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Islamabad: In the last 9 months, the national flag carrier – the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) – has suffered a loss of over Rs 19 billion on account of a ban imposed on its flight operation by the European Union (EU) primarily due to the negligence of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

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Sources in the PIA said the airline has to incur a loss of Rs 2.2billion every month since July 2020 when the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (Easa) placed a six-month ban on the PIA flights in the wake of PIA plane crash and a subsequent scandal about issuance of fake flying license to commercial pilots.

According to a PIA official, a total of 58 weekly flights used to fly to the EU countries, of which 46 went to the United Kingdom while 12 to other European states.

The source said suspension of flights was “causing a monthly loss of Rs 2.20 billion to the national flag carrier”. The nine-month-long ban has resulted in a total loss of Rs 19 billion.

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Investigation into the incident opened a Pandora’s Box. The licenses of the pilots were called into question with aviation minister Ghulam Sarwar taking action against the ones holding fake certificates.

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