387- Illegal Residential Societies in Rawalpindi [ Full List Leaked ]


Illegal Residential Societies in Rawalpindi could be verified by the Rawalpindi Development Authority. RDA-Approved housing societies provide profitable investment opportunities. Rawalpindi is a city in the Pothohar region of Pakistan in Punjab province. The authority claims to have taken action against illegal housing societies and advised people not to invest in any illegal society before proper validation to keep safe from scams or frauds.

Sky Marketing is an authorized and trusted real estate partner that brings you a list of Fake, illegal housing societies with Locations and current statuses. Whenever investing in real estate property, check the NOC approval from the concerned authorities, visit the land to witness, and beware of fraud schemes.

This blog focuses on Illegal Residential Societies in Rawalpindi.

List of Illegal Residential Societies in Rawalpindi

Following are the Alphabetically-ordered names of Illegal residential societies, and the below data has been directly taken from the RDA official website:

Sr. No. Scheme Name Location Current Status
1.      A M Town Chaklala Illegal
2.      Abad Pearl Villas Kalyal Illegal
3.      Abdullah City Sahal, Rajoar, Chakri Road Illegal
4.      Abid Homes (Land Sub Division) Kalri Illegal
5.      Account Group Officers Cooperative Housing Scheme Jhalyari , Bhahi Khan, Banth, Gujri Illegal
6.      Adan Homes (Land Sub-Division) Dhamyal Illegal
7.      Addan Homes Dhamyal Illegal
8.      Adyala Town Adyala Illegal
9.      Agp Pakistan Chakri Road Illegal
10.  Agp Pakistan (Gulf City) Dhara Illegal
11.  Agro Farm Project Habtal Illegal
12.  Agro Park Housing Scheme Ratta Gujrain Illegal
13.  Ahbab Housing Society Salkehtar / Salla Illegal
14.  Ahmad Garden Kolian Par Illegal
15.  Airport Employees Co-Operative Housing Society Kot Jabbi Illegal
16.  Airport Town Thalian Illegal
17.  Akbar Villas (Land Sub Division) Morgah Illegal
18.  Al Badar Motorway Chakri Road Illegal
19.  Al Fajar Town (Land Sub-Division) Dhok Karam Bakhsh Illegal
20.  Al Haram City (Phase- II) Habtaal, Chakri Road Illegal
21.  Al Qaim Mansion Adyala Road Illegal
22.  Al Rehmat City Bagga Mayana Illegal
23.  Al-Ameer City Kalyam Mughal Illegal
24.  Al-Baddar Motorway Chakri Road Scheme
25.  Al-Buraq Enclave (Land Sub Division) Bagga Sheikha Illegal
26.  Al-Fajar Greens Murree Housing Kashmiri Bazar, Mohra Eswal Illegal
27.  Alfalah Homes (Land Sub) Kalyal, Kalri Illegal
28.  Al-Haram City Phase I (Part II) Kolian Par Illegal
29.  Al-Haram City Phase II, Rahim Block Sangori Illegal
30.  Al-Haram City Ph-II Jhalyari , Bhahi Khan Illegal
31.  Al-Harmain Town Chakri Road Fake Scheme
32.  Al-Heaven Garden Chakri Road Fake Scheme
33.  Ali Mola Motorway City Chakri Road Fake Scheme
34.  Al-Ibrahim City Chakri Road Fake Scheme
35.  Al-Jannat Garden Chakri Road Illegal
36.  Al-Jannat Housing Scheme Chahan Illegal
37.  Al-Karim Builders Bagga Miana, Sangrial Illegal
38.  Al-Kausar Habtal, Khingar Illegal
39.  Al-Khan Enclave Phase-II Pind Bhotti, Taxila Illegal
40.  Alkosar Valley Chakri Illegal
41.  Allama Iqbal Colony Ranyal, Chakri Road Illegal
42.  Al-Makkah City Chakra Illegal
43.  Al-Mamar Housing Scheme Jando Illegal
44.  Al-Meezan City Chakri Illegal
45.  Al-Mirage Garden Gahi Sayedan Illegal
46.  Al-Noor Valley Rawat Pc Road Illegal
47.  Al-Raffi Homes Dhamyal Kalyal Illegal
48.  Al-Rehman Colony (Land-Sub-Division) Ranyal Hayal, Chakri Road Illegal
49.  Ample Living Bagga Sheikhan & Bagga Miana, Chak Beli Khan Road Illegal
50.  Angro Farm Houses Sehal, Habtaal, Chakri Road Illegal
51.  Anwar Town Taxila Illegal
52.  Arizon City Near Chakri Interchange Illegal
53.  Arooj Butt (Sub-Division) Iban Chak Illegal
