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The Real Estate Marketing Strategy is the marketing of real estate properties, which are being bought or sold via real estate agents. The real estate industry sets the ongoing price trend in a specific area. Real estate marketing strategy is the pinnacle of business growth.

Sky Marketing presents you with a decisive guide to the 99 Real Estate Marketing Strategies. With our magical strategies, you will gain a robust number of leads. So, these are going to be the ultimate power pack marketing strategies.

As a property consultant firm or real estate strategist, you should have an ultimate real estate marketing strategy. This is because the high intensity of competition in almost every facet of life is overpowering and so is in real estate. So to compete and outshine in the real estate industry, one must have an excellent strategy.

The key to success is to incorporate new and innovative strategies and also remain consistent. Our highly adaptive online real estate marketing strategies along with conventional means will boost your business leads to a new level.

A while back, the buyers and sellers would simply call a real estate agent and ask for a dream property to buy or sell. The percentage of people was around 90% who would use this means of communication. But in today`s modern era, almost every person communicates through social media and other online ways.

People use cell phones to approach via the internet and sell properties or buy properties. Real estate buyers and real estate sellers spend a lot of time remaining updated and finalize the dealings of their properties. Almost every real estate-related information is available online.

Therefore, this is significant to have a solid real estate presence online, where you may project your real estate brand. Online business provides convenience to sellers, buyers, and agents. Customers and agents find it easy to deal with the help of emails or calls.

Sturdy digital marketing is a must strategy for every professional real estate agency that strategizes to excel in the real estate industry. The online marketing strategy also provides transparency and honest communications between customers and dealers.

Following are the highly effective and striking 99 real estate marketing strategies:

1. Conceive A Real Estate Trademark:

It does not matter how minute or large the real estate brand you create, but the existence and consistency matter. Create your brand with a striking title that fits on the top-list of the investors. Come up with an eye-catching logo and brand style that people remember with the name and logo of your company.

 Conceive A Real Estate Trademark

A point not to forget while doing so is that your approach should be long term, your goal must be long term and you must remain patient. Success mostly requires patience. Believe in yourself and always keep your hopes high with the thought that one day you will leave this planet with your real estate legacy.

2. Make an Executive Card:

It looks like an insignificant step but it indeed is a significant step towards recognizing your real estate title in the competition riddled market. A professional real estate agent must have a professional business card that represents him in places where needed with your clients and other real estate agents. Be sure to hire a skilled business card publisher who will create a magical card that fits your high ambitions.

Make an Executive Card

3. Customer Service Principles:

Customer services are considered to be of high importance in any kind of business, especially in the real estate business. You and your skilled team must learn to provide a satisfactory service to your respected customers.

Customer Service Principles

A happy customer means a growing business ensuring a legacy in the industry. Since words from one person to another matter a lot in the real estate market. Happy customers spread the word by themselves to other seekers and in this way, there will be automatic and free-of-cost advertisement for your firm.

4. Create A Website:

This is the era of technology and social media. Every kind of dealing has been shifted from the ground to merely your cell phone. Every business is being conducted on the internet and through websites and Applications.

Create A Website

This is why you must have an online presence through a website that should be cell-phone friendly, easy to use, and understand. An interactive and informative website is user-friendly. People love not to waste extra resources and have dealings right through the ease of their mobile phones.

5. Use Easy to Understand Content on Your Website:

It happens quite often that people visit websites for the convenience of their business and save time, but they bounce off because the content is not easy to comprehend and the content is difficult to understand.

Use Easy to Understand Content on Your Website

You should hire a well-versed content writer to write eye-catching and easy-to-understand content for the clients and other visitors. Your business website must be beautifully developed and the content must reflect your ease of dealings with the customers that represent your brand in the most appealing way possible.

6. Use The High Quality-Resolution Infographics:

All the images, content, videos, and infographics must be of high quality to make it easy for the clients to gain information most splendidly and easily possible. This also has a reason that once a visitor visits your website, the website acts as a face and customer friendliness.

Use The High Quality-Resolution Infographics

The first thing that is noticed by the visitor is the images and every visible content which is present on the landing page. The content must be eye-catching, interesting, and informative that the person is intrigued to read more and explore more about the services you offer.

7. Be Consistent On Your Website:

To remain in touch with your clients and visitors, you should be active on your website by continuously updating and putting in a lot of good and relevant information. In this way, the interest in your business will remain in the hearts of your customers.

Be Consistent On Your Website

This approach will develop a strong bond because of good and consistent communication between you and your customers. Lack of communication or communication gap has a history of issues when it comes to the continuation of a relationship. So, be consistent and keep communicating.

8. Remain Active On Your Social Media Accounts:

Staying active and showing a continuous and updated presence on your social media accounts is of vital importance. This is important because you should make your clients feel cared for and in touch with your high anticipating informative and interesting posts on all of your social media accounts.

People find it more easy and convenient to seek information through websites, apps, and emails, rather than physically visiting the offices and bearing the high traffic hassles and other issues they have to go through by following other means of communications.

Remain Active On Your Social Media Accounts

It is also a convenient and efficient way for you to upload all the updated and relevant information on social media accounts and remain connected with your old and new clients, or any other new visitor to your accounts.

It is fast and cost-effective. All you have to do is to hire a good social media handling team and they must be knowing what to post and when to post to acquire a large number of leads. Stay regular and consistent.

9. Keep Up the Uniqueness On Social Media Accounts:

Remember! That every social media account has a separate way of operating and gathering the visitors on their landing pages. Every post acts differently on every social media platform. So, design and update different and unique posts for each platform.

Keep Up the Uniqueness On Social Media Accounts

For instance, consider that Instagram is an extremely visual website, so you need to post accordingly, high-quality and eye-catching images that appeal to the Instagram followers. In the same way, Facebook and Twitter also behave differently so design and post respectively to the platforms.

10. Stay Updated and in Search of New Social Media Platforms:

Internet is a place to sell and buy properties online. This has provided convenience like never before. The competition on big social media accounts is getting saturated and crowded so new platforms are emerging in this regard, and therefore to gather some heat in the early days of the launch of a new platform, you should first-time get yourself registered on that platform and start posting.

