Complete List of Karachi Postal Codes, Zip Codes

Other names for a postal code include a postcode, PIN, or ZIP Code. Mail delivery within the city depends primarily on the city’s postal code system. This system facilitates prompt mail delivery to millions of residents throughout numerous neighborhoods in Karachi. Senders may ensure that their mail arrives at its destination on time and without any discrepancies using the correct postal code.

List of Karachi Postal Codes

The postal code for Karachi follows a precise format. It comprises 5-digits, with no spaces or hyphens. These postal codes are numerical codes linked to particular geographic areas.

Below are the Alphabetically-ordered Area Names and their Postal Codes and GPO Names: 

Area Name Postal Code GPO Name
Alhydri GPO 74700 Alhydri GPO
Baldia Town 75760 Alhydri GPO
Buffer Zone 75850 Alhydri GPO
Clifton 75600 Karachi GPO
Defence Housing Society 75500 Karachi Saddar GPO
Federal B Area 75950 New Town GPO
Gulistan-E-Jauhar 75290 New Town GPO
Gulshan-E-Iqbal Karachi 75300 New Town GPO
Karachi Board of Secondary Education 75990 Alhydri GPO
Karachi Cantt.  75530 Karachi Saddar GPO
Karachi City GPO. 74000 Karachi City GPO
Karachi Federal B Area 75950 New Town GPO
Karachi GPO. 74200 Karachi GPO
Karachi Governor House 75580 Karachi GPO
Karachi Gulshan-E-Jamal  75260 New Town GPO
Karachi Gulzar-E-Hijri 75330 New Town GPO
Karachi Habib Bank 75650 Karachi City GPO
Karachi Hotel Metropole 75520 Karachi GPO
Karachi ITE 75700 Alhydri GPO
Karachi JPMC 75510 Karachi Saddar GPO
Karachi Mosamiat Chowrangi 75280 New Town GPO
Karachi New Sabzi Mandi 75340 New Town GPO
Karachi Nishtar Road 75550 New Town GPO
Karachi P.E.C.H.S Bi-2 75400 New Town GPO
Karachi PNAD. 75790 Alhydri GPO
Karachi Saddar GPO. 74400 Karachi Saddar GPO
Karachi University  75270 New Town GPO
Kemari 75620 Karachi GPO
Korangi Creek 75190 Korangi GPO
Landhi Colony 75160 Korangi GPO
Liaquatabad 75900 Alhydri GPO
Lyari 75660 Karachi City GPO
Malir Cantt 75070 Korangi GPO
Malir City 75050 Korangi GPO
Manghopir 75890 Alhydri GPO
Manora 75640 Karachi GPO
Mauripur AF 75750 Karachi City GPO
Mauripur CE 75780 Karachi City GPO
Mehmoodabad  75460 New Town GPO
Metroville 75840 Alhydri GPO
Model Colony 75100 Korangi GPO
Murad Memon Goth (KP-974) 75040 Korangi GPO
Nazimabad  74600 Alhydri GPO
New Karachi 75850 Alhydri GPO
New Town GPO. 74800 New Town GPO
Orangi Town 75800 Alhydri GPO
Quaidabad 75120 Korangi GPO
Rafa-e-Aam Society 75210 Korangi GPO
Shahra-E-Faisal 75350 New Town GPO
Sher Shah Colony 75730 Karachi City GPO


Below are some more area names with their postal codes:

  • Pakistan Steel Mills Township – 75200
  • Port Muhammad Bin Qasim – 75020
  • Shah Faisal Colony – 75230
  • Nishter Road – 74550
  • Sindh Industrial Trading Estate (SITE) – 75700

Note: Numerous official websites are the sources of all the information listed above. In case of any inappropriate data, we recommend checking from the official websites. 


Getting precise postal codes has become more modest than ever in the current digital era. Local Pakistani post offices are also readily accessible to provide guidance and provision on the appropriate postal codes for various locations. Read more related blogs regarding the postal codes for Peshawar, Multan, Lahore, and other cities listed on Sky Marketing’s website.

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