Sky Marketing is Coming to Dubai Now

Dubai: Pakistan’s top real estate firm, Sky Marketing, is going global by embarking on a new journey in Dubai. The firm is on the path to revolutionizing the real estate sector and aims to provide its esteemed Overseas Pakistani clients with investment opportunities in Pakistan. Thus, Sky Marketing proudly introduces overseas Pakistanis to its iconic CDAapproved project, Sky Hills, located in Bahria Hills, Islamabad. CALL US NOW for more information.

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Undoubtedly, Dubai is known for being a magnet in the global real estate industry. It attracts billions of dollars from all around the world. The financial hub is also a door of investment opportunities that Sky Marketing is going to exploit for its projects in Pakistan. Dubai is indeed an ideal place for both living and business as it is emerging as a profitable city, mainly in the real estate sector.


Thus, Sky Marketing has chosen Dubai as a next destination to market its projects in Islamabad. These ventures will be developed as its signature projects. Islamabad share many similarities with Dubai, such as high living standards, clean environment, safety, world-class architecture, and investment opportunities.


Below are the major reasons to invest in Islamabad real estate:

  • Safety
  • Population growth
  • Reasonable prices
  • High rental yields
  • Investment options
  • Booming tourism industry

Moreover, if you are living in Dubai and wondering where to invest in Pakistan. In that case, look nowhere, but Sky Hills. It is an ideal investment opportunity with legal status approved from the Capital Development Authority (CDA), ensuring a safe and secure investment opportunity.

Sky Hills Islamabad

Here are the investment options in Sky Hills:


To meet your residential needs, Sky Hills offers lavish apartments of various sizes at affordable prices.

Below are the sizes of apartments in Sky Hills:

  • 317.84 sq. ft. – 1103.09 sq. ft.

Below are the prices of apartments in Sky Hills:

  • PKR 7,946,000 – PKR 29,783,430

Shops and Corporate Offices

To meet your commercial needs, Sky Hills offers shops and offices of various sizes that will facilitate the business–minded person to start and grow your business empire.

Below are the sizes of shops in Sky Hills:

  • 379.25 sq. ft. – 598.76 sq. ft.

Below are the prices of shops in Sky Hills:

  • PKR 23,631,850 – PKR 37,287,000

Sky Hills Office is an Ideal place for the following people:

  • Law firms
  • Telecom Hubs
  • Insurance firms
  • Multinational companies
  • Accounting/audit offices
  • Travel agents & courier offices
  • Corporate offices/headquarters

To sum up, for those potential overseas Pakistanis living in Dubai, it is a great opportunity for you to consider the recommendation and invest in Pakistan real estate. Hence, once you come to Pakistan, you can live a comfortable life with your respected family and enjoy maximum returns.

For more investment opportunities in Islamabad, visit Sky Marketing.

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