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Real Estate Industry is the safest and most beneficial investment choice of millions of Pakistanis. The main reason for this is increase in the population, urbanization, and demand for land. The real estate in Pakistan is the authentic industry for a profitable investment, but it is very important to keep track of location of the land, developer’s history, take-off plan of the project and time while investing.

Islamabad is the world’s second most beautiful Capital. Its location and take-off plan is strategically very well planned. That is why people from not just other cities from Pakistan but from around the world turn towards Islamabad. This tremendous city is spreading its wings towards its outskirt of city to accommodate the influx of population. Major development is being seen at

  • Bara Kahu Area
  • Area around the GT Road
  • Most fast paced development around Motorway.

The most prominent population shift is towards the areas around the Motorway because of the natural environment, up-to-date Infrastructure, convenient location and strategic planning. In close proximity to Lahore- Islamabad motorway is present Pakistan’s largest airport, also known as New International Islamabad Airport.

The Capital Smart City project is located at 5- 7 minute drive from the new airport. Although there are tons of housing societies surrounding the airport, but Capital Smart City is a master piece of unique concept, innovation, modern-style and state of art infrastructure. It is in fact superior to all the surrounding societies in all aspects.

The developer of this society is a reputable name in the real estate industry in Pakistan, FDHL in association with Habib Rafiq Group of Company and it is designed by the world renowned consulting firm, “Surbana Jurong” from Singapore. It has direct access from Lhr-Isb Motorway with its very own approved designated interchange. To make the city eco-friendly and smart, the developers have made sure to provide best standards of 21st century development and complete set of features that make a smart city. This innovative society is designed to fulfill all residential, recreational, commercial and business needs.

High rise buildings, architectural master pieces plazas, green environment all around, beautifully designed, 24/7 security, parks, world class international hotels, educational facilities and business centers are few among many amenities promised in this society, that will not only attract the residents of Rawalpindi and Islamabad , but will also turn locals from other cities and international tourists towards it.

Capital smart City is just placed at 20 to 25 minutes’ drive from Zero Point, which is considered the central point of main Islamabad city giving an edge to its residents to travel to and from the society to the main city of Islamabad as per their convenience.

Majority of the professionals and experts at this time are considering capital smart city a top priority for investment. You can also research the project yourself and the make the decision of investing in Capital Smart City based not just on our words but all the facts and figures and when you are ready to avail this golden opportunity don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be waiting for you. For more Information and details contact Sky Marketing today.

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