Stay Updated and in Search of New Social Media Platforms

This way you could beat the rush and competition and have new and more clients. We have the example of TikTok. Its reputation has skyrocketed in just a few years and if you got yourself registered in the early month of its launch then you might have a fair chance to gather new customers and make yourself noted on that newly established social media account.

11. Never Underestimate YouTube Account:

YouTube still has the highest position among other social media accounts to generate good content and leads henceforth. Once an account reaches a certain level, because of its innovative, interesting, and informative content then it could prove to be one of the best earning sources in the real estate market.

Never Underestimate YouTube Account

You should hire a professional to manage and upload your content and also gauge the performance and advise you accordingly on how to further optimize the content to attain more followers.

12. Add Share Option On Website:

This is the age of mobile phones and the internet. People find it more convenient to access their interest via mobile phones and if they find something interesting then they share it with their family members and friends.

Add Share Option On Website

So, make your website mobile friendly and place a share button on your website. And it should be right on your landing page. But also ensures that this button is not irritating and yet it is prominent to the visitors. This would enable the visitors to share the information on any of their accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account without any hassle.

13. Mobile Phones Have to Be Your Online Money Making Charm:

Google has been creating new and more efficient ways to entertain mobile phone users. Day by day it is making its search engine more mobile-friendly. This advantage should be used by you and optimize your website accordingly. So your website must also be mobile user friendly and it alone should be able to generate leads in large numbers.

Mobile Phones Have to Be Your Online Money Making Charm

14. Real Estate and Locality:

You need to keep this point in mind and it has significance in the sense that real estate is mostly local in the country or a specific place. It means that most of the time, you may sell or buy properties in your locality.

This is the reason that you must have a keen eye on the properties in your local area so that you may provide fast and efficient service to the customers. Never underestimate the local knowledge of the properties in your surroundings.

 Real Estate and Locality

In later times, you may move towards international real estate dealings, but for that, first, you must have a firm presence in your local area. This is also crucial for the expansion of your business, if the base is strong only the development of the upper floors of the building will sustain.

15. Real Estate Blogs:

One of the most anticipated tips that a real estate strategist needs is the regular updating and uploading of the real estate blogs. These blogs must be related to real estate and as well as SEO optimized.

For that, if you have the skills then it’s fine otherwise hire a good blog writer from the market who has the required skills to write blogs for your website, which will be SEO optimized and will attract respective visitors and customers.

Real Estate Blogs

Many real estate agents take the blogs lightly, but in reality, these blogs are the backbones of any real estate website. The blogs must include technical and non-technical knowledge. Diversify your blogs but keeping yourself in the niche of real estate.

You could also use some tools to incorporate the way to write a good blog with a strong placement of the keywords. First of all, you must research well to find a relevant topic to write a blog upon. A strong blog could prove to be a pillar of real estate marketing strategy.

16. Comments on Other Platforms from your online Platform:

There are various real estate forums and platforms that you use to post your comments and reviews on their relevant posts. But remember that these forums must be active so that the comment or review may reflect the presence of your organization and you may grow the footprint.

Comments on Other Platforms from your online Platform

By taking part in such active conversations, you will be recognized and your knowledge might be increased on various aspects of real estate. All the value that you add to that platform, will in reality increase your value and presence in the market.

17. Engage The Comments on Your Blog Or Posts:

While it is of paramount significance to post comments and reviews on the blogs and posts of other forums, it is of double importance that you also reply to the comments on your blogs or posts on social media accounts and your website.

Engage The Comments on Your Blog Or Posts:

You should reply to comments on your posts and blogs as soon as possible to minimize the response gap as much as possible. You must remember that these are not just the people and organizations but indeed golden real estate business opportunities for you to exploit. So, never ignore them to build a high level of mutual trust.

18. Develop and Grow Your Links:

Always remember that your links are your net worth. When you establish, maintain, and flourish your network, links, and contacts then this guarantee the expansion and growth of your real estate business.

Meet and greet people to let others get to know you and your organization and in the meanwhile, you will get to know about other people and their businesses. In this process, you will find an opportunity to exploit your own real estate business.

Develop and Grow Your Links

You can also join clubs and social circles to grow even more. Focus on creating contacts and links with rich people, who could contact you to buy or sell real estate properties and you can make a heft amount of commissions.

19. Posting Of Lists On Property Platforms:

A variety of free property platforms are available upon which you could post the property lists free of cost. Please make good use of such golden chances. And if you increase your budget a little bit then you may also avail some premium paid services for this purpose.

Posting Of Lists On Property Platforms


20. Write Real Estate Blogs or Columns in the Real Estate Section Of Newspapers:

Although for this you will need a couple of writing skills, if you acquire and learn those skills then you will be able to write prominent columns in the real estate sections of newspapers and magazines. This may expand your real estate brand outreach and make you renowned in the real estate industry. This will ultimately grow your links, contacts, and network.

Write Real Estate Blogs or Columns in the Real Estate Section Of Newspapers

21. Attend Real Estate Seminars:

Remember your contacts and prominence are your net worth. So, attending seminars is important in a manner that will enable you to meet and greet new people from real estate and other backgrounds.

Attend Real Estate Seminars

You could also take part in these seminars as speakers or organizers. You may gain some new knowledge and also share your knowledge and experiences related to the real estate sector that you acquired over time.

22. Attend Real Estate Exhibitions:

This is also same as attending the seminar or conferences. But exhibitions offer solid grounds for the interaction between different businesses and organizations. A person also learns a lot from other companies.

Attend Real Estate Exhibitions

The hard material such as flyers, brochures, plans, etc. will also help you to expand your presence in the market. You may gain a lot of real estate updated data and strategies from these exhibitions and update your business and website.

23. Arrange Real Estate Seminars From Your Platforms:

This is as similar as mentioned earlier, but here you will not participate as a guest. But, as a host and an organizer. It will give a distinct recognition and standing among the real estate developers. You will learn from others and others will learn from you.

