Booking overseas link
Booking overseas link


On July 29, 2020, DIG (Motorways) office had issued the letter certificate to Sector Commander M2(N) Chakri. This letter was the description of the NOC and permissions about dedicated interchange which is going to build by future development holding limited.

Developers of Capital Smart City Islamabad is going to build the dedicated interchange which will give direct access through motorway (M-2). The main motive to construct this private interchange is to resolve traffic issues for its residents.

The construction of dedicate interchange will be held at km 323 333 (NBC/SBC) on motorway (M-2) by M/S future development holding Limited

This notice was passed to Sector Commander M2(N) Chakri, so he can have advised CSC interchange builders about the terms and general road safety requirements which they need to accommodate in the construction of the interchange.

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