Government plans to Introduce Helicopter Service for Tourist

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) director general notified the Senate’s Aviation Board a proposal for introducing helicopter service for travelers to make it to beautiful mountains, scenic valleys, & rivers that can be accessed in a short time.

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Sherry Rehman-PPP Senator, a representative of the committee, questioned him why a jet service was not have being introduced to encourage tourism, to whom the later responded that a plan in this matter is on the way.

Khaqan Murtaza-DG CAA notified those flights to Swat’s Saidu Sharif airport were postponed due to the lack of the necessary number of travelers. He further stated that a measly 6 passengers went on a flight to Swat, owing to which the flight operation was halted.

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Senator Aun Abbas of Pakistan, Tehreek-e-Insaf was of the opinion that the persons responsible for the granting of fake licenses would have been booked in accordance with the murder charges.

He was wondering if no one knew about pilots’ fake licenses before Ghulam Sarwar had been appointed aviation minister & applauded him for investigating the matter.

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