CDA Distributes 7000 Seed Balls of Plants at Trail 5

Islamabad: As per the latest updates, the Environmental Department of Capital Development Authority (CDA) has distributed around 7,000 seed balls of various plants at Trail 5 during the Monsoon season. The major purpose behind this initiative is to enhance Islamabad’s beauty and expand lush green spaces in the capital city.

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Seed Balls are known as Earth Balls because the seed is created into a ball of clay, making it easy for people to plant without extensive digging. It is worth mentioning that the survival rate of seed balls is around 80% higher as compared to traditional seeds. Therefore, it makes seed balls one of the best methods for Afforestation. The best thing about the Seed Balls is that it is a quite effective way to increase plant as it needs less labor.

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Seed balls have the greatest benefits of spreading vegetation without any need for extensive soil disturbance. Moreover, this method involves throwing or placing the seed ball on the ground, enabling it to generate and grow in harmony with the local environment. The best thing about Afforestation through seed ball is that it results in quick tree growth and decreases the overall cost.

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