54.  Arora Farmhouses Lab Thatho Illegal
55.  Asia Housing Society Salkhetar Illegal
56.  Asian Cottage Private Housing Scheme Jhalyari Illegal
57.  Atlantic City Banda Chakbeli Khan Road Illegal
58.  Awc Housing Scheme Niko Illegal
59.  Awt Housing Scheme Fathe Jang Road- Taxila Illegal
60.  Baber Homes (Land Sub) Kalyal Dhagal Illegal
61.  Baber Homes / Gulshan-E- Baber Kalyal / Dhagal Illegal
62.  Bahria Lari Miana Khasala Khurd, Adyala Illegal
63.  Bahria Town Kalar Saydian, Rawat Road Illegal
64.  Bahria Town Dhera Illegal
65.  Bahria Town Phase Ix, VIII Lari Miana, Adyala Road Illegal
66.  Bank Colony Phase-II Misriot Illegal
67.  Bankers City Illegal
68.  Blue Hills Chahan, Sangral, Chakri Road Illegal
69.  Blue Sky Garden Mouza Hurha Bertha, Rawat Illegal
70.  Budget Town Ramday Illegal
71.  Buniad Housing Chakbeli Khan Road Illegal
72.  Buraq Enclave GT Road, Rawat Illegal
73.  Cape Town Habtaal Illegal
74.  Capital Orchard Chakri Road Illegal
75.  Center Point Charhan Illegal
76.  Century Town Bagga Sheikhan, Rawat Illegal
77.  Ch Aurangzeb (Land Sub-Division) Sheikhpur Illegal
78.  Ch Riaz Khan Etc (Land Sub-Division) Dhok Karam Bakhsh Illegal
79.  Ch. Orangzeb (Land Sub-Division) Kaak Sheikhpur Illegal
80.  Chachal Housing Society Charhan Angoori Road Illegal
81.  Chinaar Valley Jonial, Chakri Road Illegal
82.  Chitral Town Pilo Girja Road Illegal
83.  Cighu Country Farm Chakbeli Road Illegal
84.  Citi Housing Rawat Illegal
85.  City Farm House/City Town Taraya, Taraya Gorakhpur Road Illegal
86.  City Homes Bagga Sangrial, G.T. Illegal
87.  City Model Town Chahan, Chakri Road Illegal
88.  City Model Town Mujahid, Malkwal, Dheder Illegal
89.  City Model Town Kolian Par Illegal
90.  City Model Town Khasala Kalan, Adyala Road Illegal
91.  Classic City Chakri Road Fake Scheme
92.  Commoners Development Patriata Illegal
93.  Cooperate Housing Society Kot Jabbi Illegal
94.  Cpec Resort Housing Scheme Chahan, Sangral, Chakri Road Illegal
95.  Cpec Scheme Habtaal Illegal
96.  Daniyal Town Kolian Par, Chakri Road Illegal
97.  Defence View Morgah Illegal
98.  Defense View Kalyal Illegal
99.  Dool Housing Scheme Dhamyal Illegal
100.          Dream Land City Chahan Illegal
101.          Dubia City Kolian Par Fake Scheme
102.          Earth Garden Kalyam Gt Road Illegal
103.          Etihad Heights (Apartment Scheme) Jatal Illegal
104.          Evergreen City Bagga Sheikhan, GT Road Illegal
105.          Executive Homes Kalyal Kalri Illegal
106.          Executive Villas (Land Sub-Division) Kot Jabbi & Chaklala Illegal
107.          Ex-Service Man Housing Scheme Lari Myana, Adyala Road Illegal
108.          Ex-Service Man Housing Scheme Fathe Jang Road- Taxila Illegal
109.          Ex-Servicemen Housing Scheme (Khan Village) Kolian Par, Chakri Road Illegal
110.          Faha Fatima Rajar Chakri Road Illegal
111.          Faisal Hills Enclave Shah Wali Illegal
112.          Faisal Iqbal Town Jalala Illegal
113.          Faisal Town Jalala Illegal
114.          Faisal Town Phase II Maira Kalan, Kolian Par, Dhalla Illegal
115.          Farmaniat City Chakri Road Illegal
116.          Farzand-E-Iqal Scheme Banda Nagiyal Illegal
117.          Fazal Town (Phase II) Chaklala Illegal
118.          Federal Govt. Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme Baroha Illegal
119.          Flora Capital Valley Near Bahria Town Phase-VIII Illegal
120.          Freedom Smart Homes Tatraal Illegal
121.          Gandhara City (Revised & Extension) Chakbeli Road Illegal
122.          Global Avenue Phase I Chakri Illegal
123.          Green Enclave Mouza Gurha Bertha, Rawat Illegal
124.          Green Farm House Chakri Road Illegal
125.          Green Farmhouse Malkot Mujahid, Dheedar Illegal
