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Omega Residencia

Omega Residencia (Omega Villas Project) is a stunning green housing society that is free of any pollution. As the Omega management focuses on rapid societal growth, the area will become the most beautiful land in Lahore with more trees particularly palm trees.

It is built on 1600 Kanal of land and has gated communities that can make life simpler and secure with complete living facilities. Omega Residencia focused primarily on two projects: Omega Villas and Omega Homes architecture.

All the four sectors in the society are sold out- Sectors A, B, C, and sector D. The management delivers a pleasant and excellent lifestyle that will enhance the wellbeing and soundness of the lives of the residents of the housing society.

Omega Residencia lahore

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Omega Residencia Vision

The management tried to build unique housing companies that address the current needs of all livelihoods, representing excellent labor conditions, reliability, good construction quality, and timely completion.

The new international city planning and engineering principles are introduced. It incorporates new technologies not only with state-of-the-art technology but promises a world-class experience.

There are many great features that are given to the people for example comprehensive network of walking paths, uninterrupted 24/7 power services, an international level education system, healthcare centers, lush green parks, Omega Residencia mall, and club for entertainment.

Omega Residencia Mission

The mission has always been to build housing projects that give residents special and exciting lifestyles. For this purpose, the portfolio of the most iconic projects is planned to improve people’s lifestyles.

The ongoing success of Omega Villas is due to the provision of complete property options to satisfy the needs of developers, businesses, tenants, and retailers.

The designs are specifically created, develop, and constructed to provide facilities to the residents.

Omega Residencia Owners and Developers

Omega Villas Private Limited is the developer of the Omega Residencia housing society in Lahore. The business initiated various residential and commercial ventures in Lahore in 2011.

It is recognized as a trustworthy group in Pakistan due to projects which they have completed in different domains for example industrial, residential, and rural homes. The management emphasizes on providing a better lifestyle at affordable prices to everybody who wants to live in a peaceful environment with their families.

Omega Villas Private Limited always completes its main missions which are

  • To complete projects within a given timeline
  • To provide good work to the customer.

So that they can achieve a decent reputation and can grab more and more investors.

Furthermore, Omega Villas Private Limited has a flawless history of developing luxurious and eco-friendly residential communities.

It is working on the following projects:

  • Omega Residencia Faisalabad
  • Omega Residencia Homes
  • Omega Residencia Paradise (project to be initiated soon)
  • Omega Residencia Villas.

Omega Residencia Location

It is situated near the Faizpur Exchange at Main Sharaqpur Road, Lahore. Since it is just 15 to 20 minutes away from all Lahore governmental and commercial areas, the location offers an absolute blessing for the Lahori people. Simply, you can also enroll in any suitable educational institution within walking distance.

People are fortunate enough to get a property in the main commercial market. It is located on the Lahore-Karachi Motorway that is just a few minutes away or you can even get directly from Omega Homes to Thokhar Niaz Baig or Zilah Kachahri.

You can conveniently go in any direction in Lahore on the way from Ring Road. Additionally, Sighyan Road and Mall Road is just a few minutes away from Omega Home to G.T. road.

The best location in Lahore seems like a hard task. However, the site of the Omega Homes housing scheme has direct access from all major highways, so you can call it a blessing.

Omega Residencia lahore Location

Omega Residencia NOC and Permission:

The Omega Residencia has received all required NOC and planning permissions from the Lahore Development Authority. This can be proved by the fact that former President Mamnoon Hussain presented an award to the developers for this  project.

Omega Residencia lahore Owners

Omega Residencia Project Details

This housing society in Lahore is spread over on a land of 1600 Kanal. It is designed as a self-contained, well-equipped gated community with every amenity. It primarily consists of two sub-projects i.e. Omega Residence & Omega Home designs.

Size of plots

Omega Residencia Residential plots:

Following are the residential plots that are available under the Omega Residencia Housing Scheme:

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Omega Residencia Commercial Plots:

On the other hand, you may buy a plot in a commercial area if you want to run your business close to your house.

Commercial plots are available in the following sizes:

  • 3.11 Marla
  • 4 Marla
  • 5.33 Marla

It is an attractive building with a great range of modern accommodations and services where you can do business as well as live in comfort.

Project details Omega Residencia lahore

Omega Homes Project Details

Different plot categories come under the project of Omega Homes, Lahore. This project of the developers offers fully built homes to their buyers to ease their troubles which come in the constructions of houses.

3 Marla Double Portion Home

The Omega Residencia Housing Scheme of Lahore now solves dilemma of potentional clients who are looking for constructed houses only, since it provides two-portion houses at minimum rates on the land of 3 Marla.

Developers have planned an affordable payment schedule to make purchases more flexible. Every installment has a price of PKR 34,167 which is pocket friendly to everybody and can be paid within long period of 5 years.

3 Marla Ground Floor

Ground floor homes have the same facilities as first floor and 2nd floor houses. Every house has proper ventilation. Arcitecture of the houses is designed in such a way that provides comfortability and a spacious look even in small land area. The housing scheme has the most important plus point which is wide road points. Every house, whether on the front or the back is on a wide street.

The management also created an easy installment plans for its clients. In 5 years, you must pay 60 installments. The monthly price of each installment is PKR 18,583.

