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The Sindh Irrigation Department and the Water and Power Development Authority (Wapda) are at the front line of the Rs construction. Rs. 125 billion Sindh barrage, endorsed by Prime Minister Imran Khan in August 2019.

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A few months later, Wapda submitted its initial report for a feasibility review of the scheme. The Sindh irrigation experts replied and raised technical objections. However, in its response, Wapda did, in large part, stick to its report and suggested that it would approach the irrigation secretary to address the problem.

The Sindh barrage is planned on the Indus River in Thatta, 180 km downstream of the Kotri barrage and 45 kilometers upstream of the Arabian Sea.

Wapda’s GM Hydro Planning, Mr. Sheikh, proposed that the drain aspect is there to fix seepage, while there will be fresh water in the reservoir/lake that will boost the atmosphere. It might help the fishing group and the reservoir or lake to avoid the intrusion of the sea.

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“In addition to the main barrage, there will be an auxiliary dam to ensure the supply of fresh water to the Shah Bandar area,” he explained.

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