126.          Green Garden Missiari Expressway Illegal
127.          Green Hills Lakot Illegal
128.          Green Homes (Land Sub-Division) Dhoke Abdullah Illegal
129.          Green Lake City Dhok Bhatia, Chak Beli Khan Road Illegal
130.          Green Life Enclave Mouza Mandra Illegal
131.          Green Oaks Farm (Khanial Builders) Habtaal & Sehal Illegal
132.          Green Stone Bagga Sheikha Illegal
133.          Green Tarce Numbel / Lakoot Illegal
134.          Green Valley Farm Houses Project Nadarad Illegal
135.          Green Valley Farm Houses Project Trait / Chattar Illegal
136.          Green View Colony Dhoke Abdullah Illegal
137.          Gulberg Town Dhagal Illegal
138.          Gulf City (Old Name Fatima Town) Misrot, Chakri Road Illegal
139.          Gulmerg Green Kuri Khuda Baksh Illegal
140.          Gulshan-E-Ali Adiyala Illegal
141.          Gulshan-E-Bahar Pilo Girja Road Illegal
142.          Gulshan-E-Batgram Chakri Road Fake Scheme
143.          Gulshan-E-Iqbal Mohri Gazan Illegal
144.          Gulshan-E-Islam Khasal Khurd, Adyala Road Illegal
145.          Gulshan-E-Kashmir (I, II) Kolian Par, Chakri Road Fake Scheme
146.          Gulshan-E-Kashmir (I, II) Chakri Road Fake Scheme
147.          Gulshan-E-Muhammadi Chakri Road Fake Scheme
148.          Gulshan-E-Mustafa Kolian Par Fake Scheme
149.          Gulshan-E-Sangral Sangral, Chakri Road Fake Scheme
150.          Gulshan-E-Subhan Chakri Road Fake Scheme
151.          Habi Town Chakbeli Road Illegal
152.          Hamzatown Kaliyal Illegal
153.          Hasan Homes (Land Sub Division) Kalri Illegal
154.          Hawak Eye Residencai Bagga Sheikha Illegal
155.          Hawk Greens Near M2 Motorway Fake/Illegal
156.          Heaven Valley Chakwal Road Illegal
157.          Heaven Valley Sahang Illegal
158.          High Capital City Mouza Gorha Bertha Chakbeli Khan Road Illegal
159.          Hill Top Trait / Manga Illegal
160.          Hill Top Loges Haddi Villas Lakoot / Numbel Illegal
161.          Hinna Town Sangraal, Chakri Road Fake Scheme
162.          Hobby Town Ranyaal Illegal
163.          Hoon Farmhouse Mouza Adhowal Adyala Road Illegal
164.          Hope City Chakbeli Khan Road Illegal
165.          Hussain Resorts-I Manga Illegal
166.          Hydayat Town Bajjar Illegal
167.          Ibrahim Villas Morgah Illegal
168.          Ideal City Khasal Khurd, Adyala Illegal
169.          Ideal Farm House Khasala Khurd, Adyala Illegal
170.          Imperial Garden Chahan Illegal
171.          Indus City Chakri Road Fake Scheme
172.          International City Dhalla Khasala Illegal
173.          International City Chakri Road Illegal
174.          Iqra Garden Lakoot / Numbel Illegal
175.          Islamabad Farm House Ph-I Hoon Sharif Illegal
176.          Islamabad Farm House Ph- II Sood Illegal
177.          Islamabad Farm House Ph- III Gahi Syedan Illegal
178.          Islamabad Garden Trait / Manga Illegal
179.          Islamabad Green City Rajar Habtaal Illegal
180.          Islamabad Green Valley Chakri Road Fake Scheme
181.          Islamabad Marina City Near M2 Motorway Illegal
182.          Ittehad Heights Jattal, Girja Road Illegal
183.          Jabbar City Chaklala Illegal
184.          Jafria Town Habtaal, Chakri Road Fake Scheme
185.          Jammu & Kashmir Enterprises Chakri Road Fake Scheme
186.          Jan Tarce Manga Illegal
187.          Janjua Town 2 Jarahi Illegal
188.          Janjua Town I Jarahi Illegal
189.          Janjua Town III Jarahi Illegal
190.          Jinnah Town Adyala Illegal
191.          Joshua Town Illegal
192.          Jubilee Town Kaliyal Illegal
193.          Kalyam Valley GT Road, Rawat Illegal
194.          Kashmir Heaven Valley Dhok Abdullah & Hayal Ranyal Illegal
