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House Construction Cost


House construction cost includes the cost of grey structure finishing. The construction of a basic structure is called a grey structure that is without finishing, and a finished structure is referred to as a finished product which may include complete construction with all the paintwork, etc.

Furthermore, we discuss in detail the grey structure includes constructing walls, roof work, plastering, and preparation of floors. Whereas finishing work includes the works like tile fixing, woodwork, false ceiling, and interior and exterior finishing. The cost paid for finishing work is known as the finishing cost.

Building your dream house from scratch is not an easy project. It is necessary to understand the entire process, the finances, and the raw materials required. When starting the construction of your house there must be a lot of questions that you might think about the house construction cost, but you need not worry because we are going to give you an idea of the basic construction material price.

Following are some average-sized plots sizes upon which the house are constructed:

  1. 3 Marla
  2. 5 Marla
  3. 7 Marla

House Construction Cost:

We will be giving you an idea of how much finances are roughly required to build a basic normal-sized grey structure house and what materials are used. The following table contains the average price of materials required to build an average-sized home:

House Construction Cost Payment Plan

Brief Descriptions of Construction Costs:

The above table gave you an idea of the base prices of basic per-unit construction materials costs used in an average-sized house. These included bricks, cement, steel, sand, crush, and mazdoor. Here we need to keep in mind that we are discussing an average cost that is served on an average house.

Dicreption of cost of construction

The average house size in Pakistan is 3 Marla to 7 Marla that is mostly used by the people to build their house upon. This range of plots and house construction on them is relatively easy to afford than the larger plots and construction. The prices keep fluctuating due to the internal and external factors affecting the construction and real estate industry.

So, be mentally prepared to adjust the prices accordingly and when you are about to start the project then take the up-to-date prices to estimate for better management of the finances. Following are the brief descriptions and estimate costs of the basic units used in the construction process:


Labour is the key to this puzzle. Determining the labor costs is essential because all the work that is conducted is done by the laborers. In Pakistan, the labor cost is determined per square foot. This means that the base price is set to carry out the work on one square foot.

labour need for construction

The price varies with the categories of construction, for example, A and A-plus categories per square feet price may rise higher but on the average scale, the price of labor is between PKR 350 to PKR 400 per square feet. If 10 labor are hired then for an average house of 350 per square feet and 900 square feet of the plot the price may reach PKR 315, 000 for one labor person, and for 10 it will rise to the PKR 3,150,000/-

Other work costs by the laborers are around the Basement building Rs.310/= to Rs.350/= per square ft. Masonry work: Rs.35/= per square ft. Plasterwork: Rs.25/= per square ft. Marble work: Rs.25/= per square ft.


An average-sized house of 900 to 1000 square feet would require around 50,000 to 60,000 bricks. It is highly recommended to use high-quality bricks to ensure the high strength of the structure. Your life depends on the quality of structure that you are going to occupy.

bricks for construction

There are many types and qualities of bricks available in the market. A decent quality of brick in the market is available with a price tag of Rs. 12, in local terms it is also called “Awwal brick”. The total cost according to this cost per unit for 50,000 bricks will be PKR 600,000.


Sand is also a basic material used in the construction process. Usually, there are two types of sand is being used in the construction. One is Sand, Chenab, and Sand Ravi. Both have different prices. The sand is taken out of river beds or from the coastal beaches. The estimated trolley rates are Sand Chenab: Rs. 6500/= trolley and for Sand Ravi: Rs. 4500/= per trolley.

sand for construction

With a careful estimate 3, 200 cubic feet of sand is used for an average house at an average rate of PKR 23 per cubic feet. This would mean that the quantity for the grey structure would require around 60, 000 cubic feet, and with this unit price, the cost would be PKR 1,380,000/. The sand of River Chenab is considered to be of better quality and so the rate is higher to around PKR 35 per cubic feet taking up the overall price of the sand required in the construction.


Crush is used in the whole process of grey structure construction. It is mainly used in foundation development and the process of concrete mixture making. In twin cities, builders and contractors prefer the Margalla crush because of its good grade. However, the Sargodha crush is also used with low-rates than the Margalla crush. The required quantity for an average-sized house is around 800 to 1000 cubic feet.

material for construction

Margalla crush is usually used in the construction of the roof of the house and it is used in local terms as the “lintel or linter”.


Cement is one of the most key building and finishing materials used for house construction. It is not used only in the construction of the grey structure but also in the plasterwork of the work. The rates may vary according to the grade and company prices.

cement for construction

The average rate of the cement bag is around PKR 550 to PKR 590 per bag. Around 530 bags of cement is used in the construction process of an average-sized house. At this, per unit cost, the total cost for the cement may rise to around PKR 312,700 to PKR 280,900 respectively.


Steel is used in the construction of the grey structure of the house. It is used from the start of foundation development to the last floor of the house. The prices of the steel per ton keep changing as per the market trends and the factors affecting the prices. Different qualities are used and available in the market. This is crucial so you must use high-quality steel bars in the construction of the house.

steel for construction

Around 2.5 to 3 tones of sarya/steel would be used to construct an average-sized house. At the above-mentioned per tonne rate of sarya of PKR 128,000, the total cost would be around PKR 320,000 to PKR 384,000 respectively.


House construction cost varies from time to time and a person could never be guaranteed about the fixation of the prices. So, we recommend remaining updated before building a house to better manage the available finances efficiently.

With the above-mentioned house construction costs of basic materials and along with some other costs, the total price tag may reach from 60 Lacs to 1 crore. The price also depends on the quality you use and the price changes accordingly.

If you are looking for floor plans then you must read 5 Marla House Design and 10 Marla House Plan. If you are looking to invest in the best real estate housing societies then it will be a lifetime opportunity to invest in Capital Smart City Islamabad, Blue World City, Park View City, and Blue Town Sapphire Lahore.


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