Arrange Real Estate Seminars From Your Platforms

Call and invite prominent real estate tycoons and figures to speak at your organized seminar and let others gain benefit from their experiences and knowledge. Makes sure to organize such seminars in 5-Star hotels as not every tycoon will attend your seminar unless it is in an esteemed place. So, the location of the seminar is important.

24. Creative and Informative Newspaper Inserts:

Professional real estate developers and owners do read the newspapers and all the inserts in the newspapers, which may benefit them in any way possible. You may extend your reach to these potential clients through actively designed newspaper inserts that go along with the newspapers.

Creative and Informative Newspaper Inserts

Whoever has the subscription to that newspaper will automatically read that eye-catching insert that you designed specifically to attract new potential clients. This is considered one of the best real estate marketing ideas, although it is a little bit old-school idea even today it works brilliantly.

25. Real Estate Post Cards:

In today`s era of information, it is relatively easier to acquire the address of a person and when you have it then you could hire a good printing company to print postcards for you. These cards could be depicting any amazing discount offer, new society, or any other real estate offer that is directly or indirectly related to your portfolio. In this time of technology where high-end real estate developers are fed up with emails and WhatsApp messages, this old-school tactic may work in real-time.

Real Estate Post Cards

26. Stay Updated On the Local Real Estate Marketplace:

If you are an active real estate agent, then you must stay updated on the real estate market in your locality and also keep your clients updated on the local real estate updates. For instance, you should have information about the recent real estate dealing in your area and rate fluctuations.

Keep yourself updated about all the changes in the manner of rules and regulations. You should also keep your website and all the social media accounts updated as well.

Stay Updated On the Local Real Estate Marketplace

In this manner, you will become the source of the real estate news and information in your area and every person will approach you to know about the recent information about property rates.

27. Keep The Contacts Details Updated And Mentioned Clearly:

Communication gaps are a disaster for any business deal. So, you should mention your contact details. Make sure that your cellphone number, email address, office address, site office addresses are clearly and boldly displayed on all the accounts and website.

Keep The Contacts Details Updated And Mentioned Clearly

The contact details should be so easily available on the platforms that clients do not have to search for them. Therefore, if you have attained their attention from the amazing offers, then your contacts must be easily visible and available to contact you.

28. Attend Non-Real Estate Occasions:

Let the world know that you have the best real estate offers and information and you are their only choice to buy or sell the property. By attending even non-real estate events you will be able to generate interest in the real estate of the participants and grow your business by introducing yourself and the niche of your business. This creates new clients and business opportunities for you.

Attend Non-Real Estate Occasions

29. Incoming Web-Traffic Is Valuable:

Inbound relevant traffic of the visitors and customers is of grave importance for you. You need to make sure that your SEO strategy is right on track and hitting the bull eye. The purpose is simple to comprehend, that the quality of coming traffic is better than bouncing off traffic.

Incoming Web-Traffic Is Valuable:

For this to happen immaculately, you must hire an experienced and professional SEO expert who knows all the ins and outs of SEO strategies and knows how to capture the attention of inbound traffic.

30. Showing Virtual Property:

Time is the single most expensive thing in this world, and for real estate clients, time is always short. This method is one of the most effective ways to grab attention and save the time of busy clients.

Showing Virtual Property

You should hire a professional to design a virtual tour of the premium properties that you sell. This way the clients will have the ability to see the property trends in real-time by taking a virtual tour. This method saves time and creates a great level of interest for the visitors.

31. Produce Real Estate Videos:

One of the most effective tools in this digital age is the production of high quality and super-informative videos on the niche of real estate. You can produce videos on real estate or any other respective content.

 Produce Real Estate Videos

The effects are much greater than you thought would be of these videos. People find it more convenient to digest information about any real estate property from videos or images rather than reading a blog or article. You should upload the videos not just on your websites but also on all the social media accounts. This way your content will reach many viewers and audiences.

32. Offer Free Evaluation Service:

Customers love it when a real estate business provides home valuation service and that free of cost. In this way, you will be able to appeal to a lot of new customers that will add value to your services.

Offer Free Evaluation Service

You can also use the tools for it and make things easy for yourself. In short, the real estate business is more giving than receiving. When you provide a service that makes the client feel like not just a customer but a family then the bond will get stronger.

33. The offering of Pack and Move Free service:

For all the clients in your locality, this service will provide a bonus value to your business and company name. Let the client feel your true sense of hospitality. If they are selling or purchasing some property from your office, then it will add value and respect to your business if you also provide free move and pack service as well.

The offering of Pack and Move Free service

There could be two ways you may launch this service. One is that you initiate your mini service by purchasing the vehicles and hiring the manpower to do so. The other way could be that you hire the services of some move and pack service.

34. Create a Real Estate Online Discussion Forum:

This is a superb idea to provide convenience to your old customers and new customers. In your locality, such discussions will enable a healthy and informative discussion on the forum. This will make a strong connection of queries and their satisfactory remarks between you and your visitors on the forum.

Create a Real Estate Online Discussion Forum

Real estate is a super sensitive topic and the rates in the real estate market vary day to day or even multiple times in one day. People are very sensitive because amounts of investments are involved and people want to invest with a great level of care. So, such forums could prove to be an excellent platform for providing real-time and up to date information about the real estate properties options and their price lists.

35. Wish to Your Customers on Special Occasions:

The best possible way to establish a strong connection with your clients is to make them feel more of a family than the customers. This could be achieved by wishing them on their special occasions such as birthdays, health recoveries, anniversaries, etc.

This is because the human being is sensitive to the emotions and they feel extremely good when they get to know that someone is there to care for them and greet them on their special memories.

Wish to Your Customers on Special Occasions

You could do that by setting up reminders on the calendars and on your cell phones and designate an exclusive team member for this purpose or you can do it for yourself for selected and more dear customers.

36. Don’t Just sell properties, Sell Neighborhood:

This is important to mention that people do not just buy properties but also invest in the neighborhood. Because any property would have a neighborhood that matters a lot. The effects of a neighborhood could down the prices of a property or elevate it.