195.          Kashmir Homes (Land Sub-Division) Masriot Chakri Road Illegal
196.          Kashmir Paradise Ramday Illegal
197.          Kashmir Town Gari Afghana Illegal
198.          Kashmir Town (Education City) Garhi Afghana Illegal
199.          Kashmir Valley Jhoolay Chak Daulta Illegal
200.          Khaber City Chakri Road Fake Scheme
201.          Khan Model Town Chakri Road Fake Scheme
202.          Khanyal Homes Habtaal Illegal
203.          Khanyal Homes (Mividia) Block Chakri Road Illegal
204.          Khayaban-E-Millat Adyala Illegal
205.          Khayaban-E-Quaid Adyala Illegal
206.          Khyber Model Town Chakri Road Fake Scheme
207.          Khyber Model Town Kolian Par, Chakri Road Fake Scheme
208.          Kings Town Kaak Illegal
209.          Kohistan Enclave (Extension) Sagra Brahma Illegal
210.          Kohsar Valley Ph-I Khotaj Expressway Murree Illegal
211.          Kohsar Valley Ph-II Charhan, Angoori Road Illegal
212.          Krl Cooperative Housing Society Kallar Sayyedan Road, Rawat Illegal
213.          Lake Garden Kuri Khuda Baksh Illegal
214.          Land Sub-Division Near T & T Housing Scheme Morgah Illegal
215.          Latif Abad Chakri Road Fake Scheme
216.          Lavish Residencia Sihaal Illegal
217.          Lawyers Town / Wakeel Colony Kot Jabbi, Chaklala Illegal
218.          Laxis Housing Scheme New Murree Patriata Illegal
219.          Magma City Chahaan Illegal
220.          Mall View Garden Barahootar / Mussiari Illegal
221.          Manava Construction / Country Club Trait / 22 Meel Illegal
222.          Manzar-E-Kohsar Taxila Illegal
223.          Maryum Green City Morgah Illegal
224.          Media Enclave Habtaal, Sehal Illegal
225.          Mehmood Town Gahi Saydian Illegal
226.          Merry Land City Adyala Illegal
227.          Metro Homes Kalri Illegal
228.          Mian Garden Lab Thatho, Pind Bhotti Taxila Illegal
229.          Mian Muhammad Bakhsh City (MMB City) Girja Road Illegal
230.          Midcity Kattarian Illegal
231.          Misriot Villas (Land Sub-Division) Misriot Illegal
232.          Mivida Chakri Road Illegal
233.          Mm Villas (Sub-Division) Ranyal Illegal
234.          Model Residencia Top Kalyaal Illegal
235.          Mohafiz Garden Rawat Illegal
236.          Mongolia Farmhouse Agahi Sayeddan Illegal
237.          Moreno Enclave Illegal
238.          Morgah Hills (Land Sub Division) Morgah Defense Road Illegal
239.          Motorway View City Chakri Road Fake Scheme
240.          Muhammad Tahir / Muhammad Mtahir Land Dool Housing Scheme Hoon Illegal
241.          Multi Professionals Cooperative Housing Society Phase II Illegal
242.          Murree Garden Charahan Illegal
243.          Murree Green City / Al-Qadir Homes Charhan Angoori Road Illegal
244.          Murree Green Garden Manga Expressway Illegal
245.          Murree Green Home Khattar Illegal
246.          Murree Green Villas Baroha Illegal
247.          Murree Hills Cooperative Housing Society Trait / Manga Illegal
248.          Murree Hills Residencia New Murree Illegal
249.          Murree Loges Lakoot / Numbel Illegal
250.          Murree Model Village / Murree Resort Charhan, Angoori Road Illegal
251.          Mustafa Residencia Sheikhpur Illegal
252.          National Agro City Chakri Road Fake Scheme
253.          National Garden Khasala Khurd, Adyala Illegal
254.          National Garden Chahan, Chakri Road Illegal
255.          National Town Jatal Illegal
256.          New Airport Town Katarian Illegal
257.          New Iqra City Kolian Par, Chakri Road Illegal
258.          New Iqra City / Iqra Residencia Mouza Dheri, Jorian Rawat Road Illegal
259.          New Islamabad City Chakri Road Fake Scheme
