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Lahore: The Punjab Industries, Commerce & Investment Department (PIC&ID) has issued a monitoring report regarding the sale of flour and sugar across the province, according to which 6,390,035 bags of 10 kg flour have been supplied so far in Ramzan Bazaars across the province, the concerned officials learnt.

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Regarding the sale of flour, the report further said that out of the above-mentioned bags of flour, 5,442,501 bags were sold at the rate of Rs 375 per bag whereas on May 1 as many as 299,960 bags were distributed in Ramzan Bazaars, of which 278,056 bags of flour were sold.

The report also mentioned the price of poultry, eggs and the subsidy given in Ramzan bazaars, according to which 1,186,597 kg of chicken meat and 61,228 dozen eggs were sold in Ramzan bazaars so far whereas on May 1, chicken meat was sold at Rs 339 per kg in Ramzan bazaars and Rs 349 per kg in the open market. Eggs were sold at Rs 137 in the Ramzan bazaars and Rs 142 per dozen in the open market.

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An official of PIC&ID said that 1,201 price control magistrates were performing their duties to monitor the supply and demand, prices and quality of essential commodities during Ramadan.

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