Which is Better for Living: Park View City or Soan Gardens

Living a stable life in Pakistan indicates success in terms of residence. After all, everyone works hard to earn enough money to live the life they want. Islamabad, Pakistan’s exquisite capital, is well-known for its majestic mountains, tranquil climate, lush green picnic areas, cutting-edge infrastructure, and excellent housing societies.

Park View City or Soan Gardens – a Detailed Comparison

Today, comparing two societies is one of the most challenging aspects of investing. Sky Marketing understands how tough it is to research and evaluate popular real estate projects. We compared two leading projects: Park View City and Soan Gardens.

Park View City is one of the most sought-after developments in Islamabad, Pakistan, and abroad. Park View City has attracted investors and residents who have chosen to live there permanently for various reasons. Soan Garden is a residential property development that provides a comprehensive living experience surrounded by luxury and the gorgeous Margalla Hills in the background. 

If you’re still wondering which society is ideal for living, you’ve come to the correct place. Read on to see how we evaluate the two on many factors, such as developers, location, legal status, amenities, and pricing.


Park View Owners & Developers 

Park View City is a matchless housing community positioned in the heart of Islamabad’s luxury Zone-IV, encircled by the stunning Margalla Hills. The Park View Society is one of the only housing societies in the area to have received authorization from the Capital Development Authority (C.D.A.). Park View City, which is the well-known Vision Group, was founded by Aleem Khan, a senior former member of the ruling party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, owns.  

Vision Group

Park View Vision Group is an effort that strives for excellence by being one of the most lavish housing complexes in the city. Vision Group’s initiatives incorporate attractive aesthetics and modern functionality, allowing for comfortable and luxurious living. The Vision group’s other projects include residential plots, commercial and the following:

Soan Gardens Owners & Developers

Soan Garden is a residential housing project created by C.E.C.H.S. (Civilian Employees Cooperative Housing Society), a well-known real estate company. The project is divided into phases, mainly named Phase 1 and Phase 2, and is located near the New Islamabad Airport. Soan Garden Housing Society results from exceptional work by highly trained and experienced urban planners.

The developers sought to build an ideal housing society based on their “No Profit, No Loss” concept. To establish a strong reputation with future purchasers and investors, the developers prioritized the rights and interests of the inhabitants.  


Park View City Location

Park View City’s success and high market value of the nearest Park View City of the nearest Park View City are primarily due to its prime location. Furthermore, the society’s picturesque vistas attracted the interest of investors. It is conveniently located in Bahria Enclave Islamabad, surrounded by the beautiful greenery of Bani Gala and the Botanical Garden. The nearest Landmarks include the Islamabad Botanical Gardens, which is within walking distance and takes up to a minute to access. 


Nearby Landmarks

You may get to Park View City via Chak Shehzad, which is around 8 kilometres away. The main metropolis of Islamabad is only 7.2 kilometers away from Park View metropolis, with the Serena Hotel 4.8 kilometers away. Moreover, Park View City is free of pollution and noise, making it a perfect residential area.

Soan Gardens Location

The project is situated on central Faisal Avenue, directly opposite Jinnah Garden. Gulberg Greens Interchange is less than a 5-minute drive away. The prominent location provides access to all world-class amenities. Giga Mall is about 15 minutes away, while C.U.S.T. University is just 10 minutes from Soan Garden Islamabad.


Nearby locations include;

Jinnah Garden (2 minutes), CUST University (15 minutes), and Ripah International Hospital (12 minutes), Kaak Bridge (10 minutes)

The neighboring societies

Explore Soan Garden Islamabad’s adjacent communities, each with its own set of prospects and living standards, including 


Park View Legal Status

Park View is an approved society by the Capital Development Authority, as evidenced by letter number CDA/PLW/RP-1(51-A)/89/641. On February 14, 2013, it received approval to develop a 7000-kanal housing neighborhood. Furthermore, the I.R.S. department in Islamabad has expanded its provision in the name of the developers in Mouza Malot, Zone 4, Islamabad. On June 1, 2018, the C.D.A. authorized this society’s N.O.C. and all other planning clearances.

Soan Gardens Legal Status

The N.O.C. for Soan Gardens was issued on June 15, 1994, and the housing association was founded in 2004. The N.O.C. was given based on reference letter # CDA/PLW/HS(R.P.)2(481)89/Vol-V/354. It is a fully developed housing community with various additional constructions nearby. Because of its proximity to the Islamabad Expressway, it has recently attracted substantial investor interest and is seen as a strong investment opportunity.

Location: Mouza Lohi Bher, Islamabad. Highway Area: 2985 Kanals.

Residential Plots: 2401.

N.O.C.: Issued on 09-08-2004  


Park View City Masterplan 

Park View City, the future of Islamabad Luxury Lifestyle Capital Development Authority, has revealed its Master Plan 2020. The C.D.A. has authorized a 200-foot-wide road to make space for the massive project. Furthermore, the notification includes the names of various routes that will be enlarged. Kuri Road, Malot Road, and Simli Dam Road are also on the list. These roadways will be up to 100 feet wide. Parkview’s main boulevard route is 200 feet wide. So, expanding these three roadways will make it easier for Parkview City residents to get around.


The proposal includes residential, commercial, and outdoor areas to establish a green, ecologically friendly neighborhood. The society’s layout is intended to provide easy access to amenities and facilities such as schools, hospitals, parks, and shopping centres, as well as the downtown, which is unique in Pakistan and the focus of attention for every investor, making it a convenient and comfortable place to live.

