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Park view city is a newly introduced housing society in the heart of the Islamabad. It gives the real concept of luxury and serenity. It is the project based on the increasing demand for luxury living among the people.  Mostly the people were preferred outer countries for living because of their lot of life facilities. Keeping on the mind these entire things vision group takes a step for the development of such a society that fulfills all the requirements of the people.

Park view city is not only best for living purposes but also best for business purposes. This society would prove profitable both for residents as well as investors.

Park view city Islamabad locates on the mountain and also covered with lush green hills of bani gala. This is so glorious society from where you can enjoy fresh air, clean environment and the beautiful view of the Islamabad.

The master planner of park view city designs this project by all types of people although they are the business generator, investor and peaceful resident. Park view city is like “a golden key can open all the doors”. So there you can find all the things at the same point.

Owner of Park View City

Park view city is owned by the vision group. The owner of the vision group is Aleem khan who is the active member of PTI.

About vision group

Vision group is one of the most famous and trustworthy group in the region of real estate. Within a very short duration vision group handed over lots of work in a very good manner. This group booted up the industry of real estate.

Year of establishment

Park view city Islamabad established in June 2018.


Park view city is design by the vision group the Aleem khan.


The developers of this society are Ijaz and CO.

Acquired land

The land that acquires for this society is 1200 Kanal.

Location of Park view city Islamabad

With having the prime location the society is located in the surrounding of lush green hills of bani gala.

It is the just next society of Bahria Enclave and 15minuts away from Serena hotel.

Neighboring societies

Bahria Enclave, Naval farm, Bani gala, Bara Kahu, athaal, Chak Shehzad, park Enclave, Abdullah city

These are the neighboring societies of Park view city Islamabad.

Access points

It is easy to access from Kurri road in molat road, this way now known as Jinnah Avenue. In the future, it accepted that there will be direct access provided by the Bani gala.

The master plan of park view city Islamabad

The master plan of this society is mention here:

Park View City Master Plan

Location map of Park view city Islamabad

Location map of Park view city Islamabad is located at zone 4 jagiot road in the green hills of Bani gala. Park view city Islamabad is situated in mouza malot, zone IV of Islamabad.


Park View City Map

In Legality point of view

Park view city is a legal society and approved by capital development authority (CDA).  The approved NOC of this society which given by CDA available on the CDA website. The approval date of NOC is 1 June of 2018.

There were some buzzes heard about the NOC of this housing society. The termination of NOC due to some issues but after resolved the issues through its root the society is going on the right direction with speedy work and quality of construction.

Approved environmental NOC

Park view city is only a society which has approved environmental NOC from the ministry of climate change. It is the glory of this society to have this because in the future no one can clam about the disturbance of climate change in this society. So society is secure from all the side.

Offering project detail

Park view city Islamabad offering the residential plot as well as the commercial plot. The plots are available both in residential and commercial plots in different sizes.

For residential 5 Marla, (26×50) 8 Marla, (30×60) 10 Marla, (35×70) 1 kanal, (50×90) 2 kanal (75×120) sizes plots are available.

For commercial 6 Marla, (35×40) 10 Marla (40×45) plots are available.

The plots in this society are arranged alphabetically i.e.

5 Marla plots are available in Block A, B, F, J, and K   while 10 Marla plots are available in block A, B, F, H and I. similarly, 1 Kanal plots are available in block B, C, E, F, N, and M while 2 Kanal plots are available in block D and P.

Furthermore, there was also an extension of blocking that is block J. This lock has been launched by society management in their recent balloting.

Development status and possession

It is expecting that the whole of society will be fully constructed within 2 years. All the considerable construction including Main Boulevard, underground electricity connection, underground water and gas pipe lining and a beautiful gate has been approximately ready. The speedy work of the society makes sure that within a very short time this society being fully constructed in front of you.

About the possession of the society, so it is one of the great plus points of this society to give possession after 2 and 3 installments. The people have permission to construct their houses soon after the payment of 2 installments. It is rarely seen that any society gives you permission for construction of society just after the 2 installments.