3 Marla First Floor

It also has an architectural plan for the modern structure of the first floor. The engineers and architects of the housing scheme have thus constructed top-level shaded roofs, matte doors and windows to stay warm in winters.

Within 5 years, clients will pay 60 percent of the payment of  PKR 17,750 monthly after which they can occupy their homes and then can pay the rest of the amount later.

Omega Residencia lahore project Details

Omega Residencia Payment Plan

Many housing schemes are at a higher price point compared to Omega Homes but this society provides  the same wide range of amenities as the others. They handle their payment system with full customer relaxation.

They protect the consistency of the project and offer their residents all facilities at low rates.

Now let’s switch to a more structured payment plan discussion. The full detail is given below for each plot size:

Table 1 Residential Plan for Sector A

Here is the payment plan of Omega Residencia residential plots Sector A:

Omega Residencia Lahore 3 Year Payment Plan Sector A

Table 2 Payment Plan for 3 Marla Villas

Here is the payment plan for 3 Marla Villas in Omega Residencia:

Omega Residencia Lahore 3 Marla Villas Payment Plan

Table 3 Omega Residencia Commercial Payment Plan

Here is the payment plan for Omega Residencia Commercial Payment Plan.

Omega Residencia Lahore 4 year Payment Plan

Table 4 Payment Plan for Sector C

Here is the payment plan for Sector C in Omega Residencia.

Omega Residencia Lahore 4 year Payment Plan Sector C

Latest Payment Plan of Omega Residencia are as follow:

Omega Residencia Lahore Latest Payment Plan

Terms and Conditions

  • 10% Extra Charges for Corner Plot
  • 5 % Extra Charges will be applied for Park Facing Villa and 10 % Extra Charges for Park Facing
  • 10 % Extra Charges for Main Boulevard Plots
  • 15 % Extra Charges Will Apply for Boulevard Corner Plots
  • 10 % Discount will be offered for Full Payment.
  • 5% Discounts will be offered for Half Payment
  • In Villas and Sector A development charges are included but in Sector C plots development charges are not included. You have to pay development charges later.

Illustration of the Floor Plans

This is an illustration of the Omega Residencia and Omega Homes floor plan.

Omega Residencia Floor Plan

Omega Residencia floor Plan for Homes

Amenities and Facilities Available

Amenities and facilities are the services that people are owed when they are planning to enjoy their family time within a housing society.

Availability of CCTV Cameras

In the new age, unauthorized individuals also have access to other people’s personal property. It is strongly mandatory to use CCTV cameras to observe or apprehend these individuals. In certain cases, we need some documentation for lawful operation and recording is the real evidence of fraud.

You will find your missing thing in an emergency by using your CCTV camera footage. The housing community offers us CCTV camera leverage to provide us with a secure residence.

24/7 Security Guards Available

All around us, we see several security guards. Why are we hiring security guards? The primary motive behind the guards is to rob and arrest thieves on the spot. Since safety cameras can only log, crime cannot be reported on location.

Lahore Omega Residencia Housing Scheme is pleased to see that security services are available 24 hours a day for your safety. Each person is checked by security guards when entering the main door or before exiting.

Gated Communities

As explained, all protection is being added to your safety. Omega Residencia Housing Scheme Lahore is a private group that effectively secures every house since each customer enters or exits the same road. Unlawful people cannot flee anywhere stopping any illegal activity.

Solar Power Plants

The architects of the housing scheme have consciously observed that electricity is the biggest challenge all over Pakistan. To ensure enough electricity in case of load shedding, Omega Residencia, Lahore provides the golden range of solar energy plants.

Underground Electricity

Lahore is built on a luxurious infrastructure that gives us underground resources. In the past, power wires were mostly seen on the road causing significant damage. Now, however, Omega Residencia Housing Scheme Lahore configures all the electrical installations based on which our living standards are improved considerably.

Imam Afroz Mosque

There is a suitable place for praying for Muslims. The mosque of ‘Iman Afroz’ is designed for this purpose.

Healthcare Hospitals

The health center, which is the hospital, is the most important thing. Streets with flashing lights provide a whole range of possibilities, but the hospital dominates. In case of an emergency, you can head to the hospital within a few steps of your home.

In the hospital, a squad of expert physicians will provide you with outstanding care That is the perfect way to attract customers outside the business who use these services as citizens of society.


  • Carpeted roads
  • Gym and Fitness Centers
  • Pure Filtration Plant
  • Streets with Bright Lights
  • Children’s Parks and Playgrounds

Latest Update

The Omega Residencia Housing Scheme has declared that they have completed A-Block and that the end-user can now create their dream home in the housing system and welcome the landowners to the block.

You must also visit this investment and dream home housing scheme. The reserved space is in the A-block and the rates will be eventually increased in the future. In the case of property holding, the costs are high in Omega Residencia as compared to the other housing businesses in the main city.

Development of Omega City Lahore

If you wish to buy a 5 Marla plot, you just need 5 lacs for your initial payment. The prices vary from one place to another. Keep in mind, the price would be different if you were to buy any customized plot.

We can help you buy and sell. For more information: please contact any Sky Marketing representative to ensure that you have been given sound advice.

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Omega Residencia is providing a glorious environment-friendly housing society to its residents and that too at very pocket-friendly budgets. Comfort and lifestyle couldn’t get any better than this. Simply put, at Omega, no compromises are made on the security and lifestyle standards.


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