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Taxila: The Hassanabdal administration conducted a crackdown on fuel shops allegedly engaged in the unregulated supply of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in rural areas.

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The local administration unit, along with the municipal administration and the Civil Defence team headed by Assistant Commissioner Zunaira Jalil, visited various urban areas of Tehsil and sealed a shop to sell petrol diesel customers illegally.

Meanwhile, two other ports were locked where LPG bottles were unlawfully refilled.

Speaking to journalists, Ms. Jalil said that the outlets have been working secretly without any protective precautions.

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She said that illegal oil companies, mini-oil pumps, and illegal LPG decanting shops were causing losses to the national treasury, thus endangering human life and assets.

“During the inspection of the confiscated cylinders, none of them had a trademark, as illegitimate companies had made them,” she continued.

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