housing project in Bahawalpur by the DHA developer that is on a broad level. DHA Bahawalpur is famous in all over southern Punjab. the outstanding features of the societies by DHA let the residents have a standard life here as well as the awesome pricing plan is also a perfect chance for the people of any category either its rich or middle class.

This low cost and modern featured society have extra beautiful views and extraordinary beauty that gives comfort and stress-free life. In Bahawalpur, this society brought lucky chances and golden opportunities for the people to get availed of this. They will be able to be in a desired and dream house with the best facilities here. the investment form the businessmen are being very fast day by day they are taking much interest in this useful project. They can see the supper profit they can earn here. The residents will have a perfectly styled life.

Projects by DHA:

DHA has many more projects in major cities of Pakistan like DHA Lahore, DHA Karachi, DHA Multan, and DHA Islamabad. These projects got its peak of success in a short time because of the fantastic project planning and facilities. This new project is offering 10 Marla plots and 1 Kanal in residential plots. The DHA Bahawalpur presented with each necessary thing of the luxurious life.

Location of DHA Bahawalpur:

The society is located on the southern bypass that is easily accessed from the airport. Besides, it is accessible from all side of Bahawalpur easily it means people can reach here in just a few minutes which increase its value and keep it engaging. The society’s prime location is one of the best societies that have lots of interest of the people residing in Bahawalpur. There are also buyers from other cities that book their plots in DHA Bahawalpur. It is highly said that the selection of a supreme location for any society will decide the future of that society. So it has the location which put it towards success and interest.

DHA Bahawalpur Features:

DHA Bahawalpur is designed very attractive and interesting. There are lots of facilities for the residents here. The features are discussed below in detail. Features are highly recommended and assured by the developers about its quality and attraction from all over the region. The DHA Bahawalpur has a keen interest by people in the region everyone knows that society is fantastic because it belongs to an experienced and icon name that has awesome projects in the past. Below are some necessary features of DHA Bahawalpur:

Health facilities:

There are lots of hospitals as the latest technology and imported machinery. The first aid services are free here and the 24 hours electricity availability will be provided also. There will be

Shoukat Khanum hospital free for cancer patients. This branch will have all the facilities that the main Shaukat Khanum hospital has. The staff will be also trained by the main campus as well as the medicine supply will be by the team too. It is so positive for the best future for the society that there is a cancer hospital branch named Shaukat Khanum which is famous all over Pakistan.

24 hours of water, gas, and electricity:

The DHA Bahawalpur has planned 24 hours of gas, water, and secure underground electricity. This is the main and big problem for life. The load-shedding free society is remarkable for a lifetime.


The society has multiple and Jamia mosques in it that are beautifully designed and constructed with awesome techniques. The architectures have specially designed it for ease of both seasons.

Education sectors:

Here are many schools colleges with technology learning systems. There are introduced projectors and video tutorials also for proper learning. The teachers have been trained before their joining of services. There are most remarkable universities here named National Development University and the National University of modern languages.

Security surveillance:

We can say that the society is fully secured because there are lots of the latest CCTV cameras everywhere and streets. There is also a boundary wall and a secure gate with one-way pass security. The residents will feel secure in this safe gated community having all these security systems.

Commercial zone:

The DHA Bahawalpur has its commercial zone which has many shopping malls and restaurants as well as every important store and shop. Restaurants and malls will have mobile apps for the availability of online shopping with free home delivery.

Theme parks and playgrounds:

There are many theme parks and playgrounds for sports that are managed according to many kinds of sports. The theme parks are beautifully designed which has greenery everywhere and the pleasant weather allow us to feel relax. The theme parks will have all the imported furniture to feel the matching theme with keen interest.

International level golf courses:

There are gold courses to be provided on an international level which will let us have the best talent for our country too. The golf course by the team will be international level as well as perfectly trained by overseas persons.

Easy access from any side of Bahawalpur:

It is just 5 minutes away from Bahawalpur international airport, 22 minutes far from the railway station and 20 minutes far from N5 GT road. The DHA Bahawalpur is 22 minutes away from Model town Bahawalpur. It is 20 minutes’ drive from the city bus terminal as well as 5 minutes away from the University of central Punjab campus Yazman road.

Cancer hospital:

Cancer hospitals will be developed on 50 acres of land in a special location. This was told in a ceremony the hospital will be unique and fantastic with high technology and c0oncetion for the middle-class category.

Electronic system:

The society has its electronic billing system that will allow us to submit a bill without wasting our time and being in line for submission and so on. This E-system will have a login and account system for everyone to pay the bills of gas, electricity. The system will be able to book a ride or taxi for transport purposes like Uber or Careem with live ride tracking as well.


