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Paragon City Lahore is a residential scheme which was established in the year 2003. Paragon housing society Lahore is one of the most modern and state of the art housing society launched by Paragon City Private Limited (Pvt) Ltd.

Paragon City Lahore

With the steep rise in the population of Lahore City, the need for a splendid housing society with the feature of affordability is highly rare in the city. With the emergence of Paragon City housing society, this scarcity of luxurious and affordable housing societies is no more a dream because the Paragon Company, Paragon City private Limited has made it a reality with the development of the Paragon Housing Scheme Lahore.

Paragon City Lahore Location is chosen with a view in the mind of the developers and owners that it provides quick and easy access to the society, offering a convenient entry to the residents without any hassle. With the completion of Ring Road Lahore, the Paragon Society will be enjoying the status of the most esteemed residential society in the city of Lahore.

Owners & Developers:

Paragon City (Pvt) Ltd. is a private company that is the developer of Paragon City Lahore. It is one of the kind housing projects that is built to offer two features at a time in one place, those are luxurious lifestyle and affordability combined with a noise-free and serene environment.

Paragon City

The developers have chosen a premium location for the society and have provided all the modern-day facilities and amenities at low-rates. The developers have achieved the mark of excellence with the matchless development of the area.

Paragon City Lahore Location:

The owners and the developers of Paragon City have chosen a perfect place for this luxurious society. It is located right next to Barki Road. It is also close to the Rashid Minhas Road. The society is also located on just a few minutes of road travel from Lahore Ring Road. The prime location also adds to the aesthetics and significance of society.

Paragon City Accessibility:

Paragon society Lahore is accessible in the following ways:

  • Easy access point from Barki Road.
  • Easy access point from Lahore Ring Road.
  • Easy access point from Jallo Road.
  • Easy access point from Shabbir Sharif Road.
  • Easy access point from Zarrar Shaheed Road.

    Paragon City Lahore Access Piont

Nearby housing societies:

Paragon housing society is located in the vicinity of several main landmarks & residential areas, mentioned as following:

  • Allama Iqbal International Air Port
  • Jallo Park Botanical park
  • Fortress Stadium
  • Lahore Cantt. Railway Station
  • Mughalpura Railway Station
  • Orange Train Islam Park Station
  • Cavalry Ground
  • Shalimar Bagh
  • University of Engineering & Technology Lahore
  • Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)
  • Defense Housing Authority Lahore
  • Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute (PKLI) And Research Centre
  • Lahore Knowledge Park

No Objection Certificate (NOC) of Paragon City Lahore:

Acquiring of NOC by any housing society is its highest priority. This is also one of the most significant questions being upstretched in the minds of many stakeholders. So, Sky Marketing has good news for you that Paragon Housing Scheme Lahore is not listed in the list of illegal private schemes of Lahore Development Authority (RDA).

However, this has been the tradition of Sky Marketing that we always advise our esteemed readers and customers that please before any purchase of property, you must first of all demand a duly approved No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the concerned development authority of that city.

 Paragon City Lahore Master plan:

The detailed masterplan of the residential society was prepared after a careful effort by the owners and developers. The owner himself was part of the whole process to ensure transparency in every step.

Paragon City Lahore Master Plan

Developed Blocks of the society:

  • Imperial Garden
  • Imperial Home
  • Executive
  • Wood
  • Grove

Completed Projects of the society:

  • Imperial-1
  • Imperial-2
  • Mounds
  • Orchards-1

Sizes of Residential Plots in Paragon City:

  • 5 Marla
  • 6 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 4 Kanal

Sizes of Commercial Plots in Paragon City:

  • 04 Marla
  • 08 Marla

Prices and Payment Plans of Plots in Paragon City Lahore:

Prices and payment plans for plots oscillate with time and it depends on different facets of the real estate market trend, such as inflation and overall rates in the real estate sector. Each zone is located in a specific location and so, each zone is offering different prices of plots.

Payment plans differ as per the categories of the plots. The following are the approximate residential plot prices to give you an idea of plot rates. For detailed zone wise prices, please contact Sky Marketing:

Paragon City Lahore 1.5 year Payment Plan

For the updated payment plan of Blue Town Sapphire Lahore you can visit our website SkyMarketing.

Documentation Requirement for Booking in Paragon Lahore:

There is some requirement of the documents that will need while booking your dream property in Paragon City housing society Lahore. Following are the required documents:

  1. 2 passport size photos.
  2. 2 photocopies of NICOP (in case of overseas).
  3. 2 photocopies of NADRA issued CNIC
  4. 2 photocopies of your next of kin

Features of Paragon City Housing Society Lahore:

  • International standards infrastructure with modern features.
  • Planned and wide carpeted roads, the main boulevard, streets, and lanes
  • Paved Walkways for pedestrians
  • 24/7 availability of basic utilities such as water, gas, and electricity (underground)

Features of Paragon City Lahore

  • Gated housing community reinforced with Boundary walls
  • Hospitals and pharmacies with extremely experienced medical experts qualified nurses, and staff to provide the best treatment.
  • Healthcare units are also fitted with the most well-run hardware and software.
  • Affordable rates of plots
  • Education facilities like high standard schools and colleges
  • planned sewerage management & waste disposal system
  • Modern business areas, market spaces, and shopping centers/Malls.
  • Parks and play areas.
  • Splendid Jamia mosque.

