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Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) management has released a pet-friendly park in Sector F-6 Hill Road to accommodate the citizens by enabling them to walk their pets, as per a news source issued. The beautiful green garden is designed for people to sit, play with and walk their pets.

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As per the details, the civic agency initiated this step right after the pet-owning citizens’ specific requests to discover such types of parks in the town.

Earlier, there were no specific government-oriented pet parks in the town. Furthermore, there is still a prevailing barrier in the city that prohibits individuals from bringing their pets to the municipal parks.

In an additional development, CDA has originated the cleaning of regular drains in Sector F-6 and F-7 in Islamabad.

According to a CDA representative, over a dozen streams flowed from Margalla Hills that have turned into nullahs over time due to negligence and slums in their banks.

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Presently, heavy machinery is being positioned to clean the drains and fences intended to avert garbage and sewage from inflowing the gutters.

The civic authority has advised that legal action will be originated against people throwing waste and debris into these drains.

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