260.          New Islamabad Farming Chakri Road Fake Scheme
261.          New York Smart City Fake
262.          Nishan-E-Mustafa Bagga Sheikhan & Bagga Miana, Chak Beli Khan Road Illegal
263.          Ogdc Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme Dhagal Illegal
264.          Ogdc Town Dhagal Illegal
265.          Oil & Gas Development Corporation Trait / Manga Illegal
266.          Osama Town Chakri Road Fake Scheme
267.          Overseas Enclave Hayaal Illegal
268.          Paf Fizaian Colony Wanni Illegal
269.          Pak Kashmir Sarhad Valley Bandgyal Illegal
270.          Pak PWD Chakri Road Fake Scheme
271.          Pak Sar Zameen Town Jorian Dhamyal Road Illegal
272.          Pak Sar Zameen Town Misriot Illegal
273.          Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Employees Cooperative Housing Society Khasala, Chakri Road Illegal
274.          Pakistan Atomic Energy Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme Phase-II Illegal
275.          Pakistan Council Of Architects & Developers Trait / Salkhetar Illegal
276.          Palm City Kot Jabbi / Chaklala Illegal
277.          Paradise Enclave Mouza Pilo Illegal
278.          Paras Villas / Raja Abid Homes Kalyal, Jorian Illegal
279.          Parc Cooperative Housing Society Chakri Road Fake Scheme
280.          Patriata Model Village Mohra Syaddain Illegal
281.          Peace Residencia Chakbeli Khan Road Illegal
282.          Pindi Dairy Town Habtaal, Chakri Road Fake Scheme
283.          Pine Garden Lakot Illegal
284.          Pir Meher Ali Shah Town Hayal Ranyal, Chakri Road Fake Scheme
285.          Pof Cooperative Housing Society Katia Illegal
286.          Posh City Kolian Par Fake
287.          Posh City Chakbeli Khan Road Illegal
288.          Prascrate Corporation Company Mohra Iswal Illegal
289.          Prime Valley Chakri Road Illegal
290.          Proscrate Corporation Company Mohra Eswal Illegal
Qurtaba City Extension Dhalah Khasala Illegal
291.          Qurtaba Corporation Chakri Road Fake Scheme
292.          Qurtaba Farming Chakri Road Fake Scheme
293.          Radio Colony Employees Cooperative Housing Kalri Illegal
294.          Raffi Block Bahria Town Takht Parri Illegal
295.          Raja Nisar (Land Sub) Kalyal Illegal
296.          Raja Qasim (Land Sub Division) Kalri Illegal
297.          Rangchan Illegal
298.          Rasool Town Kotha Kalan Illegal
299.          Rawal Enclave Hayal Ranyal, Chakri Illegal
300.          Rawal Enclave Pilo Girja Road Illegal
301.          Rawal Farm House Sood Adyala Road Illegal
302.          Rawal Garden Chakri Road Fake Scheme
303.          Rawal Town And Housing Enclave Chakri Road Illegal
304.          Rawalpindi Green City (Phase I-II) Ladian, Chakri Road Fake Scheme
305.          Rawalpindi Housing Society (Pvt) Ltd Jando, Pandana, Khurd Illegal
306.          Rawat City Mouza Bagga Sheikhan, Rawat Illegal
307.          Rehbar Town Uc Usman Block, Khatar Illegal
308.          Rehber Town Gahi Saydian Illegal
309.          Rose Valley Adyala Illegal
310.          Royal Farm Houses/Residencia Habtal Illegal
311.          Royal Ghar Mouza Paryal Illegal
312.          Royal Housing Society Bun Illegal
313.          Royal Marina City Dhok Abdullah Illegal
314.          Royal Town Trait / Manga Illegal
315.          Saad Town Chakri Road Fake Scheme
316.          Safa Valley (Land Sub-Division) Noon Illegal
317.          SAFANZA Housing Scheme Chakbeli Khan Road Illegal
318.          Safari Green Farmhouse Hoon Sharif Illegal
319.          Safari Green Homes Ranyal, Chakri Road Illegal
320.          Safari Green Homes Hoon Sharif Illegal
321.          Safari Green Homes Misriot, Dhamial Road Illegal
322.          Safari Green Homes Dhala, Khasala Illegal
