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Saima Arabian Villas


Saima Arabian Villas is SBCA approved housing society located in Sector 5-A of Gadap Town, North Karachi. It is developing by the Saima Group (Saima Builders & Developers). This well-known residential project is among the best property projects in Karachi.

Since the start of this project, the investors have shown a great deal of interest due to the trust in developers. The project is divided into several blocks while offering a range of luxurious Villas for the investors and residents.

Owners & Developers:

The Saima Arabian Villas is developed by Saima Group (builders and developers). The company has been delivering real estate projects since 1985 with a 100% success ratio. In total, the group has accomplished 40 property projects with complete customer satisfaction.

Saima Arabian Villas Developers

Such a high level of dedication and commitment has also enabled the group to earn 40 medals in the real industry of Pakistan and generated a well-known identity in the property market. The Saima real estate has achieved a dynamic and progressive profile among other real property developers in Pakistan and leading by example.

Some of the major projects are as follows:

  • Saima Twin Tower
  • Saima Arabian Apartments
  • Saima Comforts
  • Saima Arabian
  • Saima Luxuria
  • Saima Apartments

No Objection Certificate (NOC):

The NOC of Saima Arabian Villas is duly approved by the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA). The concerned authority has issued public notice vide letter No. SBCA/DD-(D-II)/996/ADV-579/2012, dated: 17-09-2013.

The project was initiated by the builders in August 2010 and three years later in 2013, it acquired the NOC for the official launch and full swing development. The developers have experience in developing residential and commercial properties.

Saima Arabian Villas NOC

Saima Arabian Villas Location:

The location of Saima Arabian Villas is situated in Sector 5-A of Gadap Town, North Karachi. It is also closely located near Surjani Town and Ittihad Town. The M-10 Karachi Northern Bypass is also just a few minutes drive away from the Saima Villas.

Two main roads provide direct access to the society such as Surjani Road West, Mangohpir Road, and Hub Dam Road.

Saima Arabian Villas Location


Saima Arabian map location is easy to access. The address could be reached by any person. Following are the accessibility to the Arabian Villas by Saima Group:

Saima Arabian Villas Accessability

  • Right at Surjani Road West
  • Right at Hub Dam Road
  • Right next to the Manghopir Road
  • 15 minutes drive from M-10 Karachi Northern Bypass
  • 09 minutes drive from Orangi – New Karachi Link Rd
  • 07 minutes drive from Al-Amna Ave, Gadap Town, Karachi
  • 11 minutes drive from Lyari Basti Road
  • 25 minutes drive from Karachi – Hyderabad Motorway

Nearby Landmarks & Places:

Following are the nearby Landmarks & Places:

Saima Arabian Villas Near By Places

  • Surjani Town
  • Taiser Town
  • Ittehad Town
  • New Karachi Town
  • Gulshan-e-Fatima Society
  • Gulshan-e-Maymar
  • Gulshan-e-hijri Scheme-33
  • University of Karachi
  • Gulshan-e-Iqbal
  • Gulberg Town
  • Nazimabad
  • Federal B Area
  • North Nazimabad Town
  • Baldia
  • Orangi Town
  • Azad Nagar
  • Mazar-e-Quaid, Quaid-e-Azam Mousoleum

Master Plan:

Saima Arabian housing project is a highly trustable project. It was designed and developed by the Saima Group. The plan was designed with highly-precision equipment and experienced professionals. All the modern facilities and luxuries were taken into account while the designing and development phase.

Saima Arabian Villas Master Plan


The developers also never compromised over the quality infrastructure development. The Villas are among the top properties that people wish to buy in North Karachi. It is divided into several Blocks such as:

  • Block A
  • Block B
  • Block C
  • Block D
  • Block E
  • Block F
  • Block G
  • Block H

Villa Categories:

The developers have divided the area into several categories such as follows:

  • Type A
  • Type A-1
  • Type B
  • Type R
  • Type R-1
  • Type R-P

Arabian Villas Sizes:

The Arabian Saima Villas is offering a wide range of luxurious villas plot sizes as follows:

  • Sima Arabian 120 square yards (Single Storey)
  • Sima Arabian 160 square yards (Single Storey)
  • Sima Arabian 240 square yards (Single Storey)

Saima Arabian Villas Installment Plan:

The management has finalized the payment plans while keeping in view the affordability. Saima Arabian Villas plots for sale, flats for sale, for rent are also available.