 Don’t Just sell properties, Sell Neighborhood

We could observe such difference in our surroundings, that the rates of properties are higher where the neighborhood is riddled with rich and businessmen people or known as posh area and the areas known as slums have lower appeal to the investors because of the neighborhood. So, highlight the neighborhoods

37. Cash the Instagram Account:

As discussed in earlier sections, the power of social media is unmatchable. Instagram has a special place among other social media platforms. It provides a special visual forum to portray a housing society in real-time and in a splendid way.

Cash the Instagram Account

This is a unique forum where you could create stories depicting the beautiful landscapes and features of a property. This way your followers would be enabled to observe the pros and cons of the properties more conveniently. You may also research to find out about the Instagram marketing strategies and gain more followers on the account.

38. Use the Superhit Tiktok for Marketing:

If you consult any of the social media Gurus, then you will come to know that Tiktok has the potential that no other social media platform may provide. Millions and millions of followers are registered on Tiktok and they regularly visit their accounts and upload their videos.

If the content is unique and interesting, then the videos go viral overnight and provide a boost to the account. Those who succeed are the ones who ride the high waves and acquire their destination with less effort.

Use the Super hit Tiktok for Marketing

So, this is the time that you utilize this forum to upload and publicize your properties and company name across a vast ocean of potential customers who are crazily active on it.

39. Come Up with Creative Interactive Activities:

You should come up with interactive ideas such as creating games, prized quizzes, puzzles, etc. to engage the public with your games and a chance to know about you and your ambitious organization.

 Come Up with Creative Interactive Activities

You should target the high-density places such as shopping areas, parks, and malls where there is a large number of public gatherings and you will have an increased chance of interacting with them, letting them interact with you and win exciting prizes after winning the contests.

40. Power of Infographics:

Make sure that your IT team creates very interactive, creative, interesting, and informative infographics so that the visitors and customers gain the information that you are providing in the interesting form of infographics.

Power of Infographics

Ensure the high quality of images and use bright colors and striking captions/content to attract a large number of people. Use maps, charts, pictures, figures, numbers, and also a comprehensive yet short comparative analysis.

41. Use of Viral Memes:

The addition of fun in this busy robotic life could bring new energy into the system and enlighten the whole environment. So, spreading the information in a fun and entertaining way is crucial for the growth of your business. Do not just use conventional means of advertisement, be innovative, and ride the wave.

Use of Viral Memes

Real estate is all about people-to-people connection, a well-designed meme can travel faster than the speed of light. Carve out a meme in a positive and informative manner that has a pinch of fun in it and see the magic happen for the spread of the name of your company.

42. Real Estate Brand Prints on T-Shirts:

Real estate spells happen on the ground for it to happen effectively you need to adapt to some old yet effective idea. Printing the brand name and logo of your real estate company on the front or back of the T-shirts could prove to be an effective idea.

Real Estate Brand Prints on T-Shirts

Distribute these shirts to the local stores in shopping malls or the markets with a high number of buyers. Or you could also gift them to your customers free of cost as a complementary object. This way your customers will also feel special yet your brand name is being also publicized all over the place with a small investment. Make sure that your website and social media accounts are printed on the T-shirts so that they are eligible to read easily.

43. Effectiveness of Hand-written Notes:

Whenever you conclude some sort of deal whether small or large, make sure to post these handwritten notes to greet them and thank them for using your forum and trusting in you and your services.

Effectiveness of Hand-written Notes

According to the real estate marketing experts, well-written hand notes is a strength to convert the minds and emotions of a customer or visitor. It can improve the response rate from clients by manifold. This will enhance your real estate marketing campaigns.

44. Grow & Improve Referral Mechanism:

Real estate marketing is all about word of mouth from one person to another. A good quality service will automatically compel a person to spread the word about your premium quality real estate e-services at affordable prices.

Grow & Improve Referral Mechanism

For this to happen, you must ensure deep communication with your clients in the form of WhatsApp, emails, cell phone calls, and messages. This way you will be able to remind them that you are still there to give them the best real estate deals and whenever they need to sell or buy a property then you are the one to contact, and if some of their relative or friend has same desires then they will not forget to refer them to you.

45. Enhanced Introduction of Your Team Mates:

Since you will be working on the referral mechanism, it is also of paramount importance that you should have introduced your team members in strong and high words on your websites and the social media accounts of the company.

Enhanced Introduction of Your Team Mates

This will present the image that the investment of your clients is in the right hands and the handlers are highly professional members of an esteemed organization. The connection of the customers should be strong not just with you but also with your team.

46. Communicate with Telephone Calls:

Some methods are old but have the characteristic of Gold. Tele-calls are one of the old but Gold methods of engaging and communicating with respected clients. Tele-call can in real terms help your real estate marketing.

For this purpose, you should have an active and strong database to keep up the communication network with your customers. You can inform them about the highly sought out real estate properties available in your local area or anywhere else that you want to project.

 Communicate with Telephone Calls

Keep in mind to keep updating the database so that any change in the contact details of the client could also be updated in the Database. You should also hire and set up a telephone-calling team to ensure the effectiveness of this strategy.

47. Handy-Pitch for Fresh Leads:

An increased number of real estate marketing being endorsed will enable the increased traffic of leads. So, you should have ready to use pitch for fresh leads. Some sort of modifications would be required but the bases would be the same. It will help you to communicate and transfer the basic values of your real estate company to the newly developed leads.

Handy-Pitch for Fresh Leads

48. Hand-Out the Branded Utility Items:

We mentioned earlier what to do with the T-shirt and now we recommend the same kind of branding, but with the utility items. You could brand and distribute items such as fountain and ballpoint pens, key chains, bottle openers, fridge decorations and magnets, bookmarkers, mugs, registers, pads, tissue boxes, towels, toys, and much more. You could sell these items or give away as complimentary items to your clients. It will also project a good image over your customers.

Hand-Out the Branded Utility Items

49. Invest in Civic Signs:

First of all, for this goal you need to acquire the due permission and permits from the city administration that you could paint the Roundabouts, Policemen Umbrellas, stop sign No parking signs, etc. with your company`s brand name and logo.

