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Punjab Minister for Labour Ansar Majeed Khan held the 150th meeting of the governing body of Punjab Employees Social Security Institution in which he gave approval to construct hospitals in Sargodha, Faisalabad and Taunsa for workers and their families.

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A 50-bed hospital at a cost of Rs 80 million would be established in Sargodha, a 25-bed hospital at a cost of Rs49 million in Taunsa and one in Millat Town Faisalabad at a cost Rs 17 million. With the construction of these hospitals, more than 238,000 workers and their families will be able to get healthcare facilities.

The board approved issuance of computerized social security cards at a cost of Rs 16million to provide medical and financial services to the registered workers in a transparent manner. It was decided to recruit new employees on more than 660 vacant seats.

Approval was given to call the promotion board for immediate promotion of more than 3,000 employees during the next three months and launch amnesty/self-assessment scheme for private enterprises.

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The condition of taking referral from relevant dispensary has been removed in the meeting for the convenience of workers. Patients will now be able to seek treatment directly at the relevant hospital without referrals. The minister said that an amnesty scheme had been introduced to facilitate businesses and Rs 5.5 billion.

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