Amenities & Facilities Provided by Paragon City:

Paragon City is one of the most luxurious housing society in Lahore and also in Pakistan. This was made possible by the developers of the Paragon Lahore. The society is developed with internationally applied standards.

Amenities of Paragon City Lahore

Paragon Lahore is the best residential society to live and invest in. This is because it is a smart, green, and sustainable housing society. Its management is also efficient beyond comprehension. The infrastructure of society is developed with internationally recognized technology.

The smart way that the society was developed is because of the manner this society was constructed and so, it requires less maintenance. It has proved its worth in the minds of the investors with the excellence of developments in the record time. The engineers and the staff have worked round the clock and day & night to meet the set standards by the developers. The challenge has been to make it an affordable and luxurious society.

Paragon society Lahore has the best plot prices and plot sizes and the developers have not made even a single compromise on the development quality. The quality and the honesty of Paragon Pvt Ltd. is the pinnacle of this society.

Jamia Mosque:

The scheme has taken care of the religious needs of the inhabitants and has designed a state of the art mosque with modern-day architecture with a blend of the rich culture of Lahore. This will give the best spiritual environment for the people coming to the mosque for offering prayers five times a day

Road and Lane Infrastructure:

All the zones of Paragon City are developed with a modern look and loaded with smart and efficient electricity. Developers have planned a through lane and road infrastructure to maintain a smooth traffic system no matter the load at rush hours. A proper road-lane mechanism has been also introduced. Paved walkways have also been constructed to provide ease of access to pedestrians in society.

Recreational spaces and parks:

Health is wealth. Health has always been a top priority of humans. Introducing a system to keep the residents’ health at the top level, Paragon City has designed beautiful and lush green parks and play areas for children.

Quality educational institutions:

Educational bodies are a crucial part of any modern society. We need the best quality education for the growth and development of our personal lives and the country at a quick pace to meet the high international competition. Paragon city ensures the best education at every level- colleges, schools, and universities.

Secure Society:

Security and secure surroundings are of crucial significance. Because no matter what the level of facilities and development of residential society offers, if its residents do not feel a sense of safety then all of these amenities useless, and investors will pull out their investment and residents will start leaving the society.

Underground Utility pipelines:

Paragon housing society is a well-planned housing society and its beauty is beyond imagination. To preserve its beautiful landscapes, the developers have designed this society in a way that all the Utility pipelines such as water pipelines, drainage pipelines, gas lines, and electricity lines are laid concealed underground. This is an excellent footstep towards making society more safe.

Planned Drainage system:

Cleanliness has great importance in our culture and religion. That is why proper drainage and waste disposal mechanism is required in this regard. A failed urban-drainage system miserably ruins the lives of the inhabitants living in that society.

These mechanisms have to be developed with the future in mind and installed at the start of society and then maintained respectively with time. Residents also have to be given a good level of awareness that not to litter around and also throw the garbage in the designated dustbins.

They also have to be made aware that not to throw everything into the gutters, it may choke the whole drainage mechanism and might cause a big failure and become a problem for the whole community.

The development of an efficient drainage system is necessary for the proper and sufficient functioning of a residential housing society. Paragon Lahore has planned and laid the most excellent sewerage system with wide sewerage pipelines for smooth drainage of storm-water or waste of the society.

Pros & Cons:

Benefits Drawbacks
24/7 Water Perception of high prices
24/7 Electricity
24/7 Gas
Paragon Cinema
Planned Theme Parks/Recreational Areas
Grocery/shopping center/Markets/Malls
Peaceful/ healthy/secure environment
Gated community with security gates & guards
Very close to the main locations & other societies
Wide planned carpeted Roads, streets, lanes & walk-ways for pedestrians
Well-planned drainage & waste disposal systems
Green, smart and sustainable housing society in Multan

Guidelines to follow while purchasing/Sale of Plots in Paragon Lahore:

Document Verification:

Please ensure, to always verify all the documentation with complete satisfaction to avoid any miscommunication or misunderstanding. Before getting into any purchase or sale of the property make sure to inquire about the NOC and approval document by the developers duly approved by the Lahore Development Authority. In this way, your documentation will be valid by all means that may offer customer satisfaction.

Financial Security:

Before the conclusion of any transaction of any sale or purchase of the property, please make sure that your funds are in line with your purchase plan. In this way, your purchase or sale will be done without any issue.

Property Visits:

Before any purchase and after surety of the validity of documents, do visit the site on the ground to ensure that the written documents are under the plot specifications on the ground.


Paragon Lahore is developed by highly expert developers using excellent equipment and technology. Paragon company has fulfilled its promise of the best infrastructure development at the most suitable costs with splendid amenities.

Paragon enables you to buy a large size plot at low rates. People have this dream to own a real estate property and Paragon society is here to conclude that dream of people, even for the people from humble backgrounds. So, Sky Marketing is suggesting that this is the best time to invest in the paragon Lahore. If you want to know more about such a housing society then please visit Blue World City, Park View City, and Capital Smart City to learn about the luxuries being offered at affordable prices.


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