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Islamabad: An esteemed delegation of Turkish real estate investors has recently visited Pakistan and expressed their sincere wish to invest in the real estate industry of Pakistan. They expressed their feelings by showing interest in the development of industrial units. This was reported by a news source on 16th November 2020. The group of investors also visited the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICCI).

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The president of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Sardar Yasir Ilyas Khan expressed that Pakistan is full of potential to provide the best investment opportunities to the people. He also stated that Pakistan also supports and facilitates the Foreign Investment in Pakistan and will go to any extent to attract investors from abroad.

Mr. Ilyas also briefed the Turkish delegation that Pakistan has a cosmic market with immense demand for housing and commercial development. He also appreciated the keen interest of the group in the real estate sector of Pakistan and provided details concerning the government`s comprehensive incentive package for the Construction sector.

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He told the members of the delegation that this is the perfect opportunity and right time to invest in real estate in Pakistan. The environment is right and provides every facilitation for joint ventures between Pakistani and Turkish real estate developers.

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In response to the generosity from President ICCI, the head of the Turkish delegation ADO Group President, Mustafa Sak, stated that they are interested in the real estate market of Pakistan and are keen to invest. They are particularly interested in the development of units related to the production of construction material to meet the demand of the local industry.

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