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DHA Valley Islamabad is a residential development by one of the country’s most legitimate construction groups, DHA. The project was launched on 18th August 2008. Defense Housing Authority (DHA) is a pioneer brand that has delivered many deluxe residential projects. DHA Valley is adjacent to the DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi Phase II Extension on Islamabad Highway.

The residential society is a NOC-approved project that offers all the lavish facilities and amenities to live an abundant life. The housing scheme is a state-of-the-art development that offers unique features and the most reasonable price available in the real estate market.

DHA Valley Islamabad

DHA Valley Islamabad Owners and Developers:

The owners and developers of DHA Valley Islamabad are the well-known construction group, Defense Housing Authority (DHA). The project is an exclusive collaboration of DHA with Bahria Town Islamabad and Habib Rafiq (Pvt) Ltd.

The owners have a reputation for hiring the most experienced and skillful team of developers and architects that create futuristic architectural developments. The DHA is a Government of Pakistan-owned real-estate development company that has been around for a few decades. It has 1.05 billion annual revenues with an employment power of 6,000 total employees across the country.

DHA Valley Islamabad Owners and Developers

DHA Valley Islamabad NOC:

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) of DHA Valley Islamabad is officially approved by the Defense Housing Authority. Defense Housing Authority is a semi-government development authority, so the government officially approves all the projects under the DHA. The NOC approval of a residential society is a major element of attraction for the investor as it raises the worth of the project, making it a reliable investment.

DHA Valley Islamabad Location:

The location of DHA Valley Islamabad is prime as its located adjacent to the DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi Phase II Extension on Islamabad Highway. The residential society location is highly accessible from many major routes in twin cities. The location of this residential society is one of the attractions for the investors.

Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi, Taj Residencia, and Nova City Islamabad are other suitable investment opportunities available for capital city investors. Following is a convenient map of the residential society:

DHA Valley Islamabad Location

Following is another convenient map of the residential society:

DHA Valley Islamabad Location

Accessibility Points:

Following are some of the convenient accessibility points of the residential society:

DHA Valley Islamabad Location

  • Adjacent to the DHA Phase II
  • Approximately 7 minutes drive away from Mohra Bakhtan, Rawalpindi Punjab
  • Approximately 14 minutes drive away from Arazi Sohal
  • Approximately 18 minutes drive away from Sarwal Rawalpindi
  • Approximately 20 minutes drive away from Kallar Siyyadan Road
  • Approximately 26 minutes drive away from Rawat, Islamabad
  • Approximately 29 minutes drive away from Chaman, Rawalpindi
  • Approximately 35 minutes drive away from Sihala
  • Approximately 37 minutes drive away from Islamabad Expressway
  • Approximately 40 minutes drive away from Faizabad Rawalpindi
  • Approximately 50 minutes drive away from New Islamabad Airport

Nearby Places and Landmarks:

Following are some of the nearby places and landmarks of the residential society:

  • Giga Mall
  • DHA Phase I
  • DHA Phase II
  • DHA Phase IV
  • Bahria Town
  • Al-Qasim Town
  • Ayyub National Park
  • Fauji Foundation Hospital
  • Institute of Space and Technology (IST)
  • Capital University of Science and Technology

DHA Valley Islamabad Masterplan:

The master plan of DHA Valley Islamabad is skillfully developed by the expert team of Defense Housing Authority Rawalpindi-Islamabad. DHA Valley spans over 15,075 Kanal and is located between the Grand Trunk Road and the Islamabad Highway.

The housing society offers a one-of-a-kind lifestyle in a free and secure atmosphere surrounded by natural beauty and exceptional amenities of worldwide standards. DHA Valley blends quality, excellence, and international standards to provide local and Overseas Pakistanis with a luxurious lifestyle. The housing development is divided into several residential and commercial blocks that offer different plots.

DHA Valley Islamabad Masterplan

DHA Valley Islamabad Blocks:

Following are the names of the blocks available in the residential society:

  • DHA Valley (General Block)
  • DHA Valley (Overseas Block)
  • DHA Commercial Avenue
  • DHA Homes

General Blocks:

Following are the names of general blocks available in DHA Valley:

  • Bluebell Block
  • Rose Block
  • Tulip Block
  • Daisy Block
  • Daffodils Block
  • Lily Block
  • Oleander Block
  • Jasmine Block
  • Eglantine Block
  • Gloxinia Block
  • Lavender Block
  • Lotus Block
  • Marigold Block
  • Snowdrop Block
  • Zinnia Block
  • Iris Block

Overseas Blocks:

