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If you have not heard about the circulating news in the real estate market about the upcoming partnership of DHA (Defense Housing Authority) with Capital Smart City you definitely are not living on this planet. It is the top trending topic these days & if this news turns out to be true, there is going to be a good prospect for the people who have already invested in the society.

Despite all the rumors the officials of both the societies have successfully kept the information regarding the merger under wraps. After the merger the name of the society will be changed from Capital Smart City to “DHA Smart City”.

The real reason behind the merger is the damaging campaign designed to defame and discourage the people to invest in the society. The management of smart city found a smart solution not only to revive their reputation but also strengthen ties with one of the most prestigious housing authority in Pakistan. This step will secure the project for an extensive period and also give a sense of security to the investors.

The booking prices of the capital smart city have been revised with effect from 24th June 2019.With the merger of Capital Smart City with DHA the price rise of the plots in Capital Smart City was inevitable and we are wondering if the increment in these prices has something to do with the official announcement of this much awaited merger.

Our source confirmed a while back that all the important paperwork between Capital Smart City and DHA has been finalized and the final announcement will be held by the end of June, 2019

It is advised by the experts that if you are looking to invest in DHA Smart City in order to reap fruitful outcome from current situation this is the best opportunity. As per our analysis the prices of the society will increase significantly in the near future. Although the booking of plots in Capital Smart City have been put on hold but Sky Marketing is still offering bookings on old rates for the investors who want to avail this golden opportunity and invest in the project before the new prices are put into effect. For further information and details contact Sky Marketing. 051-8487777

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