Attributions of park view city

Park view city Islamabad offers wonderful attributes that never seen in Pakistan before this. The society not only full filling all the basic needs like all other good societies but also facilitate the whole over Pakistanis with their wonderful facilities. These facilities are an essential element to attain the attraction of the people. Moreover, these facilities are a step towards an upgrade living style and make the country prosperous as giving a bundle of business opportunities.

Those being providing attributes are following;

Modern infrastructure and elegant housing plan

Park view city where having the natural beauty along with this beauty there are the grand human constructing skills which make this society elegant with world super infrastructure.

Nonstop availability of electricity, water, and gas

There is an underground connection of electricity, water, and gas which is almost done. Society ensures that there will nonstop 7/24 availability of water, electricity, and water.

Security surveillance

The society will secure as working of CCTV cameras. These CCTVs will work 24/7 without any break. These CCTVs are connected to every required place which will be secure the whole society.

 Gated community

Park view city is a gated community with having a complete secure boundary wall.

Masque (Jamia Masjid)

A grand Jamia masjid will establish in park view city Islamabad. This will be a well-designed masque holding with a large area.

Educational zone

The society will provide the quality of schools, colleges, and World Class University. There will be equal education for all. The world standard system of education will be provided here. Society ensures that they will build the university as such a level that attracts the whole world students, everyone wants to have studied here.

Health zone

As all know health has the first priority, it is above all the things, so the society also ensures to provide the world-class system of hospitals. All the necessary equipment will buy from abroad which have full surety by their standard. This is a great initiative of the society to give the level of cure in Pakistan although; no one could escape the country due to health issues.

IMAX cinemas

In the entertainment field, park view city will provide an IMAX cinema with 3D technology. This will be a great source of entertainment.

Commercial walk and downtown concept

In park view city commercial zone will give world-class brands, now through this commercial hub, you can enjoy your desired shopping.

Zoo and parks

The society planned diversification of zoo and park will be introduced here. These parks will be the source of enjoyment for all ages.

Club and community

Club and community center has vital values in the entertainment field, the resident of the park view city can enjoy the interesting sport in this center i.e. golf, swimming pool, cricket, tennis, and snooker.

Botanical garden

Along with having the lush green environment, Botanical garden is also an additional thing which makes society more valuable.

Moreover, this botanic garden increase the soil of the land, organic food and vegetable will be produced through this botanical garden. In this society, you can enjoy a healthy life.

Park view heights & apartments

Park view height will also develop within the park view city Islamabad. Fully furnished apartments with all luxurious facilities will be giving you a joy able life, swimming pool snooker setup will also available within these apartments. It will modernize in true meanings where not one joy able facility left behind. The famous skillful designer hired for their designing. They have fully focused on giving up to standard designing. The construction work will be started soon.

Payment schedule and prices

Park View City Commercial Block Payment Plan


Payment Plan  A&B Block  

Park View City A and B Block Payment Plan

Payment Plan H Block

Park View City H Block Payment Plan

Payment Plan K Block

Park View City K Block Payment Plan

Some special plots

The plots in park view city Islamabad are classified as

  • Main boulevard plots
  • Park facing plots
  • Corner plots

These are those plots that have 10% more charges than the other regular plots. Those who are willing to want these plots can buy with a little more amount than regular prices. This amount will be paid at the time of construction.

Special offer of a discount

You can save your 5% amount as comparing the regular prices of plots because the society is offering you to give plots on 5% discount by lump sum payment.

Lump-sum pay is the payment process in which you will pay a total price of plots without availing installments plan.

How can you book your plot in the park view city Islamabad?

  • You can book your plot in park view city Islamabad by vesting of our office “Sky Marketing” with having such documents:
  • Photocopy of applicants ID card
  • Photocopy of nominees ID card
  • 2 Passport size photos of the applicant
  • Down payment for booking of plots that is 20 % per plot.

