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The new construction project near Rawalpindi Ring Road is Blue World City Islamabad. The Blue Companies Group (BGC) collaborates with the Shan Jian Engineering Municipal, China, sponsoring this initiative.

It has been one of the largest affordable housing developments in urban areas. It is now successful with entrepreneurs and individuals who want a budget with a reasonable payment schedule.

Owner of Blue World City

It is a Blue Companies Group project founded by Saad Nazir, who is the son of Ch. Nazeer, former Deputy Commissioner, Lahore. Blue Group of Companies signed an MOU with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company from China for its creation.

Location of Blue World City

Blue World City is situated close to Lahore-Islamabad M2 Motorway near Chakri Interchange. It is one of the housing schemes near Islamabad and the towns of Rawalpindi, and the airport of Islamabad. It is a spectacular housing business with an enormous setting far from the country’s capital chaos.

Amenities available

The housing scheme presents to its inhabitants the following innovative facilities that have never been seen previously:

Availability of basic services

Blue World City is a relatively unpopulated city of Islamabad that has been discarded for so often, and connections are seldom provided for power, gas, and water.

Replica of Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque is a wonder of classic architecture that Muslim designs and architects designed apparently in 1609. It motivated blue world city architects to create a society replica of this historic mosque that would preserve Pakistan’s Islamic ideals and traditions. The Blue Mosque replication would become a trademark after the Faisal Mosque and generate interest in society. The mosque will be the theme of Blue World City, and it will complement the beauty of the project.

There are many other services available that would beautify the central theme of the Blue World City project.

Categories of properties

No. Size of the plots Prices offered
1 5 Marla residential 1,190,000
2 8 Marla residential 1,500,000
3 10 Marla residential 1,850,000
4 1 Kanal residential 3,800,000
5 2 Kanal residential 6,200,000
6 4 Kanal residential 7,200,000
7 8 Kanal residential 12,150,000
8 5 Marla commercial 5,400,000
9 8 Marla commercial 7,560,000

Blue World City Balloting

As per a recent update, the balloting of Blue World City Islamabad is expected in the immediate future. The election will take place in December 2020 on residential properties. Besides, throughout the coming months after the ballot, the ownership of plots will be transferred.

  • It is going to be the first Pak-China housing venture that will be done by the Chinese workforce.

The sources also suggested that customers who charged 90% for their Blue World City Payment Package. Development-oriented sources are optimistic that General Block Plots’ first vote is in the corner of Blue World City and can be declared in any coming day.

Therefore, the housing company’s investor interest has increased, and most of them have also bought the plots at full prices in Blue World City .

To check balloting results: https://www.skymarketing.com.pk/blue-world-city-balloting/

Ownership of plots

Phase I is supposed to be owned by the client after three years, compared to CDA sectors like B-17 and ICHS city, which give immediate ownership. The holding is allowed in Blue World after progress in this block has been finished, but the period does not validate. It may be prolonged because of reasons such as delayed development, NOC, or natural occurrences.

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