Invest in Civic Signs

This will be mutually beneficial for your company and the beautification of the city. This is a common sight in any urban area. The high level of business generation potential of such branding will surely amaze you.

50. Advertisement and Investment in Outdoor Public Properties:

This is extremely useful as a real estate marketing strategy. Painting or bartering with media companies and other respective professionals such as billboards, bus stops shelters and stands, walls of public parks and public places, etc.

Advertisement and Investment in Outdoor Public Properties

Although it is a bit expensive option, the potential success rate is mind-blowing. Utilize the vacant spots in and around the city to use as your brand ambassadors.

51. Online Rating of Your Services:

Ratings, comments, and reviews do matter when it comes to online platforms. People read and believe in the ratings of a business and deals accordingly. If you look at some of the biggest real estate tycoon businesses, you will find 5-Star ratings and excellent comments on their official forums.

Online Rating of Your Services:

This can impact your real estate marketing and business to a great impact. You should design your websites and social media accounts in a way that appeals to the customers and visitors to rate your services Positively.

52. Request for Appreciation Testimonials from Customers:

As a true real estate businessman it should be your goal to provide excellent services to your customers. You should work hard and day and night to achieve this objective. In return, you may request appreciation testimonials from the customers. Positive testimonials may increase and boost your confidence levels. You may also display these positive testimonials to the new clients to build a relationship of trust and confidence.

Request for Appreciation Testimonials from Customers

53. Sponsorships of Events:

Sponsorships of the local events could create a lot of difference in generating leads and new opportunities for you. This will increase the footprint in other than real estate local industries and it will project you as a local hero more than just the real estate brand.

 Sponsorships of Events

Your sponsorships may help new-startups and small businesses. This will expand your business brand and also enable you to help others. Your role in society in this way will not be just a real estate business owner but a good human being who takes care of their needy people as well.

54. Signature Brand Emails:

Signature Brand Emails

An email when communicated correctly may carve out a strong connection. Therefore, ensure that every email you design should address every single customer in a personalized manner to give a touch of belongingness. The connection that you will develop will be like a family and not just like a customer and seller.

55. Share Free and Knowledge-based Documents:

You should write, formulate and design full of knowledge documents and then convert them to pdf. These blogs and articles will give away a high level of valued information to general readers.

You should share these documents on your websites, and also on the social media accounts so that it reaches as many readers as possible.

Share Free and Knowledge-based Documents

Your contribution to society will be remembered in the highest positive comments. These blogs must include a lot of information and updated data so that readers may avail as many benefits as possible.

56. Leads Capturing Forms:

Conveniently filling leads capturing insert forms play a crucial role to gather the information about clients and gather the leads as well. Leads are important for real estate marketing strategies, without leads real estate business cannot flourish.

 Leads Capturing Forms

Any real estate marketing strategy without attracting the lead techniques is not complete. You can also set up a database to create a full-fledged form to capture increasing leads. Hire the expertise of professionals to create excellent insert forms.

57. Integration of Chat-Bots:

With fast-paced times, your real estate marketing strategies must also be fast-paced and innovative. To make sure of unhindered communication with your clients, you must integrate the chat-bots to interact with the visitors.

Integration of Chat-Bots

A real estate chatbot could prove to be a real shot in the hands of a real estate marketing strategist. A chatbot interacts in real-time with the visitors and tries to gather their information while assisting them with providing the solutions to their problems.

58. Static and Dynamic Social Proof of your outstanding real estate services:

We have already mentioned above a kind of social proof. Here we will talk similarly but with two different angles, one is the dynamic angle and the other is static. The dynamic is the one where visitors may observe the activities such as customers buying and selling.

Static and Dynamic Social Proof of your outstanding real estate services

It’s just like when people queue in front of an already crowded business place. Social proof is crucial in real estate marketing strategy. It helps in observing the real-time performance of a real estate business.

59. Addition and integration of the Property financial calculator tools:

Most of the visitors on your website come to buy or sell their owned properties. You should embed an easy and usable finance calculator on your website, which the visitors may use to calculate their exact need for finance to use in financial real estate dealing.

Addition and integration of the Property financial calculator tools

This value-added service will enhance and improve the image of your business and provide an extra edge to your social proof.

60. Add Call Option/Button:

After doing all the extra hard work of making sure to bring visitors to your property websites through well-formed information and knowledge, then make sure that the visitors have clear ideas of what to do next.

Add Call Option/Button

Especially, well-appealed call to action button that is placed on strategic places and locations on your real estate website. As a real estate marketing firm, you must integrate the embed “Call to Action” button on your websites and social media accounts.

61. Provide Free Real Estate Guidance:

Depending on whether you are a real estate developer or an agent or a real estate service providing portal, every visitor could be divided into 4 categories. Buyers, sellers, brokers, and information seekers. For every category, you could devise a guidance pattern.

Provide Free Real Estate Guidance

For instance, many visitors when visiting the websites for the first time then hesitate to take action and this is the time where you could provide free Real Estate Guidance. Some real estate agents want to know more about real estate opportunities through their websites and social media accounts. Your real estate forums could prove to be an informative platform for knowledge seekers.

62. Free Real Estate Tax Information:

Depending on your real-time location of country or city, there are many different kinds of real estate-related taxation rates such as stamp duties, registration fees, lawyer fees, etc. For a specific location, you can provide free-of-cost tax information to the clients and visitors.

Free Real Estate Tax Information

This will increase your value in the eyes of new and old clients. You can provide updated information to your esteemed clients. This kind of action will save the hassle and worries of the customers, and this will also develop a deep and strong bond between you and your clients.

63. Exclusive Forums for Specific Locations:

Multiple websites for specific real estate locations may benefit you for real estate marketing. If an exclusive website is produced for a specific real estate property, then it reflects a great image on the visitors.

Exclusive Forums for Specific Locations

You should create multiple websites; it will be a great step towards a real estate marketing strategy. Let’s take for an instance that you are dealing in hotel sales and purchase, malls sales and purchase, and warehouses. Now in this case you must develop one website for each of these mentioned niches to effectively cater to the dealings.

