Government finalize Tree Planting Project around National Highway (N-5)

Karachi: According to the news reported on 30th December, the tree planting project sponsored by China’s Yunnan province has been finalized around the National Highway-5 (N-5). It will increase the greenery and reduce soil erosion.

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Since Pakistan has rapidly faced challenges related to climate change, China’s Yunnan took the initiative, and it is renowned for its efforts to restore forests and reduce pollution.

It donated to the Yunnan People’s Association in Friendship with Foreign Countries, the China Yunnan Sunny Road and Bridge Corporation to promote greenery. It is working on different infrastructure projects all over Pakistan.

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This project is held out in Southern Sindh as it was one of the most hit areas of extreme weather. It has a central separator and an interchange area of N-5. The main objectives of the tree-planting project are the following:

  • To increase the green-covered area
  • To ease water-soil losses
  • To increase awareness among the residents of environmental protection

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