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On August 17, the news source reported that the Chaklala Cantonment Board (CCB) has revealed an amnesty scheme that is made to regularize and legalize the housing societies located within its area.

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According to the news details, Cantonment Executive Officer Waseem Shahid lately publicized a rule. This rule stated that no new building will be constructed in the Chaklala Cantt without the permission of the CCB. The development plan and layout plans of any building or housing society will be first approved by the CCB.

The buildings that had been built before this policy have also been provided with an amnesty scheme that will assist them to regularize their buildings but after the payment of a regularization fee and layout plan approval.

Moreover, the CCB is going to mad survey with the help of draftsmen and layout designers. Their task is to check layouts in48 hours at a fee of PKR 2,500. And then provide them an approval certificate under the name of CCB. find more on skymarketing Islamabad.


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