(The amount for the down payment in the form of cash, cross cheque, and pay the order in favor of park view Enclave (PVT) limited).

Instead of this process of booking, you can also book your plot in the park view city Islamabad through the online booking system.

Balloting of Park View City Islamabad

Balloting ceremony of park view city Islamabad has been conducted on 24 June 2019. The ceremony was attended by the owner of the society and authorized dealer. Furthermore, the notable personalities were also there in the balloting ceremony.

Plot numbers were assigned via a fair computerized system. The preference was given by those investors who clear their payment on time by the payment schedule.

The plots that were assigned in balloting are 5 Marla, 8 Marla, and 10 Marla, 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal. This ceremony ended with very well manners and development work gone speedier. Those people who got possession going towards construction as society promised to give possession soon.

Strengths and weaknesses of society

We are discussing here some strengths and weaknesses of the society


  • Legal society approved by CDA
  • Ideal location
  • Availability of the world’s best facilities
  • Peaceful place with a peaceful environment
  • A pollution-free society with having natural beauty
  • Load shedding free society
  • Society’s own power plant
  • Exploration of business
  • Unlimited opportunities upcoming
  • Secure gated community
  • World modern infrastructure


  • Prices of plots are high in park view city Islamabad to some extent.

Future of Park View City Islamabad

Park view city will be recognized in the world-class societies. The name of this society will mention in the list of top-class society because the designer of this society had not to skip any of the things which will lag behind this society. From location to its approval, world-class facilities, world-class infrastructure, speedy development work, all things lie in the perfect zone. This is the first society all over in Pakistan where the buildings are designed to step by step both at the ground and up to the ground.  Much more than all these things society will prove a source of business and provider of lots of opportunities. It can change the life of people and will introduce a bright future for all their investors and resident by the reduction of unemployment.

The quality of products and rapidly work make its future nearer.

It will not wrong if it said the investment in the park view city is a golden investment.

Comparison of Park View City with other CDAs societies

When we compare the park view city Islamabad with other CDAs society will always find a park view city as the best society than others.

Comparison with D-14

The comparison of park view city Islamabad with D-14, (D-14 is a CDAs sector that locates at a notable place in Islamabad). No doubt the mountains are around this society but the is no tree in this society, society is without the concept of greenery, no availability of botanical garden, no concept of the eco-friendly system while you will find all these things in park view city Islamabad.

Moreover, if you put a glance at the prices of both societies you will surprise to know the 5 Marla plots at D-14  is about 1 crore PKR while the price of 5 Marla plot at Park view city Islamabad is 42,00000. There is much difference in the prices of both societies

Comparison with B-17

Similar to D-14, B-17 is offering their 5 marla plots much more expensive than Park view city Islamabad. Along with this, there is also a large difference in the amenities and facilities of both societies, Park view city Islamabad is offering world standard facilities which never seen in Pakistan before this. Although, having all these the prices of plots in Park view city Islamabad has no value in front of given facilities.

So park view city Islamabad has no substitution in any aspect.


Park view city is one of the best housing society in both aspects i.e. residential as well as for commercial.

For investors, the booking gets easier as Silk bank and bank Al- Falah are given a loan on easy terms. It will be very helpful for those who want to secure investment in this outstanding project.

Park view city Islamabad has the credit of top one city in Pakistan and remained top forever because the master planer had no compromise on anything which makes it best forever, the society’s planner also has been promised to update the society time to time in according to requirements.


Head Office

2nd Floor AA Plaza
Jinnah Avenue ,Blue Area, Islamabad

(051) 848-7777

Regional Office

Office No. 2, First Floor Block C,
JB Tower, University Road
Peshawar, Pakistan

(091) 7257777

Office No. 3, 2nd Floor Mega Tower 63b,
Main Boulevard Gulberg 2 Near McDonald’s Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

(042) 35777453

Skymarketing, Plaza 88,
Civic Centre, Phase 4,
Bahria Town, Rawalpindi

Plot 124, Model Town B
Block B Model Town,
Multan, Punjab


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