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MIDCITY Lahore is a complete project that promises a combination of a unique and modern living lifestyle. MIDCITY Lahore is ideally developing at the top-class location of Lahore. It is located on Main Raiwind Road in the proximity of Lake City Lahore.

It is easily accessible from the three different interchanges of Ring Road and situated in the middle of the already populated area. The NOC of MIDCITY Lahore will soon be approved by LDA.

The developers, Apex Group, have designed every aspect of society with a modern and futuristic perspective. MIDCITY ensures exceptional opportunities to its community where their loved ones will truly enjoy every moment.


MIDCITY Lahore Owner and Developers:

MIDCITY Lahore is an exclusive housing project being developed by Apex Group. Each aspect of society is designed with an up-to-date and futuristic perspective.

Apex Group (Real Estate Division) was founded in 2005 to make real estate a more reliable, convenient, and trustworthy investment choice for Pakistani citizens.

In fourteen years, the company had established itself as a leading real estate firm with a strong reputation among real estate professionals. The company’s real estate projects are located all over Pakistan.

Apex Group is a highly skilled construction company capable of building any project from start to finish in the most efficient and timely manner possible. To make it easier for their customers, they have hired experts who provide complete interior design services for commercial buildings, residences, farms, and restaurants.

The entire Apex team works together with honesty and integrity, united with a mission to deliver excellence in construction. The company also integrated to serve the market needs, expand its professionals’ expertise to the following divisions:

  • Apex Realtors
  • Apex Construction
  • Apex Developer
  • Apex Media & Marketing


The No Objection Certificate (NOC) of the MIDCITY Housing Project Lahore will soon be approved by Lahore Development Authority (LDA). It is to observe that the legality of the housing society is essential to improve trust and attract fast investment. While gaining investors’ trust could result in growing investments in such societies that have availed all the approvals.

It is expected that the NOC will be passed soon by the concerned authorities; after that, the prices of the plots for sale in MIDCITY Lahore may increase sharply. Thus, now is the time to invest and avail of major returns on investments.

Many people are concerned that is the MIDCITY Lahore LDA approved? There is information spread in the market that LDA approves the NOC, but the LDA website has not been updated with any such approved status about this society.

MIDCITY Lahore Location:

The location of MIDCITY Lahore is situated at Main Raiwind Road in the proximity of Lake City Lahore. It is in a prime location, with a direct connection to the Ring Road via Interchange.

MIDCITY Lahore Location

Nearby Housing Societies:

MIDCITY Lahore is situated among the established neighbouring communities, such as:

  • DHA Rahbar
  • Park Avenue
  • Lake City
  • Khayaban E Amin
  • Valencia Town Lahore

This housing project is situated in this ideal location, which is just 2 min drive from Rasoolpur Interchange. It is just 15 minutes from Lahore Airport and 20 minutes from Shaukat Khanum Hospital. The area has the most significant investment growth prospects as well as the best living conditions.


MIDCITY Lahore Housing Project is situated on a primary location nearby Lake City Lahore with a direct approach to Ring Road via Interchange. The distance from other prominent locations is the following.

  • 10 min drive from Thokar Niaz Baig
  • 15 min drive from Lahore Airport
  • 2 min drive from Rasoolpur Interchange
  • 20 min drive from Shaukat Khanum Hospital
  • 5 min drive, from a suggested commercial area

MIDCITY Lahore Master Plan:

MIDCITY Lahore is smartly planned and will be developed with zero compromises on excellence. Everything in this society is unique, from the start to the end. There are different sizes of residential plots on installments, commercial plots, and constructed properties are available.

Here is a look at the MIDCITY Lahore map:

MIDCITY Lahore Master Plan

MIDCITY Lahore provides its customers with a chance to raise their living standards by living in the best society. It is also an excellent option for potential investors who want to change their fates with intelligent and profitable investments in Lahore.

This housing scheme is situated at a desirable location for those looking to invest in the latest established properties. It is a society with wider streets, new structures, cutting-edge technologies, parks, and surveillance cameras.

MIDCITY will provide a calm and relaxing lifestyle with modern amenities. The booking details, payment plan, and official date of the MIDCITY Project launch will be disclosed soon.

Residential Area:

The residential area comes with an attractive central park equipped with pedestrian pathways and cycling tracks surrounded by lush green lawns, children’s play areas and mom’s gossip corners, a clubhouse equipped with fully serviced dining, and others

2 Kanal:

Such a category consists of the luxury of calmness and openness that promises the true essence of life while living here. Each plot falling inside a private estate offers much more than a measurable value to its prestigious residents.

MIDCITY Lahore Master Plan

1 Kanal:

Such a category consists of the luxury of calmness and openness that promises the true essence of life while living here. Each plot falls on 50’ feet wide “West Avenue” with fixed cycling and pedestrian-friendly structures, proposing the valuable experiences of a contented life.

MIDCITY Lahore Master Plan

15 Marla:

Such a category consist of luxury of spacious living is specific while living here. Each plot falls on 80’ feet wide “East Avenue” with fixed cycling and pedestrian-friendly infrastructures, offering the valuable experiences of a happy life.

MIDCITY Lahore Master Plan

11 Marla:

Such a category consists of the luxury of calmness and openness that promises the true essence of life while living here. Each plot falling inside a private estate offers much more than a measurable value to its prestigious residents.

MIDCITY Lahore Master Plan

10 Marla:

Park attached plots add significance to the life of its residents. Each plot falls on 40’ feet wide “Street Park Ville” with a fixed cul-de-sac ending up at the linear park. It offers the true peacefulness and feeling of high-class areas.

