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Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences to Build World’s Tallest Residential Tower in Dubai

Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences to Build World’s Tallest Residential Tower in Dubai

Dubai: According to the latest news reports, Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences is all set to build the world’s tallest residential tower in Dubai, the fastest-growing city in the world.

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The developers plan to raise the tower to bigger than 100 storeys that are made of 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom residences. Moreover, there will be about 5 penthouses of 3 types: Fleurs De Jardin, Astronomia, and Billionaire. Moreover, the Billionaire Penthouse type will be the top and hyper tower’s jewel in the crown.

Stock - Binghatti hyper-tower

Binghatti and Jacob skyscraper

Additionally, the group is about to introduce a new era of high standards and luxurious living. Dubai Skyscraper, in collaboration with Jacob and Co. Residences, is going to build this masterpiece.

Muhammad Binghatti and Jacob Arabo

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So far, the Central Park Tower in New York is the world’s tallest all-residential structure at 472.4 metres. So, the purpose of Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences is to set a record for constructing one of the tallest residential complexes in the world.

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England Legalizes Development of Gene-edited Food

England Legalizes Development of Gene-edited Food

England: According to the reports, gene-edited food can now be commercially developed in England. A law legalises the development of gene-edited food in the country.

Technology experts have said that the law will promote the development of hardier crops, which will positively affect climate change. However, some critics have declared the law a ‘disaster’ for safe food production and the environment.

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The Gene-Edited technique is used to change the DNA of a plant or organism to improve specific traits. The law was made following a change in the Genetic Technology Act (Precision Breeding). The act is a modernised way of producing plants and animals through gene editing.

The Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs’ s chief scientific advisor, Prof. Gideon Henderson, praised the legislation as a smart move. He said that the new legislation would increase food production while bringing plenty of investment and job opportunities to England.

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However, there is still a long way to go. The technology is in its initial steps, and it will take years before the products will finally come into the market. Scientists have claimed that health concerns will be ensured first, and the gene-edited food will be safe to eat.

Gene-editing crops are crucial in the fight against climate change. For instance, through gene editing technology, crops can be made drought resilient. It can help in improving the size, growth and flavour of the product.

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How is AI ‘Revolution’ Affecting Journalism?

How is AI ‘Revolution’ Affecting Journalism?

Islamabad: In the 21st century, it is not wrong to say that technologies are taking the place of humans in companies worldwide. Companies enjoy using ChatGPT to complete their work as soon as possible. Despite many other fields, ChatGPT has the potential to disrupt newsrooms by allowing journalists to use AI to write their stories or columns.

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Journalists provide inputs to allow ChatGPT to generate a complete article, saving time and enhancing the writing quality. However, it is found that all this work done by ChatGPT raises ethical questions about authorship and plagiarism. Because if a journalist completely relies on AI tools in order to write their stories, then who should be credited as the author?

The other risk of using AI tools and completely relying on ChatGPT to write news articles is the potential for the AI to insert fake quotes. Ethical standards do not bind AI tools as they bind humans. Therefore, the AI tool may include quotes from sources that do not exist. So this can further lead to false and misleading reporting that can destroy the credibility of news organizations.

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As a whole, journalists and newsrooms need to carefully check out any articles written by AI Tools to ensure the accuracy and integrity of their reporting.

So far, AI-based tools cannot replace human journalists but can only change how reporters can do their work better. The AI tools can be useful in freeing up a journalist to spend more time interviewing sources and gathering information.

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James Webb Telescope Discovers Dust Storm on Distant Planet

James Webb Telescope Discovers Dust Storm on Distant Planet

Washington: On Wednesday, NASA’s James Webb Telescope discovered a far-away raging dust storm outside our solar system. It is said that the observed dust particles were silicates in nature, made up of rocky materials.

James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is a collaborative project of the US, European and Canadian space agencies. It was launched in December 2021 and is regarded as the successor to the Hubble Space Telescope.

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The telescope observed dust particles that were silicates- small grains made up of silicon and oxygen. “It’s kind of like if you took sand grains, but much finer. We’re talking silicate grains the size of smoke particles,” said Prof Beth Biller – The University of Edinburgh and the Royal Observatory Edinburgh, UK.

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James Webb Telescope was constructed to discover far-away stars and galaxies. The main objective of the telescope was to study planets and stars, which appeared a few hundred years after the Big Bang.

NASA is quite hopeful that after some years, it will be able to find planets suitable for human living.

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Marina Sports City Offers up to 20% Profit on Residential Plots

Marina Sports City Offers up to 20% Profit on Residential Plots

Lahore: Al Noor Orchard’s officials have announced 5-yearly instalments plan for the Marina Sports City Residencia. These residential plots are a grand opportunity for investors to earn up to a guaranteed 20% profit.

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Marina Sports City is an exclusive addition to the prestigious Al Noor Orchard. It is the country’s largest sports-themed infrastructure. The residential society is home to the Pakistan Premier League (PSL) defending champions “Lahore Qalandars.” The housing scheme is designed and established by the renowned urbanist group Al-Jalil Developers.

The LDA-approved project is located at the prime location near Jaranwala-Lahore Road and close to the Abdul Hakeem Motorway (M-3). There are several blocks available in the housing scheme that offer different plot sizes for residential and commercial purposes. The residential society possesses all the potent qualities that make it a profitable investment.

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Marina Sports City Residencia is the most attractive investment opportunity available in the market these days. The housing project has announced an affordable 5-yearly instalment plan for the 3, 5, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal residential plots.

The Al Noor Orchard officials have announced a guaranteed profit of up to 20% for their investors. Real estate experts highly suggest their clients invest in Marina Sports City Residencia without hesitation to earn assured profit returns.

Below is the payment plan offered for the Marina Sports City Residencia:

C:\Users\Sara\Downloads\marina sport city-01.jpg

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