64. Monitor your websites with Keen Eye:

You should keep a keen eye on your websites and all social media accounts. It is crucial to examine which website is generating more leads and which website is lacking behind. In this manner, you will be able to judge to give more attention to the websites which are not coming up to the mark.

Monitor your websites with Keen Eye

You should hire a professional team to monitor and evaluate the performance of the websites. For this reason, there are several online free and premium paid version of tools available to gauge and evaluate the websites, such as google analytics, SEMrush, Spring Metrics, Woopra, Kissmetrics, Crazyegg, etc.

65. Create Listings on Pinterest:

Pinterest is an amazing platform and the real estate marketing from this forum could prove to be beneficial. Pinterest covers several aspects. Apart from real estate information the images and videos of real estate properties may have a greater impact on the followers and will generate new leads for you.

You need to keep in mind that always pin the highest quality of content on Pinterest to portray an excellent image of your firm.

Create Listings on Pinterest

You can pull in both land purchasers and dealers by making boards with subjects like Unique Home stylistic theme thoughts, Dream Home plans, adorable child room tips, living in style, Maximizing little spaces, Easy home improvement tips, home composition thoughts, executioner thoughts for quick selling and some more. You should add your contact subtleties, connection to your site, or a particular point of arrival with the goal that any individual who loves your pins can reach you without any problem.

66. Make Separate Plans for All the Social Media Accounts:

Ensure your real estate company adjusts to the interesting character of every Social Media forum. These web-based media platforms have their flavor and style that have empowered them to make their remarkable number of leads. To make the most extreme bit of leeway of your real estate marketing image on these online media accounts, present your image and tweak your substance in arrangement with the exclusive essence of that specific forum.

Make Separate Plans for All the Social Media Accounts

When you are doing it effectively and reliably, then property showcasing via online media accounts is a profoundly profitable move without a doubt.

67. Social Media Remarketing:

Remarketing is an amazing method of showcasing your brand and comprises of following your leads over the internet with associated contributions. By and large, numerous visitors to your real estate website won’t change over to clients in a flash and that is the instance where remarketing or retargeting can help you enormously.

Remarketing can likewise be applied to several contacts that you already have and you could reach them through an email mode or other ways. For remarketing to visitors going to your site, a code is put on the page when a specific visitor arrives on your platform, which enables and activates your already customized commercials to follow that visitor over the web remembering for web-based media stages or on different sites.

Social Media Remarketing

For example, when you wish to remarket to a visitor on Facebook, a Facebook pixel on your website will enable you to trigger your customized and optimized commercial before similar visitors when they sign into their Facebook account. A comparative remarketing or retargeting procedure can be applied across other online media stages including Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

68. Regularity On Social Media Accounts:

It is important that your real estate company`s image essence on Social Media isn’t just artificial-looking and you don’t make online media accounts only for the sake of creating them. The thought is to be persistent, regular on the posts, all the relevant material, and consistent commitment with your customers.

Regularity On Social Media Accounts

Additionally, the more drawn in you are with your present visitors with high-quality posts and updates, the better the odds of the development of the customer size naturally which will eventually help your real estate marketing effectively and efficiently.

69. Make Your Social Media Buttons Prominent:

Think about this, if a visitor loves your property site, the odds of her or him following you on your Social Media Accounts increase prominently. That additionally expands your real estate showcasing possibilities to your contact. You get the point, isn’t that so? It is thusly significant that all your social media accounts buttons are shown conspicuously on your property site.

Make Your Social Media Buttons Prominent

In a perfect world, the vast majority of the main website specialists all online media buttons fasten together and a client promptly will quickly realize that this specific bunch is the one for Social Media.

70. Effective Management of Social Media Accounts:

For carving out most of the benefits from your social media accounts, you should manage them well and be active and responsive. You should schedule the social media posts to keep the accounts updated and engaging 24/7.

Effective Management of Social Media Accounts

Posts may include property details, blogs, articles, payment plans, discount rates, new societies, etc. In other words, your social media accounts will be more effective and generating more visitors and leads.

71. Slideshows and Infographics:

Rich, lively, and knowledgeable real estate information posts utilize pictures and mixed media so that to project more interesting posts than the plain content. Convert the entirety of your significant real estate content into pleasant slideshows or infographics and share on mainstream platforms and all social media accounts.

Slideshows and Infographics

By creating and sharing a rich infographic could prove to be helpful and instructive high-quality content on the websites and other online forums to fortify your real estate company in an overall sense.

72. Participation in Real Estate Discussions:

According to the stats, social media forums have millions and millions of users who are active and online at a time. So having registered and active accounts on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook could greatly help you to give an unprecedented boost to your real estate business.

These platforms are a great source of information and solutions to the emerging issues to participate in the discussion forums that could help you to gain knowledge and also deliver your knowledge and experience to others belonging to the real estate or not. When people will see you dispensing a great deal of important information about the real estate of your local areas they will be impressed and then surely contact you for their real estate dealings.

Participation in Real Estate Discussions

You could also create your discussion forums where people could share their valuable experience and knowledge this would prove to be a hub of information and will publicize your real estate brand tremendously.

73. Joining of Formal Discussion Platforms:

Aside from famous web-based media accounts, there are numerous real estate and general discussions like JustProp,, 99acres real estate, Magic bricks real estate, Quora, Bigger Pockets, Agents Online, City-Data, Wall Street Oasis, REI Club, CRE Online, CREPIG, Topix, Meetup, and so forth where you can take an interest in discussions.

Joining of Formal Discussion Platforms

As an unpretentious real estate promoting methodology, you can remark on progress discussions about real estate just as start another string of your own by presenting fascinating real estate-related inquiries that trigger further conversations from other realtors and property partners.

74. Quality Real Estate Articles for Websites:

You should invest in researching and developing your writing skills. This way you will be able to carve out beautiful pieces of articles on different topics related to real estate. Post these articles on different kinds of websites. These famous websites and forums may include Forbes, Mashable, Entrepreneur, BuzzFeed, etc. Even if one article is published on any of these, then you may have a great deal of recognition.

