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Building a new home in a well-established area isn’t an easy task one tends to do in this rapidly growing world. Rather, it takes ample of information and systemic planning and manages their budgets before hands.

Therefore, ones need to know all little snipped about their projects by themselves. So, the core purpose of writing this article is to highlight the major yet significance concern regarding rates of constructions materials all over Pakistan.

Since it’s very crucial to consider all the necessities that one ought to accompany thereby, cost varies according to its infrastructure and the quality one required,

For instance, if one opts to use high-quality substance and add fancy chunks for embellishment, the cost will escalate automatically.

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The appropriate size of the plot

Choose everything according to the size of your plot, don’t just rush towards labours to start the construction, since labours aren’t very much aligns to the needs and requirements of your property size, therefore considering all the concerns we ought to keep the size in our mind.

Split into categorization

Before preceding further, categorized each construction phase which one needs to encounter meanwhile.

  • Basics:
  • Bricks
  • Crush
  • Cement
  • Steel
  • Sand


  • Electricity
  • Plumbing
  • Steel Fixer
  • Labor
  • Outwork


  • Electricity Items
  • Plumbing Items
  • Pipes
  • Chips
  • Mud

Counterpart prices of construction materials.

Markets rates of different material vary according to its quality and potential, rates get escalated outrageously in the markets, and people tend to make their demands too lofty when it comes to building a renowned house.

House coast construction

Construction prices vary from normal to high. The rate of extraordinary and lavish construction is 4000 to 4500 Rs per Square ft. However, high-quality work with full essentials is low than the first.

It costs 3500 to 3800 Rs per Square ft. The next category is also available where construction of per square ft—costs 3000 to 3200 Rs.

Tiles Prices 

In highly luxurious construction you need a top material. Therefore the quality tiles possess for this type of construction are 2500 to 3000 Rs. Per sqm and bathroom tiles are 3500 Rs per sqm. If we arise one step down, then we will fall in a category of less but not a low-quality material.

It is also good and luxurious but low than the first quality. The tile prices in this type are 1800 Rs per sqm while the bathroom tiles are 2200 Rs. Per sqm. Then comes another category which is low then the both mentioned before.

Rates of Cement

It is a very important and basic element during construction. We will consider the price according to 50 KG bag then the price is 590 Rs per bag. The price may increase in the coming time.

Rates of Bricks

You cannot make a home without bricks. The market price of grade 1 bricks is 800 to 1000 Rs, which may change from time to time.

Rates of Steel 

Steel is used crucially and very much in different places, and it gives a strong effect on a home or a building. It has to be very good in quality. The market rate of steel is 86,000 Rs per Ton.

Rates of Sand

Who can deny the importance of sand while making a home? Perhaps no one, an important element and its market rate are different. It is usually available in the range of 3200 to 4500 Rs, per trolley.


Consequently, it’s essentially important to fulfil the bare minimum before proceeding further, which assist you in maintaining the entire construction process. As a result, you’ll successfully envision your dream home without putting yourself much in trouble.

Considering all the essentials at the front, you’ll get an idea about good quality having been aiming the trustworthiness and reliability in it.


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