Following are the names of the overseas blocks available in the residential society:

  • Magnolia Block
  • Sunflower Block
  • Bougainvillea Block

DHA Valley Islamabad Plot Sizes:

Following are the plot sizes available in the DHA Valley:

Residential Plots:

Following are the residential plot sizes available in the housing society:

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Commercial Plots:

Following are the commercial plot sizes available in the housing society:

  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla

DHA Valley Islamabad Payment Plan:

The payment plan of DHA Valley Islamabad is considerately designed, and affordability is the key factor. The housing society offers a convenient payment plan that offers 4-halfyearly and 48 monthly instalments. Residential society plots are available for possession with the most convenient down payment. Kingdom Valley Islamabad, Al Noor Orchard, and Nova City Islamabad also offer a convenient and affordable payment plan on the premises of the capital city.

Following is a payment plan for Pakistani Residents:

DHA Valley Islamabad Payment Plan

Following is a payment plan for Overseas Residents:

DHA Valley Islamabad Payment Plan

Facilities and Amenities:

The facilities and amenities of DHA Valley Islamabad are futuristic and modern, which fulfil all the needs for a luxurious yet pleasant lifestyle. DHA has never compromised on project quality in the last years, and DHA Valley Islamabad is another exceptional creation.

It is a residential society approved by the LDA located at the primmest location of Islamabad. The housing society is a gated community with 24-hour surveillance security, ensuring that your safety is never jeopardized. Also, the housing society is laced in with the necessities, including 24-hour water, electricity, and gas.

Gated Community:

The residential society is a secure and gated community with 24/7 surveillance. The residential project’s developers made the security of residents their superior propriety. A boundary wall protects the housing society confines to ensure a high-tech level of security.

Commercial Area:

The residential society developers also established commercial areas for their residents. This commercial centre provides general merchandise. Moreover, it includes a variety of discount stores and supermarkets all in one place for the convenience of the residents.

Grand Mosque:

The Grand Mosque of the residential society features religious architecture. The developers have designed a beautiful Grand Jamia Masjid to fulfil the spiritual needs of their residents.

Health Facilities:

The developers of the housing society kept a considerable thought for the health care needs of their residents. International-standard hospitals and clinics have been developed for this purpose. The emergencies are going to be open for 24 hours of the week.

Education Complex:

Education is a vital necessity to live a modern life. The residential society’s developers kept a large amount of land for international-standard schools and education complexes. The institutes feature the most skilful and highly educated teaching staff to provide quality education.

Extensive Water Supply:

The residential society has an extensive system of water restoration. Many water reservoirs have been developed to resource the maximum water for the resident’s daily use.

Salient Features:

Following are some of the salient features of DHA Valley Islamabad:

  • Beautiful entrance gate
  • Affordability
  • Grand mosque
  • Water resources
  • Eco-community
  • Education complex
  • Accessibility
  • 24/7 security
  • Maintenance
  • Boundary wall
  • Gated community
  • Quality development
  • Water, gas, electricity
  • Underground electrification
  • Sewerage and waste disposal system
  • World-class infrastructure development
  • Sports complex with indoor and outdoor facilities
  • Medical facilities offered by hospitals, dispensaries, and clinics

Pros & Cons:

Following are the pros & cons of DHA Valley:



24/7 water Perception of high prices
24/7 Electricity
24/7 Gas
Peaceful/ healthy/secure environment
Surveillance Systems, CCTV Cameras & guards
Very close to the central locations & other projects
Security system
Solid waste disposal mechanism

Booking Procedure:

To book your plot in DHA Valley Islamabad, visit Sky Marketing and follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Fill your booking application form attentively
  • Attach the CNIC copies of the applicant
  • Pay down payment via check or pay the order
  • Submit all the required documents and payment, and get the receipt

Documents Required for Booking:

The documents required for plot booking in the housing society are stated below:

  • Down payment
  • A copy of CNIC
  • Passport size picture

DHA Valley Islamabad Development Status:

The DHA Valley Islamabad is in a rapid development phase. Many of the blocks have been fully developed, and others are near completion. The General Block’s Bluebell is nearly finished, while work on Rose and Daffodils is underway.

Though we saw work force and growth in the Oleander block, it will take quite a long to develop Oleander fully; nevertheless, there is no residential development in Lilly, where DHA Homes is created, and people are living there.

DHA Valley Islamabad Possession:

The possession of DHA Valley Islamabad relies on the required additional balloting and the issuance of a new final map before taking possession. In the first balloting of DHA Valley Islamabad on 23rd December 2018, almost 5000 plot files were assigned to the registered members of the residential society.

