NDMA asked to increased residential plots in New Balakot City

Mansehra: Special Assistant to the Chief Minister (CM) Ahmad Hussain Shah requested the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) Chairman Lieutenant General Akhtar Nawaz to increase the number of plots in the New Balakot City housing project, according to news published.

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Special Assistant to the CM Ahmad Hussain Shah met with the NDMA chairman during his visit to Balakot with his delegates. During the meeting, the special assistant also demanded early allotment of plots to the surviving families of the 2005’s earthquake.

Moreover, the CM’s aide stated that affectees want an early allotment of the plots in the New Balakot City Housing Project. He went on to say that the survivors want the development work to resume for the 11,000 kanals of land.

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While talking to the media, the Special Assistant to the CM Shah disclosed that the NDMA chairman will hold a meeting next week with the CM and talk about the early completion of the project. Also, the chairman will meet with stakeholders and local lawmakers to get their support for the resumption of work.

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