The DHA Bahawalpur has a fantastic and supper Mall here that has perfectly designed by a talented architect named Ali Arshad Associates. The total area of this mall is 550,000 approx and the construction timeline is 2 years in this period the mall will be ready for the special interest by the investors. This mall will be updated time by time and will be aware of every latest trend and fashion.

DHA Bahawalpur Villas:

The DHA Bahawalpur has planned fantastic villas that are under construction. The land of these villas is 6, 9 and 12 marlas categorized. These villas will be designed by the best architects and perfectly planned for the ease of a resident’s life. These villas are here to become a reason for the satisfaction and attention of people or buyers. The villas have its better infrastructure and security system including an awesome sewerage system and 24 hours of electricity, gas and water supply.

Some updates about these villas:

The bookings were opened in February 2017 and balloting was done on 10th March 2017. The total 605 villas were offered for booking the details are as below:

323 villas of 6 marlas, 161 villas of 9 marlas and 121 villas of 12 marlas are open for booking.

The 2 years installment plan is offered for these phenomenal villas with 8 quarterly installments. Some successful buyers have also paid 2nd and 3rd installments in December 2017.

Development status of DHA Bahawalpur villas:

The development of these villas has started in September 2019. The development project was handed over to a contractor and they are working on Block A, B, and C that means the work will be done in the given time it is assured by them that the told and contracted work will be accomplished on the exact time with the best result and reliable quality. the workers are using heavy and latest machinery for the development purpose. In block D and f, the development work also gets started with brisk speed. The owner has given the whole development procedure to responsible engineers and dealers who have an impressive image in the past. The whole team including workers and architects are well known and experienced they use their high level of talent and mind to make this society look groomed and well designed.

The possessions in these villas:

The DHA Bahawalpur has offered some plots for possession. During starting the development in 2017 the developers and owner agreed to finish the work by December 2018 so the owners will be handed over their properties by the time of installment plan is done in March 2019. The owners or buyers are very excited to have their possessions and enjoy their best profit by reselling their properties and the residents are excited to for having their royal and a standard life here.

Why invest in DHA Bahawalpur villas:

The investment in these villas is quite a profitable and useful chance to switch your business to a ranked one. The residents will also have a golden time and life here. It’s not only a higher residential option as well as the commercial feasibility is there for buyers. You can either resell your villas or rent them on the best monthly income. After your possession, you will be able to do whatever you want to do with your villas. The villas are available with best and acceptable surroundings and beautiful views. It is a trustworthy housing scheme that is necessary for any investment by any applicant. In short, it is the best chance to avail of this opportunity for your future desired life with a modern lifestyle.

DHA Bahawalpur Payment Plan:

Following is the payment plan of DHA Bahawalpur:


DHA Bahawalpur Files prices:

The DHA Bahawalpur files and DHA Bahawalpur file prices are below:

  • For 1 Kanal affidavit file price is 28lacs on cash
  • 1 Kanal allocation file price is 26.75 lacs on cash
  • 10 Marla installment file booking price 22 lacs and 1 lac is own profit
  • 1 Kanal installment file booking 38 lacs
  • 2 Kanal installment file booking 90 lacs and 2 lacs are own profit
  • 4 Marla commercial installment booking file price 150 lacs and 10 lacs on
  • 6 marla villas booking price 70 lacs and 4 lacs own profit
  • 9 marla villas booking 85 lacs and 5 lacs own profit
  • 12 marla villas booking 99 lacs and 6 lacs own.

DHA Bahawalpur map:

Below is the DHA Bahawalpur map that will let you know all about the area and blocks very clearly here. It is designed in detail and proper. Sector A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, N can be seen on the map that is updated in February 2019.
DHA Bahawalpur map

DHA application form:

For purchasing the plots here you need to fill a form for the procedure you need to download the application form. You can download the DHA Bahawalpur application form from the website of DHA Bahawalpur or also apply online by visiting the website. DHA Bahawalpur form can be found on the website of DHA Bahawalpur.

DHA Bahawalpur Balloting 2019:

The balloting system has been launched in this society. DHA Bahawalpur balloting lets everyone have a plot and possession excitingly. There are multiple sizes and categories of plots are being added to this balloting process. The balloting date of 31 December 2019 has been changed to the first week of January 2020. DHA Bahawalpur balloting 2019 was so excited for everyone.

DHA Bahawalpur Development Status and Balloting:

DHA Bahawalpur is under construction some of the blocks are being done and some are ongoing. In Block E work is ongoing and in block F the plots will also be offered for balloting soon. In Block E plots 10marla can be added to the process. The balloting of Block A, B, and C are also added to the balloting as well as the strength of people for this mega-development is high level and also the developer wants them to be a part of this. After the balloting result, people are excited about the allocation of their plots but the final date of the balloting result did not announce yet. The development of DHA Bahawalpur villas is also under construction and the main avenue and green belt are being developed.

