FBR to soon launch DNFBPs web service for realtors

Islamabad: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has announced its decision to introduce a new web service facility for the people linked with the real estate jewelry and accountancy sectors in the country.

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As per the details released, the taxation department will launch this on December 11 for the Directorate General of Designated Non-Financial Business and Professional (DNFBPs) in the monitoring and regulating business activities going on in the afore-mentioned sectors.

To facilitate this measure, FBR officials have already commenced with a campaign to guide the people concerned with the registration and documentation process of the Directorate General of Designated Non-Financial Business and Professions (DNFBPs).

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Furthermore, the taxation agency has requested the individuals to maintain separate record sheets of original owners of immovable properties and jewelry and report all the transactions to the FBR. It should be subjected to the inspection of tax authorities and incumbents who have failed to comply with the said directives.


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