323.          Safari Homes & Khalid Block Bahria Town Takhat Pari Illegal
324.          Safvanza Chakbeli Khan Road Fake
325.          Salaar Residencia Aban Chak Illegal
326.          Saleh City Chakri Road Fake Scheme
327.          Samana City Mouza Pinyali, Kahuta Illegal
328.          Samar Zar Villas (Land Sub) Kalyal Illegal
329.          Samarzar Housing Project Kaliyal Illegal
330.          Sanam Garden Trait / Karlot Illegal
331.          Sanam Valley Chakri Road Fake Scheme
332.          Sanghar Town Gangal Illegal
333.          Saphire Valley Sub-Divison Shahpur, Dhagal Illegal
334.          Sara Town Chakri Road Fake Scheme
335.          Sarat Enterprises (Sheraz City) Bagga Sheikha Illegal
336.          Sardar Town (Land Sub-Division) Dhoke Pahrian, Kalyal Illegal
337.          Sary Chaniota Scheme Charhan, Angoori Road Illegal
338.          Sasti Basti Khasala, Adyala Road Illegal
339.          Scheme Raja Jahangir, Nisar, Malik Akram Kuri Khuda Baksh Illegal
340.          Season Valley Illegal
341.          Seven Enclave (Land Sub-Division) Ghurbal Illegal
342.          Shad Abad Model Town Khasala Kalan, Adyala Road Illegal
343.          Shah Garden Charhan / New Murree Illegal
344.          Shaheen Garden Mangot Illegal
345.          Shahpur Town (Sphire) Kalri Illegal
346.          Sigo Country Farmhouse Chak Sigo Illegal
347.          Silk Enclave Mouza Gorakhpur Adyala Road Illegal
348.          Smart City Jhika Gali, Murree Illegal
349.          Smart Garden Chahan, Chakri Road Illegal
350.          Society Barori / Gora Gali Illegal
351.          Solar City Jandoo Illegal
352.          Soni Builders (Dream Homes) (Peace City) Chakri Road Illegal
353.          Ssr & Co. Chakri Road Fake Scheme
354.          Sub Division Arroj But Girja Chakra, Girja Road Illegal
355.          Sub-Division (Murtaza Qadir / Raja Faisal) Jorian Dhamyal Road Illegal
356.          Sun City Trait / Karlot Illegal
357.          Sun Light City Chakri Road Fake Scheme
358.          Syed Farm House Chakri Illegal
359.          T&T Housing Society Morgah Illegal
360.          TAB City Channi Sher Alam, Gt Road Illegal
361.          Tameer Garden Chahan Illegal
362.          Taqwa Town Bagga Sheikha Illegal
363.          Taxila Garden Taxila Illegal
364.          Taxila Scheme III Jalala Illegal
365.          Taxila Scheme III Taxila Illegal
366.          Telecom Enclave Private Housing Scheme Banth Illegal
367.          The Countryside Farmhouses Mohra Koian & Rattyal Illegal
368.          The Countryside Residencia Channi Alam Sher, Kalyam Mughal Illegal
369.          The Organic Farms (Al-Makkah City) Chakra Illegal
370.          The Regent Farm House Kalyam Mughal Illegal
371.          The Regent Farm Housing Scheme Chakra Illegal
372.          Theme Park View Chauntra Illegal
373.          Tokyo Smart City Chakbeli Khan Road Illegal
374.          Turkish Smart City Maira Bhartha, Chak Beli Khan Road Illegal
375.          Usman Block Kot Jabbi / Chaklala Illegal
376.          Utility Corporative Housing Trait / Samli Tajjal Illegal
377.          Valley View Residency Lakoot / Numbel Illegal
378.          Vooler City Chakri Road Fake Scheme
379.          Waddya Homes Morgah Illegal
380.          Wadiya Homes Morgah Illegal
381.          Wah Enclave Residencia Near Village Kohi Garr, Taxila Illegal
382.          Wapda Housing Society Salkhetar Illegal
383.          Wazir Town (Jabbar Colony) Chaklala Illegal
384.          Zaitoon City Karpal, Channi Sher Alam, Bagga Sheikhan Illegal
385.          Zardad Colony Hayal Ranyal, Dhamyal Road Illegal
386.          Zaryab City Gharbal Illegal
387.          Zitoon City Alam, Bagga Sheikha Illegal


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