Future the steps will be taken here:

The DHA Bahawalpur will increase the price of plots in the next 6 months. In this period the development work of a few sites and Askari phase 1 including national defense university will be near to complete.

Latest offers for transfer of installment files:

Now the buyers can easily transfer their installment files without paying any remaining due installment. The seller will have to pay the fee with the government charges and surcharges and the seller is also bound to pay the remaining installments in 60 days. The transfer latter will be issued when he will clear all the formalities and installments in the purchaser’s name.

Latest updates of DHA Bahawalpur:

The society has made two announcements for the ease of customers has been given relaxation in terms of transfer of files and the registration and renewal fee for the dealers of properties has reduced too. The DHA Bahawalpur has announced new bookings of plots of 5, 8 marlas and 2 Kanal residential as well as 4, 8 marla plots of commercial on installments.

DHA Bahawalpur rules and regulations for buyers:

The developers of the society have decided to open the posessions for the residents of blocks A, B, and C that are under development. They planned some rules for them too. The residents who pay 1st installment will be able to start the construction of their home.

Process of construction of the residents:

1. Confirmation of plots:

The resident will need to confirm their plot checked by the owner in the list of DHA Bahawalpur either it’s available for possession or not. After this, the resident will have to pay 1st installment too.

2. The application for possession and site plan:

The person will go through the application process for possession and site plan with required papers.

3. Submission of proposed drawing:

The resident will submit the proposed drawing that would be approved by the architects and experienced engineers but the design should be according to the DHA Bahawalpur bylaws.

4. Demarcation paper process:

Building control will give the demarcation paper to the owner. After providing the paper owner will be allowed to have the lot and start construction.

5. Construction of remarked plots:

Staff will visit the site of construction from time to time. The development charges will be paid and checked regularly.

6. Permanent services connection:

The person will need to apply for services connected with all document s after complete charges of development and NOC by the finance department.

7. Completion certificate:

The resident will have to apply for a completion certificate after completion of the development and will wait for the permit of occupation of houses. After going through all the formalities the building control branch will approve and provide NOC of occupation of houses.

DHA Bahawalpur’s pricing plan:

The pricing plan of the society has been managed according to the middle class too. They can now have this chance of royal life too. Everyone can now avail of this golden chance to have their dream house at their affordable price that was not possible in other housing schemes that were just designed for upper-class people. We are placing the whole pricing plan:

DHA Bahawalpur’s future:

The future of the DHA Bahawalpur depends on the best history of DHA that is a very senior and honestly emerged society. This remarkable successful history of DHA and its previous fantastic project on a high level and big cities provide fame to this new DHA Bahawalpur project. The future of this society will also be successful just because of these perfect projects in the past. The extraordinary success of DHA is always proved itself in the real estate market by providing such gold as societies in big cities of Pakistan. DHA became soon the icon name in Pakistan in a short period. In this regard, the owner has planned to start the project of DHA Bahawalpur. DHA Bahawalpur jobs will also be given and useful for the region.

Why invest here:

Trust means a lot for a society and its success. People will, of course; choose a society that is trustworthy and honest, the society that provides reasonable features in the pricing plan. The DHA Bahawalpur allows you to have all these with the best location and views. The life of residents will be the same relaxing as DHA other societies. After all its technological time so society is expecting to have more technological systems and upgrade the previous societies also. The owner wants the DHA Bahawalpur the same successful as its other housing schemes and the residents happier same. The society is in search of the latest upgrades in designs, technology, and infrastructures as well. The developer has a keen interest to bring this society towards the modern look and royal features. The residents will have their luxurious life here at a very affordable price and secure pricing procedure. They will be assured all about their doubts in their mind the dealing team is trained that will allow the visitors to have no doubt or confusion regarding the DHA Bahawalpur. The possession and occupation process has been discussed above that will be followed y all the residents the construction design will go through the approval process. In short, it is a secure and perfectly planned society to invest in here. The businessmen are invited to have their best result in their business by reselling their properties and can start a construction business as well.


The DHA Bahawalpur society is being introduced and launched with phenomenal ambitions and aims. The developers of this society have just one aim that the residents and businessmen should be happy and satisfied. The features are planned according to the hearts of the residents. the businessmen will also select this society because of its royal features at a reasonable price. It has all the needs of life like mosques, hospitals, schools, colleges, theme parks, playgrounds, and so on. The investing process in this society is also secure and trusty.

The mentioned procedure of construction and possession for residents who wants to construct their houses is a must to follow. The DHA Bahwalapur has introduced the balloting system also which increases the interest of people in it. The property will be given on a first-come and first-served basis. The housing schemes like park view city and blue world city are the same awesome about its fantastic features as well as these societies are presented by sky marketing. In some other aspects for the middle class, there are also some societies like university town and ICHS town that can be live in by the middle class also.


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