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Booking overseas link


On August 16, report from the news sources, National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) President Arif Usmani on Friday reported that the bank could offer full support and all feasible assistance to aid and uplift the financial load of people. NBP banks will provide soft loans on very easy terms so that people can build their houses under the Prime Minister’s affordable housing scheme.

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The NBP president praised Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan’s Naya Pakistan Housing Programme (NPHP) and recognized it as a revolutionary initiative which can help in increasing the living quality of these people.

He also stated that this scheme will certainly will flourish economic activity within the nation. He cautioned that the construction industry is connected with over 40 businesses and certainly will assist all of them reach their tremendous potential.

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Meanwhile, the president additionally disclosed that the premier Government commercial lender has just encountered numerous structural, rule and technological updates — which can be anticipated to yield gainful outcome within a few weeks. Find more on skymarketing Islamabad.


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