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Wapda town islamabad (Pakistan water and power development authority ) is employees cooperative housing society registered with circle registrar co-operative ICT Islamabad on 05.09.1983. #1978-81/CRI/B. Vide letter no. Misc/CR/ICT/B/1047dated June 2006. It was established through a parliament act in 1958. It is under the control of the government.

It is responsible for fulfilling the need of our country’s water and hydropower requirements. It was created as an autonomous body to give a unified direction to water and hydropower production. Since October 2007 Wapda has been divided into two domains as Wapda and Pakistan Electricity Power Company(PEPCO).

The main objective of WAPDA is to build at least five multi-dimensional dams not only to overcome the water problem but also to produce an excess amount of hydroelectricity. Approximated period predicted by Wapda for construction of for 5 dams is 3 to 12 years. This project will not only help the nation but also will become a reason for the development of backward areas of our country.

WAPDA has been working hard to produce a large amount of electricity so that people can enjoy their advance living smoothly and also to overcome the hazards of flood in our country by proper channels to store water and to use that for a better purpose. Wapda is now fully responsible for the control and use of water in our country, and PEPCO is fully responsible for the production of electricity. PEPCO is also responsible for the management of corporatized nine distribution companies(DISCOs), four Generation companies (GENCOs) and a national transmission dispatch company (NTDC). These companies have been working under an independent board of directors.

Main Objectives of WAPDA

The main objective of this department is to maintain a constant water and electricity supply to our nation so people can live comfortably and enjoy a smooth life. For this purpose, WAPDA is divided into two major domains as WAPDA and Pakistan Electricity power company. These two domains are responsible for the management and proper supply of water and electricity.

Major Duties of WAPDA

The charter duties of WAPDA are to investigate and plan all working eras as schemes of following fields

  • Generation, transmission, and distribution of power.
  • Irrigation, water supply, and drainage
  • Prevention of waterlogging
  • Flood management
  • Inland navigation.

Location and Master Plan

People started purchasing the land for the housing scheme in Feb 1992. Currently, this is 100% completely developed society. It is 35 KM away from zero points Islamabad towards the north-west. It is situated 10 KM away from new international airport Islamabad and only 1KM from CPEC interchange.

The society is connected to M1 motorway through AWL-Paswal interchange. Wapda town Islamabad has completed construction work on its motorway link road to access the society directly from M-2 interchange.

WapdaTown Islamabad Location Map

Water wing

Water wing of WAPDA is responsible for whole designing, planning, and execution of water development projects. Dams are also under the control of WAPDA.

Projects of WAPDA

Following are the major projects of WAPDA Water Wings;

  • Indus Basin Project
  • Mangla
  • Tarbella Dam

These projects are all developed and controlled by WAPDA Water Wings. Not only this but Water Wing is also dealing and managing IBP consequential work of Mangla watershed management project, Chashma Barrage, and C.J canal link. For waterlogging and salinity 18 million acres land has been reclaimed in four provinces. Fifteen thousand plus tube wells are installed, and 12000 km surface drains, and 13000 km of pipes drains have been constructed into the waterlogged area. These projects have successfully increased the intensity of crops from 70 % to 110% in about 16 million acres of land.

Besides, WAPDA Town has initiated construction on small and medium projects of Dams in four provinces. Following are the projects which WAPDA is leading in four provinces.


  • Winder Dam
  • Naulong Dam
  • Hingol Dam
  • Garuk Dam
  • Pelar Dam


  • Nai Gaj Dam
  • Darawat Dam


  • Khuram Tangi
  • Tank Zam Dam
  • Daraban Zam Dam


  • Ghabir Dam
  • Papin Dam
  • Daraban Zam Dam

Power Wing:

Before the establishment of WAPDA, there was only 112 MW production of Electricity was there. After the establishment of WAPDA, Production of electricity increased. Warsak Hydroelectric Power was the first project of WAPDA that increased the production of electricity from 112 to 160 MW. WAPDA also established other generation sources in addition to hydro plants such as Steam/Gas turbine, Combined Cycle, and coal. Other than Electricity, WAPDA had also established a large network of Transmission and Distribution before re-structuring, which includes 51425 km high voltage Transmission line.705 Grind stations, more than 187648 km 11 KV High Tension (HT) And Low Tension (LT) and electrification of 136000, villages.


Here are some the features of WAPDA Town Islamabad that make this society unique and reliable investment. Keeping all the basic needs and comfort in check, WAPDA Town Islamabad offers:

Commercial Plazas

Commercial plazas and small commercial plots are available in society.4 Commercial plazas have been constructed in the WAPDA town Islamabad. The development work in these areas has commenced already, and the construction work has started effectively.

A Grand Mosque

A Grand Mosque is a part of WAPDA Town so the residents of this town can easily fulfill their religious obligations. It is situated at the central point of society.


There are lastest Hospitals in WAPDA Town Islamabad to attend to the emergency cases as well as routine patients.

Commercial Areas

Commercial shops are located in such places to make residents feel free to approach that place.


The Parks are built in different locations in all the blocks in WAPDA Town Islamabad. 100 Kanal area is dedicated to building parks to give the children a fresh and fun environment to play and enjoy their time.


Carpeted roads are built in society to make the traveling convenient and effective. The residents can easily move from one place to another without any hurdles or worries.

All Basic Facilities Available

Fully functional sewerage, water system, telephone lines, TV cable, street lights, and internet network are provided in the project.


Proper gates for entrance and exit with 24-hour active security guards are always on duty. Security cameras are installed in different major locations in Wapda town Islamabad to overcome any uncertainty and to avoid things which can destroy the comfort of its occupants.

Food Courts

There are state of the art Food courts formed in different areas to facilitate people

Shopping Malls

There are various Shopping Malls designed in the project that caters to all the utility and retail needs of the people living in society.

Schools and Universities

Government Girls Primary high School is located in Block A of Wapda Town Islamabad to provide a quality eduction to its students near their homes.


Wapda town contains a library with a large collection of books on diverse titles such as management, sciences, computer, finance, engineering, Islamic, historical and many more. Children can also enjoy reading books according to their taste.

Plots Rates in Wapda Town Islamabad

Following are the prices demanded in the society:

Wapda Town Islamabad Payment Plan


WAPDA has been playing an important role in building up the economy of Pakistan. It is facilitated with all the facilities which any successful housing society should have to support a comfortable living for its resident. It has the best schools and colleges constructed for boys and girls so that the students can get a high education from the best teachers and professors. Society contains parks located in different areas in blocks from A to E.  Parks have jogging tracks, a variety of games spots, exercise area, walking area, and swings for children. You can also visit beauty salons and gyms in different blocks for males and females. A variety of plots sizes are available at the most reasonable prices for the feasibility of investment in project. Purchase your plot in Wapda Town and live a secure your future.





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