The possession of residential plots in the Oleander, Lily, and Daffodils blocks will be announced soon. The decision to take possession in early 2020 was made at a meeting between DHA Islamabad and DHA Valley Affecters on 24th December 2019.

Why Invest in DHA Valley Islamabad?

DHA Valley Islamabad is a high-end residential development by a well-known and reputable developer organisation. The housing society has the potential of a smart and profitable investment. The project is situated at a prime position in Islamabad, near the DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi Phase II Extension.

One of the remarkable advantages of this futuristic residential and commercial project is its spectacular state-of-the-art architecture, connected and carpeted highways, and a secure gated community. The residential project is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest due to the following best features:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Prime location
  • Spacious properties
  • Luxurious amenities
  • Soon-to-be-approved
  • Well-known developers
  • International infrastructure development

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Following are the FAQs about DHA Valley Islamabad:

Ans: DHA Valley Islamabad offers a flexible 4-Yearly instalment that offers the most economical prices.

Ans: DHA Valley Islamabad is located adjacent to the DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi Phase II Extension on Islamabad Highway.

Ans: The project is owned by DHA in collaboration with Bahria Town Islamabad and Habib Rafiq (Pvt) Ltd.

Ans: Yes, because the instalment schedules are affordable for families and small investors. Thus, it increases the chance of high-yield investment returns.

Ans: Following are the steps to follow for booking a property in DHA Valley Islamabad:

  • Verify your papers and fill out your forms with the most up-to-date possible resources
  • Make sure you have a solid financial plan to pursue your investment after consulting with the residential society
  • A successful visit to the residential society’s site will help prevention of fraud
  • Select property size
  • Fill out all the personal information correctly
  • Data entry of the nominee
  • Enter the payments
  • Genuine signature

Ans: The step to follow for the amalgamation of plots are mentioned below:

  • Submit the required documents
  • After the completion of the process and on the given date, the customer will collect a new Allotment letter

Ans: The step to follow for the mortgage plots are mentioned below:

  • submit a request application
  • Pay NOC / NEC fee
  • Issue NOC / NEC to the bank

Ans: The step to follow for the cancellation of files are mentioned below:

  • The owner has to submit a request application
  • To collect cancellation letter from the office

Ans: Following are the step to acquire the possession of plots in the residential society:

  • Member will apply for SOD & PDCS (Statement of Dues & Post-Dated Cheques Statement) from BCD (Building Control Department) on Computer Generated Letter
  • Before applying, he has to pay the possession fee and will attach the deposit slip along with the application
  • BCD will issue SOD & PDCS, and the member will pay accordingly
  • Now, the member will apply on the prescribed application and will attach the following documents:
    • MS letter &/or Allotment Certificate (Copies)
    • CNIC (Copy)
    • Affidavit
    • Post-dated Cheques (PDC)
    • Fee / Charges deposit slips
  • BCD will process their application and get approval
  • BCD will approach the applicant to visit and get on-ground Possession and Possession Letter

Ans: The contact number of the DHA Valley Islamabad head office is +92-51-111-555-400.

Ans: Following are the residential plot sizes available in the residential society:

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Ans: Following are the commercial plot sizes available in the residential society:

  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Ans: There are 5 block types in the DHA Valley Islamabad:

Ans: Following are the names of the blocks available in the residential society:

  • DHA Valley (General Block)
  • DHA Valley (Overseas Block)
  • DHA Homes
  • DHA Commercial Avenue


DHA Valley Islamabad is a major residential project located near DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi Phase II Extension. The residential project is an approved society developed by the Defense Housing Authority. The developers envision developing an all-inclusive standard living experience for their future residents. This residential and commercial project is going to be a fruitful investment choice in the coming years.

For the latest news and updates on the property, please visit Sky Marketing. Park View City Islamabad and Blue World City Islamabad are some of the other beneficial investment opportunities offered in the exclusive landmark of the capital city.

Head Office

2nd Floor AA Plaza
Jinnah Avenue ,Blue Area, Islamabad

(051) 848-7777

Regional Office

Office No. 2, First Floor Block C,
JB Tower, University Road
Peshawar, Pakistan

(091) 7257777

Office No. 3, 2nd Floor Mega Tower 63b,
Main Boulevard Gulberg 2 Near McDonald’s Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

(042) 35777453

Skymarketing, Plaza 88,
Civic Centre, Phase 4,
Bahria Town, Rawalpindi

Plot 124, Model Town B
Block B Model Town,
Multan, Punjab


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