Booking overseas link
Booking overseas link


Islamabad-On August 16th, 2020, Syed Zulfiqar Bukhari- Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development announced the latest initiative launched by the federal government named “Roshan Digital Accounts” to making the online banking accessible to overseas Pakistanis.

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Zulfiqar Bukhari also stated that these banking accounts would not only facilitate expat Pakistanis to be able to make direct transfers and payments to Pakistan. He further discussed the benefits of these Roshan Digital Accounts and how it will become a secure and easy gate away for the overseas community to be able to invest in their home country.

According to the news sources, the plan is already put into action, and the terms & conditions of the agreement are under discussion with all the prominent banks in the country, including the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). Furthermore, through these accounts, the account holders will also be able to benefit from the fixed deposit products and to purchase residential as well as commercial property anywhere in Pakistan.

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The facility will allow the applicants from overseas to sign up for the accounts in Pakistani rupee( PKR) or any foreign currency and will be allowed to withdraw funds any time they desire.


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