Competitive bidding for public buildings’ solarisation to be conducted by AEDB

Islamabad: According to a news published on 26th January 2023, the Executive Board of the National Highways Authority (NHA) has permitted the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) to initiate economic bidding for centralized attaining of the public buildings’ solarisation project.

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As per sources, the AEDB is instructed by the NHA Executive board to conduct a competitive bidding procedure in favor of procuring agencies. The AEDB is obligated to devise a suitable plan under the name of NHA, holding reference term of Rule 11 of PPRA, 2004. The agency must obtain equipment for installing rooftop net metering-based solar PV systems in the identified buildings. The payment for equipment will be made from NHA’s resources. After bidding, the NHA will make a contract with the lowermost bidder.

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On an important note, the federal government has instructed all government departments to use solar energy for their energy resources in a letter dated December 27, 2022. Regarding the initiative, the government has outlined framework guidelines to encourage and improve renewable solar energy resources in the country’s public sector buildings.

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