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Paris:Celestial Monsters,’ the first chemical signs of the supermassive stars, were detected by astronomers with the help of the James Webb Space Telescope. In the early universe, the star was blazing with the brightness of millions of Suns. So far, the giant stars observed anywhere have a mass of around 300 times that of our sun. But the supermassive star has an estimated mass of 5,000 to 10,000 suns, described in a new study.

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In an attempt in 2018, the European researchers behind the study previously theorized the existence of supermassive stars to explain one of the great mysteries of astronomy. Astronomers have been baffled for decades by the massive diversity in the composition of different stars crammed into “globular clusters.”

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The clusters can contain millions of stars in a relatively small space and are mostly very old. Our Milky Way Galaxy has around 180 globular clusters with over 100 billion stars. Advances in astronomy have revealed an increasing number of globular clusters, which are thought to be a missing link between the universe’s first stars and first galaxies.

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