Soan Gardens Masterplan

Soan Garden is a housing society located in Islamabad, Pakistan. It was also developed by the renowned institute Capital Development Authority (C.D.A.) in 1994 and is one of the most popular housing societies in the city. Soan Garden, a thriving housing society in Islamabad, boasts a well-rounded master plan for sustainability and livability. The society offers diverse residential options in well-defined sectors alongside vibrant commercial areas, renowned educational institutions, and healthcare facilities. 


Soan Gardens provides its residents with vast, lush green parks, playgrounds, and recreational areas like the golf course and lake to ensure leisure. The focus is on renewable energy, water conservation, and waste management, reflecting its commitment to a sustainable future.

Integrating various community elements fosters interaction and a strong sense of belonging, making Soan Garden a model for modern, integrated living.


Park View City Development Status:

The development status of Park View includes Blocks A, B, and D, which currently have control of several plots previously allocated in the early blocks. Blocks C and H will shortly be able to take ownership. The remaining blocks, E, F, J, K, and Overseas Block are all works in progress. In addition, development on Park View City’s P.V.C. homes has already begun. 

The development of educational and healthcare institutions has already begun by prominent figures in the city. Boundary walls, road paths, and Main Boulevard are all being processed, and the construction is moving quickly. In addition, the construction of parks and Masjids is underway. Park View City has lately begun commercial initiatives.

Soan Gardens Development Status

Soan Gardens is in one of Islamabad’s finest locations, with 24-hour public transportation available to Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Soan Garden is a residential housing society in which residential and commercial sections are separated into 11 blocks (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K), each having its park, playground, a mosque, a hospital, commercial markets, and residential facilities. 

Soan Garden is essential since it has access to every living and business facility, which is why contemporary and educated families like to reside there. Soan Gardens is a lovely housing society located at the intersection of the Islamabad Expressway, where good planning has been accomplished. C.D.A. is in charge of Islamabad’s development, and they have worked tirelessly to modernize all housing societies and. areas of the city. 


Park View City Payment Plans 

The payment plans of Park View City all blocks are affordable with easy-to-submit instalment schedules. You can read all the residential blocks’ detailed payment plans on our website. Click to read more

Soan Gardens Payment Plan 

Soan Gardens opened in 2004, and house prices have risen over time. The excellent location, list of contemporary facilities, and the country’s economic state are only a few of the critical reasons for the growth in plot values over the previous four years. 

Residential Plot Prices at Soan Gardens

  • The 5 Marla land price ranges between P.K.R. 5 and 6 million. 
  • The 7 Marla land costs more than P.K.R. 10 million. 
  • Plots of 10 Marla or more have topped P.K.R. 11 million. 

Commercial Plot Prices at Soan Garden. 

Commercial property prices are also increasing. Currently, the commercial land is priced between P.K.R. 15 and 30 lacs. 


Park View City Amenities

Most housing societies provide basic amenities such as underground utilities, transportation, and commercial districts, but Park View City goes above and beyond. It takes pleasure in offering a wide range of luxury within its bounds. The society preserves the beauty of the surrounding region and provides its inhabitants with subterranean energy, ensuring that your views of our lovely society are never disturbed.

  • Parks 
  • Schools
  • Mosque
  • Hospitals
  • Food court 
  • Imax cinemas
  • Zoos and Parks
  • Commercial Walk
  • Botanical Garden
  • Gated Community
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Load shedding. Free Zone
  • Club and Community Center
  • 24/7 electricity, gas, and water 
  • Modern Infrastructure and Elegant Housing Plan
  • Underground electricity supply with 24/7 surveillance.
  • Security features include dancing fountains and a commercial hub.

Soan Gardens Amenities

Soan Gardens is a CDA-managed housing society that provides all required amenities to its tenants. The number of families in the community has steadily increased throughout time. To suit the demands of inhabitants, developers attempt to provide both modern amenities and essential facilities. Some of these amenities are:

Soan Gardens offers the following amenities:

  • Round-the-clock security ensures rigorous checks for all those entering and exiting the society.
  • Vigilant guards patrol day and night to keep an eye on outsiders.
  • Access to 10-20 top-tier schools offering exceptional education, including “the Educators.”
  • Effective management of essential requirements such as power, gas, and water.
  • Well-kept society management, providing a smooth living experience.

Park View City or Soan Gardens? Where You Should Buy a Plot? 

Choosing between Park View City and Soan Gardens might be likened to a long hunt for the perfect home in Islamabad, with each community concealing important features beneath its plots. The question is: where should you start digging? Our comprehensive blog shows that both programs excel in terms of security. With respected developers, formal approvals, and a dedication to excellence, your investment will undoubtedly stand out.

Park View City Islamabad is one of the few Approved Societies that encourages investors with their rapidly developing developments; therefore, now is an excellent opportunity to invest in Park View City to enhance your lifestyle. Park View City has become an ideal location for residential and business activities. Soan Garden has about ten schools and colleges, including Little Angels Day Care Center and School, Rawal Cadet Colleges, and Paragon School and College close. Furthermore, the neighborhood has medical amenities available to its citizens, as evidenced by three clinics and one hospital.

However, in terms of lifestyle, both communities provide abundant amenities ready to enrich and elevate your everyday living experience. 


Both housing societies saw an increase in the value of their plots shortly after their inception, indicating that investment in either of these societies would pay off. It will be difficult to compare the two based on these variables, yet both civilizations have a promising future. A significant amount of investment has already been invested to establish the two projects, and both sectors are progressing at full speed. No one issue diminishes the value of either housing society. As a result, the comparison between Park View City Islamabad and Soan Gardens is ultimately up to the individual.  

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