Saima Arabian Villas 3year Payment Plan


Saima Arabian Villas 2 year Payment Plan



Saima Arabian Villas 2.5 year Payment Plan

Plot Prices Market Trend:

The real estate prices keep changing with time. Sometimes market rates skyrockets and sometimes the price plummet, just like Dollar prices in Pakistan. Following are the recent market prices trend:

S. No. Plot Size Plot price
120 square yards (Single Storey) 41 Lacs to 81.1 Lacs
160 square yards (Single Storey) 85.13 Lacs to 1.12 crores
240 square yards (Single Storey) 1.31 crores to 1.64 crores

Note: It is important to mention here that the real estate property prices never remain the same.

Facilities and Amenities:

The Saima Arabian is offering a unique lifetime opportunity to invest in this living area that is a perfect blend of luxury and affordability. All the modern housing facilities and luxuries are provided at low-rates for the sake of investors. Some of the major contemporary facilities are as follows:

Luxurious Housing Society:

Saima Arabian housing society is a project by Saima developers and builders. The reason for the popularity of this project is because the owners have put a lot of effort into developing this area and made it a luxurious society.

Community Centers:

The community centers are designed and developed to provide a socializing opportunity to the residents of the Villas. Inhabitants may meet and greet each other.

Underground Utilities:

The developers have made sure to preserve the aesthetics and view of the society. The water, gas, and electricity pipelines are laid concealed to make sure that the supply remains constant and completely safe.

Medical facilities:

Modern society could be called perfect once it provides health facilities as per global standards. Medical emergency services are available round the clock.

Sports Facilities:

The management has taken care of all the sports-related activities by developing playgrounds and other sports areas for the residents. The sports activities will ensure a healthy environment for the residents.

Water Filtration Plants:

To make sure the provision of clean drinking water, the management has built a water filtration plant for the residents. Inhabitants may take away the drinking water in containers with them to their homes.

24/7 security & safety:

The high-security mechanism is going to provide 24/7 security and safety to the residents. Without a secure society, all the luxurious amenities are of no use. A sense of security must prevail among inhabitants that could only be done if the security apparatus is up to the mark.

Public park:

Public Parks are one of the most favorite areas of the society because it provides a luxurious time pass for the children and families. Inhabitants may enjoy their leisure time away from the hustle-bustle of the busy city life. The families will have an opportunity to spend quality time with each other.

Waste Disposal Mechanism:

The proper functional waste disposal and management system can make a housing society a modern and functional society. The system also can effectively drain out the rainstorm water without any clogs.

Educational Bodies:

The timely and quality provision of education to the residents is a priority of the developers and management. Schools and colleges with highly-qualified professors and teachers are a perfect blend for this goal. The University of Karachi is also located just a few minutes drives away from the Villas.

Lush green public parks:

Lush green parks are not only going to provide a beautiful look to society but also a getaway opportunity from the busy routine of city life.

Efficient LED street lights:

The Efficient and beautiful-looking street lights are going to lit up the streets and roads of the society at night without any interruption.

Commercial Areas:

Commercial activities are booming in society because of the commercial malls, retail stores, and plazas with all the business-related activities on daily basis.

Wide and Carpeted Roads:

the society is provided with spacious roads, streets, and the main boulevard to offer a spacious-looking society. The spacious streets also give a better management opportunity without any traffic congestion with increasing population.

Grand Mosque:

The main beautifully constructed mosque is built for the residents to offer Jumma and other 5-times prayers to the residents. Small mosques are also built-in every block.

Salient Features:

Following are the salient features:

  • Public park
  • Grand Mosque
  • Sports Facilities
  • Medical facilities
  • Commercial Areas
  • Educational Bodies
  • Community Centers
  • 24/7 security & safety
  • Underground Utilities
  • Water Filtration Plants
  • Lush green public parks
  • Efficient LED street lights
  • Wide and Carpeted Roads
  • Luxurious Housing Society
  • Waste Disposal Mechanism

Development Updates:

The infrastructure development updates are as follows:

Saima Arabian Villas Development Saima Arabian Villas Development

Saima Arabian Villas Developers Saima Arabian Villas Main Gate

Guidelines to follow while Purchasing/Sale of Plots in Saima Arabian Villas:

Following are the guidelines to follow:

Document Verification:

Please ensure, to always verify all the documentation with complete satisfaction to avoid any miscommunication or misunderstanding. Before getting into any purchase or sale of the property make sure to inquire about the NOC and approval document by the developers duly approved by the SBCA. In this way, your documentation will be valid by all means that may offer customer satisfaction.