MIDCITY Lahore Master Plan

5 Marla:

While bearing in mind the taste and choice of our valued customers, each plot is falling on 40’ feet wide “Street Park Ville” with fixed cul-de-sac ending up at the linear park that offers true serenity and feeling of exclusive neighbourhoods.

MIDCITY Lahore Villas:

Following are the categories of MIDCITY Lahore Villas:

5 Marla Villa:

The lush green East and West Avenues lead its customers with a destined home falling on 50’ feet wide “South Avenue” with fixed cycling and pedestrian-friendly infrastructures, where amazing experiences of a happy life are awaiting you.

MIDCITY Lahore Villas

MIDCITY Lahore Apartments:

MIDCITY Lahore offers the PRIME RESIDENCIA and the LUXE SUITES while confirming that all compliance policies are followed in size, structure, and location.

The developers have ensured to consider various aspects of the apartments in terms of design and execution to guarantee a mutual, healthy, luxurious, and peaceful lifestyle for the public.


PRIME RESIDENCIA Apartments are a good alternative for couples or nuclear families searching for a modern apartment in Lahore’s southern avenues.

PRIME RESIDENCIA Apartments delivers a completely secure and protected environment where people may experience the essence of privacy, uniqueness, and a sense of security in a gated community.

MIDCITY Lahore Apartments


LUXE SUITES are the best residential corner apartments with spacious rooms and elegant lounges. MIDICTY presented leading-edge smart technologies, sustainability features like green canopies, centre-wide natural day-lighting, and many other life essentials to facilitate residents.

MIDCITY Lahore Apartments

MIDCITY Lahore Payment Plan:

MIDCITY Lahore offers a wide range of residential plots to achieve the requirements of every buyer. You can buy the residential plots in 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal sizes. All these residential plots are offered with an affordable payment plan of 3 years. Currently, MIDCITY Lahore’s management has released pre-launch plot prices subject to change without prior notice.

MIDCITY Lahore Payment Plan

Facilities and Amenities:

The MIDCITY Lahore housing project is providing all the up-to-date facilities and amenities at reasonable rates. The facilities are part of any modern luxurious society that could be named as a complete residential project.

The developers have reserved a large area reserved for the development of green areas such as parks. The focus of Apex Group is to propose a healthy and comfortable lifestyle environment; for this reason, a 22 Kanal is devoted to the central theme park where children and the elder may enjoy leisure time with no worries in their minds. The facilities here in the residential society at Lahore are as follows:

Eco-friendly environment:

Society will provide a close-to-the-natural lifestyle with all the modern amenities. Other features include:

  • Green Canopy
  • Green Building Certification
  • Urban Forest
  • Healthy Environment

Community Hub:

The community hubs which this society offers are the following: 

  • Event Complex
  • Day Care Centers
  • Community Club
  • Fitness and Wellness Centers
  • Amphitheatre
  • Indoor Play Areas

Basics Amenities:

Several are the basic amenities of this society:

  • Masjid
  • Purpose Built School
  • Central Park
  • Kids Play Areas
  • Super Market & Convenience Shops
  • Security

Salient Features:

Let’s get facilitated in every walk of life by spending on the best properties for sale in MIDCITY Lahore. It is a society with all the up-to-date amenities and unique features. Other features include:

  • Wide Open Public Spaces
  • Pedestrian Walkways
  • Health Centers
  • Cycling & Jogging Track
  • Yoga Centre
  • Private Streets
  • Wide Roads
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Health Center
  • Wireless Internet Connectivity
  • Rescue Management

Best New Housing Society in Lahore for Buyers:

A housing society like MIDCITY delivers secure and peaceful living standards. You’ll have the opportunity to get top-notch schools, colleges, hospitals, supermarkets, and clothing franchises.

As for entertainment services, MIDCITY Lahore offers cinemas, golf clubs, beautiful landscapes, lakes, green areas, flower gardens, children’s playgrounds, cycling tracks, walking & jogging tracks, and much more without needing to go out of the housing society.

This housing project is set to open soon, and investors are delighted; however, the official date has yet to be announced.

This housing scheme will be one of the first successful housing projects in the city while providing the best residential opportunities with high-end amenities and a graceful lifestyle. Above all, it is about making peoples’ life much relaxed!

Guidelines to follow while Purchasing/Sale of Plots:

Following are the guidelines to follow:

Document Verification:

Please ensure always to verify all the documentation with complete satisfaction to avoid any miscommunication or misunderstanding. Before getting into any property purchase or sale, make sure to inquire about the NOC and approval document by the developers duly approved by the authorities.

In this way, your documentation will be valid by all means that may offer customer satisfaction.

Financial Security:

Before concluding the sale, please ensure that your funds align with the purchase plan. In this way, your purchase or sale will be made without any issue.

Property Visits:

Before any purchase and after surety of the documents’ validity, visit the site to ensure that the written documents are under the plot specifications.

Documentation Requirement for Booking:

Sky Marketing believes in the bond of trust and transparency with our customers, so we recommend enquiring about the latest documentation requirement for booking. Following documentation is required to buy property in MIDCITY Lahore:

  • Two passport size Pictures
  • Two copies of your National Identity Card
  • Two copies of the ID card of your next of Kin
  • NICOP for overseas clients


MIDCITY Lahore is a unique project that promises a blend of old and up-to-date living standards. Many people make the mistake of waiting for the housing scheme to be developed entirely and starting the booking process when there is no plot left.

So, Sky Marketing highly recommends that this is the golden opportunity to invest in this society. If you want to know more about such housing societies, please read about Blue World CityPark View CityBlue Town Sapphire LahoreNova City, and Capital Smart City.

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