Quality Real Estate Articles for Websites

75. Come Up with Social Media Contests:

Well-organized and interesting contests on famous social media forums such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram may turn out to be fruitful. You will be able to generate a great number of leads and new incoming visitors. The notable thing is that the contests must be informative, knowledgeable, and interesting.

Come Up with Social Media Contests

76. Include The Local Advertising in Your Marketing Plan:

Even though this method is thought to be outdated, local promoting has made a solid rebound as one of the best methods of real estate marketing strategy. You can productively utilize local ads for your real estate marketing business and create more property leads.

Include The Local Advertising in Your Marketing Plan

Local promotions in real estate can be an exceptionally solid expansion just as an alternative to paid advertisements on Google or paid missions on Facebook or Instagram.

77. Utilization of Google Ads:

It is practically difficult to rank on top for every single significant keyword or key phrases in your real estate classification. The most ideal approach to guarantee that you don’t miss out on any basic keyword search is to run google AdWords for those keywords. For instance, if there is any new real estate venture initiative that has occurred and you have to show up on top in the Google search ranking, just select Google Ads right away. Google Ads can be utilized consistently as a portion of your inbound real estate publicizing for generic land keywords.

78. Paid Facebook Campaigns:

Real Estate promotion on Facebook can be useful for a major function in your real estate. With just about 3 billion users on Facebook, you have to utilize the true power of Facebook for fruitful Real Estate marketing for your real estate brand.

Paid Facebook Campaigns

You can produce a large number of property leads through elegantly made Facebook advertising campaigns. Paid Facebook campaigns to give direct like laser-guided marketing choices that incorporate focusing on the location, demographic, and interests.

79. Data Updating and Backup:

Most property experts and realtors are incredibly occupied. You must have the information that you need accessible to you whenever without any problem. Real Estate dealings are exceptionally subject to the nature of the development of leads and customers. So, having all your information including leads, customers, possibilities, subsequent history at your fingertips is essential to the growth of your brand.

Data Updation and Backup

With regards to real estate marketing, producing leads is one aspect of the story, and keeping it synced, open, and following up on the equivalent persistently is the second aspect. Utilize probably the best and most recent real estate sync techniques available in the IT market. Synchronize all your information and smooth out it flawlessly on all applications and gadgets for all your realtors.

80. Video Emails:

Real Estate Marketing video emails can be an awesome expansion to your ordinance of real estate marketing promoting methods. By utilizing property video email advertising instead of plain content-based messages, you can build the adequacy of your email correspondence dramatically.

Video Emails

You simply video shoot your property messages for your clients and make a more significant impact and positive image with your contacts to whom you are sending those messages. With video messaging, messages are making a solid rebound as a significant method of correspondence.

81. Maintain Cordial Relationships:

This is a speedy reminder that all your real estate marketing endeavors aren’t anything on the off chance that you can’t make and look after connections. You must remember this point, that all the technologies that you use, all the strategies that you apply are the methods and not the end.

Maintain Cordial Relationships

The principle objective is to fashion new connections and keep up and support the ones previously framed. The measure of reference business that a realtor can acquire basically through connections can last past a lifetime. Your mantra must be to keep up connections.

82. Diversify Real Estate Marketing Services:

Real Estate praises plenty of other sectors like moving and pacing inventories, interior planning and designing, furniture, and much more. Ensure that you keep in contact with proactive entrepreneurs who run respective organizations that can line up with your Real Estate business and run cross-campaigns.

Diversify Real Estate Marketing Services

In this way, your Real Estate Marketing occurs through their business and your promoting occurs through yours. Harmonious Real Estate Marketing can assist you with promoting your real estate image to an entire distinctive assortment of people and get you real estate leads from unexpected sections of society.

83. Content Matters for Real Estate Marketing:

At the point when you distribute well-informed real estate content, be it real estate news, real estate updates, real estate guides, real estate revolutionary thoughts, real estate contributing tips, and so forth you are consequently making a priceless real estate promoting apparatus that runs constantly and pays you in products for a lifetime and past. At the point when your real estate site or your real estate web-based media accounts turns into a rich wellspring of data or direction for real estate, you are rehearsing the Win-Win standard in the genuine embodiment and soul.

Content Matters for Real Estate Marketing

84. Gather Real Estate Reviews:

As said, Social media is unquestionably a key Real Estate Marketing instrument for your Real Estate business. One significant piece of your Real Estate Marketing procedure is to get your current clients to review your Real Estate Brand via social media and also on the websites.

Gather Real Estate Reviews

This is because one research shows that the odds of an online land purchaser reaching a realtor increment by over 60% if they go over true and real surveys via social media about that specialist. Given the very idea of the medium, Social media is a ground-breaking hotspot for a buyer to impart their insights and to shape their feelings dependent on the input of others.

85. Power of Hashtags:

Probably the most impressive Real Estate Marketing apparatuses in the realm of online media, Real Estate hashtags are words or expressions which precede a hashtag (#) sign. Probably the greatest online media forums like Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest use hashtags to isolate content into explicit content.

Power of Hashtags

Different visitors on these online media posts can tap on such hashtags and find all the posts under a specific theme. By utilizing significant hashtags in your Real Estate Marketing, you can pull in a ton of potential land customers and contact individuals who may have in any case missed your substance. You are simply distributing Real Estate Marketing content like you have been doing however furnished with the ideal portion of marked or conventional hashtags.

86. Grow and Develop Leads:

All things considered, for any Real Estate Marketing company, an achievement in the leads can make a great deal of dedication. Even though that is acceptable, it is significant for you not to take your eyes off the genuine objective; which is to close property dealings.

Grow and Develop Leads

To ensure that you and your Real Estate Marketing specialists can close more dealings, you have to support all the leads that your property promoting endeavors are creating, placed them in a pipeline, follow up strictly and move the leads up the advertising. Remember that each ‘Lead’ is a genuine individual and should be treated with deference and consideration.

