FBR negates extension for returns filing the last date

Islamabad: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), although received less than 1.5 million tax returns, has ruled out any further extension in the deadline of the filing of the tax returns. The expiry date of the tax return was set to be the December 09th.

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As per the details revealed by the financial department FBR, a high-level FBR official states that the taxation authority has received 1.5 million tax returns, along with a total of 2.9 million returns were also filed during the last financial year. The gap in the number of returns is linked with the ongoing second wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, to further facilitate the taxpayers (who were not able to file their returns), the department has issued directions to all the inland revenue field formations to establish help desks to receive the manual requests for the delay in filing of the income tax returns.

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All the Chief Commissioners have been directed to be generous concerning giving the extension and submit a report on all these requests submitted and approved by the Chief Commissioner to the Federal Board of Revenue.

The taxpayers have been directed to submit their applications to the respective Chief Commissioners with their name, identity card numbers, National Tax Numbers (NTN), and the identification of the jurisdiction. Along with this, it was also highlighted that one request for the delay in the deadline addressed to the Chief Commissioners Inland Revenue could also cover many taxpayers. The FBR has clarified that the online option for filing returns will remain open.


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