Pakistan becomes the top exporters of camel meat with the highest export value in 2020

According to the official documents of overview of Global Camel Meat Market, Pakistan is reported as the top exporter of Camel Meat Worldwide in 2020.

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Camel meat is usually preferred by the Middle East countries following by US and Europe. Camel Meat Market is quite vast that has a major contribution to country’s imports and exports.

Pakistan, a South Asian country is a massive producer of camel meat. Other countries like Australia, US, Sudan were also the top producer; whereas, Sudan remains the top producer of this meat in 2019, with a production value of USD 146K.

Pakistan’s exports are rising with a tremendous growth that is recoded with an increasing export rate. However, in 2020, the top exporter of camel meat was Pakistan with an export value of USD 2.6M.

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According to the official Global Camel Meat Export report of 2020, Pakistan ranked on number one place with a country share of 66.09% and export value of USD 2.60 Million, Australia took the second place with country share of 30.25% and export value of USD 1.19 Million; moreover, the third place is occupied by United Sates of America with the country share of 1.9% along with an export value of USD 74.64K.

Oman is reported as the top importer of camel meat with an import value of USD 897K.

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