Financial Security:

Before the conclusion of any transaction of any sale or purchase of the property, please make sure that your funds are in line with your purchase plan. In this way, your purchase or sale will be done without any issue.

Property Visits:

Before any purchase and after surety of the validity of documents, do visit the site on the ground to ensure that the written documents are under the plot specifications on the ground.

Documentation Requirement for booking:

Following documentation is required to buy property Saima Arabian Villas:

  • Two passport size Pictures
  • Two copies of your National Identity Card
  • Two copies of the ID card of your next of Kin
  • NICOP for overseas clients

Benefits of Real Estate Investment:

Real estate investment is one of the most profitable businesses among others. It has great investment return potential. But the point to keep in mind is that it will only be profitable when conducted correctly. One can gain several kinds of benefits from investment in the real estate industry. Some of the main benefits are as follows:

1.Financial Security:

If a person has some extra amount or someone has some asset and he wants to keep the value of that asset high, then surely real is the sector that can keep the value of investment high and does not depreciates

2.Stable Income:

A person can generate a stable income with investment in real estate easily. One can buy a property develop it or buy a developed property and rent it out on a monthly or yearly or quarterly basis. Not just this, the rent increases every year by some percentage so it would not be wrong to say that it gets better than stable.


Once an investment is concluded then it’s not like some living thing that you have to look after it on daily basis. The maximum you will have to do is visit your property every while to ensure it does not into the wrong hands of encroachers.

4.Passive Income:

Once, someone has invested in a real estate property, then passive income like rent could be generated from it. Investors buy a developed property or develop an open land and then rent it out, which ensures a steady source generation source throughout the year, uninterruptedly.

5.Non-depreciable Asset:

Real estate investment is a sort of business that will never lose its value, once done rightly. Real estate value always increases every year. And if some major government or private project is started in its vicinity then the value may increase manifold.

Booking Procedure:

The booking procedure is as simple as it could be. All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Fill your booking application form with full attention
  • Attach the CNIC Copies of Applicant
  • Pay Down Payment via Check or Pay order in favor of “Saima Arabian Villas”, but confirm the process from management, in case of new changes.
  • Cash Payments are also accepted after confirmation by the management.
  • Submit all the required documents, Payment, and Get the receipt.
  • Collect your file after 8 to 10 working days but contact the management in advance regarding this.

Pros & Cons:

Following are the Pros & Cons of Saima Arabian Villas:

Benefits Drawbacks
24/7 Water Perception of high plot rates
24/7 Electricity
24/7 Gas
Theme Parks/Recreational Areas
Grocery/shopping center/Markets/Malls
Peaceful/ healthy/secure environment
Gated community with security gates, surveillance systems, CCTV Cameras & guards
Very close to the main locations & other societies
Wide planned carpeted main boulevard,

Roads, streets, lanes & walk-ways for pedestrians

Well-planned drainage & waste disposal systems
Green, smart and sustainable housing society in Islamabad
Police Station to keep the law & order
Security system
Solid waste disposal mechanism

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Following are the Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about this society:

Q1: What is Saima Arabian Villas and how is it different from other housing societies?

Ans. It is an improved version of a residential society developing with high-tech technology equipment.

Q2: Is it an approved and legal housing society?

Ans. Yet, the NOC of it is approved by the SBCA.

Q3: Is the development work in full swing?

Ans. Yes, the development is at full speed without any delay.

Q4: Is it an affordable housing society?

Ans. Yes, there is not a single doubt because of the easy and flexible installment plans.

Q5: Does this society has a potential high yield investment return?

Ans. Yes, because the installment schedules are highly attractive to families even from a humble background and small investors are taking interest to invest in large numbers. Hence, increasing the chance of high-yield investment returns.

Q6: What is the location of Saima Arabian Villas?

Ans. Saima Villas is located in Sector 5-A of Gadap Town, North Karachi.

Q7: Who are the developers of Saima Arabian Villas?

Ans. Saima Group is the developer and owner of Saima Arabian.


Saima Arabian Villas is an SBCA-approved housing society built with one purpose and that is to provide a high-quality living experience to the residents. Luxurious amenities and location are the main attractive features of this society.

So, Sky Marketing highly recommends that this is the golden opportunity to invest in this society. If you want to know more about such housing societies then please read about Blue World CityPark View City, Blue Town Sapphire Lahore, and Capital Smart City to learn more about similar luxuries being offered at low prices.


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