87. Effective Use of LinkedIn as Real Estate Marketing Strategy:

With more than 500 million clients internationally, LinkedIn is considered the world’s biggest organization and profoundly powerful as well. You can utilize LinkedIn in an extremely compelling way of expanding your Real Estate image mindfulness and create some truly certified real estate-related leads.

By highlighting helpful, enlightening real estate articles, news, and assessments, you can bring issues to light among the best in the real estate business and develop an image of the best real estate developer in marketing on the ground and online.

Effective Use of LinkedIn as Real Estate Marketing Strategy

By making gatherings and developing local networks, you can make a specialty for yourself as a realtor in a specific area. By reliably sharing intriguing land and related substance of fluctuating kinds including online journals, articles, tales, images, curated points, and so on you can consume your customer`s psyche.

88. Advertise On Real Estate Portals:

Real Estate Marketing is all about references and the spread of the word from one person to another. This will happen once you will make recognize your presence and significance in the market. This will occur with the advertisement on acknowledged portals related to real estate throughout the internet.

Advertise On Real Estate Portals

The reason is that the portals such as 99acres, Magic bricks, 99sqft, Zoopla, Zillow, etc. act as a hub of real estate market place where the investors and other visitors come to gain exclusive information about real estate in their local areas and around the world and what is the trend going on about the real estate market.

89. Eye-Catching Graphics for Ads:

Regardless of where you are showing your land promotions as flyers, banners, recordings, images, infographics, or some other form of content, utilize the best designs. Get the assistance of expert visual architects to make quality real estate advertisements that can pull in a lot of leads. Rather than making different average looking property promotions, make not many however profoundly significant ones with the assistance of hypnotizing illustrations. Your property publicizing will essentially bring a great deal of value.

Eye-Catching Graphics for Ads

90. Publish Advertisement in Local Newsletters:

You can recognize the newsletters of mainstream media platforms in your area or your city which have a ton of readers and followers. By offering some incentive added substance to such newsletters you can advertise your real estate brand through them.

Publish Advertisement in Local Newsletters

You can likewise decide to benefit from paid ads with such neighborhood newsletters for profoundly powerful nearby real estate marketing.

91. Create Value Adding Videos:

The best property marketing happens when your real estate brand can make value addition in the life of likely clients. Recognize hard-to-understand real estate topics and make videos on similar contributions the most ideal arrangements.

Create Value Adding Videos

Make and publish on the topics such as “How-to make videos on YouTube at real estate niche” and connect with the number of individuals as you can. You can make videos on specialized aspects of real estate or on subjects like How to paint your home inside a low financial plan etc.

92. Enhancements of Ads:

With regards to any selective property posting that you get, real estate marketing must be exceptional and unique too. You should utilize a combination of rich illustrations, connecting excellent videos, high resolution, and striking pictures, and all conceivable innovative to feature the exceptional highlights of the property.

Enhancements of Ads

So, in this manner, you can attract a ton of eyes of the intended interested customers and close dealings quicker and with much higher gains.

93. Update the Real Estate Business on Google My Business:

Google is a search option that many people prefer. This is the reason you must develop your real estate brand on Google My Business. This will have a good deal of appearing up in Google’s Local Pack, Local Finder, Google Maps along with Google organic rankings too.

 Update the Real Estate Business on Google My Business

These are some of the most appearing searches when it comes to the local search results. By making sure that you have listed yourself in the top 3 Google My Business (GMB) listings, you will increase the chances of potential quality leads.

94. Enhanced Emails means More Interest and More Leads:

Adding value to your content would greatly enhance your reach to old clients and new ones. By introducing interesting and innovative ideas into your posts, you may generate a lot of leads.

Enhanced Emails means More Interest and More Leads

You can also improve click-through and also conversion rates for the sake of your emails significantly. By adopting this method your real estate marketing could prove to be a lot more potent.

95. Scheme Markups:

The pattern is at present one of the basic positioning variables of SEO. By utilizing Scheme Markups, you mastermind components on your real estate websites in a strategy that helps Google see all the information that you have shown.

Scheme Markups

Through very much arranged outline markups, you are helping Google how to show the data on your land site appealingly to a guest. All the pages with a scheme boost SEO rankings and enhance the property-related leads produced for your real estate marketing business.

96. Social Presence:

The capability of your real estate business relies generally upon how dominatingly you are available socially on the ground and online. Above 44 percent of property purchasers and 99 percent of people take the assistance of the web first before purchasing a property.

Social Presence

Being a real estate agent, your site should be a genuine impression of your business. It should be streamlined and well-educational. Keep in mind, site visitors, cause an incredible increase in clients as they have picked you after an exhaustive check.

Keeping up the correct social presence on numerous stages is a critical need of time. Your site should show distinctive property postings, customer tributes.

97. Email Automation:

We should acknowledge that emails are incredible for promoting your messages. Email composing can be a monotonous task that may put off the innovativeness and efficiency of colleagues.

 Email Automation

Not to fail to remember, it can likewise turn out to be practically difficult to be consistently accessible to react to messages. You know there’s a heap of questions each day. It is accepted that customers who had deserted their purchase are probably going to finish it by 4x occasions with email mechanization updates. Email automation is significant and must be used carefully.

98. Become the Host of a Web Event:

On these occasions, facilitating a web-based event is a need of great importance. It has a responsive outcome, also. A web occasion or online course causes you to interface with the old ties and welcome the new ones.

Become the Host of a Web Event

Around 60% of organizations intend to have online classes for producing dependability in customers. You can impart your thoughts, ventures, and any impending dispatch over a web occasion with the assistance of pictures, diagrams, scales, and the sky is the limit from there.

99. Follow-Ups:

You may consider this confusing, yet few out of every odd promoting thought ought to seem like one. Follow-up is anything but noticeable advertising thought; it is a sharp one. By reliably following up with the more established customers, you can hold the relationship and addition their faithfulness.


You can ask them concerning their involvement in you, wish them favorable luck for the future, and send commemoration welcomes, occasion cards, special proposals to remain alive in their brains. If they have a gathering of comparable interests, they may advance your image name. This is called mouth exposure.


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